Monday, January 11, 2016

Morten Storm is a former CIA agent who infiltrated Al Qaeda. This interview caused a furor because it was on the program before the events of New Years Eve in Europe were widely known here.


  1. I watched this video three times to make sure I understood everything he was saying. He is absolutely right. These people will never, ever integrate into western society, any more than we as a nation will adopt their beliefs and practices. I am getting really tired of those who say that the moderate muslims won't do what the radicals do. The moderates are condoning the radical behavior with their silence. They all follow the same prophet. They all believe in the teachings of the quran just as Christians believe the teachings of the Bible. I believe in helping people who are down and out. But I can see no reason on earth to welcome those whose main goal is to convert us or kill us. That is sheer stupidity.

    1. I'm puzzled myself. I can see what the Democrats want out of this in America. The same thing they want out of hispanic immigrants who sneak in over the Southern border. That is to say, another massive block of Democratic voters who will support the Democratic party in everything, so long as they are cosseted and provided with a good living at the public expense. But I can't figure out what the European leaders expect to get out of this. Since they have made it to the top of the heap there, they can't be naive or stupid. There has to be some angle but I'm damned if I can see what it is. Whether it's America or Europe, bringing in this huge influx of people who come from a violent, abusive and predatory society into a relatively civilized society is like intentionally letting the wolves into the sheep fold.

      This nonsense the MSM puts out about "moderate" Moslems is just eye wash. For instance, this guy in Philidelphia who shot the police officer had traveled to both Egypt and Syria. Who paid for it, since the guy was penniless? Looks like his mosque did. An informant says he was radicalized at the mosque. ABC interviewed the Imam, or the supreme high Panjandruman, or whatever the hell the guy calls himself. He said, "oh, yes, he goes to this mosque but we are very moderate, we would not radicalize him!" My thought was "oh, sure, Haj Addulah, I believe you but thousands wouldn't."

  2. Hey Harry,


    The best explanation of why the muslim immigrants are being allowed in to (and destroy) Europe I got from Matt Bracken's essay weeks back.
    The socialist want to destroy the conservatives once and for all in Europe (same as democrats in U.S.A. wanting Mexicans)

    Overload the system with poor from the proletariat class overwhelm the system and socialist stay on top forever.

    In reality, the muslims will destroy Europe.

    That's the short version of the best explantion I got yet of why the leaders in Europe want the muslim immigrants.

    1. I can't disagree, but I wonder if these pinheads who are facilitating the flooding of Europe and America with this plague bacillus think they'll prosper under the new reality. Maybe Obama and his ilk plan to convert to Islam? Of course, it wouldn't surprise me one iota to learn Barrack Hussein has been an Islamist all along.

  3. on the radio today [pbs] the pope of rome was quoted as saying that europe should welcome thousands more and that fear of crime should not stand in the way of our humanitarian actions.
    i suppose the vatican is ivory tower enough for him to be ignorant of reality.
    or else he is a 'plant'.
    or he is completely insane.

    europe seems to be suffering mass delusion, like a plague.
    maybe someone put something in their drinking water?
    they are hallucinating for sure.

    1. The Pope has his own show going on, and it has a lot more to do with how he wants things to be than how they are. When I still went to church, I found Baptist preachers often had that attitude as well. It lessened their credibility with me to a considerable degree.

      CC thinks that what's happening in Europe is like what has happened here with Hispanics. One party sees them as a mechanism for social change in favor of that parties views. The "open doors" people like Merkel are perfectly willing to destroy their own society, at great cost to their own citizens, to remold the world in their desired image. Like the people in the U.S., the Europeans can't do much when their rulers make disastrous decisions. They have no power, nor do we.