Saturday, August 29, 2015

New Shipment of Yugo SKS rifles arrives in country. Erika still boresighted for North Georgia.

 It's just sunrise.  The ferrets and I had coffee up at the table by the meadow. They scrounged around in the grass, but the light was adequate to keep an eye on them.  Cool breeze blowing and the creek is really roaring downslope. This has not been a particularly dry summer and it's running at about full capacity.

I made breakfast for the wife and myself.  Orange juice, sausage, biscuits and cheese. Not a banquet but good and satisfying.

Checked my email and there was a message from Southern Ohio Guns about the new SKS rifles from Yugoslavia. Many years ago, when the first of these arrived, I paid top dollar for an unissued gun, fearful they would all be gone before I got one.

One of the things I learned buying surplus was when something first hits the shelves, you buy all of it you want or can afford, right then. He who hesitates is lost.

The Yugo guns are top flight. Teak stocks, and a longer barrel than the standard SKS. They are a lot heavier, and it's not likely you'll need the fixed grenade launcher although these days, who knows? You might be going to Chattanooga or some place like that.

Surplus 7.62X39 is hard to find under the Regime of Barrack Hussein Osama Obama. I have a lot of it, both Norinco and even better Yugo , in the can, in the case, on stripper clips. I stocked up on that when an outfit called Zanders up in Illinois got some in back in the early 1990's.s  You can also buy Russian Tula or Wolf,  off the shelf, new production, from Walmart. If you go to Walmart. Which I don't.

Classic Arms did a video on their new Yugo guns.  In the video the narrator says they got all the shipment coming in, but he's mistaken, as at least SOG got some.  A few years ago, after the ban on Russian guns by Bill the Bastard, Classic got some Russian SKS rifles that had been in the warehouse of a surplus company which went broke. That was quite a coupe.  I doubt it will ever happen again.

I've got three of the Russian SKS rifles, although techically one of them belongs to one of my brothers but he can't have it because his summer house, where he keeps all his stuff, is in the Peoples Democratic Republic of Kalifornia, and it's illegal there.

The good thing about the SKS is that it holds ten rounds, it's not as "bulky" or heavy as an AK -47, and it's a nice looking rifle.

I keep an AK-47 hanging on a peg on the kitchen wall these days. That's so I can grab it up in a moment's notice if something or someone who is not welcome should unexpectedly materialize.

For actual fighting, the AK-47 is hard to beat. But the SKS is just a nicer feeling weapon. Kind of like the difference between a nice Jeep Wrangler and a pick up truck. They're both good vehicles, and serviceable in their way, but the Jeep is more fun.

From the Book of Armaments, first stashaway, 1.2
"And thou shalt lay in great quantities of ammo.
And when Anti-Christ in his evil and lust for power shall deprive the people of rifle fodder,
then shall thee be in a good place, and thou shalt slay the evil doers,
and thou shalt perforate the followers of Anti-Christ
that they shall resemble a swiss cheese, good riddance unto them.
yeah, verily, and pretty much so."

Erika is still heading our way.  That's not good news.  The 0600 local news broadcast from our one radio station is telling people to watch the storm, make sure they have plenty of feed on hand for the animals, enough water in containers for people and animals, and to make sure they have candles, lanterns, etc.  They also caution you should be checking out your generators, making sure you have two stroke oil and gasoline, and that the chain saw fires up.  Make sure you have your medications, enough to get you through at least a week. The standard BOHICA spiel that they put out every time a big snow storm, ice storm, or rain storm is headed our way.  I'm ahead of them on all this stuff, but we will probably still go into town this morning, while we still can.

Today I'll do "all of the above" and then I'll check all the gutters and get all the up slope drainage ditches cleaned out. After that, it's just a matter of waiting to see if the storm really comes here, and if it's a bad one.


  1. Hey Harry,


    I picked up several boxes of Aguila Super Calibre .22 subsonic ammo yesterday at a sporting goods store (this stuff is hard to get)
    I was looking for American made brass, mosin food. Its cleaner than the surplus and I don't have to worry about the salts in the berdin primers.

    They were out of the Winchester white box 7.62 by 54R brass, but that had that fancy Mexican ammo.

    That super quiet .22 is great for gophers, squirrels, whatever. I have a friend that lives on some property and has a problem skunk. The property he lives on, he also hunts on and does not want to disturb the other ammo so this stuff will be great for him.
    The super caliber ammo is about 600 FPS I think and wont cycle in an semi-auto so its good for bolt action and .22 lever action rifles.

    This sporting goods store has a good selection of ammo and stuff but they are more expensive on their ammo than online retailers or walmart. I just buy in small quantities from them. There customer service sucks. The people that work there are moron's and hire from the bottom of the food chain but they have some of the calibers I want.
    I just cant understand bad manners in the retail customer service, nor can I understand hiring someone with so many tattoo's they look like a roadmap of Southern Europe.
    I mean there are still freak shows where some people can still find employment???

    I don't mind a few tattoo's. I respect the body art concept, however when the "art' becomes 'fad" its time to find a new hobby.

    1. Instead of shooting animals like skunks and squirrels, who don't do you any harm if you leave them be, just shoot some cans.

      Puerto Ri-cans

      The Winchester Metric line 7.62X54R is good stuff. Save the brass. If you ever start reloading it's worth a lot of money. If you don't, you can trade it to someone who does for something useful or cash.

      The sporting good store may be hiring relatives, or they may not pay enough to attract a good quality employee.

      I'm leery of the tattoo thing. Too many tattoos and the wrong kind look like drug user indicators to me.

  2. Hey Harry,


    The store where I got the ammo is a big sporting chain store. They hire the bottom feeding offspring of human, morlock parents.

    They don't hire relatives often unless some inbreeding happened somewhere.

    I think that storm could go west more. I'm almost thinking the Alabama coast,

    1. It's 12:51 pm here now. The storm just disappeared last night. I guess I'm glad, but you wonder how the NWS could forecast a big storm, the Governor of Florida could declare a state of emergency, and all the rest of us jump through the usual hoops, and the thing just disappears?

  3. I had quite a few SKs back 25 years ago. They were so inexpensive. BUT, they were so inexpensive that when a new shooter friend would admire one I'd sell it off, no profit, sure they would be there forever. Dummy.
    I remember watch the show COPS one time. They were doing they cop thing raiding somebody's house. One of them pulls an SKS with a bananna magazine mod out from under a bed. Holds it up for the camera. He's holding it one handed by the wrist, butt up pointed at an angle towards the ground; "Here you have your basic AK 47........" I was laughing too hard after 47 to remember the rest of what he said. I hope someone give him down the road for being a doofus on TV.

    1. I bought somewhere in the neigbhorhood of ten of the Chinese SKS rifles when they were selling for $60.00 each. I also remember picking up two of the SKS "paratrooper" carbines, which were just short barreled commercial production. I had driven three counties to a hole in the wall place called Gold City Guns because I had heard on the shortwave he had the Norinco M1911's and I wanted a couple. But when I got there, he also had MAC 90's (the AK47 with a thumbhole stock ) so I wound up buying two M1911's, 3 MAC 90's, and the two SKS carbines, as well as a few of the regular SKS rifles. Still have them.

      I see faux pas like that on television all the time. It's embarrassing. Diane Fienstein is famous for stupid statements like the one the cop made.

  4. I had been eying the SKS but locally they are getting over 550 for dug-out-of-a-swamp-beat-to-snot Chinese ones, and as you know I just spend all my walking money on the Mini 14. I still like the 7.62x39 round so I'm keeping my eyes peeled for future options while I let my wallet recover form the recent hit. I have been looking in to reloading 223 and it almost don't make sense. New brass is 20 cents a piece and bullets are running 18 cents. Its hard to get bellow 25 cents a round buying all the components, and that is what Tula and Herters stuff sells for these days. The only way to do it cheaper is to buy cheap used brass an cast your own keeping charges/speeds on reloads down bellow 2300 fps. Looks like some folks have been doing it successfully. So I may give that a try. I have a fair bit of powder and primers and about 500 lbs of lead and just have to get a mold and sizing die for the .223 round. The new thing now is powder coating your cast bullets. Cheap and easy to do and almost totally eliminates lead fouling specially at high speeds like the .223. You just tumble them in a tupperware container with a couple of teaspoons of the powder, dump them out on a tray and pop them in a toaster oven at 400 deg for twenty minutes. Presto you have home made "plated" bullet that are better and way cheaper than copper. Picked up some powder at Harbor Freight yesterday. When I get to do it I'll post a piece on it.

    1. You might try one of these Yugo SKS rifles coming in. I think before all is said and done a lot of outfits will be offering them, and prices will be around $300 for a new one. They're good rifles though they are heavier than any of the other SKS rifles I own.

      As you accumulate .223 brass the per round price will come down as you will only be paying for the bullet , powder and primer.

      Have you shot the Russian .223? It doesn't function well in my Olympic Arms AR-15. Either the load is wrong, or the polymer coating is causing extraction issues. It's pretty dirty, too. But it's cheap and if I could shoot it reliably I would, I don't mind cleaning a rifle.

    2. Harry, I have not shot it yet. I suppose I should find out if the Tula stuff works for me before I buy too much of it. I like reloading so if I can cook up my own I'd rather do that and customize my loads to the rifle. It ads a lever of self sufficiency to the scheme and if I play it right some flexibility and economy. Just have to find some reasonably priced brass.

    3. Check out the Tula. Seems like it either cycles well or damn near not at all depending on who made your rifle.

  5. I do like my little SKS. Fun range gun. Friend of mine gave me a pile of stripper clips for it before he moved out of the country.

    Keep an eye on those storms. Could be interesting. You never know what they are going to do. This one seems to be defying all the computer models. I am concerned that the waters around Florida are super hot right now. Plenty of energy to boost the system.

    Even if it breaks up the rain could be a real problem as you well know. VT, of all places, got clobbered when the remants of Irene came though. We were fine just across the border in NH, but 50 miles away it was hell -roads and bridges just gone. Whole towns isolated.

    1. I spent most of yesterday getting read, but when I came home and turned on the Weather Channel, the constant Erika coverage had been cancelled and the channel was showing a steady stream of their crappy, fill time dumb a** "docu-dramas".

      My wife is watching the weather channel right now and they are saying North Georgia may get 5 inches of rain. That would be devastating, even without the wind.

      I am really furious with the Weather Channel. If they want to show these schlock programs they should just call themselves the "Stupid cheap productions that nobody watches" Channel.

      The SKS is a great home defense weapon. I remember when Clinton banned imports of of Chinese firearms, the Consummate Liar said they were the "favorite firearms of gangs." That was ridiculous, even by his standards, since it's pretty hard to conceal an SKS while you are standing on the street corner in L.A. wearing a strong man t-shirt and jeans, conducting your drug trade.

  6. The SKS was a pretty standard poor mans fighting rifle for a long time. It was also the budget deer rifle.

    They have the economic advantage over magazine fed rifles that you do not need to add in the cost of several (I like 20) magazines. For a real tight budget this can help.

    On the downside they are limited in capacity and reload time, making them inferior to any centerfire mag fed rifle. Now one could have the perspective that they are unlikely to be shooting a whole lot in a fight so that is not too big of a deal.
    In my opinion they used to be a whole lot of gun for the money and ideal to stash in the rafters of a cabin, in a cache, have on hand for ill equipped friends/ family or keep in a truck. They are very strong in this role for a person who has an AK-47 and few cases of ammo already. You might not be able to afford a spare AK (right now) but an SKS will give you ammo compatibility.

    One of my biggest youth gun regrets is not buying a half dozen SKS's when they were under $100 a pop. That being said I dislike them and thus never bought one, let alone 6. Now I am a lot less sure about the value equation.

    When the cost of 1 AK would get 4 SKS's it made sense to have a less desirable rifle. Right now when SKS's are north of $350 (after shipping/ FFL/etc) and you can get a Yugo M70 AKA PAP/ N PAP/ O PAP for $700 I am not so sure. To further complicate things good AR's are running in the $700-750 out the door.

    Every once in awhile you see SKS's under 3 bills. If/ when I do I will buy one. It would be a good gun to put away for a rainy day.

    1. I agree with your points. One thing I will say, the SKS is handier for a woman or a kid. It's lighter and easier to hold.

      I bought some of those Zytel (is that the right spelling) 20 round magazines for the SKS. But they just spoiled the rifle, seemed to me the ease of use and just overall looks were ruined. So I put the magazines in a special room where things I will probably never use but want to keep just in case go, and they've been there ever since.

      If the Morlock hordes continue to roil the waters, and things get even worse, I will use the SKS rifles for the women who come here. The AK-47's will be the weapon of choice for the men.

      Who knows, I may deck myself out with a katana, a Mauser K98, and a feathered bonnet. If the society implodes I can festoon myself with whatever accouterments I fancy.

      I need to start working on my "Just Walk Away!" speech.

  7. Hey Harry-

    Saw your comment over at my blog. Yes we are all fine...just been busy and at times haven't felt like being on a PC. Thank you for being such a good buddy and being concerned... I will post something soon. Take care of you and the Mrs.

    1. Glad you are ok. I always get nervous when someone goes off the net. There was a lady in Canada who blogged religiously every morning, and then one day she just went off the air and hasn't been heard from in two months. I am afraid something might have happened to her.

      It's good to know you and the family are ok.

  8. Harry, those rifles have some very nice stocks. You don't see surplus wood in that kind of condition very often. Before I sold mine, I used to get decent groupings with it at 100 yards. I always wondered about the bayonet though. I never could figure out if there wasn't a sharp edge on it by design. Or maybe they went to war with those things dull? I dunno...

    In any case, I got a good laugh on that "scripture quote". Reminded me of a Monty Python movie. But if that is original, I think perhaps you could start your own church with that kind of talent. --Troy

    1. I'd make a good preacher. I just need to find the right congregation.

      The Russian bayonet on the M1891 has a screw driver tip for taking down the rifle. I always thought that was pretty clever. The pig sticker design was not popular with soldiers, since the primary purpose of a bayonet was never fighting, but was opening ration tins and doing other domestic chores.

  9. What 22 ammunition would you recommend? Ralph and I will finally be in a better position to rework our shooting skills. I have to admit, for me personally, a 22 long rifle is my weapon of choice. It is the gun I am most accurate with.

    1. Nothing wrong with a .22LR weapon.

      I use Stingers, myself, for real shooting. For just messing around I use either Remington lead heads, or Russian waxed case lead heads, depending on the weapon. I have some .22 pistols that work best with the waxed case ammo.

    2. Thank you, I am out of practice and although I used to be a good shot I now have to shoot with glasses.

    3. Don't feel like the Lone Ranger, Fiona. I have to wear one set of glasses up close, and one to drive. I tried bifocals and feel down the stairs, no depth perception and bifocals are a bad combination.

  10. "The optimists study English, the pessimists study Chinese, and the realists study the Kalashnikov rifle."

    1. I have never heard that, but it has the ring of truth.

      I have an AK hanging from a peg on my kitchen wall now. Where ever I am in the house, I can lay hands on some protective equipment in seconds.

  11. Haha, I very much appreciated your quote from "The Book of Armaments". It cracked me up!