Monday, September 28, 2015

What the government doesn't understand. They can push us with immigrants and the 13 % just so far.......


From the movie "Falling Down."  You can order it on DVD for under four dollars on line.

If you haven't seen it, you really should. A lot of us will identify with the Michael Douglas character.


  1. Hey Harry,


    I can only my best estimate on the different outcomes of the 'forced immigration' issue.
    None of the outcomes have happy endings. I read the last paragraph on your response to the comment in the previous post. What I can say is the Italian, Irish, and all the others that passed through Ellis Island where mostly of Judeo Christian decent. That was the common denominator that allowed for some cohesion and full integration into the American melting pot in the past century.

    Another thing you mentioned in the previous post was the diseases that will come in.
    If I recall, Ellis Island had a two week isolation period to allow for any diseases to incubate and filter out the immigrants with health concerns that could cause a plague in the general population. One serious question. How come we do not have Ellis Island styled operation now???

    I also left a comment on 'Patriot Nurses' youtube channel. Maybe she can explain in greater detail the medical hazards we face with the immigration issue.

    One final note. My grandmother died in the early 1950's from Tuberculosis on the ranch in New Mexico before the cure was out. I heard the stories of her suffering and of course that stuck with me. If we get new anti-biotic resistant strains of traditional diseases in. We will be in trouble.

    1. Back when Ellis Island was in operation, the federal government was anxious to prevent the spread of disease. The primary concern of the federal government under Obama is to facilitate the entry of the largest number of individuals possible into the country, in order to expand their power base. They are not concerned at all about any of the social ramifications of their actions, because their own lifestyles at the top of the social order will not be effected by any changes.

      I have seen Patriot Nurse, she runs a good blog. She's been around a while.

      Tuberculosis was fairly well suppressed in the civilized countries by the mid 1960's. Now it's coming back with a vengeance, to the extent that many companies require a tuberculosis screening as part of the application process.

      You're right, many of the European immigrants had very similar backgrounds and cultures to our own. Yet look how difficult a time the Irish had. Now we have people who may as well be from Mars, and the feds expect them to just settle right in and become part of the community. It isn't happening.

    2. the feds do not expect any such thing.
      the question is, 'why?'.
      why would you shoot yourself in the foot?
      this is what gives rise to so many conspiracy theories.

      only God can save us now.

      i hope He thinks us to be worth saving.

    3. Some of them do. The vast majority of the bureaucracy fostering this abomination are so encapsulated in their little cubicles they honestly don't have sense enough to know that conflict is the inevitable outcome of this.

      Some of them don't, and may be thinking , as some other folks have said here, that civil disorder will provide a smokescreen for the federal government to finally do away with the constitution once and for all. Then Obama could be crowned Field Marshal President for Life Doctor Idi Amin Obama and we would all live happily ever after.

      God has not been much in evidence lately. I don't rely on divine intervention, though I don't mind if others do. The end result will be the same in the long run.

  2. Respect is a vanishing thing. We were taught you earn respect with good behavior and firm morals. We aare expected to tolerate more people who do not respect this country or the freedoms it has. A very sad thing and it bodes ill for the future.

    1. There isn't much to respect from authority figures these days. It's every little group for itself, and the devil take the hindmost.

  3. I agree, it's an excellent movie.

    And it shows what happens when you push Old White Guys too far.....

    1. Remember the scene in the convenience store? If the shop keeper had been Pakistani instead of Korean, that would be just like home. We are overrun with Paki's , who buy up the motels and gas stations, run up the prices and run down the business. Our mountain Paki's specialize in selling sudafed based drugs to smurfs who sell it to meth makers.

    2. HAH!

      Yeah, that's where he got the Coke he was drinking when the Mexicans attacked him...

  4. Eighty five cents! Eighty five cents! You buy or you get out now!

    Messed with the wrong guy at the wrong time!

  5. Like John Pinnnette and his Chinese buffet routine.

    "You here FOUR HOUR! YOU GO NOOOOW!!!!"

  6. Remember Richard Prior and his routine about the Korean restaurant?

    "Ain' no hair in food!"

  7. I've seen a lot of Richard Pryor, but I guess I missed that one.

    He was one funny dude!