Thursday, November 19, 2015

Drink the Kool Aid. Or, today, it's "Eat the Candy."

Thanks to Michael who sent the link to this visual aid on the "refugee" problem.

  • Indiana has used the state police to turn away "Syrian" immigrants scheduled for resettlement there. The feds took them to Connecticut where they were welcomed with open arms. Somebody in Connecticut has not heard about how the Somali "resettlement" in Minnesota has worked out for them.

  • Al Jazeera is launching vitriolic attacks on the Republicans in particular and Americans in general for even considering slowing the "resettlement" program. Al Jazeera is owned by Qatar. Number of immigrants resettled in Qatar?  Zero.

  • CBS, ABC, and NBC evening news are all saying we should not only continue with "Syrian" resettlement but expand it. The Mayor of New York went on national television and lauded the President and his plan to bring in more of these wolves in sheeps clothing. This while New York goes on high alert, anticipating the possibility of ISIL attacks on Thanksgiving.

So, let's let Moslems in the country in such numbers that we can't possibly vet them or keep an eye on them.  Why does this sound vaguely familiar?

Some people in government and the media need to do a little remedial research on past events. History does repeat itself if you are stupid enough to make the same mistakes over and over again.

Published on Nov 17, 2015
"During the recent match between Turkey vs Greece. more than 40,000 Turkish fans booed the moment of silence to the victim of Paris terror attack and shouted "Allah u Akbar, Long Live Islamic State" in support of ISIS (Islamic State)."

“But what I'm not interested in doing is posing or pursuing some notion of American leadership or America winning, or whatever other slogans they come up with that have no relationship to what is actually going to work to protect the American people, and to protect people in the region who are getting killed, and to protect our allies and people like France. I'm too busy for that.”  (President Obama in Turkey)

Translation:  "I have no strategy"


  1. Hey Harry,


    Its 0416 hrs.

    I like the one about the M&M's, that was good.

    That was real interesting. Al Jeezera is blasting us about the refugee problem when they take in 'zero' refugee's. You know Harry that the only thing about I look forward too in Iran attacking its neighbors with nukes is maybe we will get lucky and Al Jeezera will get hit with an EMP nuke and be off the air forever.

    I was thinking too that if there is no way around taking in refugee's that maybe Connecticut should take in "all' refugee's. That would be interesting to see.

    In regards to Turkey booing the moment of silence video and chanting allah ackbar is interesting too. I think Isis has Turkey in their sights also. So much for the progressive secularism in Turkey once the barbarians take over.

    I guess now Putin's taking over as the world leader. I read somewhere that Israel and a few other countries have been talking to the Russians since Obama has no desire to do anything. I never thought I would see the day when Israel starts working with the Russians.

    1. Countries are pragmatic. Little countries need strong big countries to survive. So they look for the Alpha wolf and they try to attach themselves to it. For many decades it was us, but we have been so weakened by poor leadership, multiculturalism and political correctness that we no longer have credibility. Russia, on the other hand, has come out of a chaotic situation and is growing stronger by the day. They have their issues, as all nations do, but they have a hardy, tough people and they have a no B.S. strong man leader. In times of peril, that's what the "can't go it alone" countries are looking for. Israel knows the U.S. under Obama is anti-Israeli and pro-Moslem. The vast majority of the people here don't feel that way but the one's giving the orders do.

  2. The blindness of so many people is amazing to me, how can they not see this and what the big plan is? The big news networks are controlled by the govt so that doesn't surprise me. As this escalates, something will give soon, there are enough Americans that are angry.

    1. The Democrats are anxious to dilute the Red State vote, and they know that unbridled immigration, where the immigrants owe everything to the party, is the way to do it. If the Republicans were more true to their base, and less like Jeb Bush, scurrying around in the dark trying to suck up to left wing voters, there might be a chance to stop what's happening. But so far the Republicans have shown no courage or fortitude at all, other than Trump and Carson who are outsiders.

  3. It's all deliberate. Has to be. They aren't stupid, they know exactly what they are doing.

    1. I'm sure the "open arms" policy of the current regime is deliberate. It's easy to make decisions when your sole goal in life is to maintain your personal perks and power, regardless of the cost.

  4. To me, Obama is an American in name only. Sure, he holds US citizenship, but he was raised in Indonesia and Hawaii, both of which are very different in culture from mainstream mainland America. As a young adult he finally came to the mainland for college, and from there went on to the big city. Those last two are also pretty much artificial environments.

    His mother and father were in no way "mainstream", so he just doesn't know how we think. He can't help himself in doing what he does, because he has no firm "raised American" foundation upon which to build.

    Poor guy, I actually feel sorry for him, that he never got to do things like go to the county fair with his friends and girlfriend, go camping with the family, work at the Piggly Wiggly, etc.

    So he doesn't really care what we think. He's going to do everything in his power to "prove" that he's smarter than the rest of us, and if it doesn't work, he'll have so many millions that he'll be insulated from his own failures. I read a while back that he's moving back to Hawaii after he's out. Once again, he just can't stand living in America among Americans. Poor guy - he's adrift and doesn't even know it.

    1. I was watching a news show in the early morning hours, and the guest on the show said essentially that. Obama is disconnected from the population and totally unconcerned about them. The speaker also said that Obama's agenda is to completely change the demographic make up of the United States by encouraging massive immigration, legal or illegal into the country. And this guy was a Democrat.

  5. The vetting argument is killing me... We couldn't vet Nidal Hassan and he was a blooming Army officer...what makes me think we will vet these any better?

    I heard once that the muslims will destroy this country from the inside out...

    1. There are millions of them here. How many of those are sympathizers with ISIS? Events seem to dictate that a lot of them are. This guy who attacked the recruiting centers in Chattanooga is a classic example.

      Like the Hispanics, all that Moslems have to do to destroy the United States is just keep breeding like rats.