“Wyrd biõ ful ãræd.”

Saturday, December 5, 2015

This editorial says it better than I could.

Political Correctness could get us all killed.

link above goes to an editorial that shouldn't have to been written, but clearly does. There are a lot of people out there with no common sense.


  1. Hey Harry,


    Part of me wants to see Trump win because he runs off with the mouth and if he's running off with the mouth in the oval office, then Trumps setting an example for the rest of us.
    Another thought too.

    The entire situation in the world and in this country is like watching a really bad car accident happen in slow motion and knowing there is nothing you can do about it. 'Hell, may as just sit around and watch and laugh at the follies of the control freaks as more things break down, fall apart and are reduced to anarchy in the end.

    I'm trying to view as a 'dark comedy' in progress. Nothing else I can do. I'm not going to get stressed out over it. Sit back and enjoy the ride. Engine failure, nose down in a glide, dead stick landing, gear down and hold on because the first bump is really going to suck.

    1. More than a part of me wants Trump to win. The biggest thing he has going for him, in my opinion, is that he is not part of the political class. He doesn't weigh every word trying to think who might be offended. He doesn't apologize to gold plated arschlochs when he does offend them.

      I have it more in mind that this is like a Greek tragedy. I do get stressed out because I have kids who may have to grow up in a country run by incompetents, where nobody has any freedom or rights anymore, and where they only exist to service the great, bloated, all consuming federal government and it's pet constituencies. For me, that's a terrible thought. You don't have to worry about that so you can afford to be more aloof. I understand that.

      It Trump is elected, it may not be too late to undo some of the damage. If any of the Republican professional politicians are elected, nothing will change. If , God Forbid, Hillary Clinton gets elected people like you and me will either starve to death, or be in "the camps."

  2. When Atty General Lynch threatens to go after people who criticize Islam the problem goes beyond political correctness, and has become willful contempt and institutionalized treason. She is threatening to silence free speech. Yet she refuses to go after the very muslims who openly express their will to murder Americans because their religion tells them to do so. Both Gov Petaki and former Illinois Rep Joe Walsh have challenged her to arrest them for calling the problem specifically a muslim one.

    1. She's just another stupid, loud mouthed liberal who got her job based on being black and female. The terrifying thing is that she can unleash the whole massive mechanism of federal law enforcement on anybody she wants to, and nobody can do anything about it. When Janet Reno got away with the murderous things she ordered, the die was cast.

      Look at the things that "13 percent Holder" did. He should be in prison right now, but not a bit of the scheiss sturm stuck to the Teflon Don.

  3. James Rawles laid it on the line tonight over on his blog in that open letter to that POS over at the NYT newspaper.

    I'm hoping for a Trump/Cruz ticket.

    1. I need to go read that. I don't go by survivalblog.com as much as I used to.