Saturday, December 5, 2015

Saturday night. Cold and Clear.

Beautiful night outside. Cold though.

I've got the house buttoned up and I'm using the propane heating system. It was already near freezing when the sun went down. Much colder than the Atlanta local news predicted it would be.

Took the truck into town today and bought 12 bales of hay to make the winter dog house.   A bale of hay was just over four dollars last winter. This time it's more than twice that.  But once winter is over, I put the hay out on the meadow and let it degrade,which keeps the clover and grass growing. Without that ground cover, the steepness of the slope there would cause the whole open space to wash away when the summer rains are going on.

Because I don't go to Walmart anymore, shopping is a lot harder. I had to go three places to get what I needed during the course of the trip in.  Everything cost more as well.  But Walmart wouldn't want me there, I have a Confederate Flag insignia on my truck. So, not being welcome, I won't spend any money there.  The fact that Walmart caved in to Goblins like those below, as did Amazon, is something I won't forget.

But then, the Black Lives crowd are doing the same thing, and much worse, to the American flag. I won't even post the pictures of that.  And my tax money goes to keep them in weed and Thunderbird, and of course recreational drugs like heroin and crack. A sign of the times.

Went to the general store and there is plenty of ammo of all kinds, but it is very expensive. I can't believe what ammunition costs today.  Thank God I have plenty stored.  Of course, that makes me an evil person in the eyes of MSM and the Obama cabal.  I heard some reporter on CNN breathlessly relating that the terrorists had fifteen hundred rounds of  .223 somewhere or other. He had to take a dramatic pause, while his ears wiggled in the breeze, to let that fact soak in with the listeners. If he really wanted to make a splash he should come up here to the mountain top. If I ever have a fire people in the neighboring five counties will think a super volcano has gone off. And that's just from the reloading supplies.

Tragically, Harry forgets to turn off the coffee pot in the reloading room.

Those Moon Bats in New York City have really gone berserk , trying to use this terrorist event to get rid of those evil guns. Their newspapers are pumping out the lies and venom in a way that would make Julius Streicher and his Der Sturmer green with envy.

It isn't about terrorism, it's about guns!

A concise and well reasoned response to their front page editorial.

 Yet gun sales are robust. People know the government can't protect them, and some folks are anxious to be able to do more than "screaming, running, and trying to hide."    

Glad it worked out for them, but I'd like to be a little more proactive.

Well, life today is not boring.  Between Islamic terrorism at home and overseas, and our own domestic enemies , such as he who shall remain nameless since he still has a year in office , there's plenty to keep a fellow occupied.  Time for another cup of coffee.



  1. Hey Harry,


    I have not been to walmart in awhile to check whats going on with ammo.

    My guess is at least half the ammo is missing. In Texas its a pretty safe bet to say that most gun owners have been buying ammo like crazy since 2008. I know LEO's that are stocking up on ammo and mags too.

    I got in my order of mags from brownells. Two more Glock mags and four 20 round 5.56 PMAGS. I have some 30 rounders but when target shooting at the range the long banana mag gets in the way on the bench.

    As per those idiots wiping their bum's with the Star's and Bar's. One day all their support will end. Then what?

    Get a job, starve to death or become a criminal and get shot breaking into someone's home.

    Im going to pick up a stripped AR receiver next week before they explode in price.

    1. They'll get theirs. As you say, one day the checks won't come and they'll be eating each other in three days. Taste just like chicken!

      You should check out CDNN. They have a new catalog out on line, just came out yesterday. They have the best prices and the best magazines I've found. They also have rude, surly sales people but as long as I can get my magazines I can put up with that if I have to.

      I don't do Walmart.

      I'm off to bed. Been a long day. Hope things are going well down there at the beach.

  2. Replies
    1. Not bad out there today (around 1:00 pm sunday afternoon). Supposed to warm up a little this week.

  3. the comment about the light bulb?
    husband worked in s los angeles hospital. you would not believe some of the extracted objects.
    then the patients would demand the objects be returned to them.
    hospital policy-- no return, it is a medical artifact.

    1. That conjures up some disturbing mental imagery. :-(

  4. Wall marts practices with staff sound terrible anyway, the amount of profit they make and how little they pay is disgusting.

    1. Well, they sell stuff cheap. Lots cheaper than the other stores here and more of a selection. They treat the workers like serfs, that's true enough. And in return, the workers generally treat the customers like crap. I miss the savings and that's about it.

  5. The cost of ammo has actually put me out of the market place as it has gotten totally ridiculous. I have a bit on hand, but probably not near enough, however I can either choose to eat or buy ammo. My wife thinks that having enough to eat is pretty important.

    It's definitely not going to get any cheaper as the demand is so huge that the manufacturer's and retailers can pretty much charge what they want and they'll get it from someone.

    1. The price of ammo is absurd. Especially .22LR which some stores are selling for as much as fifty cents a round for the good quality, high velocity hollow points.

      I am reloading more than I was. Partially because it's winter and that's a winter activity for me.

  6. Thanks Harry, for the CDNN lead. I just saved a bunch on 10-22 mags. --Troy

    1. I've both a lot of merchandise from them over the years. It's all been as advertised and at good prices. Glad you found some things you can use.

  7. We only go to Walmart like once a year. They have a cheese that my husband loves there. I hate that they rule the retail world, push the small business owners out, and treat their workers like crap.

  8. I hasn't shown up in the statistics yet, but just about all the gun sales have been from existing inventory. Gun shops overbought like crazy and then stopped buying. Gun company production lines are shutting down and people getting laid off. Not sure if this will mean anything long term, but a lot of talented people in the industry have already looked for jobs in other fields.