“There is no real ending. It’s just the place where you stop the story.”

― Frank Herbert

Monday, September 7, 2015

Tolkien saw it coming.


  1. It's about to hit the fan. Interesting times and all that.

    1. In some places, it already has. The powers that be are interested in keeping things low key so we don't hear about it. There are news stories on Al Jazeera, gloating over our problems here, that you won't see on any American news network, even Fox. I notice that Obama is working assiduously to get more Moslem immigrants into the country, 3000 more Syrians due this month. Nobody is talking about that on the television.

      But I think maybe we are better off if the lid blows off and we get down to business. Every day America gets weaker and the people who would simply wash it away get stronger.

  2. Hey Harry,


    I was up until 0300. Got up about ten minutes ago.

    Yeah' I read what you wrote in a comment you left me about all the stuff the state of Georgia did for those Iraq's.

    it lends evidence to a pet theory I have that on the fed level, much of the money that used to be allocated to the VA is going for immigrants, notably muslim immigrants. I know too many Veterans that are having problems with the VA for one thing or another.
    Throwing money at the VA and veterans wont solve problems with the VA, but massive managerial changes and policy changes would be a step in the right direction.
    Back to the immigrants. It seems like the feds knew all this would happen and planned for it accordingly with no regards to anything else. Just flood the system too collapse it and bring about a "fundamental change in the United States" (remember that line)

    Cloward and Piven strategy.

    I had an epiphany yesterday.

    I wrote about this before in the past, about Russia being at war with muslim invaders (turks I believe) about the same time the turks were coming up through Romania and this is were 'Vlad the Impaler' got his name fighting for his Christian kingdom in Romania and becoming a national hero to this day in Romania.

    I've notice a huge rise in the prominence of the Russian Orthodox church in Russia government in recent years (The Russian Church for short) sends out robed priest to all kinds of government meetings and what not. I think its long term tradition in Russian Government. The Russia people don't seem to mind. Its their culture and their culture is much, much older than ours too. They have the right to do what they want.
    John Kerry may not like the rise of the Bear after its long slumber but its an animal that should be respected.

    What I am getting at is I think the Russian Clergy see the rise of islam and the Islamic invasion and take over or southern Europe. The Russians will return to an old but trusted strategy to taking over satellite countries to create a buffer, barrier or DMZ if you would to keep the Islamic horde out of Mother Russia.

    Think about this. Why fight islam in a bloody battle in your backyard when you can fight it in the backyard of a house at the end of the street. Keep the destruction located far away.
    I don't mean to agree with their strategy or the take over of satellite countries but its something that has worked for Russia in the past and I think its something they will do again when the need arises.
    In the end I believe the Russian Church is a much greater influence in the Russian government than most western countries realize. They see the Islamic caliphate rising and they have a tried and true long term plan.

    On a final note. In the past week or so more Russian military personel have been stationed in Western Syria and starting forward operating bases to counter Isis and bolster Syrian President Assad. I see this as a good tactical idea. Now our leaders are in uproar over this because they want to see the fall of 'Assad which of course will create more destabilization and allow for natural gas pipelines to go through Western Syria from Suadi Arabia towards the lucrative markets in Southern Europe and of course Assad (at Russia's urging) is blocking the pipelines like I have mentioned before.

    'Three main goals of the Islamic expansionism. First cheaper natural gas to Southern Europe. Two, destabilize the west to bring about social and cultural change and three, bring in millions of islamics to add to the labor class to support the upper echelons of the worlds Pyramid scheme.

    There you have it.

    Someone ought to give me a doctorate in something since I am a really smart guy. Maybe give me a Noble Peace Prize while they are at it so I can buy a few Russian Mosin Nagant Sniper rifles and hang them on my wall and ogle the rifles while I drink beer and eat bacon.

    1. Well, Russia has had a naval base at Latakia, Syria since the early seventies. I can't say that I blame them for putting some aviation in there, although what will happen when you have coalition forces bombing ISIS and Russian forces bombing the Al Qaida backed "rebels" whom we are also supporting I don't know. Good luck with that one, deconflicting that mess.

      The Russians have done a lot better job than we have at combating Moslem terrorism, though they have taken some terrific hits like Beslan and the Moscow theater. However, the Russians can take hits and keep coming that would leave Americans weeping in their pillows and looking for ways to cut a deal. At least, the Americans who are running the country now.

      Stalin revived the Russian Orthodox Church in World War II, and then suppressed it when he didn't need it anymore after the war. Religion has always been important in Russia. No matter how hard the Communists tried to stamp out "the opiate of the masses" they never could.

      My wife and I are both veterans. We both take medicine daily for this or that. We filled out the volumes of VA paper work to get our medicines from the VA. There's a nice , brand new VA clinic in the county next to mine, an easy drive. But after we had waited months, I went back and asked about our status. The woman there told me it is taking up to three years now to process applications, so I told my wife we would just have to forget about it and pay cash up front for our medicine at the town pharmacy. We do have insurance through her school which pays for some of the cost, of some of the medicine, but the VA is a broken reed.

    2. captain crunch,
      if i lived in a nation bordering russia i would much prefer them to the moslems. difficult to be in a buffer state but much more comfortable than sharia law and the raping of your women and little boys.
      think of the terror!!
      what do you think? do you think the border states would welcome russia, their old enemy, under these circumstances?

    3. Deborah Harvey,


      I am not a fan of Russian expansionism, however the Russians have fought muslim invaders in the past and I think the modern Russia has a long term game plan to deal with invaders, especially muslim invaders.

      I really like seeing an independent Poland. I hope in the coming centuries Poland maintains its independence but with the possibility of Germany being taken over by muslims in the coming century, Poland may have to agree to a pact of some sort with Russia since they will be outnumbered and outgunned by the Islamic horde.

      I would say the only two places safe in Europe are in Central Russia, northwest of Moscow or in the Swiss Alps in a small sustainable, traditional village.
      As far as I know about History. The Mongols (under Gangus Khan) were the only ones to make it through most of Russia and Switzerland has never been ravaged by invaders in the high mountains.

      Age old hatreds, fueds, vendetta's are new again. The 21st century will be a bloodbath worse than the 20th century.

      Thinking about it Deborah, I would say the best thing for the common man (or common woman) to do to avoid all the strife in the future is too move to a remote location. Be a small time farmer. Grow your own food, have a water well and look as if your a dirt poor , hard scrabble farmer with old trucks and an old tractor.
      Do not own anything that will attract attention. If you present the image of a hard scrabble dirt farmer to marauders with nothing to your name. Then they may skip your place and head for the Mcmansion down the road. No one will know about the valubles in your house.

      One tactic I remember that makes a lot of sense. In the Ukraine during WW2. The Nazi's were retreating and the Russian army was rolling through the Ukraine.
      It was common knowledge that many Christian Urkrainians welcomed the Nazi's with Bread and Salt seeing that they were being liberated from Josef Stalin.
      The Russian propaganda machine ran with this and the Russian army was particular brutal in its reprisals against Ukrianians for working with the Nazi's.
      In one Ukrianian village as the story goes. There were no men (all of them killed by Russians or Nazi's) Only women, wives and daughters were left.
      The Russian soldiers were looting from house to house and raping the women and girls.
      One mother had a young daughter so the mother placed her daughter in bed. The mother cut her arm open and allowed the blood to drop all over the bedsheets in front of the daughter.
      When a Russian soldier entered the bedroom and saw all the blood.
      The mother said her daughter 'had the Pox'

      The Russian soldier ran out the door fearing the sickness.

      That story was written by the young girl a great many years later and it stuck with me.

      That's the kind of brutality americans have not seen in at least 125 years so we have on cultural memory of invasion or true brutality by a superior force.

      I know I went on and on about this but only a very few people realize what is happening and what the results will be afterwards.

  3. Oh, he was spot on, wasn't he? That was a short segment, but it certainly was rich.

    1. There are a lot of things in Tolkien's work that reflect the situation today. In fact, he's been criticized by some in the black and the liberal communities as being a racist, since the "orcs" have so many characteristics associated with blacks. Personally I think the man was a college professor writing a fantasy book, period. But it is a little eerie, how the books and life today dovetail so closely.

    2. harry,
      there are those who see a racist under every bed!
      they just want to keep making noise because the squeaky wheel gets the money, and they delight that they can not only get away with it but become kowtowed to for doing so.
      it's called pressing your advantage.

  4. Because we sat here and let it happen a little at a time. A little change at a time so we wouldn't notice unless we were looking. Now it is so blatant I don't know why no one is screaming about it (except Glenn Beck). I Some are still completely unaware or think there is no cause for concern. I hope I am wrong, but I don't think I am.

    1. No, I don't think you are wrong. I remember this whole insidious slide down the drain starting with Lyndon B. Johnson and the Great Society. That's when socialism and the pandering to ethnic groups started. That's when it became ok to live on the government and complain about everything between swigs of Ripple or Mad Dog 20 20. That trend just kept getting more and more pronounced as the years passed. Political Correctness became a byword and anybody who wasn't politically correct was simply written off as a "racist" or a "redneck" or some such dismissive moniker.
      You aren't wrong at all.

  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kzvAAAHVFBI

    Because together, against overwhelming odds, I like to keep a small flame of hope that we can somehow prevail.

    1. I took a look at that. Can't help thinking if we had a leader worthy of the name it might still be possible to turn it around. But we don't. Not yet, anyway.

  6. Hey Harry,


    I found something on yahoo that was very interesting.

    The story of the Russian WW2 sniper girl 'Roza Shanina"

    If I recall she had 44 or 49 confirmed kills. The most kills in a short period of time, a record that supposedly stands to this day.

    I should have gotten the link to the story. I did save a copy of her picture with her Mosin sniper rifle (she stood only about a foot longer than her rifle) This young lady was only 20 when she took shrapnel in January, 1945 and died but she left her mark on the world. That's for damn sure.

    1. You have to be careful about Russian claims since they routinely inflated the accomplishments of individuals for propaganda value. There's no doubt they did have female snipers and that they did kill a lot of people. I notice in most photos of female Russian snipers they are attractive young women, which is probably not a coincidence. Not all of them though, I saw one who could have given Jesse Ventura a bad time in the ring.

    2. Hey Harry,


      Yeah' your right about Russian inflated claims and propaganda. I did not think about. I just say a cute girl with a Mosin Sniper rifle and my mind went blank there for a moment.

      I gotta say thought I checked out drudge report and my mind was still on WW2 and the people that fought the Nazi's and the Japs. I was looking at the pictures of Hillary, Debbie Wazzerman Shultz, Tim Tibow, (football player) and Biden and thought.

      What a bunch of worthless bastards!

      There are no Churchhill's, no Washington's, no Ragnar Lothbrok's, no inspired leaders that are willing to lead from the front and think beyond their own legacy and focus on molding the future of freedom and civilization.

  7. Want to check out a real sniper with a Mosin? Google Simo Hayha, Finnish sniper against the russians. Holy Cow!!

    1. Interesting man. I did a post on him about a year ago,and a lot of people said his record couldn't be real. I don't see why the Finns would fake it though, they never cared much what the rest of the world thought anyway.

  8. Often times we don't see things coming until it's too late to do anything about the problem(s).

    1. Between that, the fact that our government is bent on social suicide, and the law of unintended consequences, things are looking grim.