Monday, October 5, 2015

Fall weather.

Fall is here.  The storm must have brought it in, since the change has been so sudden.  The trees are turning red and gold, the air is drier and cooler.   It's good weather for working outside. I have quite a list of repairs and minor improvements I want to get finished before the real cold weather of winter sets in. I got a good start today but there's still a good bit to do.  The plan is to start work once it's light enough outside, and then when I get tired, I'll knock off. Then, in the afternoon, if I feel like starting again I'll try to get something more done.

Tomorrow I need to go into town to the depot, and get some lumber, and a few bits and pieces of hardware. I don't need  a lot but I need enough to justify the run into town with the truck.

When you live way out in the woods, and your house is made of wood, there's always something to fix. I like living in a log house, though.  Mine is cedar, and that's a wood that stands up well to the elements and is less susceptible to insect damage. Still, this is a rough environment for homes, no matter what they are built of.  Wooden homes and buildings need constant maintenance.  If you do a little every day, it isn't bad but if you get slack, it can get away from you.  Fortunately, I got the worst job done today.

My wife's plant room is a glass house attached to one side of the main house.  It has a huge stained glass window in one wall, about four feet by three feet in size.  Years ago, I put a big piece of plate glass over it, to protect it. But that broke, and I built a wooden wall across that. She wanted the stained glass window to be visible, so today  I tore all that down and removed the broken plate glass. That was a dangerous job, the glass was in big pieces and really heavy. Even with gloves I worried about the sharp edges, but it's done now. One less thing on the list. Tomorrow I will work on a retaining wall that needs some reinforcing, and then the next day try to get all the remaining boards in the porch and wrap around walk way replaced that need it.

As fall comes in and the leaves start coming off the trees, my view of the mountains will open up. I could have a pretty spectacular view all year round if I cut down the trees around the house, but I've never been able to make myself do that.  Some of them are very old and very big, especially the oaks. There are some impressive poplar and maple trees that would have to go.  I'd rather have the forest all around me, and just enjoy the view part of the year. If I want to, I can always walk up slope a bit and that gets me high enough to see over the tree tops.

I upgraded my satellite radio subscription so I could get the Patriot Network. That's a conservative talk radio station with all the people like Beck, Caine, Rush, etc that the liberals hate.

Why is it people with a good imagination can't spell?
 I heard about the Patriot Network on a shortwave program I listened to. The upgrade was only five bucks a month more, and although most of it is stuff I'll never listen to, like Nascar and sports, etc, there are some good channels on there I haven't had before.

However, as I scanned through them, I kept hearing about Hillary Clinton and her promises to do this , that , and the other thing about "gun control" when she is elected. I had to keep stabbing the change channel button because the news story would start out "Hillary Clinton became emotional today while talking about gun control." She sickens me even without that kind of theater,

That woman is like a bad nickel.  She just keeps turning up.  I have a ton of anti Hillary pictures from the last go around. This one above is one of my favorites.

The mind boggling thing to me is the fact that people will still vote for her after some of the things she's said, let alone the things she's actually done (like Benghazi).

She really said that. It's not made up.  I remember hearing it when she came out with that and I wondered what kind of idiots would buy into that. But a lot of people did, and do. Then again, a great many of the people who vote Democrat can't tell interviewers who the current President is as they are leaving the voting stations. The same intellectual giants who , when asked why they had just voted for Obama , said "he black!"

One of the radio stations I was listening to said that the last gun store in San Francisco closed today. I wonder why. The story also said that Californians bought more than 90,000 guns in 2015, despite all the bureaucratic attempts to make it so hard that no one would follow through.  The same government that can't stop druggies and can't police the borders is going to go door to door confiscating guns from people who don't want to give them up. Good luck with that.


  1. Yep. you have to watch out for the progressive/liberal channels on Sirius/XM that you'll now get.

    Out of the entire lot of those channels, the only ones I listen to are Patriot and Fox.

    What shortwave program were you listening to? What kind of receiver do you use?

    1. I listen to BBC, which is hardly a paragon of virtue but they do have some interesting guests, and I like their news program. It's kind of like watching Al Jazeera, you have to filter through the spin to get to the real story.

      I have a pretty good collection of short waves, mostly Grundig and Yaesu. That particular night I was using a big Motorola set my dad gave me.

      I listen to a lot of what I suppose would be called "patriot" programs, mostly on the World Wide Christian Radio Network. They are sandwiched in there at odd late night intervals between the religious programming.

    2. I used to listen to the BBC all the time. I agree, they're not the best when it comes to objective reporting, as they have their own agenda.

      I'll have to give a listen for the WWCRN. I really miss "Monitoring Times". They had a huge section each month on shortwave. I've got a few years worth in digital format. I used to get both the printed version, and the electronic version so I could read while I was out at sea. Let me know if you're interested and I'll burn you a CD.

      The only Grundig I have is a little "World Traveler G3", which is a pretty good radio. Years ago (more like decades ago....) somebody gave me a BIG Grundig table top. It had marvelous sound and quite good sensitivity. I liked the "Magic Eye" tube it used for a signal strength indicator.

      I also have an ICom R-71A, and ICOM R-7100, and several Heathkits, an SB-310, a couple of GC-1A "Mohicans", a couple of GR-78's, and a couple of Sangeans.

      And various other "little" radios by places like Techsun, Degen, Eton, and Kaito.

      I've got a drawer full of the little USB "dongles", too.

      I bought most of those when I wanted to write reviews on them for my blog, something I still have to do.

      I had a Yaesu FRG-7700 for a number of years, but sold it. I really regret that, and I keep looking for a good, clean, reasonably priced one. The FRG-8800 is supposed to be OK, but I've never owned one.

      And of course, I have more Ham gear than I'll ever use!

      AND my pride and joy, a fully restored, fully function, Zenith TransOceanic A800L, the one in the brown leather case. Great radio, and it was given to me by my Dad's boss's wife when I was around 9 or 10 years old.

      What big Motherola do you have? I don't recall every seeing one that covered the SW bands......

  2. Hey Harry,


    I just renewed my yearly membership with the NRA today. I know what I did pissed off the narcissist and chief but I really don't care about him or his girlfriend Hillary.

    I don't see how a gun confiscation would go through. There are millions and millions of gun owners and a huge gun business in the U.S. that's worth billions in revenue.
    They could try something like prohibition in the 1920's but that did not work out too well and eventually backfired.

    every time I hear blowjama speak. I mute the sound. Same goes for Hillary. No point in listening when all that comes out of their mouths is nonsense. Yeah' like you 'Harry. I want to puke.

    Speaking of things that backfire. This global warming thing that 'al gore' came up with is not working out to well. It looks like another long, cold wet winter down here too.

    1. I wouldn't be surprised to find some climate change going on, it's happened before, as in "the Little Ice Age" but I am not buying all the political hype surrounding the event. I think weather changes naturally, over time, depending on a very wide combination of events. I don't doubt humanity has been a contributing factor but I don't believe we are the determining factor.

      It takes a lot of money to buy enough politicians to keep left wing attempts to disarm the people at bay. I remember when everybody got complacent and Clinton's gun ban became law for ten years. What a misery that was, as well as a complete flop in terms of doing anything to reduce crime or violence. On the contrary, those were some of the worst years on record in those terms.

  3. Fall is upon us with cooler weather, but just a few trees starting to turn color. It's my favorite time of year, sandwiched between hot, humid summer and mind numbing cold winter. Wish it lasted a bit longer.

    I've been reading a lot lately about people saying they will vote for Hillary simply because she is a woman, which is a really dumb reason. That's about as smart as voting for someone just because of skin color. We all know where that got us.

    1. Low information voters. They are the bane of democracy. Lucrezia Borgia was a woman in politics too but I wouldn't want her for president. Although, if I only had a choice between her and Hillary.......

  4. Polycarbonate sheet on outside of stained glass window will protect it from everything and won't break. That's what I did with my big stained glass window.....not cheap, but it is worth it. Did you make that window? Obama wants to meet with family members of victims of Roseburg, OR shooting Friday and the town doesn't want him to come. They are mad as hell about his stupid speech before the bodies were even cold.

  5. someone here said to me it was time to vote for a woman. i said i don't vote for uteri.

    what gobsmacks me is that her 'husband' is a known rapist and his biggest supporters were women!!
    what in blazes is wrong with them?

  6. If you want to destroy a house, cut an 18"X18" hole in the roof. It will be totaled within two years.

    Even Bernie Sanders, who actually calls himself a Democratic Socialist, is not as anti-gun as Hillery. He represents a mostly rural state and knows how most folks in VT feel about guns.

    1. Doesn't take long for a house in the bush to fall apart unattended, that's a fact of life out here. A hole in the roof is the kiss of death.

      The Clinton's have always disliked gun owners. I think because they have successfully resisted the Clinton version of social engineering for so many years.

  7. Harry,

    I wouldn't want to cut down trees around my house if I lived up on a mountain. I would want to keep my privacy as much as possible. Yes, it's a beautiful view.......

    The Patriot channel I listen to every now and then on the radio while driving. It's programmed on my Dad's car, and I now own this car. Life has been keeping all of us pretty busy. Like you mentioned doing things at your homestead, whereas I'm working at the estate in TX every free moment possible. Our goal is to get it sold before the end of this year. I will say, I'm proud of our son taking care of our place while were working on the estate.

    Even though were all busy, we need to keep our eyes and ears open for all of what's going on in this crazy world.

    1. Somehow my reply got put down at the bottom of the comments!

  8. Barry from Honolulu can't enforce a gun ban, but he will try to set off another run on ammo, magazines, parts, etc. I'm guessing the next run on ammo will begin by a huge tax placed on it. So... i'm off today to stock up a little.

    Harry, I'm curious if you can get the conservative radio shows on the AM band from your place? Seems to me you could with the altitude you are at. --Troy

    1. Troy, because of terrain masking I can get three commercial AM stations. One is local, it's local news and conservative talk radio. Two are very high powered Christian stations out of Tennessee.

      My problem is that I am surrounded on all sides by mountains much higher in elevation than my own. Hence my reliance on skywave HF radio and satellite radio and television.

  9. Sandy, I like the trees too, and there are enough good view spots on my property as it is. I hope all that you have to do gets done soon so you are finished and can relax again.

  10. That glad project sounds like a real pain. You must be relieved to have it finished. I finished William Forstchen's sequel to One Second After today but I didn't like it as much as the first. Sounds like there will be a third at some point.

    1. I haven't gotten the book yet. I know it deals with government to a certain extent and that isn't something I am really interested in. Some of the other folks who read it liked it, so I guess it just depends on how it strikes you.