Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Fox News: Basic primer on rifles, shotguns, handguns and ammunition for people unfamiliar with small arms.

 If you are already an experienced shooter, these are not really going to benefit you any.

But if you are a new shooter, or considering becoming one, they are useful.

Sorry about the inane H&R Block adds at the start of the segments. Couldn't do anything about them. I had a lot of trouble with these embeds. If something is not working please let me know.


  1. Hey Harry,


    That dude lost me on the recoil operation on that Sig. Either he had a hard time dumbing it down or he is as dumb as the reporter chick that could be his wife, sister, sister in law.
    What makes a firearm expert?

    I guess I am an expert to the someone that is totally inexperience.

    Oh' yeah. Lets not forget the AK explanation and the cartrages. Myself, I call them rounds. Back to the AK. I would have had a totally different explanation.

    Now If I am wrong on this critique. Let me know so I can hit myself in the head with a cast iron frying pan (sarcasm) What am I saying. I don't even own a frying pan. Gotta be able to cook to own a frying pan.

    1. I think it was a bit awkward in some places, but the intent was to explain some basic concepts to people with no knowledge whatsoever about the subject matter. I think the "duty expert" was pretty nervous. You may well be right, he may be just your average shooter who got roped into this by a relative. However, overall he did a pretty good job of what he set out to do. Doubtless any of us would have changed this or that about his presentation, but it fit the bill.

  2. Gun safety practices are an important issue. Too many people who are ignorant about guns becoming fatalities in gun accidents.

    So why don't they teach gun safety in school ? They teach sex eductation because they want kids to learn the facts - wouldn't teaching gun safety be another measure to keep them safe ?

    Not to teach 'guns are fun', but to teach kids how to deal with them. The responsible gun owner teaches their children about them, but if parents aren't gun savvy, their kids are left to their own devices.

    Teaching gun safety in schools - this should be a hot issue. And if it saves just one life ...

    1. I see what you're saying. I catch the irony in the lat sentence. Some schools in the south do have shooting courses. An adjacent county is building a school shotgun range for their 4 H kids.

  3. Thanks for the video's my daughter is going to need to watch them. I have took all my kids shooting but have told them all a good training class is a must if they are going to get a conceal carry permit. Side note hope you got everything buttoned down looks like your going to get socked this week.

    1. I thought the videos were interesting, and I agree with the hostess that a lot of journalists make themselves look stupid by making blunders in their terminology when it comes to firearms. Shepard Smith, no paragon at the best of times, once went through an entire story in which a .38 featured prominently. He called it a .35 revolver all the way through the segment.

      Weather here has been pretty bad. Snow last night, then it all froze this morning and it's still a lunar landscape out there tonight.

  4. Those videos were not terrible, but not outstanding either. Who knows what was cut out in the editing process. I have a standing offer to one of my customers, who is a Pulitzer prize winning reporter for the (white)Washington (com)Post to take him shooting. So far, no dice, but I do work on him. Of course I call him Pravda too...I would love to get to do that for some reporters. They would leave with a much greater fount of knowledge. I have been messin about with guns for nearly 50 years...I figure that the more of them, or anyone really, that you get to actually SHOOT, the more that get converted. I love the big smile that first time shooters get...
    We got an inch or so of snow tonight, and the idiots have clogged up all the roads... But we are supposed to get 18 inches or so Friday/Saturday. That always closes the entire area. On my Ghod, it's gonna SNOW!!!!! Eleventy!!!! It's WINTER, it is supposed to snow...And it will melt too. Sheesh. I look at it as a chance to see how your preps are working.

    1. J, I got the impression that guy was very nervous. Either that, or he was totally winging it. Then again, maybe public speaking just wasn't his thing. He may well have been the reporters cousin or something ,as CC suggested.

      One of the people I have in my "group" is an ER nurse. She doesn't know anything about firearms, and despite my efforts she still can't remember that a bullet is the projectile, and a loaded round of ammunition is not "a bullet." I think that's the level of expertise these were aimed at.

      Good luck with getting somebody from the Washington Post on the firing range.If he goes he'll get fired and be in the soup kitchen line ASAP.

      We have many, many old people from Florida here. Today we had snow, then rain, then freezing rain, then snow over that. There were so many accidents they closed the four lane highway.

      The other problem we have here is that a lot of the roads are very, very steep and angled, and have hair pin turns. That can have your posterior biting washers out of the seat cover in a hurry.

      Worse weather coming in on Friday night. Guess I'll make a run out of here tomorrow if I can get down the mountain, then take the Jeep back down the mountain and leave it parked by the hard surface road at the church. Of course, that means a three mile walk to get to it, and a three mile walk back to the house when I get back if it comes to that.

  5. I think you need an ATV for the 3 mile trip, then chain it to a tree when you are gone... That is a lot of walkin in chitty weather.I learned to drive in a hilly area, and am pretty proficient in snow. Vehicle selection plays a part, and so do tires. Ice has no respect however... But few people slow down, and respect the weather either. One of my tips is this. If you drive an automatic, shift to Neutral when you are trying to stop. That way the car is not driving you forward, and you end up with better brake control. My 2 cents worth...