“There is no real ending. It’s just the place where you stop the story.”

― Frank Herbert

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Cold and windy.

  It's not raining, but the wind is blowing and the temperature has dropped into the upper fifties. The humidity is slightly less than it was, so the air coming in with the wind must be from the North.

Lots of branches and limbs down but nothing on the trail or the gravel road out to the paved road that is major.  I looked at the bridge. I couldn't see under it, as the water has risen to much to get down the bank.  As far as I can tell, the bridge seems to be usable but I really couldn't see enough of it to tell.

I don't know how this will effect the leaf season, which should be starting shortly. There are a lot of leaves piled up by the roads in drifts, where the wind piled them.  Kind of early for that to be happening.

One of the major roads is closed by a tangle of fallen trees and power lines. I have been listening to the Sheriff's department controlling traffic, letting a few through at a time. There will be a lot of people getting back to Atlanta late tonight from their weekend in the mountains.

Having essentially been cooped up in the house for two days, I built myself a fire in one of the fire rings I have outside. I've built them over the years, here and there and they give me a place to sit out by the fire and smoke my pipe. There are lots of quartz stones here, the size of bowling balls, so it's easy to dig a shallow depression and then line it with stones.

If you have some land out away from other people, you should try doing this.  At dusk, it's a particularly nice place to sit at the end of the day and watch the night come on. Usually the sky here turns pink, then purple before it begins to get dark. A fire ring is a good place to watch it from. There's enough wood laying around for a hundred years here, especially since I have become lax about trying to keep it policed up.

When my son was home, we used to sit out by the fire and just relax.  This one is on the edge of the woods, down slope from the main house.

This months issue has a good article on the New York City blackout of 1977.  It's a kind of leap in to one of the issues main topics, which is the consequences of a full on Grid collapse.  There's a write up on how to build a perimeter defense.  If you can judge by the latest issues of survival oriented magazines, home defense has risen to the list of the topics readers are interested in.  There are some good reviews of nice to have equipment in this issue, including a nice review of alternate power sources for your electronic gear.  They included a very up scale bunker article for those who have a lot of unassigned disposable income.  I'd love to have one but the budget won't bear it.  American Survival Guide has gone monthly. The success of the magazine has apparently been all out of proportion to the expectations of the publishers, but I'm not surprised. They came on line just as the market was heating to a boil.  Barrack Hussein Obama and his amazingly inept efforts, such as they were, in world diplomacy have made the country a much more dangerous place to live. Even some of the leftards are beginning to realize they may have to lay in the bed they made.

In the 1970's, there were all kinds of men's outdoor magazines that featured covers illustrating fishermen being mauled by grizzlies, and hunters being attacked by cougars, that kind of thing. The stories inside were all "true life" adventures, if you can call them that, usually gory with unhappy endings. The advertisements in the magazines were all for hunting gear, hunting and fishing trips, and the occasional lurid add spangled with scantily clad women touting this or that.  I haven't seen any of those in many years now.

But Survivors Edge has more than a whiff of those old magazines about it.  There's the same air of bravado and the same proclivity for "real life " stories. It's not at all a bad magazine, just different from the others in the genre.

This month, there's an article on how to fireproof your house, and another on how to survive a bear attack. Sound familiar? All they need is a ravenous bruin on the front cover gobbling up a hapless camper. Just like the good old magazines from the 70's.

On a more useful note, they have taken some pains with an article on how to keep Home Invaders at bay.

  This is getting to be an ever growing curse in the United States. Once the province of black street gangs who basically did a "bash and dash" on rich peoples homes, it's now more of a Hispanic gang exercise. These guys, like MS13, have it down to a well honed drill. They break in the home of some well off person, hold his wife and kids hostage until he returns with the funds demanded, and then they usually kill everybody. They work along the "dead men tell no tales" principle. Hence the sudden interest in guard dogs, panic rooms, et al among the gated community crowd.  But no one is immune, and this edition of the magazine goes into some detail on steps you can take to shield yourself.

Of course, in reality if you fort up and lock up, they still may get inside. Then you need to be prepared, as the woman in the video clip below was prepared. Both she and her nine year old twins would have come to a bad end had she not been ready to do what needed to be done.

The home invader in this video picked the wrong house. The woman had just been taught to shoot by her husband and had a .38 special in the house.  The attacker was a felon, on parole, who had a lengthy rap sheet which included felony assault, rape, breaking and entry and a host of other recommendations of his character. Had she not been armed, he would surely have killed her and her children. Run "home invasions" on google and you will come up with some variation of this story over and over. As the old Hank Williams Jr song says "Welcome, to the U.S.A. today."  The creep died, by the way, and good riddance to bad rubbish.

CBS says Americans who oppose Islam are "haters"

link above.

In closing, CBS is attacking a planned series of demonstrations against Islam in mid October. Acting as the mouthpiece for CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations). CAIR is called a "U.S. Group" in the article but it's a renowned front for forcing Islamic culture on American society. It's the darling of of the left and of Barrack Hussein himself.

 The article deplores armed but peaceful demonstrations scheduled in approximately 20 Islamic locations throughout the states on Oct 10.  I myself would not go anywhere near an Islamic site for the purposes of protesting their growing influence unless I was carrying, but CBS does not agree. Most of the MSM has been careful to avoid any mention of these activities because they don't want people to find out about them and go, but CBS just couldn't avoid trying to flesh their tiny dagger.


  1. Well Harry, if it would stop raining I would have a fire as well. I really enjoy sitting out on the property with a good fire. You are right. It is very relaxing watching the flames. I haven't really kept up with the survival mags but for me it is about bugging in for the long haul.

    1. You and I are on the same game plan. I'm staying put. Where would I bug out to? I've bought this place as a safe retreat thirty years ago, and I've spent the intervening decades stocking it, improving it, refining it. I wouldn't last long on the road, I'm afraid. I know a forest fire could burn me out but you can't be invulnerable to everything.

      You folks are well set up. You have everything you need there and the location is good. You have me beat when it comes to raising your own food. I think your family has it well wired.

    2. I think I would be beneficial to stay put, I have grown up around all the neighbors here, I have walked all these woods since I was 5 yrs old. We have so many resources here in this community.

    3. Have you and GM ever watched "The Road" ? If I ever gave any thought to bugging out, that movie put an end to it. And the movie wasn't as hair raising as the book.

  2. It made me chuckle when the husband yelled "Shoot him again!" I don't like it when a life has to be taken, but most certainly necessary at times. Doesn't look like this guy will be bothering anyone again.

    1. The entire 911 call is on the internet, and it makes interesting listening. The guy broke in, the woman grabbed the kids and kept retreating to different rooms, talking to her husband on the phone. The intruder kept breaking down the doors. Finally she had no where else to go. He was smashing down the last door with his crowbar. She was against the wall with the twins behind her. Her husband, very calmly, told her when he came through the door to shoot him. "Remember what I taught you" he said. When the guy came busting in (he was high as a kite on dope), she plugged him and damned if he didn't keep coming so she emptied the cylinder.

      He got out of the house, even so, drove down the road and crashed into a ditch. To the infinite relief and gratification of everybody who was following the story in Georgia, he died. He had a criminal record that would have shocked Manson, and there was a great hue and cry in the state about how the hell he got out on parole, but some twit shrink had told the parole board he was "reformed' and had "found Jesus" and they bit. They would have been morally responsible if the thug had killed the woman and her kids, but there would have been no down side for them. No push back.

  3. We have a fire ring, one of the first things we did our first summer back home. Try and have a family one weekly. I just sit and relax. Some nights the kids go in and I just sit there, and think about what's going on. I guess I'm a hater. Ok through in racist too. Hard to when it was drilled in my head growing up as a child of the 60's.

    1. I think the concept of haters and racists is going out of vogue. It's been such a hackneyed cliche for so long now, applied to anyone who isn't politically correct, that the labels just don't mean anything anymore.

  4. Hey Harry.


    guess I am a hater......

    I hate cold coffee, property taxes and muslim nutjobs.

    I want a wood burning stove in my living room. That would be cool. A fire pit is nice but not good in a backyard.

    I think I remember all the hunting magazines like that back in the 70's. My favorite in the early 80's or so was 'Soldier of Fortune' magazine an a few others. Back then It was the communists, the ANC (African National Congress) , and those communist guerilla buggers that attacked and took over Rhodesia (and finally destroyed the farmers that kept Africa fed)

    Oh' Yeah; forgot. Nelson Mandela (scumbag) Yeah' Apartied needed to go away but mandela and his terrorist wife were (are) scumbags in my opinion.

    I need to listen to that recording with the mom her twins. If someone breaks into my house and I have "no choice" I will use lethal force. That's a no brainer. I would rather avoid the situation though and discourage scumbags from breaking in.

    In Texas we have 'Stand your Ground laws' and the 'Castle Doctrine' so home invasions are fewer than in most states.

    1. economically people in "Zimbabwe" were a lot better off when it was Rhodesia. I am pretty sure South Africa was the same. The two words "black and leader" don't go together too well in most African nations. Robert Mugabe runs the country of Zimbabwe as his private fiefdom and the place is a desolation where once it was prosperous. South Africa is not being very kind to it's white population, but without them they'll be building cattle kraals and killing each other with knobkerries again. I am not a fan of Tutu or Mandela, myself. Let alone "Winnie" and her mafia family.

  5. When I took my CCW class they show movies on how somebody high on drugs or just plain nuts will keep coming at you even if you keep shooting him. His forward momentum will carry him thru a room. Wake up call for me. Now I keep a Judge next to my bed. We have forted up the house, too, as we will tough it out here. After 20 years at this place, we know every stick and stone. I like the looks of that magazine and will try to get a subscription for my DH.

    1. I like "Off Grid" best of all the survival magazines I buy, but American Survival Guide would be the second choice. Survivors Edge is good, although I look at it as entertainment rather than education.

  6. Hey Harry,


    Here's one for ya'


    I really hope Putin and his Russian forces kill every single one of Isis's members. The image that I associate with Isis is a four of five year old Yazadi girl in a pink dress that was beheaded by Isis members a year or two ago.

    I hold Isis in the same category as I do Heinrick Himmler and the SS troops that ran the death camps.

    1. There were two branches of the SS. Waffen SS were combat troops and were not associated with the camps. Allgemeine SS were associated with concentration camps. People tend to tar them all with the same brush, which is not fair.

      I am all for Putin and the Russians killing every terrorist in Syria and beyond. I have been sickened by Blowjama telling Americans there are "good" terrorists who are "on our side." That trash we "trained" and sent into Syria stopped inside the border and turned over all their trucks and weapons to an "anti-Assad" outfit that Black Jesus says is "on our side" but which in reality is nothing more than an Al Qaeda fraternity.

      Putin is right. The only way to stop this crap is to kill them. I will bet you a dollar to a doughnut Barrack Hussein has never seen a dead body from a battlefield in his whole life. The guy knows nothing about war, his "advisers" know nothing about it, and they don't understand the pigs they are dealing with. One of the favorite ways Moslems liked to ridicule Christians in Lebanon was to build a little cross, and then crucify a cat or a small dog alive, carrying the cross around while the animal squealed , as a way of mocking Jesus. That's common to Islam and while the news is careful to spare Americans anything distressing, or spoil anyone's dinner, that doesn't mean hideous events aren't going on while the pitiful whimp we have for President plays golf. I saw the Russian foreign minister on TV, and he asked if the world was a better place for having gotten rid of Mubarak in Egypt, Qaddafi in Libya, and Saddam in Irag. If not, then why would the world be a better place for getting rid of Assad. Do I care a damn if any of these dictators suppressed their "people." Hell no, better that than the failed states left after we got rid of the dictators. Even in Egypt, Obama turned his back on our faithful ally, Mubarak, and left him to the mob. If not for the Egyptian Army, Egypt would be another failed state right now.

    2. Hey Harry,


      What the world ignored a few months ago or so was the slave auction in Syria with the slaves being children, young girls, and women. The younger the female the higher the price. The rules for Isis men is that four or five men can chip in on one sex slave or be the single owner of the sex slave if the Isis member has enough money.

      How can Obama ignore slavery, hell let alone sex slavery of women and children???

      The world ignored the human rights watchdogs that found all this information out and publicized it a few months ago. The information fell off the grid, got scrubbed off the net and nobody in the mass media wanted to air it or even believe it. No one wants to face the truth.

      I know its horrific and utterly barbaric but we have to face it and we have to rescue those women and girls if they are still alive. I know it wont happen. The CIA could do something about it and more than enough of our spec ops guys would volunteer for a mission like that.

      The only hope is Putin.

      I'd say call in the Spetsnaz and whatever spec ops guys are available and go after every Isis member, slight their throats, bury them naked facing the west covered in pig fat.

    3. Well, CC. I don't know. Most people in the U.S. are vehemently opposed to any kind of foreign entanglements. Not so long ago, maybe a year or so, there was an argument here about foreign aid. Almost without exception, all the regular visitors were against foreign aid, even to Israel. I pointed out that Israel is our only reliable ally in the Middle East, and our only "unsinkable aircraft carrier" should things really get out of hand. But the consensus was that we shouldn't get involved in anyone else's problems, and that we shouldn't spend one red cent overseas, including financial support to our most valuable ally. So the idea of sending U.S. troops back into the hellish sand patch , even to save women and children, isn't going to get a lot of support from anyone. The Middle East, with a couple of exceptions like Jordan and Israel, is just what you said it was, a miserable and barbaric place, filled with the most reptilian form of human life in existence. That's why I keep raising hell about bringing them here. People just don't understand what they are bringing on themselves, and they won't until it's too late. Like the Somalis in Minnesota, on a grander scale.

      The Russians aren't anxious for another holy war. They finally flattened the terrorists in Chechnya, but the whole world stood back and condemned them for it, and whined about "the poor chechens" and the evil Russians. Russia needs to protect Latakia, it's only port in the Med. They have to keep Assad in power to do that. If they kill a bunch of Islamic terrorists, I say God bless Putin and Russia, and set to it with a will, boys! But I don't see Russia and the U.S. cooperating because of the infantile , arrogant ivory tower types in the State Department and the spoiled rich kid in the White House.

    4. Hey Harry,


      as much as I don't want to admit it. I think you maybe right about any entanglement in that part of the world would be utterly futile in the long run.

      Maybe we will get lucky and an asteroid made out of mostly iron and the size of a cruise ship will impact the area at a 100.000 MPH and flatten the entire region.
      Not a civilization killer or another Chicxulub impact but more like that one that smacked Siberia in 1908. Maybe bonus points if Mecca was vaporized by a meteor impact. It would be one hell of an act of God.

      one final note;
      Human evolution. A recent article in the New York times talks about the 25 things modern man needs and does not need.

      After what I scanned through I guess modern man no longer needs any tools of true survival in defense and protection of women and children. My assumption then is that modern man will easily become extinct since modern man can no longer hunt, survive, and protect anything or anyone of value from predators.

    5. Well, I wouldn't mind seeing the Islamic countries turned to asteroid dust, but I wouldn't want Israel to go that route.

      There's evolution, and degeneration. I'd say human beings are undergoing the latter. Some of the people I've seen on tv lately look a lot closer to apes than homo sapiens.

  7. We have a few fire pits around the place. Always a fun time. Too wet for fire right now though. I have been wondering about the fate of leaf season myself after all this rain.

    1. I use those little blocks of wax impregnated saw dust to start a fire with wet wood. I keep several boxes of them in the barn, you never know when they will come in handy.

      I was just outside giving medicine to one of the cats, and I noticed that almost overnight, the leaves are changing colors. It's still a couple of weeks early for that. I think a bad winter is in store.

  8. I'll have to keep my eyes open to see if there are any of those magazines available in this area. There were a couple of great bookstores near my dad's place but they all closed in the last 2 years. So it goes.

    I'm all peace love and understanding so I'll shoot home invaders with great regret, but shoot them I will. There are lines that cannot be crossed.

    My dad's retirement park is armed to the teeth and this is considered a safe area. I've seen walkers with special concealed carry bags on them.

    I miss my fire rings and sipping a coffee as the sun goes down. Watching the stars come out as the fire dies down to coals. I've a nice set up by the house, not too complicated and another one next to the lake.

    1. Book stores are getting harder and harder to find. I still like paper books best, but I do buy a lot of digital books because it is so convenient, and they are so much cheaper.

      Someone breaking in here would receive short shrift. This is my one place where I can relax and be calm and content. Woe betide anyone who tries to violate it.

      I know seniors down there are well armed. There are periodic news articles where some tough picks the wrong victim because they are old and look like easy prey, then winds up getting drilled for his trouble. I say, more power to those folks in Florida. Just because a person is old doesn't mean they are useless or weak.

      I guess we all have something inside us, probably some archaic memory locked in our genes, of when life was simpler and home and a fire ring were an integrated concept. I know I feel at peace sitting out by the fire and watching the stars come out.

  9. I bet it was nice having your son home. I imagine it gets lonely up in the mountains at times.

    It hasn't been windy here, but we've most certainly had a cool down.

    The survivor type magazines are certainly ones I'd keep around. Everything that was in them 5 years ago could still be applied today.

    1. Alissa, it's strange how many times I've gone back and painfully dug through old issues of the magazines to find the answer to a problem that's come up.

      When my son and daughter lived here, life was more interesting. We did a lot more things, like going to park and taking trips out of town. Once they moved away, life settled into a kind of day to day rut.

      Windy and cool here today, with the leaves coming down. A nice kind of day.

  10. Harry,

    I finished "The Long Emergency". Not an easy read for sure. Really made me think though about the future. I have to say though that while some of his predictions have seen the light of day, i'm sure he overlooked things like the Bakken oil fields in ND. Next up: starting to read Mason's "Chickenhawk" sequel. Thanks for the recommendations.

    I vaguely remember those men's adventure magazines. It's a good thing that the survival mags are trying to bring a semblance of that back. Anymore it seems, masculinity is attacked at every opportunity (the evidence is everywhere). When did it it become non-PC to be a man?? I'm sure it's only a matter of time before the feminists and the hipsters catch wind of what is being written in the American Survival Guide and then just like the rebel flag, the attacks will begin. Perhaps we may see a run on Barnes & Noble and a magazine burning in the parking lot?

    CAIR is nothing more than a hamas and hezbollah front. Wouldn't be surprised at all if Iran is financing them. On second thought, my tax dollars are probably financing them too. --Troy

    1. Troy, the Long Emergency is a good book,and I'm glad you were able to work your way through it. Kunstler is not a particularly easy author to read. He says more about the tar sands and shale in his follow on book, and essentially he's right, those are only viable assets when the price of a barrel of oil is well over $100.00, It just costs too much to produce a barrel of oil from those materials to be economically viable below that level.

      I don't know if you were ever a reader of the old American Survival Guide, but it fell afoul of liberal owners. The publisher died, his heirs were New England leftards, Yuppies who were horrified by the magazine. They immediately mandated things like no more gun articles or advertisements when they took over. The magazine was doomed from that point on. Jim Benson, the editor, is a hell of a guy and did the best he could, but he couldn't stop the rot and it went out of business, which was exactly what the new owners wanted. They had plenty of money and were social engineers who wanted that magazine gone. In fact, though there have been calls for a CD "complete collection" to be released, they have the copyright and resolutely refuse to allow any of the magazines to be offered on CD on a commercial basis. There are some web pages where people have uploaded PDF versions of their own collections, but some of them have gone "off the air" for reasons unknown.

      CAIR is a notorious shill for the militant islamists in the U.S. They are to Islam what The Southern Poverty Law Center is to extreme left wing liberal activists. They should not be legal in the U.S. as they are so closely associated with our Islamic enemies, but there are a lot of people in government who love them as a useful tool of "multiculturalism."

  11. I enjoyed this post and have been thinking how you were doing with the hurricane weather down south. We have had rain here but little flooding in our area.
    My father used to read us stories from his adventure magazines.
    My mother would be knitting or doing some mending and we would be tucked in beside Dad...a quiet but exciting night for a country family, spending time together, not each one in their own room with all the modern gadgetry!
    Stay safe!

    1. The storm is over here now Fiona, so we are just kind of cleaning up. Til the next one, anyway.

      When I was a kid we did have television, but there were only three channels. They came on at six with the national anthem and went off at ten,went to test patterns. As you say,now everybody has their own gadget and it makes it hard to have family time.

  12. Did anyone else catch this seemingly innocent phrase turned ominous by a slight misspelling?

    "...Muslims should remain vigilante regardless..."