Thursday, August 13, 2015

What else can go wrong?

There were five comments pending for publication when I logged on.

One was from Kymber about a link to a page on Canadian gun laws. One was from Lisa. One was from Captain Crunch,one was from Six Bears, and I can't remember the fifth.

I went to hit the publish button and hit the spam button. I am going now to email to see if I can recover them.

Ok. I got the one from Kymber, the one from Lisa, the one from Captain Crunch. I can't find the other one or the one from Six Bears.   Six bears was remarking on the fact that the paint ball gun costs a lot (it does!), and he made the point that you can accomplish exactly the same thing with a $4.00 can of Wasp spray.   I know he's right but I have a weakness for nicely made weapons, in and of themselves. It's a character flaw.

I am going to the spam box on the email account and check again for the two missing comments.

I went through about 150 spam messages and didn't find the fifth comment so it wasn't there. Whoever sent it, please retransmit. Sorry for the stupid button pushing.  At least I don't work in a missile silo.


  1. Thanks for remembering. Now my comment got more attention than if it hadn't been deleted.

    1. I am sometimes amazed at the things I do without thinking.

  2. Replies
    1. Gail, they surely can. Especially if the targets are arrogant, abusive Morlochs who need an attitude adjustment in the worst way.

  3. Sometimes I wonder why there are so safeguards in Spam and Delete buttons of all kind. At work we have a printer that stores all your jobs until you swipe your badge and ask it to print. There is Print, Print All and Delete. Very Close Together. I asked if the machine would confirm you wanted to delete and they said No! If you have fat fingers, it would be easy to over reach the Print All button (right on top of Delete, no space).

  4. I have a lot of trouble with my Kindle for that very reason. Some of the on screen buttons are so small, you can't possibly hit them, even with a stylus. I would think blogger would give you a second chance on delete comments, but not so. Make a mistake and they are gone.

  5. Ha, I can't remember now what I wrote. Must not have been that important anyway ;-)

  6. Lisa, did I lose one of your comments? I hope not, I try to be really careful but sometimes I miss one.