“Wyrd biõ ful ãræd.”

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Cold Front

A cold front is moving through.  Cool, dry air and a breeze.  It's almost like an early Fall day.

My wife and I are going to dinner tonight, and then to a movie.  We need to get out and do something different.

 After the long summer tourist season, the little lake near the house is deserted today.  For the first time in a good long while, I was able to walk the one mile trail around it without running into other people. From here until the leaf season starts in mid October, the mountains will be deserted. Then after October, half the population leaves and doesn't come back until early summer. The last two winters have been sub zero and many of the Floridians who used to stay part of the winter leave earlier now.

The creek is way up, because we've had so much rain this past week or so. There was a big thunderstorm last night, plenty of lightning and rolling thunder.

I watched it coming for a long time before it finally got over us. The lightning lit up the entire sky and the thunder echoes off the mountains.
We get some spectacular displays here.

There are crawdads and trout in the creek.  I don't mess with them but if I ever had to, I could.

This water comes down out of the mountains, from the national forest. So there are no humans upstream to foul it.

If I were going to drink it, I'd still purify it though, as the little forest creatures probably add a certain "something" to the water.

This is about 300 yards from my porch. You can hear it roaring at night, listening to running water is soothing, somehow.

My brother is having his deer camp get together in the Sierra Nevadas this week.  As the older guys die off, their sons take their father's places. He's been doing this for more than twenty years. When you count in wives and girlfriends, he usually hosts close to forty people for a full week.  He has a big cabin with a guest house up there, but most of these guys brings RV's of one kind or other, this isn't the "roughing it" crowd.  I could never do something like that, can you imagine the squabbling and all that goes on with a "tribe" like this?


  1. Crawdads are fine eating; they turn red, like lobster when you boil them. (At least the ones around here do.)

    1. I've seen the crawdads down in the creek, but I've never caught any. The day may come when I'm glad they are there, though. Seem to be plenty of them.

  2. Ran across this just now....


    Think this might be part of what's going on with your spam/troll problems?

    1. I'll have to read it, sounds interesting. I have about eliminated the troll thing by ignoring them and not posting their comments. The last time there was a big outbreak of trolls was the post that included the crusades. None of those people have come back, I think they can only exist where they're allowed "face time."

      The spam I've about gotten under control. Google lets you use filters on both your email and your blog to simply delete, sight unseen, any emails coming in that contain an address, or specific words or phrases, that you don't want. The blog routes virtually all the spam into a spam folder that comes in as comments and I just dump it. The hardest part for me has been learning to use these things. I floundered around for a long time, and lost legitimate comments, but I think I am getting a handle on it.

      I haven't read the link yet, but I'm sure that some of the trolls stuff and a lot of the spam were software generated.

  3. Hey Harry,


    0236 and all is well.

    this is a late one tonight.

    Back to the previous post. I think the reason why Isis has not attacked us is that our government cut is deal with the terrorist 'Don't do anything major in our neck of the woods and we wont be forced to deal with you'
    Disregard the issue of sex slavery, executions, etc, etc. Stuff that would make 'Himmler envious'

    I think our leaders have 'kowtowed' to the enemy.

    onto more positive stuff.

    I am glad that all the tourist are running off in your neck of the woods. The same thing happens here like I said before.

    Don't know if I could eat a crawdad. That's a learned diet right there.

    1. Crawdads look like shrimp to me, so I wouldn't mind eating them. I just don't need to right now.

      I don't think our political leadership is competent to make a deal with anyone. The Iranian thing showed just how inept Obama and Kerry are. Now they're taking in up to 100,000 "immigrants" from Africa, Pakistan, Syria ,et al. On the same day the "White House Spokesman" said we were allowing an additional 30,000 in 2016, Kerry said in a closed meeting it was really 100,000. Just outright lying , telling people the bad news in increments, over a period of time, to make it more palatable.

      Yes, I'm glad to see things quieting down too. I've had about all I can handle of increased population density here for awhile.

  4. I love seeing photos of the area around your place. It's the kind of area I wished we lived in. Would love to live farther away from our neighbors!

  5. I love this time of year back home. It felt weird to leave, but duty calls.

    The summer people are gone. Nights are cool for sleeping. The leaves are turning, about erupt into full color. Bird season's starting soon and I was looking forward to putting some grouse on the table.

    September and October are nearly perfect in northern NH.

    Then November hits. Everything is dead and gray. Weather could be rain or snow or a mix of both. At least December usually provides constant snow cover and that brightens up things a bit.

    It's going to feel weird to deal with the heat and humidity of FL right now.

    1. I would imagine it will be tough. I saw on the Weather Channel this morning that the southern half of Florida was being pummeled by a big storm. I hope that isn't where you are .

  6. We like crawdads too, better than lobster but more work to get the meat, mostly because you need so may more of them. We used to have a place here that boiled them and threw them on your table on newspaper so you just peeled and ate while listening to a two or three man band play. We don't see as many crawdads in the rivers here, maybe it's become too dirty or they've moved to other areas.

    1. Your crawdads have gone the way of our turtles. Used to be that after every rain, box turtles came out all over the place. Today you never see one. Not ever.

    2. Now that you mention it, I haven't seen a box turtle in years. When I was a kid back east there were always box turtles. Some kid was always carrying one around. Even when I moved West we had them. Sad.

    3. I don't know what happened to them. 25 years ago they were everywhere. I wonder if that four lane road is responsible, since people just run over turtles with no attempt to avoid them, and it's impossible for turtles to cross the four lane without getting killed. For a long time I stopped and picked them up, and let them go away from the four lane. But I never see them anymore.

  7. Hogs got your turtles. Hogs will eat anything that is slow enough for them to catch.

    Hogs also love snakes. Great way to get rid of rattlers.

    1. Andrew, there have always been hogs here though, and the turtles seemed to be around everywhere. Some of them, I am sure, got eaten but not enough to wipe them out. I think there are too damned many people here now and too many roads.