Tuesday, September 29, 2015

I'm in!

    I  knew one day a party would arise that suited my politics.

Raining this morning. Sixth straight day of rain.  The ground can't hold any more water so the water is running down slope in rivulets. I haven't been off the mountain since this started, but I am wondering how the bridge over the creek is holding up.  If it goes, I'm stuck. The only other way out is through the National Forest, and you have to ford two creeks that way.  I doubt I could get across now even with the truck.

I was looking at my "I Love Me" wall this morning, which is what brought all these old ships to mind. .  I spent varying amounts of time aboard these classes of vessel, The longest periods were on LPD's, LPH's, and LST's because those were ships I was embarked on for floats which were months in duration.

U.S.S. Whitney was a command and control ship, and I had plenty of time aboard that ship. U.S.S. Puget Sound was a destroyer tender but also the Sixth Fleet flagship in the med, in 1982-1984.

I served on the LPH  Iwo Jima . Some years ago she was scrapped and the pilots chairs from the ready room were offered for sale by a surplus company. That was sad.   DLGN 25 was the first American nuclear powered frigate, I spent two and a half months training
 in the Pacific aboard Bainbridge in the early 1970's. Met the ship in San Diego, spent the next two months in Pearl Harbor, then disembarked at Long Beach.

I probably shouldn't include the Battleship  U.S.S. New Jersey, since I only spent several days aboard her, during the Lebanon Intervention in 1984, but that was such an experience I am going to list her here as well. No one who saw the battleship firing her sixteen inch guns will ever forget it. Especially not the ragheads on the receiving end, if any were left to remember anything at all.

I did two floats on LST's, the  U.S.S. Barnstable County and the U.S.S. Manitowac.  I spent a good bit of time embarked on the USS Raleigh. 

None of these ships are still around anymore, as far as active duty goes. Most of them were scrapped,  some were sold off to third world, and some were made into artificial reefs. Nothing lasts forever.

New Jersey off the coast of Lebanon, 1984


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    1. The only way to vanquish evil is with force. Or, as a Japanese officer once told me "one can oppose steel , only with steel."

  2. Hey Harry,


    Im glad I was drinking more of my instant coffee when I decided to check your blog.
    Yeah' if Conan was in the white house.

    Isis, North Korea, Iran and maybe a few others would be destroyed within six months.
    The muslim refugee's in Europe would be running back to whatever sand box they came from.

    This is the best campaign thing I have seen yet. Even Donald Trump would be scared speechless.

    Yeah' I would make 'Subatai' (archer and thief) Vice President and Conan's Asian Wizard, Secretary of State.

    1. I got that from a friend who sends me a lot of good stuff but wants to stay off the skyline. I'd vote for Conan in a heartbeat.

  3. It's good to drink wine from the skulls of your enemies . . .

    Plenty of minor flooding here in flat Florida.

  4. So many of life's simple pleasures are denied us in these jaded and degenerate days.

    It's still pouring down here.

  5. Conan is a bit authoritarian for my tastes but there are certainly worse forms of government than a benevolent dictatorship.

    1. You know you would love to serve the King of Aquilonia. Probably the first time any of us would have seen a honcho who said "follow me" instead of go, go!"

  6. Hey Harry,

    I heard something the other day, haven't verified it yet. Someone mentioned they were going to name a Navy ship after POTUS. Have you heard anything?

    1. I think it's a garbage scow.

      I guess if they can name a ship after Gabby Gifford any travesty is possible but I haven't heard anything about naming a ship after The Weed.

    2. I thought that Gifford ship name thing was a joke, like on Duffelblog or something.
      It's actually real ?
      Good Lord...

    3. Apparently so. It's the LCS 10 according to news reports.

  7. I hope the rain lets up for you! I don't want you to get stranded.

    The old ships are neat to look at. We have an Air Force Museum here that has tons of old planes, jets, and more. They to are neat. I love hearing military men that flew some of them talk about their experiences when we're at the museum.

    1. The sun is out right now but it is supposed to start raining again tonight. I haven't heard the bridge is out over the scanner so I am probably ok. I like military museums too. If you ever go to the naval aviation museum at NAS Pensacola there is a T-28 Trojan hanging from the ceiling that I flew many times in VT-6.

  8. harry,
    there are 2 lst's left.one of them is here in Muskegon, MI. the lst 393. they have done a good job of preserving it, along with a WWII submarine Silversides. they have a website, and a museum.