Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Guardian - Poll finds one third of Americans would support a military coup.

Link to Guardian Story - One Third of Americans Would Support a Military Coup.

"We had been told, on leaving our native soil, that we were going to defend the sacred rights conferred on us by so many of our citizens settled overseas, so many years of our presence, so many benefits brought by us to populations in need of our assistance and our civilization.

We were able to verify that all this was true, and, because it was true, we did not hesitate to shed our quota of blood, to sacrifice our youth and our hopes. We regretted nothing, but whereas we over here are inspired by this frame of mind, I am told that in Rome factions and conspiracies are rife, that treachery flourishes, and that many people in their uncertainty and confusion lend a ready ear to the dire temptations of relinquishment and vilify our action.

I cannot believe that all this is true and yet recent wars have shown how pernicious such a state of mind could be and to where it could lead.

Make haste to reassure me, I beg you, and tell me that our fellow-citizens understand us, support us and protect us as we ourselves are protecting the glory of the Empire.

If it should be otherwise, if we should have to leave our bleached bones on these desert sands in vain, then beware of the anger of the Legions!"

Marcus Flavinius,
Centurion in the 2nd Cohort of the Augusta Legion,

to his cousin Tertullus in Rome

Rome was fighting the Persians. Some things just don't change.


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    1. Things are in bad shape. The economy is in idle. 92 million Americans who could and would work , can't find a job that pays enough to justify going. Confidence in the President and the Executive Branch is low. The Judiciary Branch is discredited. Say Supreme Court or Federal Court and people either laugh or spit. And Congress.... what can I say about those people. I don't guess I need to say much.

      So people look around and what American institution is still largely untarnished and held in high esteem, at least among the common people if not among the supercilious elite who never served a day in their pampered, well off lives.

      It is a sad state of affairs, but that's the way things have evolved. And they're going down the tube at an alarming rate. I think people are beginning to wonder if it will stop or just keep getting harder, and worse. People will start to wonder how they could be worse off than they are.

  2. Hey Harry,


    That's what worries me.

    People supporting a military takeover?

    Apparently they don't know how stringent the UCMJ is.

    I prefer the Constitution, but I have a sneaky suspicion that the victors in a coup (either side) would render the Constitution void.

    The best solution to avoid all this all together is a return to a 'strong and true' states rights solution that the founders envisioned in the first place.

    Me personally. I would rather escape to Mars, build tunnels, and set up a colony there with eight women for every man' of course the women would have to be selected for their physical characteristics and in twenty years we (Mars colony) could have the GDP (gross domestic product) up to that of the U.S. (the last part I stole from Doctor Strangelove:)

    1. CC. If you had to pick some entity to get us out of the dire straits we are in, which would you consider the most trustworthy and patriotic.

      The Regime of Barack Hussein and all his hangers on.

      The dotards on the Supreme Court and the 9th Federal Circuit Court of Appeals

      The blow hard gas bags of the self serving Senate and House of Representatives.

      The Armed Forces.

      I know who would get my vote in extreme times. If the power was out, no fuel for vehicles, chaos in the country, I'd put my faith in the military

      I agree with your thought that the best thing would be a vastly reduced federal bureaucracy and a return to states rights. But do you see that happening? I don't.

      I'm not advocating a coup. I thought the article was interesting more as a weather gauge of how people view their prospects with the system we have now. The Dems and other sheeple will happily go down into the darkness as long as Obama leads them. But there are a lot of people in this country who are tired of Obama and the Congress and the courts pissing down their necks and telling them it's raining.

  3. Hey Harry,


    I got a feeling that military commanders took over and if left unchecked they would become tyrants themselves.

    Yeah' the military is for the most part is ran by men and women with some amount of morality and honor. I defer to history when military commanders take over and for the most part it does not end well.
    I also agree with 'Heinline on military/civil service and how veterans should have special status, but even then that can open up into a can of worms.

    In a free society, anything goes. If people all went to wear pink hair. It may be ugly as hell, but they got the right to do it.
    Too a local military commander that is used to having his entire world ran by a 'proper military manner' for many years. The idea of wearing pink hair is Unsat and people with pink hair need to be disciplined. The barbers coloring the hair also need to be disciplined.
    Im using 'Pink hair' as a metaphor. Yeah I don't like pink either, but what we call freedom, a local military commander calls chaos.

    The English used military commanders in the colonies long ago. We got sick of their (and the crowns) dictates so we ran them off over two hundred years ago.

    I would choose 'chaos' over control. I would rather drive to the walmart in a 'Mad Max styled War Machine' to get groceries than pass through safety checkpoints and deal with military police, civilian police and uber security checks where I am being scrutinized up and down by heavily armed troops manning belt fed weapons that are there for my safety. I read this line online (excuse me for using a bad word) "Let me protect the shit out of you"
    That seems to be the motto of modern police nowadays. Add in a military presence, military uniforms and weapons and let the Gestapo begin!
    Before long some nice family with a pretty teenage daughter makes a run to walmart and then they are stopped at a military checkpoint. The groceries are 'liberated' and the teenage daughter is taken into custody for "Questioning" The parents complain and the belt fed weapons are lowered at the family and they are warned about being shot as traders to the reconstruction. They are told their daughter can be picked up in 48 hours at the local HQ.
    They go to get their daughter 48 hours later and the military personel bring her from the (personal quarters) tent from the local military commander (from her questioning) who they were going to complain too.

    I went off on a tangent their for awhile, but this kinda thing happens everyday in a great many countries (some of which we have both been too 'Harry)

    "When a society cedes control too an "authority" to run things and keep things in a general order. That "authority" has not to be just kept on a tight leash, but in chained shackles" too keep it from getting out of control.

    (that last line I came up with on the fly) it was pretty good.

    I was influenced by the quote I think from Thomas "Those who choose security over freedom do not deserve both" (I know I chopped that one up but you get the point)

    1. I don't think I would prefer Mad Max and Lord Humongous to soldiers. I worked on the staffs of two Generals (2nd Marine Division and 2nd FSSG), and one Navy Admiral (Sixth Fleet). They were not the kind of megalomaniacs you are worried about. They were honest patriots with no sense of "I'm better than you."

      I can't see the troops I worked with stealing from the populace or harassing civilians as you project. They were good people, well disciplined, and the non-commissioned officers were in control of their people. I think this is a perspective shared by many, because in all of the top flight post apocalyptic fiction, there is always a character who is a senior NCO retired who plays a pivotal role in the novel.

      That kind of thing does happen in the Third World. The Armed Forces of the United States, Canada, England, Germany, etc are not in the banana republic category. They're professional.

      If society implodes, as it gives every sign of doing in the not too distant future, who is going to pay any attention to Blowjama or Blowjama 2 and their little edicts from Washington? Who will care what Senator Takesdebribe says? Or Justice Alzheimer?

      The only outfit with the communications and logistics to restore order will be the military, and under the duress of such a situation I wonder how much more than lip service they will pay to the political class which has no ability to lead and which will have dragged us into the mess? So it's kind of a moot point I guess.