Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Caliphate Grows While Obama Fiddles. Our force of "trained Syrians" has shrunk from the promised 12,000 to 5 on the ground.

But there's nothing for us to worry about here in America. Abu Bakr  al-Baghdadi's arm will have grown long indeed if he thinks he can reach us here!  (Sorry, King Theodin, for the quip)

U.S. General admits force has shrunk to "4 or 5" from promised 12,000.   (link)


  1. Hey Harry,


    My latest conspiracy theory a few posts back sounds more plausible everyday. I know its nuts, but the villains behind the scenes that run the show have plans within plans.

    I had one hell of a day today. Got some pre-winter work done to a truck and some other stuff done. I plan to change out the regular oil to Mobil one full synthetic so I wont have to change the oil again to maybe spring.
    I also may fill the tires which are in almost new condition up with nitrogen so I wont have to deal with it this winter either.
    It appears to be another cold, wet winter and this time around I hope to be fully prepared.

    I have in interesting story too that I will write about early tomorrow morning maybe.

    1. CC: I think we both agree on what's happening, we just have slightly different opinions as to why. And the more I think about it, the less willing I am to believe that even a hedonistic food like Barack Hussein Obama could be as stupid as he is behaving. If he was trying to encompass the fall of the country, he couldn't be doing a better job. I agree with you on that aspect.

      Time to get the winter stuff done. It's down to 45 here tonight, way too early for that to be happening. Could just be a fluke, I expect warmer weather again, but it is strange.

      If you want to write your story as an email I will cut and paste it into a post of it's own. You don't have to though, you can leave it as a comment if you like. Which ever suits you best. I wait with great interest to hear about your adventure down there. Things here have been boring, no excitement since the Goblins in Chattanooga.

  2. J. R. R. Tolkien must have been psychic or something. So much of this can be applied to today's situation.

    Christopher Lee was one heck of an actor.

  3. There are a lot of scenes from the movie that lend themselves well to life today.

    All the best actors are dead or pushing it. Not many today are worth a damn.

  4. And Congress approved $500 million for the training program, do your hear a flushing sound? Is anyone going to demand an audit of the program, any accountability? The silence is deafening.

    1. That's the really sad thing. Those idiots in DC just don't learn. It's the same story as the Iraqis. Give a bunch of bums first class weapons and they are not magically transformed into soldiers. They are bums with weapons. Then they throw the gear away as they flee, or they sell it to the bad guys. All that money vanished into the black hole, like so much has, over there.