Sunday, September 6, 2015

Like the man said (or was it a woman?)

Got back home today.  It's been a busy little trip to Tennessee but worth the time and expense. I accomplished a great deal and now I'm glad to be home.  You always appreciate home more when you get away from it a bit, however short the absence may be.

Someone said here recently that once you realize the boat is sinking, you need to start taking care of yourself, your family, and friends.  Seems to me that time has come.  By coincidence, I just read a book called "Cicada".  It wasn't very good, but the central theme of the book was exactly that. Inexorable events are just that, and once they reach a tipping point, what's going to be is going to be. Then it's time to quit expending energy on bootless worries.  Keep informed, but don't waste any energy on the greater picture.

  There's a good article on cast iron cooking in this months edition of American Survival Guide. Also some good information on first aid for dogs, and on some equipment for dogs in the field.

  I read the big article on dealing with flash fires and forest fires. Living where I do, that's certainly within my sphere of interest.

  If you have ever had questions about rabies, this magazine had a good story this month, simple and to the point. It should answer the questions that you haven't been able to get a straight response to elsewhere.

There was an article on exercise that wasn't very interesting. I don't know why they put those in survival magazines.

Scientific American can make for some tough reading. It's not really written for the average fellow, so sometimes you have to read the article twice to get the full import.

I found this digital book for $4.00.  Basically, it's a compendium of different Scientific American articles over the last twenty year with Black Swan themes.

There was a lot of good information in it, and most of the articles were interesting. I particularly enjoyed the articles on pandemics, super volcanoes, and drought.

However, at the end there were some about how the universe will end in a trillion year. Not much interest there for me as I expect to end considerably sooner.

It's not enough we have between 11 and 22 million illegals living in the country.  Nobody knows how many, so I took the low end (pro immigration) and the high end (anti-immigration) and everybody can make their own guess.

The lowest pro-immigration number on how much the U.S. spends (federal and state) on each illegal per year is $2,600.00    You can do the math as well as I can with whatever number you choose.

Remember the Somali debacle in Minnesota.

Remember the Iraqi horror in Atlanta, Ga.

Look at the statistics on violent crime involving illegal immigrants.

Now think about millions of them flowing into the West.  Talk about dragging down the quality of life in every respect. On top of that, we are worried here in the states about Moslems like the Chattanooga killer, but now we are going to import how many thousands more Moslems. When they don't get all the free handouts they expect, and people don't appreciate it when the new arrivals start turning neighborhoods into little Tikrit, how many of them are going to "radicalize." How many of them are ISIS plants to begin with?


  1. It's impossible to take in the whole world. The numbers just don't work.

    Lewiston Maine got a huge influx of Somalis. They'd been settled in Atlanta but their elders decided the big city was bad for their morals so they picked an old mill town in Maine. There was an adjustment period, but now things seem to be going reasonably well. I'm guessing that having an intact mature leadership kept them from getting radicalized. Seems to be the exception rather than the rule.

    1. You're right. It's the lifeboat all over again. The government just keeps pulling people into the boat, and the end result is going to be the boat capsizes. I don't think there's any other way it will end now.

    2. Sixbears, not so sure about the reasonably well part. Hardly a week goes by here in Portland without one Mohamed, Abdulah or Mustafa not making the news. Not just misdemeanors in the police blotter in the local rag, but major assaults, robberies and murders. We had one Somali scum usually seen pan handling on Marginal Way who went on a bank robbing spree a few weeks ago. He knocked off six banks before they caught him. He he even jacked a car and held up the Key-Bank in Freeport when the scene on Forrest Ave, his usual haunt, got too hot. After the first bank heist they had the fuzzy security camera image on the 6pm news and I as everyone else in town recognized who he was as his distinctive hat gave him away. He and his family were on welfare and living in DHS provided housing for the last five years. Just last night another one flipped a car in Scarborough while fleeing the police.

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    1. Gorges, I begin to lend more credibility to that theory. No one could do so many foolish things as the regime has done, and the government in general over the years, by accident.

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    1. That , and food, clothing , medical supplies, tools, propane gas, diesel fuel, spare parts, gun parts, motion detectors, infinitum. The hand writing sure seems to be on the wall.

  4. Like I said last week, cloward & piven. Over load it till it collapses.

    Harry, glad you got out of the house for a bit. And you're correct, it does make home seem just an extra bit more special when you return.

    Almost always, when I do go out, I bring back something for a "rainy day".

    Things suck a little bit more every day it seems. I try and appreciate what I have while I have it and then I look in the bright side...... once I'm dead, it'll not be my concern anymore.

    1. Strangely, now that I realize that people are going to bring the whole edifice crashing down and it can't be staved off, I feel a lot less concerned. There's an element of "they got what they deserved" in all this. The very people who are going to collapse the house of cards are the one's least equipped to survive that calamity.

  5. The young, idealistic me thought she could save the world. The old, realistic me knows better. All efforts are now aimed at keeping my family fed and cared for.

    1. Zero said essentially that. I think it 's time to just accept that "it's over" for the old life. Living up here, and set up as we are, the whole thing can topple without disastrous results for us. If I get the kids home, we'll be secure. I am pretty sure almost all the people whom I have gotten to know and like so much through blogging will be ok, too. I hope so.

  6. Hey Harry,


    Your right. back a few posts you said it was 'too many ants on the ant hill"

    That sums it up.

    We have already gone over all the troubles with muslim immigrants ad nauseam.

    There was a good post by T.L. Davis on the 'Christian Mercenary" blog about the economic shutdown that will happen at some point as well as it being left for the next (Republican) president to deal with and take the blame for.

    What do you call it again when an army retreats and burns everything of strategic value on the way out.
    That's apparently what our current leaders seam to be working on.

    In a smart reply 'Harry you said.

    "That , and food, clothing , medical supplies, tools, propane gas, diesel fuel, spare parts, gun parts, motion detectors, infinitum. The hand writing sure seems to be on the wall"

    That list sounds good to me. Myself I would toss in several 100 pound sacks of "Bachelor Chow" if anyone made such a product.

    1. I'm keeping an eye on the Islamic/ refugee problem because Georgia is one of the states the Federal Government is dumping these people off in. Since we don't have money in our state budget to pay our teachers, I'm wondering how we are going to take care of these new "gimme this, gimme that" folks with no federal aid. The Feds promise to help, but the money doesn't show up in the bank account. I wasn't kidding about the Iraqis being a horror story in Atlanta. I almost quit reading the Atlanta paper on line because I got sick of hearing how, years after they arrived here, they are still being picked up at their state supplied apartments, in a state owned car, by a state employee, and taken to do their grocery shopping with state supplied money. Or how Iraqi dad's who drive cabs run over their own daughters for wearing jeans or lipstick. Jesus, all we need is more of that kind of blighted human being here, but we're getting them. I expect the Hispanics, Blacks and these new ethnics will step up their eradication campaigns against each other, which has a really good impact of normal life for average Georgians who have to live around them. So watching the refugee thing isn't an esoteric mental exercise, it's a real threat for people in Georgia and elsewhere. Idaho is being particularly favored in that respect.

  7. Hey Harry (and Debrouah Harvey)


    I wrote in the previous post about a retired fed that was leaving the country.

    Too make a long story short. I purchased an unused pair of boots from a recently retired fed (for a good price) that was heading to southern Europe and this person seamed like he wanted to get the hell out of the U.S. as soon as possible.

    Lets keep this real. This former fed had someplace already to go and I guess he was just wanted to hurry up and start retirement.
    Now on the other hand, maybe he was sick of all the bull crap going on here and realized going over to where he was going was much more laid back and less troublesome and law enforcement is much less aggressive than over here.

    It could be a hundred reasons why he is leaving the U.S. That former fed is retired and has the right to go anywhere.

    I did not pry and start asking questions when the former fed was talking. If there was anything alarming. I would have taken note.

    I keep my eyes and ears open. If something pops up I will share it with everyone on this blog of course, but if you read the news. You pretty much know whats going on in the world.

    1. I don't remember that comment, but I'll take your word for it CC.

      If the guy is going to Southern Europe his timing sucks.

    2. According to Robert Spencer ISIS claims they have slipped over 4000 of their vermin in to Europe among the recent "refugees".
      Makes me believe the crisis mas manufactured as a cover to get them in. Though originally from other parts of the middle east 90% of the so called refugees are coming from Turkey where they already had a relatively stable situation with public housing and government aid. Europeans regularly vacation and buy resort properties in Turkey so things can't be all that bad there. Most of the "refugees" seem fairly well equipped, many with a 200$ /month I-phones. Additionally they pay two grand or more for a smugger to run them across to Greece in a Zodiac. If the "refugees" were truly suffering you'd think they would simply be fleeing Turkey to any place better, any place, why is it that they are all headed specifically for Germany? Why not France, Belgium etc? Way too many holes in the story.

    3. I noticed that there tend to be two "classes". Those that show up in nice clothes with a cell phone and can afford to take a taxi to Berlin from where ever they happen to be. Then the vast majority which appear to be Mexicans in terms of being diseased, needy, whiny, complaining, and the only part of the host language they speak has to do with "I need " and "my rights."

      My wife and I were watching the news this morning and she remarked about the Africans pouring into Europe that the Europeans have no idea what they are getting into. My wife is completely apolitical, and has no interest in current events. But she lived in Niger and Nigeria for many years and she knows where of she speaks.

  8. I would like the cast iron coming article and the rabies article would also be interesting. I love scientific American. I have a deal with the librarian at the college where I teach and when he pulls magazines once a year for disposal he saves me the scientific Americans and the psych journals.

    1. Lisa, if you have some kind of tablet , or maybe you can even download this onto a computer, it's a good little book and doesn't cost but four bucks. It's on sale at Scientific American. They have some others, for instance one whole book is devoted to articles on Pandemics.

      I don't read Scientific American anymore as a routine practice, though I did when I was younger. Too many articles that don't really impact me, but this book was perfect.