Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Heavy fog, and intense aggravation.

I went out to go for a walk, all bundled up, and the mountain top is covered with fog. Don't want to risk getting lost in the woods, which is easy to do if you can't see ten feet in front of you, so I went back inside and took off all my heavy gear, changed into just jeans and a flannel shirt

We are trying to help my son straighten out his insurance. I hated insurance companies before Obama Care , now the very mention of it makes me feel sick.  The insurance company lost a form my son sent in. We sent another, certified, return receipt. They disallowed three of his claims. When he called them, they said it was because we didn't send the form. Sorry SOB's. We sent new forms. They got them, but now they say they aren't going to pay the claims originally submitted because we submitted the forms late!  I sent the whole mess to the insurance commissioner of the State of Georgia. If past experience holds true, these pigs at the insurance company are just hoping to outlast us but they will get off top dead center when the insurance commissioners office sends them a letter about the complaint. This ain't my first rodeo with insurance companies. By the way, we have to use Blue Cross because that is what we get through my wife's retirement, but Blue Cross reeks worse than a dead possum in the summer sun.

I have been reading (for about the fourth time) a book on the Hurricane Katrina event.

People think the Constitution will prevent the government from doing "bad" things.  This despite the fact that the federal government has been spying on Americans, reading their email, listening to their phone conversations , and throwing people in jail on trumped up charges for years.

Do you remember the news coverage of Katrina?  At first, the wild looting and violence was reported accurately. There was video footage to accompany the reports.

But after the fact, the official version of what happened there was written and it was considerably toned down.

Yes, there had indeed been some looting but it was exaggerated and not at all on the scale reported earlier. The mobs of black looters never existed, and the criminality was wildly exaggerated.

There had been some illegal activity by law enforcement, particularly the imported, out of state groups. But surely this was understandable under the circumstances. And anyway, it was exaggerated by the news, especially Fox news, which was only interested in racist sensationalism.

There had been some illegal seizure of weapons from private citizens, but only a few instances and the weapons had been promptly returned.  All's well. Don't worry.

That's lies. Pure and unadulterated lies. Just like the same smooth, oily revisionist lies put out by Uncle Sugar after Ruby Ridge and Waco.

This obscure book The Great New Orleans Gun Grab, is an eye opener. It's a detailed account of what actually happened there, by people who were involved in the New Orleans debacle.  If this doesn't make the hair stand up on your neck, nothing will.  I don't know if it's still being published, but used copies can be located at the on line book sellers.

This is why staying off the skyline is important.  Some of these people brought a world of hurt down on themselves by grandstanding and screwing around with the police. They didn't realize, until too late, that it was not business as usual.  Some of them were just not very intelligent and attracted the attention of the cops by being visible.. Others were just unlucky.  But there's one consistent thread through each story. All of these people were brutalized and victimized by the police operating in New Orleans. None of them did anything illegal or anything to merit that treatment.

One thing you notice as you read the book is the universal admiration for the soldiers of the 82 Airborne Division.  The troops came in , suppressed unlawful behavior, but treated the citizens with respect. Not like so many of the contingents of law enforcement from other states who acted like the sturmtruppen of an invading army.

In the video above, there's a sequence showing the police bursting into the home of an elderly woman and arresting her. The newscaster says she pointed a gun at the cops. As with much else she's saying, it's blatantly untrue.

That's an absolute lie. Moreover, the footage has been edited to make it appear that the woman was dangerous. But the full video, which is on the internet, shows she never pointed a gun at anyone. The police asked her if she had a gun in her house. She said she did, and they kicked down the door and roared into her house. When she refused to "turn over" her gun, and said she wouldn't leave because of the "mandatory evacuation", that guy jumped on her, breaking three of her ribs and one of her arms. They zip cuffed her, and hauled her off in the back of a truck. They took her gun, which had been in her family for years, and it was never returned to her. In most cases, confiscated weapons were not returned. I would imagine they went into the trunk of the cop's POV.  (privately owned vehicle.)

It's worth noting that a "mandatory evacuation" is anything but. By law, the issuing official can mandate a "mandatory" evacuation in order to preclude areas from receiving first responder support. But they can't make you leave your home.  I've been through this scenario myself, on the beach at Emerald Island during a hurricane. There was a mandatory evacuation, the cops came to my door, asked me to leave. I said no. They said suit yourself, but we aren't coming out here to get you .

Later , as the storm worsened, I saw their point and went to Raleigh, N.C. where I'd already taken my wife and daughter for safe keeping.  But the issue is, that all this B.S. about it being unlawful to stay in your home and that providing an excuse for the law to act like the Gestapo is nonsense.

At any rate, everybody should read the book if they can obtain a copy. It will give you a different view on the "protections" offered in the Constitution . As with everything else, the government only observes what laws it wants to in order to further it's own purposes. Anything else, especially if they find it inconvenient, is chaff.


  1. Disasters bring a lot of things to the surface that stays hidden during normal times. The police in New Orleans were bad before the storm and it didn't help that crime rates were high too. Katrina allowed the worse to come out.

    Keeping below the radar is usually a pretty darn good policy. Let the bozos stay busy with the loud mouths.

    That doesn't me you won't just be unlucky. Maybe the "law" will sort things out in the end, but that didn't happen all that much after Katrina.

    1. I talked to a number of people who left New Orleans before the worst. I don't remember ever talking to an individual who stayed all the way through it. So most of what I know about it comes from primary sources in books. This is one of the few books I've read on Katrina that hadn't been intentionally edited to spare the sensibilities of the left and get rid of awkward reality in favor of a fantasy version.
      When things break down as completely as they did in Katrina the best bet is to disappear as completely as possible.

  2. We're long past the point of no return. It's all downhill from here.

    1. The current tide of events would tend to support that point of view as far as I can see.

  3. I have no words and almost no hope.

    1. Same thing I was thinking tonight. Especially after events out in Oregon. That ended the way it always ends when somebody stands up to the feds. With that person face down in the road and some sheriff making pious speeches about how sorry he is it came to that. Crocodile tears.

  4. saw the film of the renegade cop jumping the elder lady who let them in because they were cops--she thought.
    the film i saw stopped just after he jumped her. she was not facing him.
    i wondered if he had just broken her bones or if she had died from the injuries.
    thanks for the info that she lived.
    the look on the goon's face said 'i'm enjoying this evil- doing.'.



    MY HUSbanD AND I WERE AMAZED AS THe news coverage plainly showed fire breathing fed. tanks setting the place alight.

    i keep saying, hell is a mighty big place.

    sorry about caps.

    1. It's the big lie. Just tell it long enough and stupid people will believe it. The vast majority don't care and don't pay any attention anyway.

      If Trump wins the election, I will begin to have a more positive attitude. But if a token member of the ruling class gets the job, at that point I plan to disappear off the radar and keep my head down.

  5. Hey Harry,


    Yeah' things are getting ugly. I have been following the mess in Oregon. If its true that an un-armed man was shot then the feds will have made a martyr out of him and that was a bad call on the feds.
    If the 'un-armed man' was a threat after all then maybe the feds need to release any body cam footage to back their claim of a possible threat.
    Its been a generation since the lessons learned from Waco and Ruby Ridge. You would think some of spooks in spookland (D.C.) would figure this stuff out and formulate a response that would have resulted in 'zero fatalities'
    I guess arrogance, aggressiveness and stupidity resulted in a the creation of a new martyr for the patriot movement.

    This could have been resolved peacefully. There could have been negotiations, etc, etc. Obama's traded terrorist's for 'whats his name, Bowie Bergdyle and pay a ransom I heard.
    Trading and negotiations for grazing rights. That's an easy one to get some offices back and no one loses face and no one gets hurt.

    I am now fully convinced that there are nothing but idiots in charge.

    1. They made an example of those guys. That's the whole deal. You stand up, you die. You keep your mouth shut and be a good little serf, they just take what you have and let you live.

      Once it became national news, it wasn't going to end well for the guys who occupied the site. Besides, it gave the Feds a chance to kill Bundy, he'd become too high profile. Bundy shouldn't have sent those armed militia away when they came to help.

      The people in the decision making process are indeed "useful idiots" as Uncle Joe Stalin liked to say. But they are winning.