Tuesday, January 5, 2016

If you don't own a gun and you think you might want one, buy it now.

This latest "Executive Action" is a lot more far reaching than is being portrayed on the news.

First, it will virtually eviscerate the gun show.  That's an important cultural activity for people who believe in the individual right to own firearms.  Most people who own guns, even those who are not politically aware, now realize that buying a gun in a gun store is tantamount to gun registration. Registration has always been the precursor to confiscation, as illustrated in the United Kingdom and Australia among other places.

In 1993, part of Bill Clinton's gun ban bill (the Brady Bill) was the institution of background checks on purchasers. It was not all encompassing and generally applied to licensed dealers.  At the same time, Clinton passed the word to BATF that he wanted all the "kitchen table" dealers eliminated. These were people who had an FFL, but didn't really run a business. They primarily used it to buy wholesale, and to buy for themselves, family and friends.

BATF implemented this by rewriting the regulations for granting an FFL.  Previously, you needed to be a citizen in good standing and pass a background check.  But suddenly you needed a "store front", you needed "inventory" that you could photograph in racks for them, and you needed "posted business hours." So many FFL holders disappeared as they  tried to renew expiring licenses but could no longer meet the "requirements."  Many more who applied were simply refused, as was a good friend of mine this month because she had no "store front" and no "business license."

Here's what "Smart Gun Law Reform", a virulently anti-gun ownership organization, has to say about these machinations.

"The FFL population decreased substantially as a result of these reforms. By 1997, after the first three-year cycle of re-licensing under the new laws had been complete, the number of FFLs had dropped by 49% nationwide, to 107,554.10 As of December 1, 1999, that total had fallen to 103,845, the lowest number since 1969.11 The total number of FFLs has remained significantly below pre-reform levels. As of 2007, there were 108,842 FFLs nationwide.12"

So the Democrats made it harder to get firearms by decreasing the number of dealers.

But you could still get guns without the government being able to track you, by buying from individual owners or from gun shows. Because of the NICS background check system, any gun you bought from a dealer went into the NICS data base. Congress passed a law when the Democrats implemented NICS that made it illegal to keep the data beyond 30 days. But it was an open secret that BATF and the FBI both captured the data and retained it "indefinitely."  Just as the laws prohibiting illegal phone taps, reading peoples emails, and reading their snail mail without warrants were ignored with impunity by "law enforcement", so was the law that required the gun purchases be deleted.  Anyone who thinks otherwise is ill informed or naive, or possibly just plain stupid.

So if you want a gun and you don't want the Federal Government to know you have it, you have to buy from a gun show dealer who doesn't use NICS, (there are a number of ways an individual could justify not doing so, at least until now), or get one from someone you knew and trusted.

If Obama's executive order goes unchallenged, all such transactions will now require a background check, which means the FBI and the BATF know you have it.  Obama isn't requiring the hiring of more than 400 new FBI and ATF agents in his Diktat for nothing.

So, don't wait.  There have been "Obama scares" before, and they were genuine and legitimate threats to our rights. But this is a whole new issue. This " Fuhrer Befiehl " means virtually 100% registration. Registration will lead to confiscation, especially if "Heil Hillary"gets elected.

For a lot of us, those who got FFL's and C&R licenses, we are pretty much sunk. I am not turning in anything. Point, period, exclamation mark.  Everybody is going to have to make their own choices. Everyone's situation is different.

 But if you don't have a gun and you want one, or think you might, or you kids might, get it now.


  1. Here in Oregon all gun show sales must go thru a FFL dealer or background check. Actually, we have the same stupid law as Washington state where if you let somebody handle your gun, you must go thru background check.... I don't know of any online sales that don't have to be delivered to an FFL dealer. The Constitution trumps any law....Federal or State. The thing to watch for now is taking of ammo. Keep in touch with your representatives and don't back down.

    1. I've seen the Constitution ignored so often by Obama, Clinton, et al and their lick spittles that I have little faith it will protect us from something like confiscation. The Supreme Court will be heavily liberal if Clinton is the next president, as two justices will have to be replaced in the next eight years in all probability. If you have a "packed court", a President like Hillary Clinton, and a weak and unintelligent Senate and House, the Constitution won't be much more than a museum piece I'm afraid. Obama has gotten away with making law by royal decree, there's nothing to stop his soul mate Hillary from being even more corrosive. I'm not sure that writing to representatives and senators does much good, Tewshooz. I did that for many, many years and all it ever did was get me form letters, written intentionally vaguely so they could send the same letter to everyone who wrote in on an issue, regardless of their point of view.

  2. Well Ol Al Hawai'i might want to have a close look at this chart. Someone once said "Quantity has a quality all it's own"
    You can back door register them all you want, doing something about it is another thing altogether.

    1. I've been watching the goings on out West with the Bundy issue. Although the guys occupying the federal building have been calling for help, few have turned up.

      I wonder how many people will have the courage to say "nyet" when and if confiscation comes. Everyone who doesn't comply will be subject to felony charges. I believe you are right, and many won't fall to their knees and kiss Hillary's ring. Time will tell.

    2. The Bundy/Oregon thing is a mistake. This is more about Bundy seeking fame and a bunch of fools willing to die to give Bundy his place in history. The facts don't support helping Bundy.

    3. I have to disagree with you on that. My last five years as an accountant with an oil and gas company, a major part of my job was purchasing leases on properties out in that part of the country, and other states of the same nature. I saw BLM in particular hose citizens left and right. Some tried to get lawyers but it was an exercise in futility. I also think that someone, somewhere has to have the moral courage to stand up to the government, and these guys have belled the cat. Nothing I've read about the Bundy's indicate they are anything but what they seem to be, people who are trying to hold on to something the government wants. One reason no one can successfully contest issues like this is that the conservatives can never agree on doing anything to oppose the government, so nothing gets done. I am sure there were people who called the Minutemen at Concord and Lexington fools,too. I would say this is something that everybody has to form their own opinion on, and we will probably never know who was right.

  3. As I understand this new decree, anyone who does a private sale of 2 or more guns is at risk here? So what is the definition of a dealer? If I sell 2 guns without an FFL does that put me at risk of prison? And what if I want to leave my firearms to my children in my will?

    This new edict is so vague that it will surely lead to innocent people being convicted for God knows what.

    Thanks again, Barry from Honolulu. Your tears on TV today made for a good dog and pony show. --Troy

    1. CBS news was talking about this, and they were exulting because according to their report, firearms transferred from an estate to a private individual will all have to be transferred via an FFL holder like a new sell. If the purpose of this charade isn't to line citizens up for an eventual confiscation, I can't see any point in doing the estate thing.

      I saw the limp member doing his weepy thing. I wish he and Boehner could get married, they are made for each other.

  4. There was a time when I added one of my children to my checking account - not that I needed any help managing my finances but for convenience sake should I need cash but could not get to the bank for whatever reason. Since I transferred my account to a new bank, I have not done that as yet. And now that part of this new order includes banning guns from those on Social Security for a variety of reasons including needing assistance in managing finances, I don't think I will be able to have a joint account. Just having one of my children on the account could be interpreted as "needing financial assistance." I also read that another of the many reasons for banning Seniors from having guns is "disease." Which means that most of us are screwed, for how many Seniors are there who don't have diabetes or blood pressure issues or arthritis or.....
    I am so flipping tired of government sticking its nose where it doesn't belong and ignoring the Constitution completely. This will not end well.

    1. You are absolutely right, Vicki. Most people don't worry about those provisions because it doesn't effect them, but for people our age, it provides an excuse for the Feds creeping out of the woodwork and showing up on our doorsteps uninvited some day.

      California has recently instituted a law where the police can confiscate the firearms of an individual if someone in the family says they feel the person in question might be "at risk" of acting out. The police just come to your door, take your guns, and leave. A police chief I saw talking about this on NBC said that it was only "temporary" and the firearms would be returned in a "timely" manner if it was determined there was no basis for taking them under that statute. If you read between the lines, it's a free hand for the police to take your guns and never give them back. I know a few people who have had guns confiscated for minor infractions, and the weapons never find their way back to the original owner. Most of the firearms confiscated by every law enforcement dog and pony during the New Orleans disaster were never returned, though it was determined after the fact that the seizures were totally illegal in most cases.

  5. All legit dealers (FFL's) here in Indiana do NICS checks. Anything sold non-Face to Face privately goes through an FFL. Any interstate (think GunBroker) sale goes through an FFL. Any sale from an internet dealer (think Bud's Gun Shop or Guns America)..

    Yes, I can advertise on armslist and meet in a parking lot (or sell face to face in the line to enter a gun show. These transactions are legal and despite Barry's edict that hasn't changed.

    Anything else is illegal. No gun law made by the Prez is gonna change that part.

    Yes, we have folks who buy guns and give them to others. It is called a Straw Purchase and is illegal.

    Gangbangers have guns.....most are felons. Most Posses them illegally, and got them from illegal sources. Barry ain't gonna change that either.

    1. In Georgia, I can take my private weapons to a gun show and sell them to individuals without a background check. This has nothing to do with my C&R, anyone can do it. I think that might come under your mention of "face to face." But Blowjama will outlaw that under his new Royal Degree, as I understand it, unless it's contested in court. Interstate has to go through a dealer here, as in your state.

      The devil is in the details. What constitutes a "dealer?" I have heard different things from different newscasters. NBC said if you sell more than two guns a year, you are a dealer and have to sell through an FFL. But I don't know how the feds would know how many guns you sold in the first place. I have to report the number of guns I sell when I renew my C&R every five years, but since I personally tend to keep what I buy, and rarely (like, never) sell anything that isn't an issue for me. If this had come along when I was at the height of my collecting, it would have been a big problem.

      I think every intelligent, reasoning person knows that the liberals who believe gun laws will lessen gun crime are in fairy land. Both the UK and Australia have seen significant increases in gun crime since banning guns. I just saw a chart on a page I was reading the other day that gave the statistics and the sources. I'll have to try and find it again, or something similar, as I'm sure people are going to email me and ask for my source on that statement.

  6. We own a gun. It's my husband's. I should learn how to use it if needed. My co-worker that swore he wouldn't get a gun had someone break into his neighbor's house when they were home sleeping. He now owns a gun. How scary!

    I can see why the president is so weary of guns. The amount of shootings keeps going up and up. I don't know what the answer is. More mental health help? To me I think if we'd go back to having 1 parent home, and make it cost effective that would solve a lot of it. Too many kids have parents that work all the time. They are raising themselves. They are living off of crap food. That can't be healthy! It wouldn't have to be the mom at home. It could be the dad. BUT things are too expensive.

    1. There's an old saying, Alissa, to the effect that a liberal is one mugging away from being a conservative on the gun issue. That's very true in my experience. People can be all pompous and condescending about owning a gun until they suddenly get an attitude adjustment in the face of a mugging or break in.

      Mental health is a huge issue in my state. In 2008, tax revenues in Georgia had fallen through the floor after the bubble burst. Schools got cut way back, teachers were forced to "voluntarily" work up to eight days a month for free, and it was called a "furlough" on their pay stub. I have the letter from my wife's school superintendent telling all the teachers that anyone who wouldn't work on their furlough days was going to be fired.

      Another casualty was mental health. Our Governor closed every single public mental institute in Georgia, and turned the inmates out on the street. Unless you have money and insurance, a "crazy" is just going to be on his own until something bad happens. I think Obama threw that into his spiel because he can't appropriate money so he has no responsibility if the millions he promised are not allocated by Congress. He can make the promise then do what he always does, blame Congress, if the money doesn't materialize, which it won't.

      Your belief that having a parent at home with kids is important is one I share wholeheartedly. When my kids were little, my wife stayed home and I worked two jobs to keep us afloat. We both felt that leaving our children in the hands of strangers so she could work was not a good idea. I have no regrets about it. I wasn't home much when they were little, and I do feel badly about that, but they had their mom because I was working.

      I think Obama uses guns as an excuse to cover up his failures and divert people's attention from issues like terrorism, immigration, and other things he doesn't want being discussed in coffee shops or on tv. For instance, the Democrats harped on the gun issue over and over after the California terrorist attack, as if guns were the reason that those two lunatics were attacking and killing people instead of radical Islam, a term Obama still will not allow his staff to employ.

      Taxes are the primary reason two people have to work in the same household. I had to pay between 23 and 34 percent of my wages to the government in the form of state income tax, federal income tax, sales tax, property tax, etc all my working life. If I could have kept most of that, my wife wouldn't have had to work.

    2. Also a lot of gun casualties are suicides. 60% to be exact. Take guns away, and those that want to commit suicide will hang themselves, cut themselves, or take drugs.

    3. They also include criminals killed by police, and when the left uses statistics on "children" killed by guns they include individuals up to 18 years of age. That subterfuge is never noted by the newscasters.

  7. God protect those men out west.
    they are being protrayed as wanting to destroy the fed gov!
    what a load of garbage.
    all they want is justice.
    i wonder how many fools will think a handful of protesters against injustice could take over the fed behemoth.

    when the feds burned the branch davidians alive and swore they had used no fire, even tho we saw the fire breathing tanks setting the fires on the tv news, how many believed the words instead of the evidence of their own eyes?

    this and the randy weaver and bundy ranch episodes are multipurpose;
    see how many lies the americans will swallow, smoke out the right thinking constitutionalists, and find a way to steal everyone's weapons.
    the evil one is behind it all and how he finds so many willing helpers [useful idiots] is astonishing.

    there are those who want to return to the Constitution -called 'haters' by the powers in charge- but i think it is a lost cause. the rot is in the root as well as in the tree.
    tree of liberty is almost dead, and probably beyond saving.

    1. I have a lot of sympathy for the guys out west who are trying to draw attention to the abuses of BLM and the feds. But I think they will be destroyed in the end. First, few people are going to leave their comfortable homes and take the risk of supporting them. Second, even those that would like to go help, realize that they are all going to wind up underneath some federal penitentiary and there's not much future in that.

      I do think the government has grown so vast, so corrupt, so power mad that it will eventually collapse of it's own weight. The problem is that most of us will go down the drain with it.

    2. deb - you left out ruby ridge.

      Harry - you know that i love reading your posts! but i often find that i enjoy the comments and the discussions in the comments even more than the posts!

      as for those guys out west, i am very worried for them. and for the reasons that you have already listed. if a similar thing were happening in calgary, alberta - would jam and i go 5,000km to stand in protest. i hate to say it but i don't think so. if it was happening on mainland nova scotia, newfoundland, new brunswick or PEI - yer darn tootin's we'd be there to help.

      sending much love to you and yours, as always! your friend,

    3. Kymber, some interesting conversations do develop in the comments section. I also find that people leave a lot of useful information on everything under the sun. For instance, I used to pay $12.99 plus 7% tax for a tube of ferret protein paste at a pet store. But someone told me of a place on line where I could order the same paste for the ferrets, with no shipping and no sale tax, for just $6.00 a tube! I've saved a lot of money with that tip and it's just one of many folks have left.

      There's always the logistics of a long trip, but my main concern is that I am pretty sure those guys are going to get thrown in jail forever. They'll wind up in a federal court with a federal judge and you'd have more chance of getting a fair trial with Roland Freisler than you would there.

      I saw a follow up on CNN this morning, and they were interviewing people in the town where all this is taking place. The people turned their backs to the camera. They said they sympathized with the militia guys but that they wished it would all go away because "I'm afraid."

      That's the problem with all the little froggies slowing boiling in the pot. They just want things to go on quietly the way they are, even though in the end the froggies will be boiled to death.

  8. The only reason the Feral Government wants *all* sales to go through a NICS check is because the detail of the sales are in fact entered into a data base. That a data base is kept expressly violates the law as written, but I am sure it is "for the children"... Remember when they were able to trot out a number of people on the "watch list" that bought guns? I can only think of one way that they would know that. We are being set up folks.

    1. J, you are precisely correct. It's sad when no one lifts and eyebrow or is especially surprised at the federal government and law enforcement routinely breaking the law, but that's where we are now. It absolutely IS a set up, and when they feel strong enough to confiscate weapons here, it will be their surreptitious data base that they've been building illegally that will be their main tool.

      "feral government" is a phrase well coined!