Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Man Who Saved The World: starts Friday. Has a good cast and should be interesting.


  1. Hey Harry,


    I was not aware of this cold war incident, nor was a I aware of the individual with the cool head in the Russian command.

    Now this goes back to my thinking. Why are we invoking the Russians as the bad guys again??
    Why are we setting the muslims up on a pedestal in society??

    it should be the other way around.

    The Russians made some massive mistakes in the cold war, however the Russians have proved to be practical and make common sense decisions whereas muslims make decisions based on extremism and Islamic religion (two things that are most devoid of common sense)

    What boils down to is that I would take Ten million Russians as refugees than Ten million muslims.

    The Russians unlike muslims are Christian for the most part. They like women, hard liquor, fast cars and big houses.

    The muslims want to change us. The Russians want to be us.

    Its all about making money. The villains in Washington want to bolster the pentagon budget again by having another boogey man in Moscow.

    On that note, I don't think I have ever heard of a Russian suicide bomber, nor have I have ever heard of Russians wanting to die (get martyred) for fifty two virgins in paradise. The Russians are hedonistic. They have everything to live for in this world and that is something we can work with whereas the muslims are the ultimate threat because they don't care and some of them want death and its very hard to negotiate with that.

  2. Weirdly enough, there was a NATO exercise called "Able Archer" going on then and that had the Russians nervous. I was working in "Proto" during the exercise, which is a command center deep inside a mountain outside Naples. You ride a little tram to get back into the mountain. It was just an exercise to us, and I never heard about this incident until years later.

    I couldn't agree with you more. Alienating the Russians through stupid cold war antagonisms is like cutting our own throats. We have radical Islam growing by leaps and bounds, the Russians are natural allies, but all these buffoons in D.C. want to use the Russians to scare everyone and keep their minds off the massive problems at home.

    The Russian build up in Syria is a good example. They've had a naval base at Latakia since the sixties. It's their main (only) port on the Med. It's vital to their interests. They can work with Assad, but who can work with ISIS? Naturally they are going to fight ISIS and help Assad. We want to fight ISIS too, but we don't like Assad. Why? He's a dictator. By now you'd think the most myopic and mentally challenged individual would realize that Islamic States are run by Dictators. They may call them Presidents, or Kings, or Emirs, but cross them and see how they react. Who gives a damn, as long as they can keep their unruly thuggist subjects in line. We abandoned our stout ally Mubarak in Egypt and that sure worked out well. We displaced Saddam, and a whole string of countries went "democratic" and are now terrorist resort areas.

    I swear if the Russians would lend us Vladimir Putin for just a year, he could probably settle this whole Islamic problem in short order. Chechnya was messy but at least the Russians did something. We fiddle around dropping million dollar bombs on $24,000 utility trucks driven by camel jockeys. During the Napoleonic Wars, the British called military operations that cost you more than the enemy even if you won "breaking windows with Guineas." That's what we are doing and we're giving the Islamists time to grow, train, and get stronger.

    1. And those $24,000 trucks (and humvees) we left behind are now being driven by ISIS. What a wonderful foreign policy we have.

      I too had no idea this movie was based on actual events. Too young to care at the time I guess. Looking forward to seeing it.--Troy

    2. Troy, it should be good. It has a good cast and that always helps.

      I read about it some years back, because of the tie in with Able Archer.

      There's another incident that occurred during the Cuban Missile Crisis where things nearly got out of hand. Our Destroyers were keeping some Soviet subs underwater. They were diesel boats, couldn't surface to recharge or take on fresh air. The pressure caused one sub commander to order a nuclear torpedo fired at his tormentors. By sheer fate, the sub flotilla commander was on board and overruled the Captain. History Channel has a great one hour program on it, it's probably on line somewhere.