Friday, January 8, 2016

I remember when Friday used to matter.

I put this on for Lisa and Elizabeth, the horse rescuers. There are good people out there.

I was sitting in the easy chair tonight, listening to smooth jazz on the satellite radio while the rain came down. Cold out there tonight. Supposed to snow tomorrow night.  It struck me that Friday night used to be my favorite night because I had two days away from the satanic individual I worked for.  Now, being retired, one day is much like another. I still try to avoid doing much of anything on Sunday, though I don't need a day of rest anymore.

I went to town this morning, an hour or so before dawn.  The new Ballistic magazine is out. Disappointing. It's becoming just another gun magazine where they highlight all these outlandish AR 15 rigs that no one can afford. Just one article on survivalism and that was a very, very basic article on food storage. If anybody wants to try their hand at writing a magazine article, this is the place to submit it. They clearly need some good writers. If the next issue is this lame, I'm not buying it anymore.

I mean, an article on AR-15 bolt carriers?

They will have a hard time finding enough rich right wing yuppies to buy their magazine if they keep this kind of content.

The editors put a survey in this issue. Questions like "how many guns do you own?"  "How many semi auto guns, how many bolt guns?"   Sure , I'd be glad to fill that out. I trust the publishers to protect my info from Uncle Sugar. Or, maybe not.

Synopsis of the three major news networks evening news today:

  1. The Dems have been laughing at people who don't want the "immigrants" hauled in here without proper vetting.  "We do properly vet them , it takes years" is what they say. But today the FBI hauled in two Iraqis were were vetted and entered the country under the much ballyhooed refugee program that's so "safe." One was a holy warrior, who fought with ISIS in Syria and came back to the states to do a little freelance murdering of kaffirs.  
  2.  The other was an ISIS operative and facilitator.  The news folks said there are 16 more of these guys, who have been living here for years, whom the feds are suddenly in a great sweat to pick up. Kind of embarrassing for Lord Obama and his sycophants. 
  3. A Philadelphia policeman was ambushed in his car by a Moslem wearing the white robe of a Shahid . The shooter was apprehended and affirmed his allegiance to ISIS. Usual thing, a new black convert wanting to get down with Allah.
  4. There was a major segment on the attacks in Europe on New Years eve. I can't embed the video from the news page but it will be on YouTube soon and I will then. Among new items, when the German police tried to intervene they were simply overrun by Moslem "youths" chanting "Merkle invited us here!" The attacks were far more extensive than previously admitted.
  5. Chopo Guzman was arrested again. yawn.  Who cares?
  6. Our "President" got some unexpected flak on his CNN "town hall meeting" about guns and is apparently in a rage about it as he didn't bargain for any but his own acolytes and sycophants being there. Anderson Cooper, who moderated it, is in the doghouse for asking Obama if he could understand why people are concerned all his executive orders are part of a conspiracy. Cooper also infuriated the Idiot in Chief by telling him that a lot of people don't trust him.     Gabby Gifford's embarrassingly moronic husband showed up and made an ass out of himself, wildly applauding every Obamaism. You wonder when the guy will decide he's made enough money off his wife and just disappear.
"My God, we can't protect our women from these animals. We have no arms as you do in America!"
Swedish man describing attacks on women that occurred all over Europe on New Years Eve.
The Megan Kelly Show, January 8, 2016 Fox News.

WND: Europeans scramble to arm themselves.

Link to story above:

Meanwhile, only Fox New is covering these ghastly events in Europe.  ABC says "tut tut", NBC and CBS pretend it never happened.

I like this guy. He is a body builder from Cologne who works as a door man at a hotel where the Cologne riots happened on New Years.

Deutschland Erwacht!

"Apparently they are scared of widows and orphans coming into the United States of America,"
Barack Hussein Obama, speaking of people expressing concerns about his plans to bring as many as 200,000 "immigrants" to the United States in the next few years.

What a time to be alive. Never a boring day.

I got a particularly charming comment from a psychopathic Islamophile.  I'd like to publish some of these to contribute to the general hilarity about the "religion of peace" but it's apparent that the Koran does not forbid the use of extremely foul language. I try to avoid obscenity or vulgarity because some of the people who come here are ladies, but I wish I could share some of this stuff.  Honestly.

I have been slipping a little on security up here.  Not checking things as often, sometimes not putting the security devices back into service on the access road because "I'll be back in an hour, anyway."
Trying to tighten back up.  Complacency and Laziness are the harbingers of doom.

Just for the hell of it, here's a picture from the winter of 2008, when I had my Wrangler. This is one of the creeks you have to ford on the forest service road. There had been a light snow and I went out there to enjoy the peace and quiet, up by the waterfall.

The mountains are pretty bleak in winter, but they have a certain attraction even then if you want to be alone and need some tranquility in life.

The little lake near my house.  In winter, no one comes there at all.  There's a place where I can sit, and smoke my pipe, take a thermos of coffee along.  It's a great place to watch the sunset.

Old guy with Kimber Custom II. Natures way of saying "don't touch."
You have to love the mountains in winter.  So many places where there are no humans or any sign of them.  When I go out in the woods on one of these jaunts I usually take my Kimber Custom II, rather than a nine millimeter.

Hard on the wrists if you have to fire it, and heavy. But a real problem solver, that pistol.

I miss my little Wrangler.  The Cherokee is ok but there's nothing like a Wrangler. I'm thinking a four door , hard top Rubicon would be a nice gift to myself right about now.  My wife is skeptical.  I told her it could be worse, I could want a houseboat. For that matter, I do want a houseboat but I'm confining myself to one extravagant demand at a time.  I think I need to start looking around and see what's out there.

Just another day in paradise.  As for all those people sending the "ugly" comments, keep those coming. Don't let me down now, I'm counting on you.

Just drop me over Raqqa. I'm ready to go!


  1. A new Wrangler will be loaded with computers, and electronics and will be impossible to work on. You'd be better of with this one.
    or perhaps a real Cherokee?

    1. Well, I know the new vehicles are not emp proof. Maybe, if I could find a reasonably priced older vehicle without a zillion miles on it, I'd go that route. But that's harder and harder to do. As time goes on, the point where did not have all these chips and computers recedes further into the past. I was thinking more just of a nice vehicle for going off road on the old forest service trails, that I could still drive down to Tybee Island if I wanted to. Lots of the magazines I read have these marvelous, purpose built rigs that are designed to be emp proof, but damn, I can't swing seventy or eighty thousand for a vehicle, much a I might look at them in the magazines and lust for one.

      I actually saw a 64 Landrover in a paper in the next county this week, but it was all messed up and needed basically to be completely rebuilt.

      My 1988 Deisel F250 is emp proof, which is one reason I keep putting money into it instead of just buying something newer with less maintenance issues. I do get tired of always having something to fix on it, but in general it's been a good truck.

      I see lots of old Cherokee's here. They are invariably lifted, and have been rebuilt as off road booney crashers. Some of them are pretty nice.

      There's a dealership west of here where I have bought all my jeeps except one for the last thirty years. The woman who owns it is looking out for a nice Wrangler for me. She sells a lot of them new to older people who think it will be really cool to own one, then trade it back in shortly after buying them when they find out they aren't as easy to handle as an SUV. If she finds me a good one, I might go that route.

      Who knows? I have to keep busy somehow. If I had your skills,which are extensive, in working with equipment like vehicles I'd probably be a lot more receptive to rebuilding an old vehicle. But alas, I don't. Remember what a goat rope it was for me even to bypass the idiot switch on the clutch for the truck here lately.

    2. Back in the 70s in Venezuela everyone had the old Toyota FJ-40 Land Cruisers and they were ironclad and the only ones to really handle the rough roads. I have driven the late model short wheel base Wrangler on the highway and though they are OK they are nothing to write home about. I think that if I was in the market for one I'd try to find the long wheel base one in two door. They called them the Wrangler Limited and the last year of manufacture was 2006. Like this one:
      The longer wheel base makes for a better road ride without compromising too much on the off-road capability of the thing. For your needs you could take the back seats out of the thing and have plenty of room for transporting supplies and animals. I still think the old classic boxy Cherokee sport is the best compromise. The newer Grand Cherokee are worthless with way too many bells and whistles and too much soft plastic accouterments that get mangled the first time you drive it over a curb and take it of road. The problem here in the north east is that all the used vehicles over ten years old are all rusted out from the salt and calcium chloride they put on the road in winter just like my Toyota T-100. Down south you can occasionally find an older low mile clean Cherokee sport that has not been abused too badly.

    3. I'm keeping my eye out for something like you describe. The new Wranglers are hellishly expensive, but I'm thinking my dealer lady will find me something to come look at before long. I have never really liked the Grand Cherokee. I like the Commander but it's too big, too heavy, and now too rare as they have been taken out of production. Most of what I drive on "off road" out here is really old abandoned forest service roads that honeycomb the national forest. As long as you are willing to get out with a chain saw and clear obstacles once in awhile, you can go just about anywhere out here if you have four wheel drive.

      I saw a newspaper looking thing where people trade cars locally (as in, the northern part of the state) and it was only a buck. I wish I had picked it up. Sometimes I waiver between new and used. Used is cheaper, but when you are talking four wheel drive you are taking a chance if you don't know who had the vehicle before you. New costs a lot more, but then you can take care of the vehicle from the get go. What a quandary. Still, shopping for a new off road vehicle is fun, either way.

      We don't have much of a problem with salt here because the county is too poor to buy it. They salt the four lane road on the other side of the county, but the state pays for that. For the rest of us, it's every man for himself and the devil take the hindmost when it snows.

    4. Hey Harry, ere is the one you want. And it's down in your neck of the woods to boot.
      Dead Nuts simple, will last forever, and you can take it apart and rebuild it completely with nothing but a screwdriver and a crescent wrench.

    5. That would be outstanding! I love the truck and the M101 trailer dates from my time. I see somebody put up a nine + bid though and the reserve still hasn't been met.

      What I really want is a Kubelwagen! But that rig you found would certainly do.

    6. A Kubelwagen would be a hard trick to pull of these days. The VW Iltis 4x4 that did service with the Canadian army is basically the modern progeny of the Kubelwagen, and those pop up for sale every now and then. Though. Some interesting 4x4s show up on BAT every so often.
      They are featuring a Toyota Bandeirante pickup which is the Brazilian built version of the FJ-45 pickup they show down in Georgia right now. Silly money they want for it though.

    7. Remember the volkswagen thing? That would be close enough, but I expect people would want an arm and a leg, and I don't know about parts.

  2. I know what you mean about Fridays.

    1. Yeah, I used to live for Friday and the weekend. Now, I just like Saturday and Sunday because they still "feel" like being different than a week day, though in reality they aren't.

  3. I don't pay much attention to days of the week either, with the exception of my grocery delivery day. For me, one of the best things about retirement is that I don't need to set my alarm clock any more.

    I watched the news conference after the ambush shooting of the officer in Philadelphia. My favorite part was the mayor doing his level best to deny that the shooter had anything to do with islam, followed by the chief of police stating that, according to the shooter's confession, the officer was targeted because the police do not follow islamic law.

    And then there was the "town meeting" where Chris Kyle's widow confronted Obama about his gun control policies. Anderson Cooper didn't exactly let him off the hook, either. Some days are just better than others. :)

    1. Vicki, you are staying up too late, just like me. Wonder why so many seniors are on the web late at night. Can't sleep, I guess.

      I saw that moron. The shooter is dressed up in his little martyrs gown, wearing his little islamic beanie. He swears his allegiance to and reverance of ISIS. He says the shooting was in support of the Holy Koran.

      But the Mayor, like so many politicians, is a worthless moral coward and tries to B.S. people. I guess it's out of style to put people like the mayor up against the wall. Too bad.

      That town meeting didn't go as old Hussein expected, although he had plenty of human dummies to clap and applaud whenever he wanted them to. Not least of which was Gabby Giffords husband.I'm sure the fact that his foundation is reaping hundreds of thousands of dollars off exploiting his wife's misfortune doesn't have anything to do with him always showing up for some face time on tv every chance he gets.

      I was surprised Cooper had the guts to say some of the things he said. I think better of him.

  4. Hey Harry,


    I did not get in till late again last night. It was a nicer evening than usual on the beach.

    I cant munch now, I gotta go.

    check your e-mail.

  5. Hey Harry! Although I have a handgun, I do not have a concealed carry license. I have debated for years as to whether I should get one. I think I did not like the idea of having my name on a list. However, I have now decided that I will get a license. My grown daughters and a few of my friends are also on board. I fear this country is quickly becoming like Germany and I want to be able to protect myself if necessary. Jana

    1. Jana, I got my concealed carry permit in 1986. I have always looked at it this way. The government doesn't want me to have a gun. They'll do what they can to take it away. But if I never apply for the permit, and have to leave my gun at home or face the possibility of arrest for carrying it with me, then the government wins.
      In 30 years of carrying religiously, I have needed the pistol exactly twice. But in both cases, I really needed it. Just demonstrating that I could and would defend myself stopped bad situations from escalating into deadly situations. It is no panacea, as I had confirmed for me during a run in with "black youth" in Chattanooga, Tennessee not long ago. The threat has to be serious enough to use deadly force so you aren't covered against unpleasantness that doesn't cross that bar. Still, I absolutely wouldn't be without my pistol and the CCW permit does two things for you. One, you don't have to worry about some overzealous (or just stupid) member of law enforcement automatically rousting you if you have to use the gun. Two, you won't be standing there faced with disaster, in a no win situation, if you are attacked. Those are two important issues with me.

      The Europeans have to contend with the two million Third World Islamic parasites their leaders have inflicted on them. Here, we not only have Moslem terrorism to worry about, the the 13% who have demonstrated they are just as dangerous and unpredictable. I think you're right to take steps to protect yourself. It's going to get worse, particularly if Barrack Hussein has his way, which it appears he will.

  6. You know, I just have a hard time understanding what is going on with the mentality of Europe;s leaders. It is like they have all been demonized....totally blind as to what is happening....or all bought off by the UN or Soros or somebody. I read that the mayor in Philly signed a paper that pledges not to talk bad about muslims or give the impression of Islamophobia. Seems to me that we need Islamophobia now. Since we retired, every day is like any other, here, too. We are having a snowy winter this year...almost forgot what that is like. Like the old days...we sure need it. We have a 1988 gas Ford 250 that we use for chores around the places. Hubby bought it new and has taken care of it,....still runs good and no electronics to spy on us. I have always been a night owl...ha ha...and have finally corrupted hubby so we both sleep in...the cats are trained, too. Stay warm, Harry...we are all together in this.

    1. Twoshooz, it seems like the leadership in the West is mesmerized by the need to be "multicultural" to the exclusion of all common sense.

      Maybe that's why the D.C. crowd is constantly berating Putin. They can't understand somebody who actually has some common sense and doesn't care who gets offended by reality.

      The amount of harm people like Merkel and Obama have done is immense and it's irreparable. The people who have to pay the price will be the people like us, in Europe and in the United States.

      It's not a racial thing, as the left tries to portray it. It's a behavioral, cultural thing. In Atlanta where large numbers of Moslems are congregating, both the imported variety and the home grown ones, black christians are having to move out of places they've lived all their lives thanks to the harrassment from the "followers of the prophet." Nobody is doing squat about it for fear of being labeled "racist." So the Moslems block the roads by praying in the streets on Friday, and the police look the other way. The Moslems harrass people trying to go to church, or by trying to force Islam on the residents, and nobody says anything. Ironically, the only one's fighting back are the black gangs who see their dominance of the neighborhoods being challenged. Nobody could make this stuff up, and just a few years ago no one would have believed it possible. The changes are coming fast, and are exacerbated by Obama and his lackeys who do all they can to encourage this.

      These are bad times. There have been bad times before, but the events today are having an immediate and dramatic impact on everyday life, though there are plenty of people who haven't realized it yet. They will in short order.

      I'm always surprised at how many other people are up at the wee hours of the morning. Even with time zones to consider, there are lots of people up and on the air all through the times most people are asleep.

      The F250 is a super truck, and 1988 was a good model year. Mine has served me well and I plan to get a lot more use out of it. Diesel stores well, and there are plenty of sources for it in the countryside. I have two 500 gallon above ground tanks of diesel, to power both the generator and the truck.

      Right now outside it's getting colder, and the wind is blowing harder. Still calling for snow late tonight. Since I have nowhere I need to go, I'm all for it.

    2. I had no idea about what was going on with the Muslims in Atlanta. No mention in any newspaper or online news source, even alternative. No, it is not a racial thing...Islam is not a race. It is a total way of life that is opposite of our western culture. We have no muslims is a good thing cause I do not take kindly to being harassed....anyone threatening me or touching me would not live to tell about it. Luckily we have a Constitutional sheriff who is on the side of Americans. The people around here are so fed up with their government that counties in Northern California and Southeast Oregon are in the process of forming a new state....the State of Jefferson. Interesting times.

    3. I get the three major news affiliates in Atlanta. When I set up my parallel satellite tv systems, I had the option to get the local stations for either Atlanta or Chattanooga. I have more physical connection to Chattanooga, but the weather for our area is covered better by Atlanta, and the political news for Ga is on the Atlanta stations of course. So I choose those.

      For the most part, the morning news on the Atlanta stations is just a laundry list of what black person killed what other black person, etc. But the afternoon news gives you a good idea of what's going on in the city. Atlanta is famous for considering itself a state apart from the rest of Georgia.

      In addition, the Atlanta paper carries a lot of local news, and I have a crony who lives down there. I bought a gun from him many years ago. The guy lives in one of those subdivisions just outside the belt way which was fashionable in the 90's. But he works down town, and many of the people who work for his company are blacks from the part of town being "Islamized." Those folks are unfortunate. They've had the gangs to deal with, and now the Moslems and their converts. They are not happy campers.

      I don't think anyone is happy right now. I know I'd be in a state of ecstasy if Atlanta just vanished. They even levy a cut of our property taxes here in my rural county to spend on entitlement programs in Atlanta. It's like the Hunger Games.

  7. Hey Harry,


    I just saw some video that showed from Germany that night all the sex assults and fireworks occurred of muslims firing guns in the air similar to the way they its done in celibrations in their countries of origin.

    I cant confirm the video.

    if that is true then I guess it confirms what is speculated that a great many of the refugee invaders were armed.

    2016 is going to be a really bad year for Europe and the weaklings, cowards, and lemmings of Europe are bringing this carnage onto themselves.

    1. Makes you wonder where they got the guns, doesn't it? I mean, guns are so strictly controlled in Europe that they are virtually non-existent in the general populace (though the "immigrants" have given citizens there a different slant on that issue.) If having guns is against the law, then the videos on the net must be faked, obviously, since we all know that everyone obeys the law. At least, Barrack Hussein and the brain dead who follow him assure everyone this is so. That's why "gun free zones" have worked so well in this country, you know.

      Nobody searched all those slugs coming across all those borders. Now they have people who come from a culture that encourages and praises violence by the strong against the week all over their countries.

      I don't think it's the average European who has done this, though I think there are a lot of what Stalin called "useful idiots" there as there are here. I lay this debacle directly at the feet of the European leadership. They are now reaping what they sowed.

  8. I usually shy away from those AR magazines. Folks have too much crap on them as it is. Who really needs all that stuff on a rifle that adds a pound or two? And I don't see the virtues of nickel boron bolt carriers.

    So with the attack on the Philadelephia cop, will there be a story about how he obtained his pistol? I doubt it. What is worse: the pijama-clad killer or the mayor who said this had nothing to do with islamic terror?

    Harry, the foul mouthed ISIS lovers sending you hate mail. Just Keep ignoring them. What miserable, petulant little pigs they are.

    1. Troy, I'm not really a modern rifle fan. I have some, in order to take care of business if need arises, but it's the old bolt guns I like. I can't really understand the current rash of AR-15 mags. They are springing up like mushrooms. I buy Recoil, which is the only one I do pick up of that genre, and I buy it for the equipment reviews. But now there are lots of these new really expensive, high quality firearms magazines that are just on the AR-15. I don't buy them but somebody must be. Of course, if a new $10.00 magazine called "Mausers" suddenly appeared, I'd be the first one sitting down in the grocery store parking lot on Wednesday morning, waiting for the magazine guy to come in his truck from Chattanoga!

      The first time I saw a news story on the Philadelphia ambush, some official was being interviewed by some black chick, and all she wanted to talk about was the pistol being one that was stolen from an officers home years ago. The fact that Mohammed Abdula Scratchassi (or whatever he replaced his American name with) was a new convert to Islam all dressed up in his Halloween costume and spouting ISIS propaganda just didn't signify to her.

      Those anal orifices with their broken English and their foul mouthed threats don't bother me one whit. I feel good about it because it shows that the scumbags are reading the blog and can figure out that not everybody in the world is a limousine liberal or buys into their B.S.

      One thing I have noticed, is that since last April the number of European left wing "we love the immigrants and all hail Islam" types are decreasing in number while the comments from actual Moslems are increasing. Wonder why that would be?

  9. Wild turkeys do a lot of foraging. We feed some but not all. They eat acorns, berries, seeds, snails and even some small animals like frogs and lizards. Ours seem to flourish with or without extra feed.

    1. I guess my chickens are just lazy. During summer, about half of them just live out in the forest and don't even come home. But let the cold weather set in, and the whole horde is back hanging around the barn and waiting for their "entitlement."

  10. If I had the money I would rescue a bunch more horses if I could!
    I like the picture of your jeep on the snowy night.

    1. I know. But you have done a lot of good with the means to hand. So has Elizabeth.

      It was the most fun vehicle I have ever owned. Even better than the Rabbit Convertible I had for four years in Europe!

      I'm going to get another one I think.

  11. I love that last picture with comments. There's always negative people out there.

    I'm not too particular about vehicles. I just like one that's reliable, will last awhile, and can get around in the snow.

    Your snow pictures are pretty!

    My blog address just changed. I finally got my own domain name. It was a little stressful to do, but thankfully my husband helped.

    1. That's me to a T. I'm really glad to know I make those people mad. I wish I could do a lot more, but I work with what I have available.

      I really like Jeeps. I've had a bunch of them, wore them all out except the little Wrangler and my wife wanted me to trade that in for one that was more of a "family" car.

      I used to take a lot more pictures, Alissa. I took my camera everywhere. But then about four years ago I just slacked off. I should start making an effort to do more photos, because this is supposed to be a record I'm keeping here and without photos it isn't as complete.

      I didn't know you got your own blog address. I will change my blog roll to the new one ASAP.

  12. I know the answer to this question, but I'll ask anyway, Is Russia taking any of these so called "refugees"??

    1. No. Putin made it clear they have enough to deal with, and he doesn't care a damn what anybody thinks. He does what's right for his country.

  13. hey Harry - i sent you a comment on this post...did you get it? if not, no probs...just wondering if blogger is eating comments again?

    sending much love. your friend,

    1. Kymber, it never made it here. I spent quite awhile going through the spam folder on the blog, nothing. Then I went to my email and checked it, because I get email copies of all comments in my mail box, but there was nothing there from you. Do you perhaps have a copy in your sent folder so you could repost it? I hate losing comments and I haven't lost one in a long time as far as I know until this one.

  14. I love my OLD rifles. 5.56 just seems well, inadequate. Cover vs Concealment... In Hatchers book it says you needed 48 inches of Oak to stop a close range 30.06. No so with 5.56... And the craftsmanship was outstanding. I have had a couple Swedish Mausers and they were just beautifully built, hard to believe they came from an arsenal, not a custom shop someplace. As I get older, I am starting to wish for a scope, but so far have not wanted to drill any holes. I saw a nice Commercial Mauser for sale not too long ago in 30.06, with a scope... I am thinking something like that might fill the bill just fine. I am sure the ARs are just fine, especially in some of the "other" calibers like .308, and 6.5 Creedmore, but they just don't float my boat like blued metal and walnut. What can I say, I am the old guy shooting the S&W 38 special at the 50 yard range...

    1. Dinosaurs of a feather, flock together. The old guns are more powerful than the 5.56. They reach out a lot further. One hit does the trick.

      True, I can't put out ten gazillion rounds a minute, but I don't have sufficient stocks of ammo to support the spray and pray modus operandi anyway. I guess if I am faced with human wave attacks I will have to use the more modern weapons but in the face of any issues up here on the mountain, as long as the odds aren't too long I'm good to go with a Mauser, Enfield, or one of the other classics.

      I am less dependent on long range shooting because the woods close in on a fellow here and a one hundred yard shot would be almost unheard of. I'm thinking most shooting up around my place, even across the meadow which is the only clear spot, is less than 10o yards. So I don't need a scope event though my eyes are not so good anymore. Commercial mausers are expensive weapons, but top quality.

      I have a number of .38 specials, originally collected either for my wife and daughter, or just because I found one in a pawn shop or some such place that was a nice piece. Other than trouble finding anything but fmj ammo for them here, which I don't care for, they fit right in.

  15. I have bought some wad cutter and semi wad cutter lead bullet reloads from these folks. (At gun shows). Georgia arms 770 459 5117 No problem so far...
    I like old Smith and Wessons..I have a couple semi autos (doesn't everyone have a 1911?) but I like the feel and accuracy of a good revolver. I am working on raising my game with "long distance" shooting of them. Once I get 50 yds down pat, I am going for 100. I know it can be done, so I am gonna. You do get some looks though... Seems most folks are at 25 feet max with handguns...

    1. Georgia Arms is a good outfit, with good product. I've done business with them in the past and was very satisfied.

      I learned to use pistols for distances of about 20 feet. With the shot out M1911's the Marine Corps was issuing in the seventies, that's about the best you could hope for. We just considered them last ditch , or self confidence builders for people on crew served weapons, tankers, etc who would probably never need a pistol for real. I know today, with weapons in good condition, you can use them and consider them practical for longer ranges. 100 yards seems a hell of a long way for a hand gun. Keep me posted on how you are doing, if you actually do pull it off you'll have to do a guest post for me on it. That would get a lot of interest from the pistol fans, and I'd like to hear how it goes myself.

  16. I'll second the comment about the Toyota Land Cruisers. When I go to some 3rd world toilet or other, this is what you see when you stand a good chance of dying if your truck breaks down. I'd own one of the pickup truck models if they sold them here in the states. They called them utes (short for utility) in Australia. 4 speed, big thick tires, diesel or turbodiesel (forgot which). These were badass little rigs, and we fought over who got to drive them.

    And to all the gunless Europeans - there are any number of good homemade weapons of opportunity if you look around. Take a pickax, grind off the ends a bit to make it more handy, and you have a fine weapon. Hatchet, pitchfork, machete, even a sword from a ground-down leaf spring. Hammer, pipe wrench, heavy chain and padlock - the list is pretty much endless. You can bet I'd have one of each if I lived over there.

    1. My wife was raised in Africa, in Niger and Nigeria where her parents were missionaries. The Toyota Land Cruiser was the vehicle of choice for the missions way the hell out in the bush. I'd sure like to have one, but the odds are long on that, I'm afraid.

      Survivalist magazine just ran an issue with a long article on medieval weaponry, clearly (at least to my mind) designed for European readers.

      I saw a one hour show on British survivalists a couple of years back. They were working hard, good sensible people. But they had built small crossbows for self defense, and I remember feeling bad for them and thinking that was really messed up that they had to resort to that. But in a pinch, anything beats standing there watching the Goblins come on, and you empty handed.

    2. Charlie, check out Crytptic Cricket's youtube channel for some really neat home made firearms. Made from common hardware store items.

    3. I've got a Viet Nam war jungle workshop French MAS 36 copy. I wouldn't shoot it on a bet, but it's a hell of a good copy as far as looks go.

  17. Harry,
    Living up there in the mountains is just so very relaxing, and beautiful. Even though you don't have many worries, I would still get back on top of your security and set your early warning devices. Too many strange things have been happening in the world today with the economy changing. I would rather be prepared, then to have a surprise.

    Having a vehicle that will get you through mother natures fury, and the weather were experiencing this time of year is beneficial. If you're very familiar with the wrangler and it's handling, I would recommend looking for another.
    Good luck on your shopping :-)

    1. Sandy, I've been making a real effort not to get slack. My location and my procedures have kept me safe up here for more than 30 years. It would be a bad time to start getting careless, I know.

      I really like the Wrangler. It's not that I wouldn't like something nice like a Land Rover or a nice Toyoto four wheel drive, it's just that I can go down to the dealership in the next county and pretty much find what I want with a minimum of effort. If it isn't there, the woman I buy my Jeeps from will find it and have it brought down. She always has.

      But I just learned about the new Jeep trucks coming out in late 2016 or early 2017 and they look to be exactly what I want. If I can afford one....