“There is no real ending. It’s just the place where you stop the story.”

― Frank Herbert

Friday, August 28, 2015


The sun will be coming up in a few minutes.  It's already getting light outside.  Went out on the porch for my coffee. The kittens came out of their box, squalling for their breakfast. Momma cat is very small and thin. Even though she has been receiving extra "maternity" rations of canned cat food and milk, she's not able to feed all five babies so I have been feeding them with a bottle.  Thank God they are now starting to lap up their "powdered cat milk" and "kitten chow nuggets" from a pan. There are four white long haired and one tortoise shell. I got a laugh out of the old Tom who's the dad. He was laying on the porch grooming himself when the kittens all came running over and started climbing on him. The old guy put his ears back and growled but no one paid attention and he just sat there looking thoroughly annoyed.  I thought to myself, remembering all those nights walking the floor with a baby so my wife could get some sleep, that I could really sympathize with him.

Went to bed at one this morning and was awakened by something flying over the house at three twenty one. I have no idea what it was, as it didn't pass directly over and  I can only see the sky from the meadow this time of year. It was slow and it made a pulsing "thrumb, thrumb, thrumb" noise. Sounded like the Zeppelins sound in movies about World War I.  It took about three minutes to pass out of hearing so it wasn't a jet, might have been a helo of some sort.

The sky is overcast, and it's looking like rain.  Outside temperature is about 65.  The last two days have been nice, more like fall than summer. Walked out of the house, up towards the shop and found a dead chicken laying in the path.  Even chickens die of old age, I guess.

Never did get back to sleep.  I'll probably take a nap today in consequence.


  1. If something wakes me up I can never fall back asleep either. I bet those kittens are cute. We had one dumped at our house this week so it seems we have a new addition.

    1. Their father is a great yard guard, kills snakes as well as mice in the barn. His father was a giant cat, a fighter, who went off into the woods in his old age and didn't come back. His father was brought up here from Florida by my kids, and has "Hemmingway cat" feet, extra toes. I notice one of the kittens has the same feature.

      I've been trying ZQuil but it doesn't work. Neither does spiced rum or Southern Comfort. I've had trouble sleeping since 1983, but it seems to get worse as I get older. Oh, well. At least I don't have heart trouble or something like that. I'm surprised, with your knowledge of plants and country lore, you don't concoct something to help with sleep.

  2. Hey Harry,


    I tried that Viking girl's blog and it said the blog does not exists???

    That noise over your house could have been a V-22. I ain't heard one yet.

    We get border patrol drones down here. Easy to spot when on approach at night with all the new LED aoa lights, damn things lit up like a Las Vegas whorehouse and traveling so slow you'd think it went below stalling speed and would drop out of the sky.
    I read what you said about getting stabbed by a Mexican in a fight. Mexicans stabbing people back then was the big thing. Now they just hold their pistols sideways (usually 40 caliber) something about the gangster rap, hip hop culture and 40 caliber pistols and very poor gun handling skills.

    On the Confederate flag thing. Theres a guy a couple of streets over that has a Confederate flag on his house since this flag thing started and nobody's taken his flag down. Only thing I can think of is that the people around here are too stupid to know what a Confederate flag is or that they are so focused on their smartphones that they don't even notice the flag.

    On the ammo thing at Walmart. If walmart bans ammo they will lose another draw to their stores. Men will not be as willing to go to walmart with their wives if there is no guns and ammo. Im sure (walmart) will stop selling gun and survival magazines too (maybe knives too)
    Some other capitalist will be willing to step up to the plate and sell ammo.

    Capitolism is a great equalizer.

    1. CC. When I tested the link, it didn't work. So I fixed it, and it did. But then I went back and was reading her blog from the start (she started blogging in January of 2015) and I got to thinking maybe I shouldn't do a link without asking her. First, she's clearly not familiar with people like us. Second, she seems to have gone through some traumatic event before her blog started that changed her whole life. I thought maybe she might not want anyone reading it or commenting, because although it's interesting she has virtually no comments. Let me communicate with her and see if she minds my linking to her blog, or if she needs to know how to restrict it so she is the only one who can read it.

      I doubt Mexicans are much concerned about the Confederate Flag. It's mostly the 13%.

      Too bad, better to have gone out in glorious battle than to expire laying in some nursing home with your mouth open while people make fun of you. But there's hope, maybe a shark will get you. I am counting on a bear, myself, here on the mountain.

      What's on sale at Walmart I've already written off, since I have no intention of ever buying anything from them again. I know they could care less, but I can't countenance doing business with people who despise me and my way of life. It may not be practical but it's a point of honor.

    2. Hey Harry,


      I talk about the ammo status at walmart for several reasons. One, prices and availability. Two, monitoring flow of ammo during certain political upheavals and three, a great number of Americans only have access to walmart and if walmart cuts off ammo supply to the common man. Then what???

      Walmarts practically a faschist organization. I mean 'hell I'm surprised they don't offer abortions, retroactive abortions, physician assisted suicide and gassing of 'feeble minded individuals' like the Nazi's did (oh' wait) what am I saying. Half their customers are feeble minded...(sarcasm)

      On my demise. Heart desease runs in the family on my dad's side. My dad passed away in his sleep, in his house, without warning of a heart attack at age 70. He was lucky.

      I believe in the old fashioned way. No pills, machines, medicines. Just let it happen the way it was done for all of human history. My goal is also to make it to at least age 70. After that is all bonus time and if was diagnosed with something that will kill me. I will ask the doc. How long and what to expect. Pay the girl at the desk on the way out and never go back.

      I will go out with my boots on......(like the movie 'Second Han Lions) or in my case the waves at Cortez Bank, 100 miles off the Southern California coast.

    3. Walmart has a lot of things people need, at good prices. And, it's fun to go to Walmart. For many, many years we had to drive over 100 miles to get to Walmart, and it was on a two lane, winding, twisting country road. But it was a beautiful drive. We would all go as a family. There was a big mountain on the way that looked just like a Russian submarine in profile, and the kids would always look for it and say "there's the submarine" on our way there. We'd have lunch or dinner out, and everybody would get some little something just for fun as well as filling in our supply list. The people were nice, the store was clean, and we bought almost everything we needed there. For years, we did that!

      When they built one in our town, we enjoyed going there and because the prices were good we did most of our routine business there. But now, because of their political "social engineering" I don't go there anymore.

      If you can go out the old fashioned way, then that's good. My daughter used to sing in a choir, and they would go to the old folks home to sing. I had to drive her there. I don't even want to think about the people in there. Emphysema, strokes, Alzheimer, dementia, and terminal old age.

      I liked Second Hand Lions, and I liked the way they chose to go, but the truth is, you'd always want that one more sunset, and actually making the decision when it's time to go would be hard. I know some people do it, but they are rare.

  3. Replies
    1. I know the military has "quiet" helicopters now, and I am on the low level navigation course that the military uses for night training. I suspect that is at least partially because my place is lit up with red lights at night, in the middle of a vast dark forest. It can't just be coincidence that I have every thing from the Hercules to Harriers passing right over the place at low level over the years. Plus, we do have Camp Merrill just a stone's throw away by air. So that's probably what it was.

  4. That's nice that you are helping out with the kittens! We are in the flight path of the medical helicopters so we hear them over the house at all hours.

    1. I like cats. I love ferrets, but I like the cats ok. The mother cat needs help, she is small and thin, and five babies is too much.

      I don't know what that as. I have been around aircraft most of my adult life, but I admit I'm not really up on the latest and greatest in aviation innovations. Might have been an Army stealth helo. It certainly wasn't a regular helicopter, God knows I've been around them enough to identify that in my sleep!