“Wyrd biõ ful ãræd.”

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

High winds, heavy rain. Bad times out in the world.

That big front coming in from the West got here around midnight.  Very strong winds, heavy rain falling. Many trees down on the roads. I just listened to a Sheriff''s Deputy calling in trees down out by the lake. He said the neighbors were out working with their chain saws to clear the road, but it was on a bad curve and he was going to block the road.  That's one good thing about living here, when the fewmets hit the windmill, the old guys come out and do what they can. There aren't many younger or middle aged men left here anymore.  Mostly there's the old geezer crew and people who work at businesses that cater to them. It wasn't always that way. This place has changed a lot in 30+ years.

I'm glad I live up here.  I don't have to worry about going into a restaurant  and getting blown away, or being whacked at the grocery store. The news talking heads are all saying that is the new reality. A lot of people in the U.S.  won't believe it til it happens in this country. But that's coming , as sure as God made little green apples, and when it does the blood will be on Barrack Hussein Obama's hands as much as the terrorists.

 Obama made a speech in Manila today, attacking those who don't want more Moslem's brought into this country. He said they were xenophobic (a variation on the "you're a racist theme.")

 He also mocked the Representatives moving a bill through congress to prevent it. He said they were afraid of "widows and orphans."

Precisely at the time that he said these things, Turkey announced it had arrested 8 hard core ISIL terrorists who were in Turkey, trying to pass themselves off as "refugees", and that they were headed "West."

The Governor of my state, Georgia, has said we will not accept refugees in our state until Homeland Security has an iron clad vetting process. He is prepared to use the State Police and the National Guard to prevent having potential terrorists dumped off on us. 35 other governors have told the Feds they will not accept unvetted "refugees". In Georgia, the only dissenting voices have come from the "Black Lives Matter" crowd, who say all this attention on the Paris bombings and the threat to America is unwarranted because we should all be focusing on addressing the needs and demands of the black minority. That's the "where my check!" mentality we have just had to get used to here.

However, in many blue states the lackeys of Obama have said they welcome the "refugees" with open arms. Well, Kumbaya. Seems to me a simple answer is to dump all the trash in those states. If they want them, they can have them. Of course, that is hard on decent people who live in states with a Blue majority.

On more mundane matters, I'm just forting up inside today. Nothing I can do in weather like this and I don't want to go out and get wet. Need to work on the truck but it will have to wait.

Did some light weapons cleaning last night. Two days ago it was below freezing and the humidity was below 20%. That's as low as my gauges can track it.  Today it's warm and the humidity inside is 60%. I would break out the dehumidifiers, which I just put in storage, but the weather channel says when this front passes it will go back to being cold and dry.  Hellish weather, very unseasonable. Maybe the people who said El Nino would make the South warmer and wetter this winter were right after all.

Just waiting for the other shoe to drop. It's an eerie feeling.  I'd feel better if we had a real leader, like Putin. It's no coincidence that countries all over the world, from Israel to France, are sending feelers out to Russia, looking for someone to put things together.  Who would rely on Obama? Other countries remember the "line in the sand" Obama drew in Syria. They know America is a bent reed while that man is President.


  1. More specifically, last night in Paris, the police/military cornered 2 terrorists in an apartment. The female blew herself up.

    So once again in less than 12 hours, Madam President found her foot in her mouth again.

    Females can be everybit as dangerous as males. .... as that terrorist and the president have both demonstrated.

    1. I've been watching that this morning. Things are moving fast. The French are not screwing around. Al Jazeera has been running interviews with Moslems in France who are whining about being discriminated against. Yet this terrorist cell operated in a Moslem "no go" district of Paris, and not one word was ever passed to the authorities to warn them of the impending massacre.

      The terrorist who blew herself up apparently didn't achieve anything but making a mess. Now she's a "good terrorist."

    2. didn't she also shoot the police dog that they sent in ahead of the police? what a sick individual.

    3. Fox said the K9 was killed by the explosion when the female suicide bomber blew herself up. CNN said the dog was shot by the terrorists as police stormed the apartment. Either way, everybody in that apartment was a sick individual. I hope the French can squeeze intel out of the prisoners. They are quite good at that, not being given to crocodile tears over the fate of terrorists.

  2. I am going to my hairdresser with a small tear gas in my bag,i feel so cosmopolitian now...

    1. Every well turned out lady should have one ! ;-)

      My wife and daughter carry mace, which is a tear gas type mixture.

      I carry a giant can of bear spray in my truck, 30 foot range and guaranteed to ruin someone's day if need be.

      Better safe than sorry!

  3. I sometimes wonder what's going to come first. Will it be the race war that seems to be getting closer, what with the perpetually offended on college campuses making demands and getting what they want no matter how unreasonable, and the blm movement that is getting more crazy by the day? Or will it be a another terrorist attack on our soil? I can understand why the world seems to look to Putin for answers. Our limp wristed president makes excuses. Putin kicks ass and takes names and unapologetically states that those who want sharia law need to be somewhere else, not in Russia. I would love to hear one of our leaders make a speech similar to Churchill's "we shall fight on the beaches.....we shall never surrender" and really mean it.

    1. I don't know what's happening next but I would guess some combination of "all of the above" simultaneously is the most likely scenario.

      There are no leaders like Churchill, no Putins, in our line up. The politically correct crowd runs the country and their party affiliation seems not to matter much anymore. I watched the Mayor of New York on CNN calling for the admittance of one million "refugees" immediately, he said there is no danger from them. Of course, he wouldn't be sorry if half of them settled in New York in time for the next mayoral election.

  4. It is really rainy and dreary here too. I didn't want to leave the house but I had to work.

    1. It's 0219 on Thursday morning. The storm has passed by here but the thunder, lightning and rain were tremendous. Lots of damage in the county.

  5. The Syrian refuge situation explained in one image.

  6. And in further news of the day...6 "refugees" were arrested in Honduras with stolen Greek passports. They made it to Argentina from Turkey without detection, then Central America and moving north. I suppose they planned to ride that Mexican train north with all the other widows and orphans. --Troy

    1. I saw that. All young males of military age. I'm sure they were coming here through central America for "a better life."

  7. Hey Harry,

    (captaincrunch)....aka (charliehebdo)

    its all falling apart.....no leadership, just corruption and self interest in destroying our country (and the rest of the western world) Its Obama, his minions, his supervisors in the party as well as the ogliarch's that pull his strings. Its all part of the plan the implode and balkanize our country so it can be carved up for the next several generations of elites from other countries. Think of it as a 'reverse colonialization'
    The ruling elites that will profit off the corpse of the country are mostly out of the pacific rim countries.

    there is no hope. By the time its really, really bad I will be dead from old age so what will it matter.

    Nuclear war scenario.....

    one interesting thing 'Harry that you pointed out is that if we stop paying off Pakistan, the nuke technology will go the bad guys. That may be true and sounds very plausible.
    Nuclear conflict and nuclear terrorisim, I predict will happen sometime in this century. Its inevitable since every country and every bad guy wants nukes.

    I am tired of all this....I have been watching terrorism tv since the 1970's as a littlie kid. Beirut, Israelis tossing ordinance back and forth, artillery on the Golan Hieghts, hijacking of airliners was in vogue for quite some time. Idi Amin, raid on Entebbi. I can go on and on and on, decade after decade.

    There is no hope, every twenty years we send fresh faced young men off to war somewhere. Every twenty years or so since Spanish American war.

    The men and women that fought in the first part of the war on terror (since 2001) have kids that are coming of age to fight in another conflict in a few more years. Maybe they will be the 'Boots on the Ground" in Syria and follow in their fathers and mothers footsteps.

    I got to thinking about this after reading one of Kymbers long rants a few posts back. It made a lot sense.

    On a humorous sidenote; Kymber has her eyebrow and 'labrette' pierced, what the hell is a labrette?
    I thought about getting an M-60 and M-14 tattooed on my leg, kinda crossed but in one aspect, whats the point. Glorifying war, glorifying war that will never end in the middle east and Persian gulf with no real leadership and no desire to win. Embracing the enemy as a friend and letting them into our county only to be terrorized and killed for being an infidel. Our leaders knowing damn well whats going and not caring out of apathy, greed and the larger plan to balkanize the United States so they can carve it up and make money off the corpse of freedom.

    I know I am ranting, ranting out of disgust, frustration and seeing things for what they really are and knowing there will never be a solution.

    'Well, there is one solution.

    Leave the damn planet!

    build a permanent manned base on the Moon and Mars that are both self sufficient and work outward into the asteroid belt and outer planets in time. Maybe we will get lucky and someone will create a 'Doomsday Weapon' (like the one the 'Russkies had in Doctor Strangelove) and it will all end and the earth will be sterilized of humanity and this perverted cycle will end.

    Kymber said that 'Harry and Myself were 'Uber Cool"

    I have not had a haircut in 13 months. I look like a Possum that drank too much coffee. One of my friends told me I now look like 'Albert Einstein"

    Maybe I will sell all of my guns and everything else, move to Canada and hang out in a legal pot bar (I am drug free now) and make my living writing 'Nihilistic Christmas Cards" for misanthropes.

    I wish I was born right after Civil War. Things made a lot of sense back then and we still had a frontier for those who did not fit in polite society. Maybe I was born 150 years too early. The frontier of Mars and mining the asteroid belt would have been fun. Lots of freedom like in the old west before the railroads and barbed wire.

    1. They won't let you stay in Canada, CC. Canada welcomes Koreans, Japanese, Indonesians, etc. But they have a completely different set of immigration laws and rules for Americans. Much more stringent, and far more expensive. It's ok with me, though it cost me a small fortune and a lot of heart ache when I tried to get my kids up there.

  8. I think 0bama's recent actions have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that he's willfully attempting to destroy the United States.

    If not by a Civil (Race) War, then definitely by deliberately allowing known terrorists into our country.

    The time for impeachment is past. I'm hoping for a military coup......

    1. The only entity in the federal government that still retains the respect of the American people is the military. Probably the only part of government that has the intelligence, ability and desire to stave off the impending utter collapse here is the military. But it's just too thoroughly ingrained in the military psyche that the military is subordinate to the civil authority. No Vespasian is going to arise to save the Empire this time. Instead, Caligula will continue to rule, to the detriment of us all. Until there's nothing left but ashes.

  9. This is exactly what I said about Putin, he has to have this figured into his plan. When even I admire his actions, when I think he is manning up and going to take care of business (and I KNOW he is a bad guy), then what is everyone else going to think, especially the young who don't really understand and the ones that don't bother to do anything but watch the news or twitter feeds? He'll walk through and get all of Europe behind him because he's the only strong one and our weak president only invites the terrorists in, has no plans to protect us.

    1. Putin is a strong man with courage and no ties to the political correctness disease that has so enervated America. If we had a strong leader now, we could retain our position as the preeminent power in the world. But with a weak, cowardly and self absorbed President, the great power of the United States is just idling along in neutral, with no one at the controls.