Friday, December 4, 2015

22 degrees at sunrise.

Cold out there today.  Beautiful sunrise over the mountains, and a crystal clear blue sky.  The mountains are incredibly quiet at this time of year.  Just the sound of the creek flowing and the wind in the trees. When it snows you can sometimes hear the snow flakes hitting the pine trees.

The woods are bleak.  Winter's here beyond a shadow of a doubt. On the other hand, the population of the county has dropped significantly as the people who were up here at their summer places bail out for warmer climes.

I'm using more wood than normal.  I'm not sure if this is because I'm keeping the house warmer, or I just like having a fire when I don't actually need one.  Today I don't have to ponder that. I need one.

This afternoon when it warms up I'll take a 10 minute ride through the national forest and pop out of the woods at the lake near my house.  Won't be anybody there at all now, so I will have it all to myself.

I saw over at Planet of the Appels that Alissa mentioned her favorite Christmas movie.  That made me think of mine.

This is a French movie about the spontaneous 1914 Christmas truce on the Western Front during World War I.  It's a fascinating episode in history, and the movie accurately portrays what happened. It's a nice change from the saccharine atmosphere of most Christmas movies today.  Very accurate in terms of uniforms and equipment and does a good job of capturing life in the trenches early in the war.

Before I ever saw the movie, I saw an interview on a BBC program with the old man who experienced this event as a young boy.  During the 1944 Battle of the Bulge, he and his mother were at their winter cottage in the Ardennes. His father was a soldier in the German army, and had moved his wife and son to what he thought would be a safe, out of the way place to wait out the end of the war. Instead she wound up in the middle of a fierce battle as Germany launched it's last major offensive in the West.

In the confusion of the fighting, in dense woods with mist, snow and fog to contend with, small groups of soldiers were separated from their units. This is the true story of what happened when German and American  soldiers showed up at her little cottage, trying to get out of the cold.

Based on a book by a man who was a young boy during the Second World War.  It's about a chance meeting between his family and a group of German prisoners of war being transported by train through their small town.  It's a good story about rural America during the war.

All of these are family movies. There's no gratuitous violence, because the movies aren't really about the war.

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I had a heads up on this earlier from a friend, but this is the first thing I've seen on the news about it.


  1. I'll have to see if the library has Merry Christmas. I like a lot of Christmas movies. We watch a lot of them this time of year.

    I like Home Alone, an

    1. It may also be under the the French name, Felice Noel. There is an English language version and that's probably what's at your library.

  2. I hit return, and it published my comment before I was done, or didn't publish it at all. I was saying I like Home Alone, A Family Man, a Miracle On 34th Street to. I'll have to see if the library as Merry Christmas.

    1. I like the first Home Alone too. I have seen Miracle on 34th St, but it was a very long time ago. I don't think I have ever heard of A Family Man, but I will keep my eyes open as I scan through the tv guide on the satellite receiver,and I'll watch it if it's on

  3. The library has the movie Merry Christmas, but I'm not sure if it's in French, or if it's only saying (French) because it's about French soldiers. Watch me get a movie that's only in French.

    1. There's an english language version so probably that's what is in your library. It's a good show. It's actually about French, English, German and Scottish soldiers but it was produced by a French company I believe.

  4. Gosh I haven't seen any of those. I will look for them at the library.
    Thanks for your kind comment today on my blog! I really appreciate it.

    1. I think you will like all three.

      I only said what was true.

  5. Hey Harry,


    I remember what the high desert was, 21 degree's at sunrise is common. Its was dry cold so it was more tolerable than wet cold and snow. What was interesting was how quickly it could warm up during the day, all the way to 60 degree's easy.
    I remember a great many winter morning scraping frost off the windshield of the truck and real cold mornings scraping all windows off.
    I learned from experience to park with the windshield facing the sunrise and fairly early the frost melting off the windshield.

    I like the climate I live at now, however I wish I could live in the desert too. I just need money for two homes, etc, etc. Then I could enjoy the best of both worlds.

    The key to happiness is money. Not in the aspect of purchasing useless garbage to build one's ego and show off, but having conveniences and choices to allow for opportunities in personal enrichment. I'm not saying more money would make me happier. No, more money would give me land, a second home on that land. Opportunity to travel and more access and flexibility to do some of the things I want to do.
    I am fortunate to be where I am at now, however there are a few things I wish I could do.
    Maybe in time........

    Onto something else that's interesting.

    When someone terrorizes someone else its called terrorism' right?

    what I don't understand that how the incident in California cannot be terrorism. The feds are not calling it terrorism (just yet anyway) Obama is not calling it terrorism. He is just short of calling it terrorism. He refuses to acknowledge terrorism in this country.
    He goaded isis yesterday by saying we are safe from isis attacks. That is almost asking, challenging and inviting attacks from Syrian and other muslims and refugee's that are in isis cells.

    Obama is the greatest fool that has ever lived.

    Now the attorney general said that any hateful speech that leads to violence against muslims will he prosecuted.

    Define hateful speech? Define where the first amendment protects the person giving the hateful speech. Define the nuances in tone, language and hand gestures in that speech.
    Thus the result is a disturbed member of the audience goes out and commits a 'hate crime' then will the giver of the speech before hand can be held liable?

    This is where the first amendment is so broad because speech is broad. Make a statement in speech of some sort saying 'Go out and kill all Martians" Is that hate speech, or Go out and harass all Martians" Martians eat puppies" Martians are all puppy eaters and need to be deported back to Mars where there are no puppies.

    The semantics of speech are too broadly defined, therefore the First Amendment is broadly defined.

    The shoe is on the other foot......

    One more thing, suppose Martians counterattacked in their speech and said that Christians eat kittens. On the MT channel (Martian Today network) extensive coverage of Christians eating kittens was shown. How would we approach that. How would the justice department deal the outrage and outrageous claims that all Christians are kitten eaters?
    Suppose a Christian Minister who is a cat lover and owns 42 cats in his trailer and has had enough of the verbal abuse on the media from the MT channel and attacks a lone Martian walking down the street minding his own business.
    Who would be held accountable, the MT Channel or the Christian Minister?

    Now one can held liable for the actions of another.

    The First Amendment is sacred.

    If we lose it, its just as bad as losing the Second Amendment and its game over.

    1. Money is necessary to be happy. That' s because the things it can provide for you are essential. Food, peace of mind, a home, heat, water, and on. All the things that make it possible to be happy have to be purchased, at least physical things.

      Obama's black female attorney general (selected for her only two qualifications, which I just listed) is an idiot. Just like her predecessor and her boss. She's the top law enforcement officer in the land and she's worried about some rag heads getting their feelings hurt, rather than another Islamic massacre in this country. The trouble is, Obama and his entire coterie have no earthly clue what's going on. They are not in touch with reality. And they are completely insulated from events, so that 14 dead and 37 wounded are only an opportunity to be exploited for their own sick, warped ends. Nothing more.

    2. Hey Harry,


      I was thinking about and maybe the attorney general Loretta Lynch (I think is her name) is part of the black lives matter crew and if she could 80 percent of what I own and 80 percent of what you own and give it away to some poor, downtrodden fuck she would. She's a social justice warrior bent on reparations and redistribution of hard earned wealth to the sycophantic, parasitic class.

    3. I doubt she'd understand half the words you used up above. Her only qualifications for the job are being black and being a woman. But for Black Jesus that's all that matters.