Monday, November 23, 2015

Homesick Snow Bird


In Vero Beach, Florida the other day, there was a bumper sticker on a parked car that read:  "I miss Chicago.
Someone broke the window, stole the radio, shot out the tires, added an Obama bumper sticker and left a note that read:
"Hope this helps."


  1. Hey Harry,


    I like that bumper sticker....

    Speaking of dirtbags. Up north in a nearby county here in South Texas. Some guy was driving. Got into a road rage altercation with another driver. Pulled over and got stabbed and almost gutted from one end of his midsection to another. Rule no. 1. Never pull over. Rule no.2, never get out of your car. Rule no.3 carry a damn Glock.

    Speaking of Knife stuff.

    One of my neighbors is a really close friend of mine and we got to talking about knives last night and I went back to my house and gave him my new 'unused' Glock knife (I will buy another, only $30.00 each) That neighbor is a really good guy, has a wife and two young kids and a good job but has a hard time finding money to spend on himself. I just give stuff away randomly. My friend fed me barbecue and beer last night and last week too and loaned me a floor jack and jack stands for my truck, so I thought I would throw something back his way.
    He was pretty happy. I told him to take care of that knife and pass it onto one of his grandsons one day (his kids now are 2, and 4 years old so it will be a while)

    I know of a gun store up north of here that ordered in a mess of Glock knives. I think that they will be on sale on Black Friday. Maybe I will pick one up then' hell maybe two. I want one I can beat the crap out of.
    This shopping season I am trying not to buy any disposable, plastic garbage and buy quality stuff instead that will last. Hell' I may buy very little since I have everything I need.

    The only big thing I really want is a ranch. Santa Clause can deliver a deed for a ranch to me or drop a sack packed with several million dollars down my chimney.

    1. You need to check out BudK. They sell every kind of knife you ever thought of. I bought a big box of their K-bar knock offs for trading. I get a good work knife for ten bucks, rather than pay for the high priced big name knives.

      It was nice of you to give the guy a knife. Sometimes that is a good investment for the future, people remember if you do them a good deed and they will help you down the road if you need it.

      I looked on my email and I didn't see an email from you. Can you send it again?

      I hope you get your ranch someday. I know you would miss the ocean, I really miss it, but this location has been good to me. You can't live at the beach and have any solitude.