Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Notes from Lothlorien.

It started raining about seven this morning. Sometimes, very hard. Usually, just a drizzle.

I spent most of the morning in the upstairs study. It has big windows looking out into the mountains, and I have an easy chair there where I can sit, listen to the radio, and look at the vista.

When the kids were home that was my "get away" but these days I hardly ever go up there.  Most of my radios and other equipment for passing quiet time are out in the apartment now.

It's coming up just past five in the afternoon.  Must be animal siesta time as everyone but me is asleep. I've got a ferret curled up in the "burn bag" next to the computer.  I never throw anything away that has my address on it. I burn all that in an oil drum out behind the barn.

I don't think the sun is going to break through today. No matter, as I had no plans to go anywhere or do anything in particular.

Saturday I'll be going into town to mail some things, but I'm in good shape until then. No sense in using up fuel when I can't justify doing so by accomplishing something.

It's a shame that everything can't just stay as it is here.  Unfortunately, I know from bitter personal experience that events "out there" eventually catch up to me here.  Isolation helps protect you but it's not a guarantee of anything.

I have some friends that are getting their Ham licenses.  I don't remember Morse code anymore, but I don't need to as that has been removed from the list of "have to's." I've long realized when the grid goes, so will the net and that will mean I will be completely isolated up here.  Ham radio is not cheap, but I suppose I could rig up something within my means. Kathy's husband is a ham, and we have a ham club here in the county. The question in my mind is whether or not I can add something to the mix that requires maintenance. I'm already up to my neck in keeping this place afloat in that respect.

I wonder how much it would cost to get the license and get a radio and antenna set up that would give me some range in the mountains?

I can make my own antennas, I did field expedient HF antennas in the Marines on occasion, and I know how to use the FM on field expedient antennas.

It would just be a matter of the radio itself, and whatever the training cost. I've got plenty of HF receivers, so I can sit out here and listen to the world if anyone is broadcasting. But at the moment, all I can do in the way of transmission is skip on the SSB Uniden CB, and even that needs a new 20 foot whip antenna and a new four pin microphone. The thing dates from 1985, so I've gotten my money's worth out of it.  I can talk to locals on it, if I want to, but usually I just listen.

In the new issue of Shotgun News, I saw used, good condition Chinese SKS rifles going for $350, and that was the dealers wholesale price. Either money has devalued considerably since the mid 80's, or the rifles are jacked up a lot. I bought them for under one hundred, new , with all the ancillary equipment.  Now is not the time to be buying guns, I guess.

I just keep watching the events in Europe.  The U.N. says 75% of the "refugees" are younger men who don't want to fight for anybody and are running off to avoid it.  The remaining 25% are oldsters, women and kids. I don't trust anybody's statistics on this, but the U.N. is going to do all it can to downplay the numbers.

Seems like 2015 may see over two million people from Africa and the Middle East squatting in Europe. How can even the most advanced country find jobs, homes, provide medical care, develop supporting infrastructure, for numbers like that?  Merkel said yesterday that this migration will change the face of Europe for ever. And it will. Clean, orderly beautiful Europe will become a vista of shanty towns and dirt, garbage and disorder.  The "refugees" are all smiles now, but just wait til they get established. Ask the French how that works out.

The White House is leaking reports to the press that the President will announce an increase of 30,000 to the annual quota of 70,000 for these people. Barack Hussein can't do that legally without congress, but we all know that congress is comprised of self serving gas bags. They know Bandoho Mappoppo isn't going to move in next to them, so they don't care. Barack Hussein ignores congress when he finds it convenient to do it, and they let him.

For now, all this turmoil is not having any practical effect on me.  I'm not naive enough to think it will always be that way, but like everybody else I can only await events. I don't blame the Greeks who are going out in Zodiac boats and destroying the engines of immigrant boats so they'll float out to sea and not dump off more people in the Greek islands. Maybe they have racial memories of what happened to the Mycenaean's when the Dorian migrations utterly eradicated that civilization root and branch. Or, maybe they see the handwriting on the wall and are not willing to just sit back and vanish without a fight.


  1. I'm thinking I will probably see changes here near the city sooner than will you on your mountain. Nobody locally is talking about the influx of "refugees" headed our way, but the powers that be tend to keep quiet because of the Minneapolis/Somali debacle. The local news did run an article about the increased violence lately. Much of that centers around the area of the city openly referred to as "Little Mogadishu." I can't stop it. All I can do is get ready for it as best I can.

  2. We are up to our rear ends in Hispanics. I've written about some of the problems that has brought down on us. They consume health care like it's going out of business, and then just walk on the bills. They bring the education system to a virtual halt. Believe it not, when I was teaching I was told to just have non english speakers bubble in the CRCT test. Bu their scores were averaged in with the class scores, bringing the school scores down, which brought howls of abuse from the bubble butts at the department of education in Atlanta. Before their arrival we didn't have burglary and people left their homes open and unlocked. Now we have a saying "get robbed on Wednesday, buy your stuff back at the Mexican flea market in Pendergrass on Saturday." They make working in gas stations at night a nightmare and most women won't do it anymore, which cuts out a source of income for families. They throw trash and garbage all over the roads, have picnics at the lake where I walk and throw beer bottles and diapers in the water. Frankly, it "sucks" having them here. Most of the people who are all squishy about the "poor refugees" never had to live around any of them. Once you do, you are not going to be as open handed. I think your experience in Minnesota tends to bear that theory out. It's what is called "limousine liberalism." Ride in the limo down to hand out care bags to the mob, then ride back to your high rise apartment or gated community and forget about them. In the meantime, people like you and me have to live with them on a daily basis and it's a rotten experience.

  3. Hey Harry,


    I went agree with your assessment on all that you wrote. Now going back to the previous post 'you did write that the Irish, Italians etc. had few problems assimulating in America over a hundred years ago etc.

    The vast majority of immigrants we had coming over in the past were Christian.

    That's the common baseline between the Russian, Polish, Italian, Irish, etc, etc. etc.
    Im not going on a "Christians are better thing' but the roots in morality, and what is considered decent and 'just were born out of the shared "Christian moral compass"

    Yeah' I know it was not perfect, but compared to honor killings, female circumcision and barbaric social codes of islam. Things were not bad.

    Now I had a discussion with a friend of mine who is of German decent. He said (as a sick, sarcastic joke) When the Germans get pissed off enough they will have another social group to pick on and run off into death camps. I said, I fear your right.
    The right wing German fanatics will have a field day over this and this will cause millions of Germans to join 'ultra right wing nationalist parties' and then another Hitler will be elected and much of the same stuff will happen all over again.

    I fear history will repeat itself.......

    On a good note;

    I went out to the beach late last night. It was completely deserted, and I mean completely deserted. I was the only truck for miles in any direction. The air temps were in the 70's and water temps in the mid 80's. There were no clouds and no moon. I saw the entire 'Magellanic Cloud" I thought I saw Mars in the southern sky. This is my favorite time of year. The tourist season is over and everything is quiet and serene.
    I did not see any Coyotes or other critters. I did see the strobes from one of the Drones that patrol the border off in the vast distance.

    I was hearing (and read) about problems with the town of Boca Chica near Space X's launch site. It seems the 'Orwellian Security' is really start the irk the townspeople of Boca Chica (which is located in extreme South Texas) not far from me.
    The Space X company is not being a good neighbor. If I was forced to leave my house during a launch time. I would just hole up in my house and Elon Musk and Space X can kiss my ass.

    Texas Open Beaches Act.

    According to the Texas Open Beaches act. Its legal to drive on the beach and no one can shut a beach down or deny use of a public beach, nor can they 'own the beach as private property' Now someone can own the dunes from the dune line with all the plants to the state or public roadway, but no one can own the beach.

    Texans have thwarted developers attempts to 'own the beach' in many court cases over the recent years.

    Now it seems that Elon Musk wants to shut Boca Chica beach down during launch times.
    That's not going to work out to well. Elon has not dealt with pissed off Texas Surfers that deal in Civil Disobedience.

    Elon, go back to California and take your rockets with you.

    Back in California in the 70's. Richard Nixons estate in Palos Verdes overlooked a major surf spot and surfers were constantly getting hasseled by the Secret Service. The surfers came back the next day. Surfed, got ran off. Repeat the same process, over and over again.

    The only beach that the Marine Corps. could not hold was Trestles Beach in California. Surfers were doing the same thing. Twarted MP's at every turn. The surfers returned. The Marines attacked, confiscating surfboards. The surfers got smart. Hid surfboards. got ran off. Came back a few hours later and surfed till dark.

    Finally after over twenty years or so, the Marines defeated, retreated and gave that beach to the state of California for a state park.

    I really like Marines and so do most surfers. We just wanted to surf a great surf spot and there is nothing that will stop us.

    Elon Musk will have court battle on his hands and the surfers are like French Partisans of WW2 and they are very capable with random acts of mischief.

    1. CC, I know that actually there were lots of problems with immigration by the Irish, et al. My point was that they made an effort to fit in with society, rather than doing what the Islamists do, which is make every effort not to.

      Keeping beaches for training is an on going problem for the military. As the population grows and the urban sprawl spreads, more and more people want to live where the military trains. The big bombing range at Viaques, Puerto Rico went that way. Now rich people have houses on it.

      I'd have put teller mines and concertina out there under the water. That should have solved the surfer problem. (Just kidding)

      I wasn't aware of all that with the space company. I guess because it doesn't impact on us here we never get any news of it.

  4. Maryland in general, and montgomery county in particular are "sancturaries" In the last 20-25 years the invaders have changed the face of the area significantly. Signage in a foreign language, my "representative" in state government is Ana Sol Guiterriz, who has a heavy accent, and sure as hell does not represent me...Tax money is taken and given to "Casa de Maryland"... Lamp post, rope and politicians....

    And yes, the 3 (or is it 4) QEs have devalued our money a lot There is Nooooo inflation honest. Really. But I will say this, guns, and everything else, will never be any cheaper...

    1. Georgia is divided by rural/urban as well as racial issues. Atlanta is like a black hole, sucking all the resources into it's maw and never disgorging anything. Believe it or not, a portion of my property tax is taken from my county and sent to Atlanta to help pay for their school systems. Our county is relatively poor and we have to pass a 2% sales tax each year to pay the teachers, but we are still sending money to black schools in Atlanta.

      Everything costs more these days. Chicken feed is almost a dollar a 40 pound sack more than it was this time last year. Guns are outrageous. I mean, just completely ridiculous. Food is a lot more expensive. When I watch the talking heads they say "inflation is at a very modest rate, not including food and energy costs." That makes no sense, either there is inflation or not, you can't separate out the commodities where inflation is showing up and say they don't count.

      When I moved here, North Georgia had virtually no Hispanic presence. Now they are a baleful cloud hanging over everywhere. You can't drive to a convenience store without running the risk of having some kind of conflict with them along the way or at the store. And as for going to Gainesville these day, nobody does that. It used to be a big Sunday drive destination, but no more. Even the big medical center is moving it's offices out of the town because customers won't go there any more.

    2. Everybody in Maryland is taxed to pay for Bodymore... And they just agreed to fork out millions for a thug, pre trial, etc. Good move.
      There are places I won't go anymore. Langley Park is little Mexico... Wheaton is lost also. There is no reasonably priced housing any more. And when you do encounter them, they all act like we are the interlopers. Get out of my country!!! This is a very left leaning area... I however am not. Surprise. We have scrap theives here, they'll take anything that is not nailed down (Not exclusively a Hispanic issue) I stay here until 2 or 3 am most nights, and am armed. Surprise again. I blame out elected ID10Ts for the entire issue however...Go Trump. Send them all packing.

    3. It sounds like you and I have similar issues. In Gainesville they are forever building public housing , or rent assisted housing, or low income housing (all footed by taxes). They have to hire armed guards at night to keep the thieves from stealing the copper pipes and the construction materials. The street signs there are in Spanish, and there are all these red and green cabs buzzing around hauling Mexicans to and from the Mexican Walmart. There are two Walmarts, and you only go to the Mexican one by mistake once.

      Trump is the only hope. Some hack Republican will just maintain the status quo, and that's destroying us. I look at these cookie cutter Republican hand picked guys and I feel ill. But no matter what, Barack Hussein has a full year left and he's bent on doing the most damage he can do. Without a functioning congress, he can do an immense amount of harm to the country. Then, if we get a Democrat or a Democrat clone in Republicans clothing after Blowjama, we're done.

  5. I'm at the point where if I take on something like learning Ham radio something else will have to get shelved. There are only so many hours in the day and only so much money to spend. I pretty much gave up watching Netflix to make room for learning a language. My days and nights are full.

    Europe has a pretty poor record as it is with immigrants. They have a hard path to citizenship and even after generations they are still outsiders. How they will handle the new influx is a mystery to me.

    1. I have wanted a ham license, but like you I had other priorities. Now that things are going so badly, I wonder if I want to be up here in the dark, listening to whoever I can pick up on the shortwave. It would be comforting to be able to talk to someone else if the grid goes. I could run the system off the generator for a long, long time. I may reorder my priorities.

  6. I hope with all that rain you aren't getting a ton of mold.

    Ham radio sounds interesting.

    Crazy how the President is announcing an increase of 30,000 to the annual quota of 70,000 for these people. I certainly can believe it. Hope for change my ass.

    1. The rain and the high humidity has caused me some issues, particularly with the cedar shake roofs. I've been dealing with it but it has been a lot of extra work.

      I've always been interested in Ham, but like Six Bears I had so many other things that required time and money. Now, with the situation getting so grim, I'm think we may actually have to go through some civil disruption. If the grid goes, I'd like to be able to talk to other people who are forted up. I just don't know what it all costs. One time I asked for estimates on just a simple, utilitarian system and all of them had to have this that and the other thing, it was just more than I wanted to spend. Now, I don't know.......

      Obama is a one term Senator from Chicago who never led anybody anywhere. He got elected by the Democratic machine, using Democratic tricks and Democratic power blocks. Now he has gone Caligula on us, considers himself a righteous God, and is doing things that are so stupid even some of his lackeys and toadies are raising their eyebrows.

  7. My grandfather was really into ham and had all sorts of equipment. I wish I had asked him more about it when I had the chance.

    1. It's like the old saying "when a man dies a library burns." I wish I had learned more from my father about self sufficiency, because he certainly knew his way around in that regard. We weren't close though, so I didn't.

  8. as for the 'refugees' i haven't seen any women or elders in the pictures. that they are mostly young men is suspect.
    women of europe, look out. rapery for everyone . you can see why the moslem women have to be accompanied everywhere and wound up in sheets--the males are rape minded and it may be the only way to protect the females.
    if a woman is raped she is blamed.
    when the saudis stone someone for adultery it is always a woman. where is the male adulterer?
    some female dog in one of the scandinavian governments told the women they have to dress all swathed up so as not to 'offend' the effing muzzies!
    to hell with them! what about muzzies offending the natives --who are committing suicide by being 'kind' to 'refugees.