Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Thanks, Wamba. Your comment made me laugh. Keep 'em coming!

I listened to Obama's speech tonight. I like to listen to those on the radio, rather than watch them on TV.  You can pick up more if you aren't distracted by the pictures.  You have to be impressed by the man's complete lack of connection to reality.  I'm not going to even think about it tonight, I'm just too tired.  I will say I was surprised to hear him lauding his "nuke deal" with the Iranians while they are holding two American patrol craft and 10 of our sailors as prisoners.  Seizing another nations vessels at sea is an act of war. But I'll leave that for tomorrow.

I had to make an unexpected trip to a big town a good ways from here today. 6 hours round trip, just to pick up some glasses. It's a long story and I guess I'll leave that for another day as well. It's almost midnight and I am "slap worn out" as we say here in the South.

Remember I mentioned I get all these comments that are supposed to make me angry, or make me feel badly, or whatever?

Wamba, son of Witless. Fool to Cedric the Saxon.
one of my favorite characters from "Ivanhoe"

Here's a message I got today. This guy / girl/ , whatever sends a lot of them. But this one was too good not to share.

AnonymousJanuary 12, 2016 at 2:33 AM
You fu***ing uscm veteran you all rapid women when you were in abroad missions....We know what happened in Vietnam Lebanon and all the other countries where you put your dirty nose. Stop eating you're too fat. 

Well, he's right about my weight.  Sounds like my doctor. I doubt he proffered this observation with my best interest at heart though.

I never "rapided " a woman in my life.  If I can say so without hubris, I never found it necessary when I was single. The guys not an English speaker so I can cut him some slack on that bit of confusion. I get his message.

It tells me he never set foot on a battlefield in his life.  However much some foreigner may hate the U.S. Marines, he has to know they are some of the best disciplined, most professional troops in the world. You get things like rape happening when discipline either never existed (ISIS and the other Islamic goat fetchers come to mind), or it breaks down.  If anybody knows of a time when USMC discipline broke down, let me know.

I can't speak to Viet Nam, though I know or knew plenty of guys who were there, and I think they'd laugh like I did at this notion. I wasn't involved in that war.

But I can tell you in Lebanon,  that kind of thing may have happened out away from us, with all the different factions going at each other it's possible.  I don't remember the PLO, the Israelis,the Phalange, the Americans, the British, the Italians, AMAL, the Druse, the Syrians, the French, or even the Iranians, ever being accused of sexual assault. I had other worries at the time, to be honest, but I think I would have heard of something like that.

The only women I ever saw in the Marine Base at the airport were working for the old Geezer who ran the little gedunk shop. If Marines went out of the base it was on duty and under the control of an NCO , or sometimes an officer. So, whoever you are, check your facts. Not that facts ever stood in the way of your sort, but try it, you might like it. Ignorance may be bliss but it can make you look pretty stupid. Try this one for a well known historians work:

Or, you could read this one by a young officer that was there:

Or this one by a very young enlisted Marine.

Or even this one, by the Commander on the scene. He is what the Marines call " a  gentleman and a scholar",  if they respect a Commander, and they certainly did respect this man.

By the way,gentle reader with the bad spelling,  I've been married to the same woman since 1982, I was married to her when I went down there, and I've never "strayed." Never wanted to.  So that little barb missed it's mark by a good margin.

But thanks for the comment.  Hell, at least you remember the Lebanon fiasco. That's more than most of my countrymen do. So whatever your intent, that was a genuinely welcome aspect of what you wrote.  

Of course, there's this to consider:

“You can always judge a man not by his friends, but by the quality of his enemies. A good man will never have enemies who are anything but petty and childish.  Who it is that dislikes a man reveals much about the man himself.” ~ Wicasta Lovelace

On the other hand, Medieval warriors considered that a man was judged by the greatness of his enemies. By that scale, given the quality of this kind of comment, my status would have been slight indeed. The folks I get these low rent comments from are what we call "piss ants" in the South. Not image enhancing to have those for enemies.

USvulgar slang
plural noun: piss-ants
  1. an insignificant or contemptible person or thing.

No kudos for me on this count. 



  1. For what it's worth, it sounds like some snot-nosed kid to me.

    1. Gorges, who knows? This was really mild compared to a lot of the others. But I feel really good about these, because I know if I make them mad enough to take the trouble to comment, when they know damn well I won't publish the comments most of the time, I must be doing something right.

      Do you remember when I tried to "talk" with some of these people about a year ago? Michael and some others told me I was opening a real can of worms, but I did try. I worked at it, but it was impossible. The originators of most of this kind of comment are completely brainwashed, and generally abysmally ignorant. They're often also a little sick in the head. It transpired that one of them, the most prolific with messages primarily comprised of invective was "Sara." Who then turned out to be some Brit male. The guy apparently spent his entire day, every day, going around the net and spewing filth under different names.

      What's the point of trying to talk to someone like that?

  2. Harry, I had no idea you got this kind of hate mail. You know what they say about how if you are getting flak you are over the target. Must have hit a nerve, lol.

  3. This guy is a piker. Some of them get really nasty. That's why I had to go to comment moderation. I didn't want people coming to the blog, and seeing some of obscenity and filth before I saw it and deleted it.

    I would like to edit some other comments and put them on, but that's how these individuals get motivated. Something about this particular comment struck my fancy, though.....

  4. Harry, I'm still reading every post despite my infrequent comments. I've quit reading many blogs over the years, no real reason, just quit, but yours is a daily check for me.
    In the tradition of Alcoholics anonymous, I'm L and I have 2 problems. Guns and books.
    Harry, if you're ever at a loss for blog fodder, I'd love to hear more about your library. Just pick a shelf or a table or whatever and tell us what's on it, why you read it and what you think about it, if you'd like.
    Thank you for the time and effort you put into this window on your part of the world.

    Semper Fi.

    1. Hey, good to hear from you. I know you stay pretty busy down there. i saw your governor after the "state of the union" last night, and her appearance explained something to me. I have always wondered why she keeled over on the Confederate Flag so quickly, when South Carolina has such a strong tradition of honoring Southern values and history. Now I get it. She's the daughter of Indian (dot on the face Indians) immigrants, so she has no ties whatsoever to Southern people. That explains it. I'm at a loss as to how she got elected. Maybe her family owned so many gas stations and convenience stores that they were able to get enough employees to vote for her to win the election?

      Most of my books are history, particularly military history, and gun books or survival books. I did buy the Easton Press classics for years, but Shakespeare, Byron, Keats, Sinclair, et al really aren't my cup of tea. My daughter likes them though. Every time she comes home she hauls some of those up to her place in the North.

      It's good to talk to you again.

  5. Obama's supposed to talk here. I thought it was both funny and rude that the governor of Nebraska didn't want to take out the time of his oh so busy schedule to listen to him. I get it - you don't see eye to eye with the guy. But he is the president. Even if you don't like it, what does it say to the people of the US if you two can't even see each other?

    1. Alissa, yours is a positive and civilized point of view. It used to be that way in politics here.

      But today, half of America is left wing and liberal, half is right wing and conservative. The two sides have grown so far apart that there isn't room for compromise anymore, and the tactics employed by people like Obama make it impossible for people like me to trust him, or respect him. If he were in my town I'd go to the beach that weekend! ;-)

  6. It's sad that they have nothing better to do than attack out of ignorance.

    Thanks for visiting. I like to think I have the carriage of the second photo...wish I had her beauty.

    Hang in there. Sticks and stones...

    1. Gail, I liked the first picture because she looked very feminine. The second picture looked like something out of "Clock Work Orange."

      I don't care about the troll comments. Usually I get a kick out of them.

  7. Harry, Looks like you are still on the moonbat-freak-train radar. I got a few similar ones from Sara a while back. That one's a doozy. Tells you a lot a but the author. Pitiful is the best that can be said about people who write junk like that. Like all who express themselves that way, their infantile rage is a measure of the wretched hollow lives they lead. The only satisfaction they get is venting their anger making these failed attempts to piss on someone on the internet. It gives them a false sense of empowerment sorely lacking in their daily lives. It is impossible to feel sorry for them. They like to blame others for their misery, but the sad truth is that it is no one's but their own fault. Given enough rope, these are the same sort of wretched souls who eventually let their rage grow enough that they will strap a bomb to themselves or use a gun to hurt some complete strangers who did nothing to them, just to adjudicate their perceived injustice. Best nip it in the bud and don't give them a forum to vent their rage.
    Back to the vehicle subject from a few posts ago. I always liked the VW Thing but it is not 4wd which for your circumstance I'd think would be a prerequisite. Restored ones do come up every now and then on that BAT page I linked before. Looks like Jeep is coming up with a few innovations for 2017. They promise a Wrangler based pickup sort of like the old scrambler but with some of the stilling cues from the old Wagoner/Kaiser. Could make for a nice vehicle.

    1. I never escaped them. I still get lots of comments from jackasses. More than that, my spam filter catches about 200 spam messages a day for everything from insurance to nasty little telephone services. That all started when I got "Sara" on my tail, and since I have to go through and try to check the spam filter for real emails from friends, it takes up a lot of time. So I can use some filter technology but I still have to look at all the comments and all the spam. And I still lose peoples comments that way from time to time that I want to keep.

      That Jeep sounds great. I think I saw a picture of a "concept vehicle" that is probably the one you are thinking of in one of my magazines. But the projected price on it was out of my range, about $54,000 new for the basic model.

    2. Remember when you said oil would hit $20.00 a barrel and I said I doubted it would break a bottom of $30.00? It closed at $30.88 according to CNN, today. If oil keeps going down, and the stock market keeps taking it in the shorts, it's going to be hard to tell people everything is okey dokey like Barrack Hussein said last night.

    3. Yes I filled up for just under 2$ a gallon last week. I haven't seen that for over 15 years around these parts. I think the price of oil will keep going down. The Saudis are broke. I read a piece on how they are several billions in the hole and can't keep up with their profligate spending. So thy are going for broke, and ratcheting up production despite the pleas of other OPEC members to slow it down. Most of it is due to the slow down of demand for oil in china. They went nuts for a while building high-rises, and boosting production of goods on central orders from the Govt and not on true market demand. We have also have reduced demand here as we have increased our national production despite O-bumer and his cadre of nazi dirt-worshiping-tree-huggers interference. In the end despite the nay-sayers lower oil prices are a good thing. They have been artificially inflated way to high for way to long. Lower oil prices means goods are cheaper and more people can afford to buy them which in turn boosts demand and increases production which is a win-win for all involved. It is elemental stuff. And the gravy on the plate is that it spells the demise of incompetent rats and bullies like Maduro and his totalitarian friends.

    4. I still have a few living friends in the oil patch and I feel for them. On the other hand I know how oil prices are manipulated and that the profits big oil squeezes out of people would make the Robber Barons green with envy and admiration. They are a thorough going bunch of bastards. I worked in that industry for twenty years and I guess I am guilty by association. Only a papal dispensation like my bosses mother bought him at the Vatican can save me now!
      Gas is 1.729 down here for regular. Diesel is 2.129.

    5. I have read that actual profit on fuel sold at the pump is less than 10 cents per gallon split between the vendor an the producers. Something like 57% is taxes (read; socialist redistribution of wealth), the rest is actual cost to produce and deliver. But at the end of the day when I spend 1000$ less a year on heat or it costs me 30$ to fill my gas tank instead of 70$ a year ago I am left with more money in my pocket. Which means I can spend more on other stuff (or save/invest in the market) which stimulates other sectors of the market and the dollar goes further which at the end of the day just like a store sale stimulates commerce and the economy. And its not just across one sector but for everyone from the poorest to the richest consumer. Because despite the dirt-worshiping-tree-hugging-nazi's objections, oil IS the lifeblood of the economy and everything you consume or need to live is ruled by it.

  8. The VW thing, and the beetle make great off road cars, 2 wd notwithstanding. The engine and drive wheels are both in the rear, so you get great traction. And with torsion bar suspension it is fairly easy to raise them up for better ground clearance. Make a skid plate for the trans and bottom of the engine, and they will go almost anywhere. The rest of the bottom is already flat, and no exposed fuel lines and brake pipes ...Engine upgrades are not expensive, and being aircooled, no radiator and hoses to worry about. Look around for a "baja bug" that is already converted, and you have a pretty capable stealth off roader...

    1. J, I see a good many purely off the road vehicles up here, most of them are built on Jeep frames. We have some big off the road trails here, restricted to dirt bikes and off road vehicles. They are run and maintained by the state. When my son was home, he was big into dirt bike riding. I'd take him to one of the trails up at the lake, and then I'd stay in this big meadow where everybody camped. While the younger guys rode I visited and had coffee with other's doing the same thing. It was a lot of fun. Since my son left I haven't been out there.

  9. Well, at least your "nose" is clean. Some 3rd world degenerate saying your nose is dirty... Priceless.

    I went against my own advice and watched POTUS last night. Sure glad it was his last major speech. Sure am sick of being lectured. --Troy

    1. I guess trying to be sufficiently insulting in a foreign language is tough. I know most of these people really want to piss me off but the way they word their comments is usually pretty funny.

      I listened to the Idiot in Chief on my satellite radio. Didn't want to see all his little flock of geese bobbing up and down in their seats.

      Maybe Hillary will get put in jail, and weird old Bernie will get elected. I don't think the Republicans have a chance in hell. The party machine will cheat Trump out of the nomination, and a lot of people are going to say to hell with them after that. I'm one of them.

  10. That's horrible that you get such mean comments. Can't you block those jerks somehow? And I totally get what you mean about being too tired to say much on your blog....that was me the other day!

    1. Becca, I used to think it was because I am strongly opinionated and don't suffer fool's gladly. But I know some lady bloggers who only write about domestic things like cooking and gardening and some of them have gone to comment moderation because they got vulgar or salacious comments. Some people out there in the ether are pretty sick.