“There is no real ending. It’s just the place where you stop the story.”

― Frank Herbert

Monday, September 28, 2015

Rain again today.

Woke up this morning to the sound of rain on the roof.  It started raining here last Thursday and hasn't stopped.

I have been drinking coffee and listening to the radio.  Did some reading , purely for entertainment. I have The Complete Chronicles of  Conan .  You could not ask for better reading if you just want to relax and give yourself a break.

Howard killed himself in the 1930's, and there were some follow on stories by L. Sprague DeCamp, which were not bad but weren't really up to the quality of Howard's work.

 Conan is the the perfect hero for men's "swords and hordes" novels, although the original stories were published in "Weird Tales" magazine in the thirties.

He always slays the villains, saves the girl, and deals fairly with those that deserve it. Alas, Hyperborea was, in some respects, an easier world to live in than ours today.

These days, there don't seem to be any heroes that save the girl, slay the villains, and deal fairly with common people. The evil sorcerers seem to win all the time today, although they are called politicians now.

Classic Firearms has some M39 Finns at the warehouse. I don't know how these guys do it.  These were always far less common than the M1891-30, and they are generally acknowledged to be the best shooting Mosin Nagants out there.  I don't know what they are going to charge but I'm sure it won't be in the "everyman" category.

One of the good things about the M39 and the Mosins in general is there is still surplus ammo available. Yes, it's corrosive, but if you clean the bore, bolt head, bolt and chamber scrupulously it won't do you any harm.  It's generally believed that mercuric primers associated with corrosive ammo last a lot longer in storage, but I couldn't quote you a scientists name and study to prove it.

The radios are working well tonight.  I have one scanner on the law enforcement frequency and another on the emergency services frequency.  It's been a busy night for both entities so far.  My satellite radio is working fine so whatever atmospheric conditions were causing problems last night have abated.

The satellite tv is working,not that I care that much.  I hardly ever watch it anymore. Now that even Fox News has gotten all squishy since Trump told them to get stuffed, there isn't any conservative news on the television anymore except NewsMax.  All the programs I liked to watch are either off the air or won't be back on til summer of 2016.

History Channel, Discovery Channel and Science Channel are largely just showing reruns of reruns of their boring and asinine "filler" series.  Those outfits used to have some quality productions, but no more. I bought the DVD's of their good programs so I don't even watch the reruns of those. I guess I just keep the satellite tv now "in case of" I know not what.

Here's a video out of Hungary. I got it from World Net Daily.  It gives you an eye witness account of what's really happening on those trains and in the streets of Europe. It's in Hungarian and you have to read the subtitles, but it is worth the time it takes.

There's a little break in the middle of the video but they come right back to the woman telling her story.

All the chaos in Europe, plus the unbelievable events in Ferguson, Baltimore and elsewhere have fueled the market for self defense and home defense books. Below is one where the author tries to apply medieval technology to defending the home. Strangely enough, a couple of years ago there was a one hour special on British preppers, and many of them had already gone this route. I remember they showed a scene of the preppers practicing with crossbows and long bows.  I guess you make the best of what you have, but Jesus!

Here's a video a British woman did herself. I have to say, she has more courage than brains. I think she found out that trying to talk to these troglodytes is both a waste of breath and dangerous.


  1. Daggonnit.I do not want to start collecting Mosins...I get the Finn I acquired out of the safe as I do research, and admire the little details... The splices on the stock, the modified sling "ports"... And think about it's history. Built for Nicholas II, either fought for or against the Communist hordes, and in the hands of the Finns, it surely killed Commies... And a later variant would be nice..., Ohhhh I don't like where this is going. I have an 03A3 project to do...
    Rain is heading this way I think. They are predicting maybe 2 inches here tomorrow-ish. It has not really rained here since August, so it will be nice.

  2. I'm thinking of buying another one, depending on how much they want. I expect it will be pretty outrageous though. It might come in handy come the revolution! ;-)

    I was surprised the guy said all of the rifles came with octagonal receivers because I would swear some were built with the 1891-30 round receiver, but I need to look it up.

    It's raining here right now as I write this. We have had so much rain trees are just falling over in the forest with no wind. I know you need it out where you are, hope it doesn't flood and wash people away though.

  3. Hey Harry,


    Before I forget. There is a show tomorrow night on the National Geographic where individuals are living a 19th century existence and do not want to be part of society (sounds like a good idea) I forgot the name of the show and I did not think to look it up until I was halfway typing this so I will send out on this 'snipe hunt' Harry to find the name of that show:)

    Finnish Mosin's alas, I would like to own one but right now I am working on getting two trucks ready for a cold wet winter.

    I never read the Conan books, but I have seen the first movie a couple of hundred times. You know what 'Harry. I don't know if you have seen this movie but Im sure the writers of the 'Riddick movies" were influenced by the first Conan movie. The first 'Riddick movie was pretty good. The second was excellent. A grand epic in the tradition of Dino Delaurentiss and his best movie 'Conan'
    The third Riddick movie was pretty good too. Lower budget. No where near as epic but good. Yeah' the second movie was called 'Chronicals of Riddick' Its one of the few movies I can strongly recommend.

    I do favor movies that are on a grand scale like the ones made back with Charleston Heston and all the real men that made movies, back when they were not afraid to kill off a few stunt men.

    Back to the early 80's movies. I gotta throw in the first 'Dune' movie too. It was on grand scale that is rarely seen in movies anymore.

    Major events in history were done on a grand scale from the landings on D Day in 1944 to the destruction of Krakatoa in the South Pacific in the 1880's to the Battle of Thermopylae with the Spartans (I know it was storms and other events that wiped out most of Xerxes vast army but the Spartans did hell of a job standing their ground and separating a few heads from a few bodies and I think its ironic that the movie '300' came out in the middle of the latest war. I know muslim groups flipped out and 'blew a few head gaskets' on that but if they don't like it. Feel free to pack your bags and head back to the sandbox from wench they came.

    My only great fear is if we succeed in going into a new dark age if Islamic dominance in the western world. So much history, art , science, technology and literature will be lost to the ravages of a few extremist Islamic sand Goblins and their unwashed hordes of barbarians.

    Maybe Russia and China will keep the advancements of the last 300 years as well as keep the islamics at bay for at least a 1000 years before the Islamic empire burns itself out by the early part of the next millennium.

    Then maybe we can finally leave this planet and solar system and a great 'diaspora' into deep space can begin and a new Rennaissance for mankind can begin.

    I know I sound 'nuts' I sound like dreamer. Gotta think long term. Real long term.

    1. I've seen Live Free or Die and it didn't resonate with me. Probably because I don't see myself prancing around in skins in the wilderness. But I know several people have remarked they liked it, and it it's entertaining that's all it needs to be. Everybody finds their escapism some way. I never heard of or saw Reddick. Must have gone by me for some reason.

    2. The Riddick series is pretty good, even though I don't usually watch that genre.

      Do you get the Smithsonian channel? They have some good stuff once in a while.

    3. I don't think Direct TV has the Smithsonian Channel. It does sound like something I would enjoy but as there is no cable out here, and no over the air television, I have to use either Direct TV or Dish Network. I have had both and they both reek but it's better than nothing, especially when something newsworthy happens and I want to see the video. When I had the old C band system I could watch the news feeds for free, but there are no spare parts for that technology anymore so my cband antenna is now a trellis for ivy.

    4. harry/captain - i loved the conan series - not my usual genre! same with the riddick chronicles - me and jam both loved them. and dune with kyle maclaghlan (s?) was epic.

      as for mosin's - if somebody wants to mail me one, i'd gladly drive 40 mins to the post office to pick it up - bahahahah! sending much love to both of you! xox

    5. Bummer about the C-Band dish, Harry.

      Before I launched rockets for a living, I used to work in the satellite biz, and C-Band is still widely used. I could/can get you any parts at all you need, from a new LNB to actuator arms, dish mounts, receivers, coaxial cable, you name it. Anything from "fix it" to a complete new system.

      Too bad I live so far away. I'd be more than happy to help.

    6. I think my mast and antenna are beyond redemption. The c band system was so prone to thunderstorm damage I kept down block converters as consumables and always had at least one set in turnaround with Uniden at any given moment. If you were colocated I would give it a try just for fun but on my own I think my frustration meter would peg. It's decent of you to offer to help with parts, I appreciate that.

    7. Kymber, I didn't know you were a Conan fan. Those are mostly male orientated. But there's no reason an adventurous girl shouldn't like adventure stories. I think you might have some trouble with customs if you got a box with a battle rifle in it from the States. You'd need Conan to rescue you from the dungeon. He always rescues the wenches at the last moment though so all would end well.

    8. Harry - i loved the books and strangely enough loved the movies too! and you need to get the chronicles of riddick - i really loved those movies! but i do like adventure stories and 2 more movies i would recommend are Black Plague and Kingdom of Heaven. Black Plague is medieval times set in Europe whereas KOH is about the Crusades. again not really my genre - i like historical biographies - but when a movie is good,- it`s just that - good! i also loved The Departed, jam`s favourite movie of all time - we`ve probably seen it 8 or 9 times - it`s that good!

      and heck if you sent me a weapon and they put me in jail...that would just mean captain crunch would have to come out and bust me out of jail. then we`d take him to morrison`s beach (english cove) - he`d love how high the surf was at high tide. hey captain - did you know that a lot of surfers from all over the world come to cape breton island for surfing in the off-season?

      sending much love Harry!

    9. Kingdom of Heaven is one of my favorite movies, "You've taught me a lot about religion, your Eminence."

      I have never heard of the Departed but I will look it up and see if I can get it on disc.

      CC would bust you out. Then you could all flee down here and we could start a right wing cult, that would be good!

  4. it is unbelievable.
    it would never have occurred to me that such things would happen.
    they are sending these rapists to several cities in ohio, but not to youngstown


    1. I don't think it occurred to any of us that this chain of events would happen. But that's what a Black Swan event is, and this definitely qualifies.

  5. Hey Harry,


    Life free or Die is the nat geo show that comes on Tuesday night.

    I just watched both video's and pretty Brit lady in the red dress is getting a crash course in what its like to be hated. My advice to her is learn Russian. Move to Russia because the Russian Orthodox Church and Russian Government wont let those bastards in the damn country.

    I get it now. In all the zombie movies and zombie tv shows, the zombies are taking over.
    Well it ain't the Walking Dead. Its the Damn Muslims.

    1. There isn't much difference between a Zombie and a Moslem, as far as I can tell, except Zombies are better looking and not as vicious.

  6. We really liked that live free or die show. My kids still reenact parts of it. They always make me be Amelia because she was the only girl on the show.

    We are getting rain too. Day five now.

    1. I tend to focus on programs that have direct applicability to my own situation, and so "Live Free or Die" didn't catch my interest. I can certainly see why kids would be enthralled by it though. When I was a kid "Wild Man of Borneo" was popular, and it was essentially going out in the woods and playing you lived there. At the time I had no idea where or what "Borneo" was but it didn't matter.

      I'm not surprised there was only one girl in the show, since primitive living has little to recommend it to the Ladies.

      Raining this morning, still. No sign of it letting up.

  7. Just checked accuweather and I see they now say rain until next weekend! Arghh!

    Lots of interesting things to look at and read here, Harry. A good rainy day pastime. :)

    1. Leigh, everybody in our area and on up to Virginia is getting rain, right through South Carolina. I don't know when it will stop. Rain certainly does limit the amount of things you can do.

  8. That chick has more balls than brains, but I can certainly respect that. They want tolerance but it goes both ways. They literally said they didn't have to abide by the laws if they weren't muslim laws. That is mind boggling. This situation is beyond out of hand, and it's only coming closer and closer to home.

    1. It is out of hand, and I've no idea how to put the genie back in the bottle. Trump says he'll deport the lot of them if he's elected. I know he has no chance, the political machine will make sure an outsider does't get his hands on the levers of power, but one can still hope.

  9. How unacceptable to arrest a muslim woman when her husband set off a bomb, shame on us. Shame on us that she's even still in the bloody country!!!

    1. We are letting them in here , too. Obama plans to accept 100,000 of the motley crew in 2016. No matter that they'll start taking our tax money with one hand and slapping us in the face with the other.