Saturday, January 30, 2016

Shooting the G3 and a nice day weather wise.

I spent the best part of the day working on the roofs of two buildings. Those months this past summer, of constant heavy rain and high temperatures, did some damage to my shake roofs, and I'm putting  them back in order. I hate working on the roof.  I know it's strange for a former aviator to be afraid of heights, but I am. Never felt that way in an aircraft but an extension ladder scares me to death. I'm well versed in doing what I have to do, regardless of how I might feel about it, but working up high is still one of my least favorite things.

Once I had finished all that and gotten all the tools and ladders put away, I was done in. Went inside to clean up and then took a nap.

Afterwards, I shot my G3 off the porch at a dead tree.  I wasn't doing any target shooting, just making sure it functions properly. Lately I have been keeping a few of the semi-automatic rifles in "ready" condition. I normally rely on my bolt guns but I do own some semi-automatics. They aren't collectors items to me, they're practical tools.

This is an older picture of my Cetme.  My beard was not totally gray back then. The original Cetme was built with wood furniture, which I like better. You see it in catalogs once in awhile, and I should go ahead and buy a set next time I see it. This gun was rebuilt from parts kits by Century International Arms. The black plastic furniture is more practical but it just doesn't look as good.

The rifle above is a G3.  I still have the plain black furniture on it, as it came from Century International Arms. But I have a set of the German Navy green plastic furniture, and I need to put that one there when I can dig it out of the shop. I like that look better.

One easy way to distinguish between the two rifles, at least in my case, is that I use the original curved steel magazines for the Cetme, instead of the straight sided G3 mags. Some say a Cetme will take a G3 mag but I never tried it. I have beau coup magazines for both rifles.  Both of these guns are from the Clinton Gun Ban era so they have muzzle brakes instead of bird cage flash suppressors. Doesn't fuss me any. That whole gun ban was an exercise in stupidity by people who didn't know anything about guns. Remember the famous "news conference" with Diane Feinstein  telling everybody how easy it was to load an AK 47, then she couldn't get the magazine out or put a new one in because she didn't know to rock the magazine forward? Stupid Cow.

Back in 2010, some very good 7.62X51 ammo came into the states. It was Australian.  

Non-corrosive (non-mercuric primer), and Boxer primed. (Americans can reload the brass).

The Australians are like the Germans, in that their ammo is excellent, the best quality.

So I save it for my semi-autos, and I shoot my own reloads, or Chilean, or Venezuelan, , or Indian surplus out of my bolt guns. The bolt rifles are so easy to clean compared to a semi-automatic. You use corrosive ammo, and you have to strip the rifle all the way down three days in a row to clean it. That's how we did it in the Marines 30 years ago and I see no reason to change.  So to make cleaning the semi-auto's after shooting less onerous, I use the primo ammo, that I know is non-corrosive.

This Australian ammo came in again in 2012, and this time you had a big choice on how it was packaged.  You could buy blister packs in cardboard boxes. You could buy battle packs ( the ammo was sealed in heavy plastic bags).  You could get it in the can, in bandoleers, in stripper clips. Any way your heart desired.  Like everybody else that shoots, I placed orders with AIM, Southern Ohio Guns, Century International Arms, J&G Sales.  Most of the sellers were limiting purchases to small quantities, and some had one variety of packaging and others another. 
Surplus ammo has largely dried up, just like surplus guns.  Now most of what I buy to shoot is not surplus, but Privi Partisan.  Those are high quality rounds, boxer primed, non-corrosive and cheap.
I still look for surplus ammo, and sometimes I find some. Just bought some Nagant pistol ammo and some Russian 7.62X54R from Southern Ohio Guns. But the golden days of vast selection and low prices, Barrack Obama has done away with.  Import permits seem to be pretty hard to get from his regime. Maybe if Trump gets elected ( one can only hope) that will change. None of the Republican clones will change anything and a Democrat will make it worse.

But whatever happens, I should have enough for my lifetime and for my son's.

The old guys die off, but you have to plan for future generations. It wouldn't surprise me for this country to be "Mad Max" in my son's time.

He was still a teenager when this was taken.  My son is almost thirty now, but he's good with weapons, and has been since he was small.  Shooting was one of the things we used to do together. Even in summer, he'd go to the range with me, despite the heat, humidity and bugs. I could get his mother and sister out to shoot in Fall, when it was cool and dry, but that was it.

These are the "ready" guns I ordinarily have to hand. I always figure I might not have time to run open a safe if things go wrong.

This is us at the beach a few years back.  Even at the beach I carry.  When I am with my wife, I don't take chances. Woe betide anybody who tries to roust the old geezer at the beach. They'll be floating out with the tide.

Doesn't matter because I am not one who swims in the ocean. I am afraid of the nasty sea creatures. Years ago, I was at NAS Milton. I used to fly right down Pensacola beach in the landing pattern for one of the runways. I would look out of the cockpit through the canopy and see people way out by where the beach drops off in deep water. There would sometimes be gargantuan sharks between those people and the beach, which you could see clearly from the air. So I don't swim in salt water, which means I don't have to figure out a way to carry in a swimsuit!  Maybe a fake life preserver or something..

Not a bad day. I'm tired but I got a lot accomplished, so I am relaxed.  Days where I get nothing done make me anxious. Sometimes the way things are drag you down, but you just keep going, one day at a time.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Maybe I am paranoid, but still.....

Incidentally, the person who tracked down my location and warned me about my OPSEC failure was not "Matt."  Just wanted to clarify in response to a query.

Sportsman's Guide has the Federal .223 back in stock. This time I got some.

Remember I was angry because I missed out on a good deal for some .223 ammo although I went to their web page as soon as the email came?

I just got an email telling me more is in. So I ordered a can. If you need some here's the link to the right page.

Federal .223 in a can at Sportsman's Guide

Here's a picture of it.

Here's a coupon code for free shipping:   


I got it out of my last catalog, but it's still good because I just used it.  Wanted to pass this on as soon as possible.

Be careful what you say or show on the Internet.

  I've mentioned this before.  It's a good idea to be extremely careful about  just exactly what  you put on the internet. I think most bloggers would really be surprised if they knew just how many folks read their blog.

 The vast majority of the people who read  blogs are good individuals, but you can attract some really unpleasant and possibly unbalanced not so pleasant types , with even the most innocuous posts.

   You have to be very careful about little details that might be in your photos, like street signs, license plates, mail boxes.  Pictures of any of those could give away your address to someone intent on finding it. I can't imagine anyone putting their address on a blog, but you can do exactly that and not even realize it. Over time, you can give people enough clues that they'll figure it out.

  One of the things that finished off my original blog was just that. Over a period of time, I said enough, and put enough  pictures on the blog, that an individual did determine  exactly where I lived. He didn't mean any harm, in fact he warned me about being careless. The event seriously rattled me at the time, even so.

It's easier than you think. Most public records are on line now and freely available to anyone. So if you identify the physical location of your residence, it only takes a few more pieces, surprisingly innocent, to fill in the blank spaces on the puzzle.  If you say how long you have lived in a place, or when you bought a house, and the searcher has some idea of what your property looks like, or some aspects of it, some defining fact that can be linked to others, they can run you down. One of the worst things I've done in blogging was to describe my property exactly. The whole time I had that old blog, any dimwit with a knowledge of plats could have gotten an exact read out from our tax office, over the net, just by doing a few quick searches of those parameters. If someone is mad enough, they'll just go back to the start of your blog, reading posts. Enough mistakes like that one, and the jigs up.

Is that necessarily a bad thing?  No. Not if it's just a kind of game to them.  But remember, you might have unbalanced individuals whom you've infuriated in one way or another reading your blog. Those people can be dangerous, and they can cause you a lot of trouble. They don't have to come to your house to wreck havoc. But they might show up on your doorstep if they know where it is. There are a lot more mentally ill people roaming the countryside than is generally supposed. Particularly in those states (like mine) where they were turned out of public mental health institutions during the 2007 budget crisis and just left in the streets.

  If you have pictures of your children, some pervert can get infatuated with them. There are a lot more of those out there than is common knowledge too.  Look at your county sex offender registry and you may get an ugly surprise. The world is full of sick people. Some of them don't always just lurk.

  If someone is angry enough about your political views, and you air those, you are taking a risk. I admit to sometimes feeling a certain fleeting apprehension over how many nasty grams I get from people who appear to have taken umbrage about my views on "The Religion of Peace." I'm not particularly enthralled with hits from Pakistan and similar hell holes either. I can say without braggadocio that anyone who comes up here after old Watash had better be ready to become a Shahid.  It would be ironic, I admit, to have survived Lebanon only to be whacked by some Islamic low life 33 years later.

 How much risk you are prepared to take is the measure of how much utility you can get out of your blog. If you take too much risk, you may have to  pay for it.

Even after my experience years ago, I tend to get careless. It's so easy to say something about where you live, something unique like a geographic fixture, or a business, or a school.  That's all it takes.
Publish a picture with clues in it, and not so nice people will eventually find you if they want to.

                                                                                                                                                                                                Say you have 100 visits to your blog every day.  If only one in a thousand people fits the negative profile, that's roughly 3 individuals out there each month, hovering in the ether, that represent a threat.

It's no secret internet predators use the web for "research"
If you google "blogging danger" and read some of the articles, it's enough to make you throw your computer in the trash and start dropping the shutters down on the windows.

 But I'm not going to let a potential danger like that stop me from doing something I want to do.  I am going to bear the situation in mind and try not to put myself in jeopardy through some act of thoughtlessness or stupidity. Having gone down that road once, I'm trying not to repeat it.  Now, in retrospect, it doesn't seem like my experience was a big deal. But at the time, I was not sure that some of the threats made were not real. At that time, I still had my family at home.  It was a bit stressful.

In my particular case, some of those people who like to leave obscene comments got my phone number. I had a friend in Israel, a young woman who wrote a blog called "Ole Girl."  A bunch of nitwits started in on her, and I engaged them. I don't regret it,at all.  They were trash and somebody needed to. But they were way more devoted than trolls and they worked in a clique.  They got my phone number.  I don't know how, because to get it they had to get my name. They did, and it got ugly. I changed the number for an unlisted number, and the phone calls stopped. But I had to acknowledge that they knew my exact location. I had a lot of sleepless nights. You never know just how crazy those kind of people are. And there was always this.  If you know a persons phone number, you can find out anything you want about them for $30.00 from one of any number of companies on line, right down to where they work.

That was one of the reasons I dropped out of blogging for so long. First, the reader I mentioned, pin pointed my location, which I wanted to keep secure.

Right on the heels of that, my midnight phone calls started coming in.  Very unpleasant phone calls.

Then on top of that, there was a big fuss that broke out on the blog over something related to the anarchist movement, and I said to hell with it and pulled the plug. It took a long time before I came back to blogging.

Nasty comments and trolls aren't anything to worry about. But it can go far beyond that.

It's wise to be very careful about what you say on line!

I enjoy my blog, and I value the many friends I've made. People I would never have known without a blog. I've learned a lot from individuals I've met on line, and some of the information I've been given has been invaluable to me.  I try to reciprocate.  I worry sometimes about not being clever enough to avoid poor operational security on my part, but I do my best.  That's all any of us can do. Remember the risk, and try to be careful not to disclose, by accident or otherwise, things we don't want to be general public knowledge. There's email for point to point communications, rather than general broadcast to the world.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Heavy fog, and intense aggravation.

I went out to go for a walk, all bundled up, and the mountain top is covered with fog. Don't want to risk getting lost in the woods, which is easy to do if you can't see ten feet in front of you, so I went back inside and took off all my heavy gear, changed into just jeans and a flannel shirt

We are trying to help my son straighten out his insurance. I hated insurance companies before Obama Care , now the very mention of it makes me feel sick.  The insurance company lost a form my son sent in. We sent another, certified, return receipt. They disallowed three of his claims. When he called them, they said it was because we didn't send the form. Sorry SOB's. We sent new forms. They got them, but now they say they aren't going to pay the claims originally submitted because we submitted the forms late!  I sent the whole mess to the insurance commissioner of the State of Georgia. If past experience holds true, these pigs at the insurance company are just hoping to outlast us but they will get off top dead center when the insurance commissioners office sends them a letter about the complaint. This ain't my first rodeo with insurance companies. By the way, we have to use Blue Cross because that is what we get through my wife's retirement, but Blue Cross reeks worse than a dead possum in the summer sun.

I have been reading (for about the fourth time) a book on the Hurricane Katrina event.

People think the Constitution will prevent the government from doing "bad" things.  This despite the fact that the federal government has been spying on Americans, reading their email, listening to their phone conversations , and throwing people in jail on trumped up charges for years.

Do you remember the news coverage of Katrina?  At first, the wild looting and violence was reported accurately. There was video footage to accompany the reports.

But after the fact, the official version of what happened there was written and it was considerably toned down.

Yes, there had indeed been some looting but it was exaggerated and not at all on the scale reported earlier. The mobs of black looters never existed, and the criminality was wildly exaggerated.

There had been some illegal activity by law enforcement, particularly the imported, out of state groups. But surely this was understandable under the circumstances. And anyway, it was exaggerated by the news, especially Fox news, which was only interested in racist sensationalism.

There had been some illegal seizure of weapons from private citizens, but only a few instances and the weapons had been promptly returned.  All's well. Don't worry.

That's lies. Pure and unadulterated lies. Just like the same smooth, oily revisionist lies put out by Uncle Sugar after Ruby Ridge and Waco.

This obscure book The Great New Orleans Gun Grab, is an eye opener. It's a detailed account of what actually happened there, by people who were involved in the New Orleans debacle.  If this doesn't make the hair stand up on your neck, nothing will.  I don't know if it's still being published, but used copies can be located at the on line book sellers.

This is why staying off the skyline is important.  Some of these people brought a world of hurt down on themselves by grandstanding and screwing around with the police. They didn't realize, until too late, that it was not business as usual.  Some of them were just not very intelligent and attracted the attention of the cops by being visible.. Others were just unlucky.  But there's one consistent thread through each story. All of these people were brutalized and victimized by the police operating in New Orleans. None of them did anything illegal or anything to merit that treatment.

One thing you notice as you read the book is the universal admiration for the soldiers of the 82 Airborne Division.  The troops came in , suppressed unlawful behavior, but treated the citizens with respect. Not like so many of the contingents of law enforcement from other states who acted like the sturmtruppen of an invading army.

In the video above, there's a sequence showing the police bursting into the home of an elderly woman and arresting her. The newscaster says she pointed a gun at the cops. As with much else she's saying, it's blatantly untrue.

That's an absolute lie. Moreover, the footage has been edited to make it appear that the woman was dangerous. But the full video, which is on the internet, shows she never pointed a gun at anyone. The police asked her if she had a gun in her house. She said she did, and they kicked down the door and roared into her house. When she refused to "turn over" her gun, and said she wouldn't leave because of the "mandatory evacuation", that guy jumped on her, breaking three of her ribs and one of her arms. They zip cuffed her, and hauled her off in the back of a truck. They took her gun, which had been in her family for years, and it was never returned to her. In most cases, confiscated weapons were not returned. I would imagine they went into the trunk of the cop's POV.  (privately owned vehicle.)

It's worth noting that a "mandatory evacuation" is anything but. By law, the issuing official can mandate a "mandatory" evacuation in order to preclude areas from receiving first responder support. But they can't make you leave your home.  I've been through this scenario myself, on the beach at Emerald Island during a hurricane. There was a mandatory evacuation, the cops came to my door, asked me to leave. I said no. They said suit yourself, but we aren't coming out here to get you .

Later , as the storm worsened, I saw their point and went to Raleigh, N.C. where I'd already taken my wife and daughter for safe keeping.  But the issue is, that all this B.S. about it being unlawful to stay in your home and that providing an excuse for the law to act like the Gestapo is nonsense.

At any rate, everybody should read the book if they can obtain a copy. It will give you a different view on the "protections" offered in the Constitution . As with everything else, the government only observes what laws it wants to in order to further it's own purposes. Anything else, especially if they find it inconvenient, is chaff.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Out of Touch

I have been having communications issues for the last few days. My internet has been in and out, and I finally just decided to wait til it settled down before trying to do much on line. I had several crashes right in the middle of trying to respond to comments. God knows what happened in those instances. The CB has been very quiet. I think that means the people I usually listen to don't have power, or they left their "possum trails" and went to stay with relatives, friends or in town.

The scanners are working fine, as long as the power is up.  That, at least, has kept me in touch with events in the county.

I don't have a camera that can take photos at night. I wish I did.  There was one night this week when the sky was perfectly clear, and everything was coated with snow.  I went out about three in the morning, when it was cold and still.  The forest was completely illuminated by the moonlight on the snow. Words don't do it justice.

I added this  video as an addendum later in the evening

Friday, January 22, 2016

Sitting it out.

This was the scene before the second storm rolled in.  I took this from upslope. It's the back of the apartment and the shop.  That looks like snow but it has a frozen crust of ice over it. The wind blew so hard last night that I heard sleet pattering on the windows of the bedroom. Can't remember that happening before.

The chickens congregate anywhere they can get out of the wind.  Solar panels will serve that purpose as well as anything else in their estimation.

The buildings are bedecked with icicles.  As this continues, they'll get bigger every day, as the snow melts, runs down the icicles, and then refreezes at dark.

The woods look pretty enough with this kind of weather. They're dangerous though.  Lots of these trees have been weakened by the very wet, hot summer. Let them get a good coating of ice, and they'll fall.

Last night I heard one coming down . It was loud enough to wake me up. You can't really tell how far out they are, so you just have to wait til they are down to see if they are going to hit the house and maybe hit you.

Essentially, it's like artillery fire. There isn't much you can do about it by the time you realize what's going on, and it's entirely a matter of luck wheter it lights on the spot you happen to be occupying at the time.

One of my propane tanks.  Because my heating system and kitchen appliances run on propane, I can still cook if need be. If I lost those for some reason, I have my 1889 wood burning stove in the kitchen. One way or the other, I'll get by.

The view from the front porch.  My wife and I put that metal roof on, all by ourselves. Not bad for two older people who are not particularly handy with tools.

I never thought about those icicles

building up when I was building it, but I don't suppose it hurts anything.

The dog house is on the front porch this year. It keeps more of the wind off of them than the spot we usually build the winter hundehutte out by the barn.

I feel more comfortable with them on the porch anyway. It's the only access to the house I haven't closed off .

 I have two completely independent satellite systems. If one goes, the other should remain unaffected. However, just a little frozen snow puts them out of commission.  You have to go out and either brush the stuff off the dish, or if it's frozen on, pour some boiling water on it.

Nobody is driving out of here down the mountain for awhile.

Well, I'm sure putting up signs will prevent further attacks on women in Europe. Glad that's resolved.

Yeah, put those signs up. That will help.  This is in German, English and Arabic. I wonder who would be defecating in the shower at a public facility?   Just can't figure it out.
Rocked by a wave of sexual assaults committed by migrant men, Germany is fighting back with cartoons, in a PC campaign critics say would be comical if it didn’t address such a serious issue.
In a national effort already blasted by critics as demonstrating the government’s ineptitude in dealing with unruly refugees from the Middle East and North Africa, authorities have distributed anti-sexual harassment cartoon leaflets at public swimming pools and other public facilities. One depicts a hand reaching for a shapely, bikini-clad woman’s backside, and bears a universal-language slash demonstrating such behavior is forbidden.

Mass sexual assaults of women by refugees during New Year’s Eve celebrations sent shockwaves through the nation. The attackers were believed to be among the estimated wave of 1 million Muslims who have poured into Germany in the last year, prompting a culture clash that critics say Berlin has been slow to grasp.
Before and after the New Year’s Eve attacks, hundreds of which occurred in Cologne, there were widespread reports of male refugees sexually harassing and assaulting women in public. Many of the incidents occurred at the nation’s popular public swimming halls, where authorities this week posted signs and issued codes of conduct to discourage the violent behavior.

In the East German city of Leipzig, migrants have followed women into restroom and changing facilities, according to the newspaper Mitteldeutche Zeitung. Elsewhere, male refugees have jumped into pools fully clothed or wearing underwear and groped female bathers. Officials in several communities, including the Bavarian capital of Munich, have responded with anti-sexual harassment cartoon leaflets to stop the increasing number of sexual attacks and aggression in public swimming facilities.

“These signs are a good step, but they can only be a first initiative of more security measures to come,” Saba Farzan, executive director of Foreign Policy Circle, a Berlin strategy think tank, told “Protecting our women from vicious assaults means to teach refugees as well as migrants about gender equality.”

"Well, good luck with that Saba."
But critics say laws, not leaflets and signs, should be used to protect women from assault.  "Dirty Racists!"
“If our criminal and asylum laws can’t discourage perpetrators of sexual harassment and the activity of other offenses, what effect can signs in swimming facilities have?”  Cologne-based lawyer Stefanie Galla told
The codes of conduct and leaflets are being printed in multiple languages, including Arabic and English.  The city of Leipzig also plans to rapidly introduce English signs about appropriate conduct and multi-language information pamphlets.  Security cameras are set to be installed in the swimming facilities. Berlin, the capital of Germany, announced this week that it will introduce behavioral codes and signs for refugees who enter swimming buildings.
The small western town of Hermeskeil now requires that refugees participate in a 30-minute behavioral class before entering public swimming pools. The city requires that the migrants read 10 rules and sign a pledge that they will follow them before issuing an entry card for swimming.
“Swimming is only allowed in swimwear (not in underwear  or  jeans or  t-shirt)!” reads one of the rules.
Some communities have found the education approach lacking. Last week, the town of Bornheim began barring adult male refugees from public swimming facility because of sexual assaults. Bornheim has a population of about 45,000, and has absorbed approximately 800 Muslim refugees.
Sexual assaults have also been reported on public transportation facilities. Christian Janele, a city council representative in the Bavarian city of Regensburg, has suggested pink-colored “Lady Zones” where women would be separated from men. The bill, which was rejected by the city, was not prompted by the refugees, Janele insisted.
In the wake of the Cologne attacks, a prominent Muslim imam, Sami Abu-Yusuf, told reporters women were to blame because they “dress half naked and wear perfume.” The outrageous claim prompted Green Party Member of Parliament Volker Beck to file a criminal complaint against the cleric.
The above article is from Fox News , 22 January 2016