Friday, September 25, 2015

Just because you wish something wasn't so, doesn't make it go away.

Fairly constant rain all day.  After dark fog moved in.  From my porch I can see the green flood lights on the shop, but not the building itself.

Chilly outside tonight. Good night for a fire so I have one going. The atmospherics are interfering with my satellite radio, so I am listening to it but it's periodically dropping the signal. That does't happen very often.

Too many news stories on my feed crawler to put them all in the links column on the right of the blog. The vast majority are related to an increase in the public anxiety level, and the consequent uptick in sales of preparedness supplies. It's a good time to be in the business.

A lot of pictures like this are staring to show up on the internet on "black" web pages. Other than the obvious, I don't get this one.  It doesn't represent any actual event I know of. And why does the guy on the right appear to have a halo?

National Public Radio is touting a new movie about the Black Panthers.  Black Panthers, the Vanguard of the Revolution.  I have heard them work it in on several of their morning radio news shows. They gush about the struggle for civil rights and the militancy of the Black Panthers. I remember them as thuggish murderers, completely out of touch with reality and living on a diet of drugs, revisionist history, and self pity.

If this is ok.

Why NPR should find this such a wonderful film and urge everyone to go see it is beyond me. I'm old enough to remember the Black Panthers well, and they were the reverse image of the Ku Klux Klan.

Maybe we should have a movie about the clan. I wonder if NPR would be so free with their air time, urging people to go see that. Birth of a Nation was considered a classic until the middle of the twentieth century. Now few have heard of it. I wonder if NPR would find it as exciting?

Somehow, I kind of doubt it.  I don't think anyone fails to acknowledge the double standard that exists now. There's one standard for white people, and then there's a completely different one for minorities.

Once upon a time this was called reverse discrimination. Now it's just considered to be "adjusting the scales of justice to compensate for the past."

Why is this not?

This is not on my mind just because of some news stories or because NPR is pimping for Bobby Seale.

My daughter had a bad experience this week up North.  She went into a convenience store with a guy from work.  He isn't a boyfriend, they are just coworkers and had been to a little get together at another coworkers house.  The guy was wearing a tank top type shirt, and he had a tattoo on his shoulder. It was one of those ornate swirly things people go in for today. But, entwined with all the other symbology was a small Confederate flag.

There was one of those 400 pound mammies you see in the billowing print dresses in the store. She saw it, followed them out, and then threw a cup of soda right in the guy's face. She started screaming and freaking out, calling him all sorts of obscene names. She caused a big scene and attracted a lot of attention my daughter and her friend could have done without.

  The fellow had the presence of mind to just get in the car and get them out of there, for which I am grateful.  Staging a reenactment of Isandlwana with my daughter there would not be my first choice. It shook my daughter up.  Not without reason. You know how , in a city, something like that can draw a really ugly, dangerous black crowd in a heart beat.  My daughter said when all this started up the Indian guy running the convenience store locked the door. I told her that's SOP (standard operating procedure) with those guys. Much good may it do them if a riot breaks out.   I also told her that she needed  to stay out of the "dark" part of town and she agreed. Like my experience in Chattanooga, once you have an episode like this, it becomes much more real to you, and less philosophical.

I thought about not mentioning this. Then I thought I should, so that other people who unthinkingly stop in the black part of town on the way home give it a second thought. You don't need a tattoo to attract the wrong sort of attention these days. Being white is quite enough. It's true, so why shouldn't I say it?  Personal experience very recently has taught me that.  If someone is offended by these truths, then so be it. To the Moon Bats and others who want to pretend it's not like that out there, I say this:


  1. I'm glad your daughter came away from that scene unharmed physically and that she was with someone who had the good sense to haul a** out of there.
    No place is safe any more. The race baiters who have been working toward a race war have done their work well.
    The picture at the top is of the beating of Reginald Denny (sp?), the truck driver who was so badly beaten during the riots in LA following the Rodney King event. The truck he was dragged from was red. He had long hair and was wearing white. He was beaten with bricks. I have no clue what the halo is all about unless it signifies King somehow.

  2. He did the right thing. It was his responsibility to put her well being first and he did. Naturally this guy is not her boyfriend. I guess that's because I would probably like him. ;-)

    I remember the truck driver who got beaten up in the L.A. riots. Just didn't make the connection. There's a weird thing with light in the picture, too. Being no art critic, I am missing the significance of the art, but it shows what a lot of stuff circulating on the net now is doing, glorifying violence in the streets. Some of the audio on the "black" videos is unbelievable. If I did a video like that about black people and posted it, I'd be in jail as quickly as the FBI could get out here and beat down my door.

  3. Hey Harry,


    That picture with the white guy next to the red truck was a representation of Reginold Denny, the truck driver who nearly got beat to death by a Goblin with a brick during the L.A. Riots of April, 1992.
    I remember the whole thing like it was yesterday. Glued to the TV while living in New Mexico.
    I have truck driver friends that tell me if they were in the same situation. They would just lock all the doors and hammer down. If a Goblin gets in the way. That will be a flat Goblin. They would not stop for nothing. Not even Johnny law.

    I know some stuff about the Black Pathers. Mostly radicals, idiots with time on their hands and no jobs.

    I don't know much about 'Birth of a Nation' That's the other extreme.

    Now about NPR. When the money runs coffers run dry. NPR hopefully disappear or reform as a commercial station and find ways of not leaning too far to the left to satisfy their advertisers. Now on the other hand. They may become the Pravda for the new masters. In fact they may wind up as the only game in town. I don't think this will work out very long.
    If things got that bad. All kinds of nasty things will be happening. The people will get fed up at some point and there will be another 'Boston Tea Party' and the whole mess will erupt all over again. Maybe we will get lucky and nothing bad will happen. Maybe the Sauron in the white house will cut taxes by fifty percent, eliminate the patriot act, obammiecare, ndaa, back up Israel, destroy isis, offer iran a deal that can't refuse, cut the entire federal machine by fifty percent.....(no Im dreaming and drinking too much instant coffee)

    Back to the that 'mammie goblin' with the soda launching arm. Was she a pitcher in the big leagues???
    Sounds like she could have gotten a job as a wrestler for the WWE or whatever with those guys on cable tv. That would have been funny. Watching her climb up on the ring, lumber up to a 400 pound wrestler and throw her supersize soda in his face and yell at him. I would have paid good cash money to see that.

    I spent enough time on the east coast around that kinda thing. Rule no.1. If your a very light skin person. Don't go to the dark side of town.
    Rule no.2. If you are a very light skin person. Move, leave, flee with your life to someplace where there are more people like you.
    Rule no.3. Busing and Diversification is a big lie. When Goblins refuse to diversify, you know its a liberal lie. I've seen it in action. People of all colors (every color of the spectrum) tend to stick with people of their own color. Its just normal human behavior.

    its already game over......

    It wont get better. It will get worse. There is no hope. Once a person realizes that then they can move forward and accept the decline and try to live a happy life as best as possible.

    1. Birth of a Nation was about reconstruction. The Ku Klux Klan was originally a veterans organization formed to resist the most egregious outrages of the military occupation of the south that's called "reconstruction" in the history books. It was anti carpet bagger and anti-black by nature , since the radical republicans in
      Washington were determined to wipe out Southern culture as it had been, and those were their two main tools to do so.

      I remember the truck driver incident in L.A. during the riots, but didn't make the connection til Vicki pointed it out to me. Any idea what's up with the lighting and the halo in the picture?

      I tend to agree with you completely about birds of a feather flocking together. On every tv advertisement you see black people, white people, asians, hispanics all happily have a BBQ get together or eating Pizza together, all laughing and smiling. Where do you ever see that in real life? It may happen but it's not common place. TV is a great educator, though, for the moon bats.

      I wonder how happy our lives will be as this continues onward. It will get more dangerous . It will be harder to earn a living. I don't think the prospects look bright.

    2. Hey Harry,


      The halo around the Goblin's head means he is a saint for killing a white man.
      The representation of the truck driver shows he is beseeching God for help and God favors the black attacker over the helpless white man.

      My concept of living well in a decline is owning a few acres of land. A small house, garden, water well. A few basics but otherwise a spartan existence. No tv, no smartphone and no internet. Owning a much older, easy to repair car that no one wants with the lowest cost insurance available.
      Under my concept of this model of living. It will be easier to live with less money and it will be more of a 'Depression resistant style of living' that will give the prepared individual a much better quality of living than someone who lives with all the modern convienences and expectations of what life is supposed to be like.

    3. That interpretation makes as much sense as anything. I should have paid more attention to art appreciation instead of sneaking off to the airfield to go flying.

      I like a middle class life style, nothing fancy but a comfortable home and the ability to do something different now and then. I'm not sure how long that will be practical, though.

  4. Evidently the "powers that be" really want a race war... I have been thinking about "why" for some time. I have come up with part of an answer I think.(No one can really know what goes on in the cesspits between their ears, so...) I think it is a "twofer" for them. If a real race war breaks out, the Minority community will suffer some grievious losses. They have prepared well, with a long stirring of animosity towards white people, and a lot of black on white crime, and rhetoric that white people in general are at least somewhat aware of. People are tired of constantly being called racist etc... Soo , when the festivities kick off there will be scores settled, wrongs righted and a LOT of white folks can really shoot.
    After some period of time the Feral Gov will have to "step in" to Restore Order. There will be far fewer "thugs" above room temperature.I figure that "normal" black people would want no part of this crap, like other sane people. And restoring order will be a vicious clampdown on everyone elses rights. People say "Martial Law" would be in the works. Article 4 section 4 of the Constitution states we WILL have a "Republican form of Government" So if they try that, all bets are off. Just remember all those billions of rounds the DHS, EPA, IRS, NOAA etc bought...They are planning for just such an occasion.
    How is that for a lovely assessment of the future? I have thought and thought about why on earth they are promoting the unrest, and that is the only scenario I can come up with that makes sense. Hope I am wrong.

    1. There are a lot of things that , when taken together, do paint a pretty dark picture. Whether it's the result of intentional manipulation by the Obama crowd, or just the end result of actions prompted by abject stupidity on the part of the same people, the end result will almost certainly be the same.

      I wonder if the feds can really bring that much pressure to bear on a society with over three hundred million members, all divided up into ethnic packets? Once the genie is out of the bottle and law no longer has any power, I think the feds would have a very hard time keeping the vast, bloated federal bureaucracy afloat. Logistics and communications are tough enough to restore after something like Katrina, but on a national scale and with massive violence it might be impossible.

      One thing is certain, the rule of law is diminishing in the urban centers where the minorities are busy attacking members of any other group that comes within their grasp. That kind of thing spreads quickly.

  5. Happy to hear your daughter got out of there OK.

    I was living in Redondo Beach when the L.A. riots broke out. Los Angeles was noman's land for a couple of days, even with the county-wide curfew, which, of course, was ignored in the areas where the trouble was the worst.

    We could see the smoke from the fires all through the South Bay, but the goblins stayed true to form and only burned out their own areas.

    Don't know how it'll be the next time around, though.....

    1. Black Lives Matter has a number of web video spots urging blacks to "demonstrate their anger" in upscale parts of cities frequented by whites. I think Baltimore showed some of this new tactic, there are still lots of videos on YouTube showing black thugs attacking people sitting at outdoor cafes and the like in Baltimore.

    2. I just can't watch videos like that. It makes my blood boil, and that's not good for a cardiac patient like me.

      We NEED concealed carry in all 50 states so honest, law abiding people can defend themselves and their families.

  6. What CC said, "its already game over......"

    The seeds of this destruction have already been sown.

    Harry, having lived in and around Memphis and have lived in Little Rock as well, there are places you just don't go once the sun goes down and in some places you just don't go.... period.... no matter what time of day it is.

    Back in the summer of 92, I worked for the cable company in Memphis and had to go to a slum nrighborhood that was known as "Orange Mound" to hook somebody up. I had to park on the street and walk a ways into an old apartment complex. There were blacks hanging out everywhere giving me the evil eye. I could almost literally feel the hate aimed at me. My only saving grace was that I was the 'cableman going to hooks up theys cable'

    Having seen and witnessed that urban slum mentality, I still find it hard to believe that people can allow themselves to figuratively have a ring put in their nose like a cow and be led off into a sheer stupidity of thinking.

    But that's how they are these days.

    It sounds like your girl has a good man there if she'd just open her eyes.

    You need to get your two kids out of there ASAP. We're just once staged incident away from having nationwide riots break out in these large cities. I'm thinking something like the crap that was going on in early 68 in Memphis.

    And as an odd note here to wind this up.... I was born in Memphis in the remaining hospital there in Midtown during the early stages of that messright before the sanitation strike happened and MLK assumed room temperature.

    1. I've tried to get the kids to move back closer to home, but they have to work to live, and there's no work here. I think my daughter, who has always been a realist, is more aware of the practical aspects of living in a city with a large minority population now than she was.

      People are not safe on the streets in American cities anymore, but until they see something to reinforce that , they think "it can't happen to me."

  7. When I was a kid living on Long Island we always locked the car doors and rolled up the windows when we had to drive thu Harlem to get thru NYC. We knew better than to go to black neighborhoods, too. Luckily, where I live now there are no blacks to get all offended. I am glad your daughter got out of there in one piece.

    1. I didn't realize you were originally from New York. You did well to get yourself out where you are now. Sometimes I wish I had chosen to go west when I had the chance.

  8. Your daughter's friend kept a cool head and that was the thing to do -especially since your daughter was in danger. She's lucky to have such a friend.

    Things are getting interesting out there. I avoid big cities as a matter of course.

    1. I hate it that my kids live in a city, but that's the only place there is work.

      There are virtually no young people in this county. It's pretty rare to see anyone from high school age to middle age. They leave as soon as they graduate to go find jobs in one of the cities.

      The events going on now are like something out of a bad novel. Especially the fact that the 13 % get away with it, time after time.

  9. As a teenager in the 70s in Caracas, one of the most violent cities in south America with a population of roughly 2 million, I was well exposed to the usual big city dangers. But the threat was never really race based. It was just plain ruthless violent crime perpetrated by the have-nots from the hillside barrios on the ones who have even just a little bit more than nothing. The kind of assaults where they would shoot or cut you up you just cause you did not have enough cash on you when they held you up. We called the bad guys "Niches" (sounds like Nee-chas in English) and they were all cafe-con-leche colored. True blacks were few. Race conflicts was something that simply was not on the radar. The American high-school I attended was on the top of of a hill surrounded by one off the worst slums in Caracas. So there was no choice but to be in the bad part of town. To give you an idea of the scene, the school grounds were surrounded by a twenty foot tall cinder-block wall with a continuous ribbon of broken bottles at the top. The solid steel gate only opened by armed guards for AM arrival and PM departure. I ran the gauntlet of the slum every day when I rode the public bus or hitched a ride back home. The tension was always palpable but in a different way than what I experienced on my one visit to Chattanooga a couple years ago. On the way back from the University to the airport for our return flight to Maine we stopped at a sandwich store (Subway I think) for some in-flight evening meal aboard the Bonanza. We were the only two whites in the establishment. An element accentuated by the fact both of us wore ties and dress slacks. The looks we got from the dozen or so all black customers and staff made it quite clear we were not welcome and it was best we made our exit expediently. Not an experience I care to ever repeat.

    1. I can relate to your experiences in Caracas, having been to some third world hell holes in my own life. They were pretty much like I would expect them to be. I'm sorry to see the U.S. turning third world, but there's no doubt that it is. If there's any consolation, it's the fact that before long, the European standard of living, which consistently outdistanced our own, will be falling and we will all be in the same squalid, fearful environments together.

      Chattanooga has always been a dangerous place if you didn't know where to stay out of. It's a place where mixed male and female gangs of black kidnap young white couples and murder them in the most hideous ways. I stopped reading the Chattanooga paper on line after one particularly horrifying incident, but I still remember the gargoyle faces of the nine blacks , male and female, arrested for the killings, leering out of the paper.

  10. There are several areas I stay out of here. Some you may have to drive through to get to and from work (not me, but others); however, I don't go to the city, I don't go to areas where I know I am not welcome. I have to travel from time to time, in the past always with someone else however I may have to fly to a large city and drive in areas I am not familiar with . I am hoping not alone but could be. I am not looking forward to that.

    1. I hope you never have to do that alone, either. When my wife had conferences in Atlanta I always took off from work and drove her down there, then stayed at the hotel where the conference was being held so she didn't have to commute. Next to Macon, Atlanta is the most dangerous city in Georgia.

  11. I'm just happy Harry that your daughter didn't get stuck in a dangerous situation. I cannot understand the mentality of the anti confederate flag group, surely every culture has a right to pride in their country/culture/history. Is this not part of multiculturalism? Or is it only when it suits!?

    1. Kirsty, you are so right. "Multiculturalism" is only valid when it gives rights to minority groups which the general populace doesn't have. No one squeals louder or longer about something they don't like associated with another ethnic group, than the black minority in this country. Their primary business is being oppressed, offended, discriminated against, etc. They make a very good living at it. And now, to top things off, they can commit heinous crimes and just walk away unscathed.