Saturday, August 1, 2015

Close to perfect day

This has been a nearly perfect day.  Nothing happened of any consequence, so this is more of a log entry than a "post."

Outside temperatures stayed below eighty degrees, humidity was never above 55 percent.  I can only account for it by thinking that a cold front came through sometime during the night. There was a breeze. It felt more like early fall than mid summer. I need to enjoy it while I can, because it won't last.

Gave both ferrets a good combing. They get hair balls, just like cats, if you don't keep their coats combed and clean.  I spent a lot of the day on the couch, in the main house, so I set up one of their favorite play houses on the rug in front of the television and they kept me company.

Beautiful night out there.  Nice moon, still cool and breezy.  Went out a while ago, and sat on the porch while I called my daughter.  That's why today was "near perfect."  She wants me to have her mom go to a cardiologist when she gets home. My daughter thinks there may be an issue because her mom coughs a lot. We have already been to every kind of doctor on the planet, paid all their bills, put up with all their tests, and are none the wiser. It isn't an allergy, it isn't cancer, they just can't say what it is.

I would just as soon have had one day without something to have to focus on, but the reason we stay in touch so constantly is to maintain communication. So I can't be annoyed with my daughter. Her mom is due back next weekend, and I'll set something up through the primary care physician, who will tell me there's no need. Still, I've learned the folly of trusting doctors, even the best meaning doctors.

But other than that, it was a pleasant day.


  1. Hey Harry,


    Glad you had a calm day.

    I did not do too much myself. I did some housework, clean and oiled a few guns (general six month complete spray down lubrication due to humidity) No Rust in this house!

    I wanted to go to the range today to shoot my new/used pistol but by the time I got all my housework done, it was too hot outside.
    There is no breeze coming off the Gulf of Mexico right now. It can be 100 degrees temp outside with a heat index of 112 degrees and if the there is a decent breeze coming off the water. Being outside is tolerable.

    Now with no wind, its virtually intolerable.

    Hey Harry.

    Living down here is not so bad crime wise. I do emphasize the crime a little, out of frustration and wanting to vent.

    Several hours north of here is Port Aransas. A neat clean beach community. I spent some time in Port A' as the locals call it. Good surf at the pier. The pier there is nothing like the Ghetto pier I have talked about in the past. Port A is a well run town.

    Rockport Texas is another spot further up north that a lot of retirees like and the up and coming beach community south of their is Revera Beach, which everyone thinks will be another Rockport in years to come.

    There are many sleepy beach communities in Texas that are virtually crime free. All the drug traffic happens on state highways, 77, 281 and Interstates 35 and 37 north.
    Living down here in South Texas is like living anywhere. You just have to know the patterns of traffic, people. When to go to the beach and when to leave the beach to avoid the zombies.
    Home invasions and robberies of persons in Texas is much lower than most states because of the vast numbers of concealed carry permit holders and we just legalized open carry in Texas too.
    Drug runners and Coyotes (human trafficares) tend to leave most motorist alone now since a great many Texans carry rifles in the cars and trucks too.

    I gotta say Harry. If I had ten million dollars and I was going to stay in this area. I would live in the same house in the same neighborhood. I have lots of friends on this street that make up for the jackasses that live around here too. We all work together on security. We also help each other out if someone's lawn mower breaks down or whatever.
    I got a delivery truck driver living next too me. A refinery worker living across the street. One mechanic, one accountant. A retired Air Force aircraft mechanic and a few other working class people around me from different trades.

    I live seven minutes from the beach (driving) We have alligators, birds of all types, fishing, fishing and more fishing. We have Sea Turtles up north on Padre Island National Seashore and I had a juvenile Sea Turtle almost wash up on the my surfboard once.
    The best thing is we can drive on beaches in Texas. The environmentalist hate that, but screw 'em. We can drive on the beaches down here. You can go find you own quiet spot down here and get away from the fat, smelly, rolly polly, tattoo kings and queens.
    We also have turkey vultures down here the size of Cessna 172's. Throw a dead possum in the empty lot next to my house and wait 20 minutes for the buffet to open.

    Yeah' did I mention that is does not snow down here. Further up the coast it snowed back in 2004 (a whole two inches) We can get ice storms but that's rare. Most winters its just cold wind and rain. Winter generally starts in December and ends in early March (El Nino years all bets are off)

    Coastal spots in Texas I can recommend.

    Port Aransas
    Aransas Pass (kind of trashy but getting better)
    Surfside beach

    Brownsville is weird. Out on South Padre Island is okay if you are willing to live with only one way off the island.

    If anyone is willing to live a little ways away from the coast here are recommend communities

    Shiner (hope you like beer)

    1. It sounds like there are a lot of good places to live down there. I would be a little ancey about living right on the beach. When we got out of the service, our choices boiled down to living near the beach, living in the desert, or in the mountains. We had just gotten run off Emerald Isle by a big hurricane, and that was fresh in our minds. So we opted out of the beach. My wife was not big on the desert, she had lived in the desert in Niger, which is nothing like the American southwest, but it wasn't an experience she wanted to replicate. So we wound up here in the mountains, which has worked out pretty well for us. I don't think the beach would ever offer me solitude, because so many live there, but I could go out on the beach early morning and at evening and not have a lot of people shreiking and running around to put up with.

      Home invasions and crime are everywhere. We have them here now. Certain ethnic groups move in and they bring their violent sub cultures with them. Anyone who says different doesn't know what they are talking about and probably lives in a gated community or a plush apartment complex.

  2. oh Harry - i am glad that you had an almost perfect day! we did too! we slept through our community breakfast - we feel soooo bad for leaving our friends in a lurch! but i was up in the middle of the night - then jam got up - i think we were both so anxious and then jam thinks he accidentally bumped the alarm clock when climbing back in bed. but we obviously needed the sleep as we slept like babies! but goodness - do we ever feel like we let our friends down!

    you take such good care of your ferrets - i am glad that they got a good combing and kept you company.

    i would say that if your daughter took the time to call and say that she is worried about your wife - then it might be something to take seriously. have M go to her doctor and find out if something is amiss. it's always better to make mountains out of molehills when it comes to health matters.

    i am glad that M will be home soon....i don't like you being up there on the mountain by yourself all the time. sending much love, to you, as always!

    your friend,

    1. Kymber, I'm really sorry you missed your breakfast, but I am sure people know you well enough to know it was an accident. And there's also this, you two are involved in so many things, and work so hard, that maybe you should slow down a little and keep more time for yourselves. I wish, when M and I were your age, that I had done less at the office and spent more time at home with her and the kids. But hindsight is always 100% I guess.

      I worried about that congestive heart failure thing E raised last night, and I called M this morning. She said she has already set up an appointment with a cardiologist when she gets back over to where her mom lives. I guess , even with our lousy insurance, we need to go ahead and get that checked. I know what they will say already though. It will be that there's no sign of congestive heart failure, but they don't know what it might be. If I had a dime for every hour I have spent setting in Doctor's offices this past year all over North Georgia, I'd be rich but I am no better off in terms of what is bothering M. It's frustrating and a little frightening. You always plan on the man dying first, so all of our affairs are set up so that she can go on once I'm out of the picture. But I have never given any thought to the opposite.

  3. Pleasant days are rare enough to be worth taking note.

    1. You are so right. Especially this time of year, when so often the only way to stay alive is to stay inside!!

  4. Some blood pressure meds make you cough all of the time, is she taking them?

    1. Yes, we both do. But according to her doctors, they took her off one that did that, and put her on another that isn't supposed to.

    2. Shucks. One bp drug made my husband cough all the time, one made him vomit, one made him sleep 12 hours a day. He decided the cure was not worth the benefits, went off of bp meds, took his bp a couple a Times a day, took that info to his cardiologist to prove the high numbers were just white coat syndrome. He feels better off of the meds.

    3. Well, she has another appointment next week, with a new doctor. I told her to be sure to take all her medications with her. She takes medicine for a number of different problems, and I hope they are deconflicting them. You can't always rely on your doctor to do that, as I found to my cost some years back.

  5. Harry,

    Hey there, nothing like having a little down time to just relax and take care of the ferrets. Good to hear your wife will be heading home soon. If your wife is coughing at your daughters place, maybe something at your daughters place is affecting her? My sister and I both have issues with dry scratchy throat, runs in the family. We've both have been checked out by our doctors no issues.
    To ease your daughter's mind, get it check out. Maybe your wife has caught a cold while at your daughters place??

    spinnersaw is right some blood pressure meds will make you cough if your wife is taking any have her address it with the doctor.

    1. Sandy, she has the same problem here, at her mom's, and up at the kid's place.

      We went to a doctor who specialized in allergies, and they found nothing. She's been to several other specialists, and they found nothing. I've been down this road before with my daughter. We spent tens of thousands of dollars trying to find out why she had certain difficulties, and after years of going here and there, the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida discovered she had Ehlers Danlos syndrome. It's a genetic issue. I have little faith in doctors, though I used to think they were omnipotent.

  6. I hope you find out what is troubling her. I've heard that sometimes coughs come from a post nasal drip that might be unnoticeable but irritating. Also, acid reflux can cause coughing even if there is no evidence of bad heart burn. Let us know when you find out what it is.

    1. Kathy, I will. She is going to be back from her summer stay with the kids very soon, and already has a new doctor lined up to try to diagnose this. We really need to get it resolved.