Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Shades of Minneapolis and the Somalis.

“The mayor of Cologne condemned a series of sexual assaults in the western German city on New Year's Eve, calling Tuesday for the perpetrators to be "prosecuted in the toughest possible way."
Henriette Reker spoke after holding a crisis meeting with city and police officials to discuss the assaults.
Police say dozens of women reported being sexually assaulted and robbed around Cologne's main train station, next to the city's famous cathedral, during the night from Thursday to Friday. At least 90 criminal complaints have been filed.

"The actions of the perpetrators were completely intolerable, and so we expect them to be prosecuted in the toughest possible way," Reker said.
According to police, witnesses described the assaults as being committed by men of "Arab or North African origin" who had gathered in large numbers near the train station.
Separately, police in the northern city of Hamburg appealed for witnesses who observed similar sexual assaults and thefts in the St. Pauli district on New Year's night.”  Reuters N.A.

It's worth noting that the Swiss Army's Chief of Staff has warned citizens to arm up, and says that the prospect of a "civil war" between native Europeans and the waves of immigrants overwhelming European countries is a valid concern.  Google Swiss Army General civil war in Europe if you want to see his interview.

Addendum: Since I posted this, I have gone to some German blogs and looked at the videos of these mobs of Islamic "Immigrants" referenced in the story. I think anyone who walked around those train stations that night was taking their life in their hands, and any woman who did so was out of her mind. Check out some of the raw video people there took, that hasn't been "sanitized" by a news agency. It's like something out of a bad post apocalyptic movie.


  1. I'm thinking that here in Minnesota, our governor Mark Dayton - the same one who welcomes all "refugees" with open arms in spite of the fact that Twin Cities crime rate is on the rise and 7 of those refugees are in jail for trying to join isis- the same governor who is all for gun control so we, the citizens of this state, have no way to defend ourselves - this same governor should probably offer to house a bunch of these refugees in the spare rooms of the governor's mansion. Seems like the fair and politically correct thing to do, considering he is happily dispersing them into communities throughout the state and those people who have lived in these towns for years have no say about it. I have it on good authority from some who live in the town about 100 miles from Minneapolis where I grew up - which was a nice place to live and raise a family even a few years ago - is now a town where it is not safe to walk the downtown streets, even in broad daylight, for fear of being harassed by gangs of Somalis. I suppose it will take some horrible bloody massacre just to get the attention of our state leaders. They sure are not paying any attention now.

    1. Vicki, since I did this post, I watched a number of European videos on European web sights. Any woman who was walking around out in that crowd was out of her mind. There were hundreds of these guys just hanging around in the squares outside the train stations, shooting fireworks at people, yelling, rousting passers by. I know Islam forbids liquor but the vast majority of these young guys were either drunk or high, I couldn't tell which. There seemed to be few German men present, just wall to wall Arabs and North Africans. When women were molested the crowd roared it's approval and nobody tried to help. I saw a couple of videos I'd like to post so people can really see what's going on, but they were too explicit.

      I noticed not one story on any American news network about any of this. Had something similar happened in the U.S. they wouldn't have been able to keep it off the lead story on the evening news, but because it would damage Obama's credibility about "widows and orphans" not a peep from our news networks.

      If Obama keeps dumping these individuals off in the Red States, things are going to get very interesting. It's repulsive to me that the politicians are getting away with importing these same types I saw in those videos right into our own back yards.

  2. Every now and then we get a stray Somalian in Cokato, just as soon they stayed in the big metro areas. I think there as big a pain in the buttocks as the local BLM groups. If they don't have a car they can't live out our way no public transportation.

    Too me it seams too quite on the latest EO, or I'm I missing something.??

    1. People are being told the decree of Lord Obama doesn't mean anything to the average gun owner. I disagree, because I believe it's an attempt to force more people to buy through NICS reportable transactions, which is essentially registration.

      Take a look at some of the European blogs and see what people there are having to deal with. It's unbelievable. If Moslem "immigrants" tried to pull the type of thing they did in Germany on New Years in our country, there would be blood running in the streets now.

  3. Harry...I have read on several alternative news web sites that the states are threatened with losing federal funding if they refuse to accept these people. And quite often the towns learn about the influx of refugees about the same time the bus loads of them arrive. I am not afraid of much any more. But I have to say that because of what is going on in my area, I have made changes in the way I live. I no longer ride the bus to shop. If I want to go anywhere, I ask one of my kids to take me. I stay away from shopping malls. I have started ordering much of what I need online. I stay away from any place where crowds gather. It probably is a good thing that I am comfortable with being somewhat of a hermit, for between the Somalis and the black lives matter groups, it just is not a good idea for an old lady to be out and about alone any more. The feeling here seems to be that of a pot on the brink of boiling over. I honestly don't think it would take much for the whole works to explode. Especially when those same terrors that have overwhelmed Europe arrive in our back yards. And they will before long if they aren't already here. I have to wonder when the same thing you saw in those videos happens here, will it even be reported or will it be swept under the rug in the name of political correctness saving face for the POTUS.

    1. Vicki, I just don't know what's next. 2015 was a really appalling year for negative events. The President is a hedonistic buffoon who reminds me for all the world of what I have read about Nero. The same stupid arrogance, the same willful determination to ignore the real world. I used to think Obama was just a pathetic party dupe, but now I believe he is truly evil. All the damage he has done will never be undone.

      Then there are the external factors, like ISIS getting stronger and the West growing weaker. People forget that the Islamists did nearly overrun all of Europe once before in the past, so I can't see why they seem unable to grasp that it might happen again.

      You know I subsidize my kids to a certain extent, and one reason is that they live in a very upscale neighborhood, where the apartment costs are high enough and the neighborhood far enough away from the inner city, to ensure their safety. So I thought. But I found out recently that there was a young woman in my daughter's building who went out to throw a bag of trash in the dumpster. She was attacked by a 13% type that had no business at all being there. When an older man drove up, saw what was going on and tried to help the girl the Goblin stabbed him four times. This right by my daughters apartment.

      The police say there is just no way they will ever find the perpetrator as they have nothing to go on and no one will know him there so they won't get any tips.

      It makes me wonder what I am supposed to do? I virtually pleaded with the kids to come home and live here, but they don't want to give up their friends, their jobs, their lifestyles. Who can blame them. There isn't much to attract a young adult in this forest.

      The European videos were horrible. It was like a medieval siege with the barbarians swarming around the train stations, completely out of control. It worries me that there was not a peep of this on any of our networks, though I know why. It's hard to tell people all is well when the neighbor's house is burning and the arsonists are moving in next door to you.

      The other thing that worries me is that very few people seem to pay any attention to events over there. I don't mean the folks I visit at their blogs, because they are far more situationally aware than the average "Joe." But when I talk to people in town, for instance, they don't know anything about it. It's as if they lived on a different planet.

      I know people get tired of it because they say so, and I've had suggestions that it would be better to just go back to survival related issues only. I do have another blog that no one has access to, and I suppose it could serve as my record instead of this one. I get a lot of comments from idiots that I just delete (remember the debacle when I tried to actually reason with these types? Never again.) But the one's I pay attention to are from people I've known on line a long time. I'll have to think it over. It begins to occur to me that this blog has sort of outlived it's usefulness and it might be time to shut it down. There are things on it that might not be too healthy for me in the near future, anyway.

      Guess we will both just have to see how things go and do the best we can.