“There is no real ending. It’s just the place where you stop the story.”

― Frank Herbert

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Who's on First?

Remember the old Abbot and Costello routine, "Who's on First?"

That's how I feel with this storm.  Went into town yesterday, and it was like a festive occasion. Everybody and their dog was in there making last minute purchases. Talked to the guy at Home Depot I usually chat with when I'm in the store. He said it was "same ol', same ol'." Generators,  fuel containers, lanterns, etc just about wiped out.

Drove by Walmart, the parking lot was full.  Even at Ingles there was a crowd.  Everybody buying what they thought they might need if the storm was severe.

When I got home I did all the outside chores that needed doing.

After I came in the house, and cleaned up, I turned on the Weather Channel. The menu said there would be "continuous coverage" of Erika but when the program came on it was one of those sorry, idiotic shows the Weather Channel puts on to cut down costs.  They just kept running one lame show after the other. No weather.

Went on line and it was as if there had never been an Erika. No news, no predictions.

This morning, The Weather Channel is basically engrossed in talking about the weather in Africa, like I care a damn.  There is another weather service on the Direct TV line up, and they did have a little spiel about the remnants of Erika going up the coast, but it was no big deal. Except, in closing , they said North Georgia might get up to five inches of rain!  If they think that's no big deal then clearly they have never been in these mountains after a wet summer when something like that moves through.


  1. Yeah, all the "weather" channels out here are pretty lame, too.

    I usually just us the NOAA website, or listen to the NOAA weather channel on my scanner.


    Enter your Zip Code and you'll get fairly accurate weather.

    1. I've got a weather radio and we have a good signal from the repeater on a nearby mountain. But I confess I like the graphics on the Weather Channel. They used to be all weather reporting but now they have about half their air time devoted to trying to be a mini Discovery Channel. They put on such idiocies as" Four Fat Guys in the Woods." Pathetic.

  2. I learned long ago that TV people are pretty much idiots.

  3. Harry, chek this out:

    1. I will. The weather makes a big difference up here, if I know some bad stuff is coming I don't have to go into panic mode. But The Weather Channel has really been letting me down lately so new sources are welcome. Thanks for the recommendation.

  4. I heard that storm is bad. I remember once having to evacuate Savannah from Hurricane Floyd. I was freaking out. We don't have hurricanes from where I'm from. I was not prepared at all. Bad me! Some family took my friend and I in. I could not wait to go back.

    1. Can you tell that story? Either on your blog or on this one? I would be really interested in hearing it. On the old Hermit Blog, there was a fellow who was in New Orleans during Katrina and he told his story in installments as comments. It was really good. I can almost remember the guy's name, I know I remember it, I just can't get it to verbalize.

      The last year I was in the service I lived on Emerald Island. My daughter was a new born. A hurricane came, and I took my wife and daughter inland to Raleigh, and then I went back because everything I owned was in that house on the beach. But the storm was way too powerful, the cops came to the door and said I needed to get off the Island and they were pulling out themselves. I did. When we came back there was a lot of damage but the little octagonal house we rented held up and we did not lose anything. That storm was probably the major reason we decided to live in the mountains and not near the beach.

  5. Hey Harry,


    The Weather Channel has sucked ass ever since those 'Commie Low Brow Bastards' at NBC took over.

    One of the few things I look forward too, in worst case scenario" EMP attack is NBC/MSNBC going off the air 'for like forever'

    I got a lot of work done around here also today. Worked on some projects. Sometime this week I will fire up the generator and run it for awhile.

    1. I never new those pimps bought The Weather Channel. No wonder it's gone down hill. The only thing that has gotten better is I like Al Roker, but I don't like any of the new hires other than him, and I don't like their stupid 3rd grade level "shows."

  6. Hi - I can't seem to locate your email link so I'll just comment here. I have someone interested in purchasing emergency rations either for a few people or a small group. What company do you go through for food items?

    1. My email is philipnolan1953@gmail.com.

      I buy a lot of stuff from Emergency Essentials. But I am told by people who live near urban or suburban areas that Cost-Co stocks a lot of emergency food, both palatalized and by the pail.

      Major Surplus and Survival carries MRI by the case.

      If you are looking for just emergency rations then probably the bulk food suppliers wouldn't be much help. I would start with these guys.

      Kathy, if they just want to lay back some food for an unanticipated event, say a weeks worth, they can really do that just by going to the grocery store and stocking up on canned and dehydrated foods. I store a lot of canned food, but not so much in the way of C-rats or MRI because those are more for people who are going to have to be mobile. I'm staying right here.

    2. Major Surplus out here in Kommiefornia?

      If it's the one in Gardena, I go there once in a while. The "MREs" they sell aren't the best, and they fairly expensive for what you get.

      Their other stuff is mostly Chinese made and of dubious quality, similar to what Harbor Freight and others sell.

      I had a brand-new entrenching tool from them that broke on the first use. The wood handle wasn't cut properly with regard to the grain of the wood, and the first time I dug into hard soil with it, it split into three pieces!

      For MRE info, this is the best place I've found:


      The explain all the different types of "MRE" meals out there. Genuine military ones are the best, but there's a couple of the commercial ones that are highly rated.

      The Major Surplus ones (they show the identical boxes) aren't rated very high.

    3. Here's the specific page:


      Scroll down to "Private Label Civilian MREs" and you'll see what Major sells.

    4. Dr. Jim, it's the same place. I'm surprised the gear they sold you was not up to snuff, I've always been ok with the things I got from them. Did you take it back? They are pretty good about that kind of thing from my experience.

      The genuine MRI are had to find now that's illegal to sell them, but the commercial versions are out there in a wide spectrum. It's as you say, some are better than others. I actually like C-rations better than MRI, but they are virtually impossible to find now.

  7. This is the best hurricane tracking site I have found:

    I read your blog every day and enjoy it, but never comment.....I think you'll find Bearpaws useful as there is no BS commentator.

    Another Harry

    1. Hey, Harry. You might as well chim in, the feds probably already have your computer bore sighted. ;-)

      I appreciate the link. As I mentioned to the other fellow up above, I'm seriously losing confidence in the Weather Channel, which has always been my primary source of weather info for planning purposes. I appreciate the link.

  8. Try wunderground.com
    Click on Severe Weather then Hurricane and Tropical Cyclones.

    1. I actually look at wunderground because there's a weather station (one of those some guy is running on his on property) that is located in my quadrant of the county. But I never knew they had hurricane info, I must have missed it. Thanks for the heads up.


  9. Lisa @ Two Bears Farm
    8:59 PM (23 hours ago)

    to me
    Lisa @ Two Bears Farm has left a new comment on your post "Who's on First?":

    I remember those dumb weather channel shows. Frustrating.

    1. Lisa, more trouble with comments, but I recovered this one.

      I pay for the Weather Channel because I want a source of good information about the weather. I do not care about "highway from hell" or "four fat guys in the woods." Weather Channel has really gone down hill since they first came on the air. I liked Stephanie Abrams and Jen Carfagno, and that bald headed guy, they were good weather people. These new people are more like game show hosts.

  10. Replies
    1. Hey, Kathy. I guess this one by passed us, for which I'm thankful. The next one is already queuing up in the Atlantic.