Thursday, January 7, 2016

There's a new show on History Channel and other mundane thoughts.

“That’s the thing about the collapse of civilization, Blake. It never happens according to plan – there’s no slavering horde of zombies. No actinic flash of thermonuclear war. No Earth-shuddering asteroid. The end comes in unforeseen ways; the stock market collapses, and then the banks, and then there is no food in the supermarkets, or the communications system goes down completely and inevitably, and previously amiable co-workers find themselves wrestling over the last remaining cookie that someone brought in before all the madness began.”
― Mark A. Rayner, The Fridgularity

The Seven New Signs of the Apocalypse.

This program premiered on History Channel this week. It pairs up scientists and theologians and takes another look at Revelation. It very much appealed to me because I have trouble accepting things I can't understand. I take nothing "on faith".

The show takes John of Patmos, and matches up his ideas with things in the physical world that could actually bring them about. Two hours long, very well done and extremely interesting. I called my brother in Oregon so he would be able to enjoy it. He's not as interested in survivalism as I am and tends to look at speculation over the future as a waste of time. Even he thought this was a well put together product that was worth the time to watch it.

I've significantly increased all the outdoor animals food rations. Instead of the normal dry dog food mixed with table scraps, the dogs now get their dry dog food, mixed with canned Alpo, and a big hunk of hog jowls to boot. I spent more on animal feed this week than I did on myself and the wife.

The cats get their dry food mixed with canned Alpo as well. They don't seem to mind the label on the can pictures a dog. They like the big chunks.

The chickens get double rations of cracked corn in winter.

My ferrets don't feel the winter, but since I have been able to acquire the protein and vitamin paste they like so much at less than half what I was paying previously at a pet store, I am somewhat more extravagant in doling it out. It's one of their favorite foods. Thanks to those who sent me links to different on line sources, I have saved a great deal of money.

People email me and tell me I worry too much about the immigrant thing. They say those folks will never be near me anyhow.  But they might be near my daughter. And you have to remember, I've seen these people before, up close and personal. I know I run the risk of being mocked as the caricatured "old soldier" boring people with tales from the past, but I spent enough time in Lebanon to get a good feel for the middle eastern Islamic Culture. Most people just have no idea. No idea at all......
The curse of Americans is that they think everybody out there in the wide world is like them. They aren't.

Well, OK. Maybe I do harp on it and bore people. That's not my intent.

What is happening on a lot of different fronts worries me considerably, not so much for myself at my age. More for my kids. They are young adults and will have to live in the "Mad Max" environment the country and the world seem to be turning into.

So many Americans appear to me to be like the Romans after Adrianople. The Empire was finished, and they didn't even know it.  Just carried on as normal until the "immigrants" swept them away.

We are supposed to have snow coming in early Friday morning, just after midnight on Thursday. I'm ready for it. Plenty of coffee, plenty of firewood, and I even splurged and bought a big bag of the expensive burritos I usually eschew in favor of the cheaper ones that cost a third as much. I'm spoiling myself.

I also went over budget and ordered $200 worth of ammunition from Sportsmans Guide. Even paid the $29.00 membership fee for their discount club. This was not for me, it's all going to the kids up in the Northern city where they live. Seeing those videos on those European blogs motivated me to fill in some gaps in their preparations, though they did not leave here with a cubic inch of space unfilled in the Commander.Their mother and I made sure of that. Not many gaps to fill.

I left all the security lights off tonight. Even those on the porch.  Though I use red lights that work with night vision devices but don't produce much visible light, sometimes I just like to see the stars with no interference. It's pitch black out there. The wind is still blowing, it hasn't let up for days. The creek is roaring, getting a lot of extra water from the storms that hasn't drained off yet.  No other sounds. Peaceful up here.

"It should be the duty of every soldier to reflect on the experiences of the past, in the endeavor to discover improvements, in his particular sphere of action, which are practicable in the immediate future."

B. H. Liddell Hart

I was a Marine but perhaps the old General would forgive me using this quote.


  1. Harry - you know how much i respect you, but i have a pet peeve, it bothers me something fierce and it's when people refer to the last book of the bible, my favourite book besides genesis, as the book of "revelations". the book is called the book of "revelation". it is not pluralized in the original greek or in any of the german, english or french translations. i'm sorry - maybe the show called it revelations and that is why you used the term here. i'm a bit of a stickler for things like that being a linguist and hoping someday to become a semiologist (like umberto eco - wouldn't that be a dream come true! i love umberto!). anyway, i digress.

    your experiences overseas i take into great consideration because you were there and on the ground, you saw what went on and how it happened and you are a true patriot that raised law-abiding children who are true and proper citizens of your country, paying taxes and trying to do their best in this world. so your opinion on many matters is something i do not take lightly.

    i know how much you care for all of your animals and if memory serves correctly, ghandi, but previously francis of assisi, said that we can judge a human's character by the way they treat animals. you have a very high moral character and fibre that can be met by very few.

    i don't think the old General would mind you borrowing his quote. and i am better for knowing you, and for knowing of your experiences. and i thank you for that.

    sending much love, always, to you and yours. your friend,

    1. Hey Kymber,


      I'm a stickler for screwing up, goofing off and I mispronounce and bastardize half the English language. I make a good redneck. I also want to be a simiologist and drive a big semi truck down the road. That would be a cool job.

  2. harry, think i told you this before.
    had a friend from lebanon, who would be in her hundreds now, who told me a moslem could be closer than a brother, like jonathan and david, but if the imam told him to kill you he would do it immediately without batting an eyelash.

    the feminazis have no idea of true 'patriarchy' [which is a pejorative term to them.]
    let them live for a week with the utter disregard for females that is the everyday reality in much of the world.
    it is such a shock to the system, gives you a horrible feeling in your abdomen.
    they need shock therapy. maybe the scales will fall from their eyes. maybe.

    1. In Lebanon, I learned that Moslems consider lying a skill, not a shameful thing. They are capable of the most sickening cruelty. They consider treachery an art and a tool to be employed when convenient. They utterly despise people of other religions. Their religion gives them permission to do things that are revolting, even encourages them to this in some respects. Are there "good" Moslems. Yes, there are. I just didn't see any in the chaos there in Lebanon. Once you have seen what the bad ones can do, you aren't interested in "hands across the gulf" anymore. Nothing that has happened since 1982 and 1983 has weakened my beliefs, far from it.

      So when I hear the Barbies and Ken's on the news, their smooth little voices saying what nice people the Moslems are, overall, I know they have never been around any of them or been in the countries where they hold sway.

      If this makes me a racist in the eyes of people who don't know anything of what I am talking about, then that hardly seems of interest to me. They're going to find out the hard way in time, but by then it will be too late.

  3. I lived in the Middle East several times back when I was a Project Engineer based out of Chicago.

    Sometimes I'd be there a month, sometimes less, and my longest stay was 6 months in Iran.

    The business people and professionals I dealt with were all fine people, highky educated, and most of the younger workers were OK, too.

    But the older people in lesser jobs just had such a look of HATE in their eyes that it scared me a bit, and made me glad that I'd be going back to the states relatively soon.

    Letting them into our country is a HUGE mistake, as Sweden has finally realized, with Germany soon to follow, I hope.

    What with the current resident of our White House trying his damnedest to disarm us, and demonize "regular" native-born Americans, I fear for our country as I never have.....

    1. Dr. Jim, in a business environment I imagine that working with Moslem associates would be alright, though I have to tell you that I personally would never trust them. Even with the upper strata of their society in Lebanon, they lied and manipulated beyond belief. They turned us every which way but loose, because we tried to treat them as if they had our values, and they did not. Eric Hammel wrote a good history of the U.S. intervention in Lebanon, and he gives example after example of how they tricked and manipulated us at every opportunity. They played the State Department like a Stradivarius. Those of us closer to the dirty ground got an education. One of the Colonels I was working with had served multiple tours in Viet Nam, and he said the Moslems made the Vietnamese look like paragons of virtue.

      In April the Swedish Prime Minister gave an interview to Al Jazeera where she heavily criticized the U.S. for not "doing their share" to help "these poor unfortunate people." Very self righteous and condescending. Now Sweden is squalling and trying to get Norway and other countries to join them in blocking the borders, something the noble Prime Minister castigated the Eastern Europeans for doing at the time.

      Finland is running them out by force. Norway is bribing them to leave and not come back. Denmark is prohibiting entry as much as they can. Belgium and France have had a belly full.
      But they are all too late. The common people there know , and knew at the time it was happening, that letting all these tumble weeds into Europe was a horrific mistake. But like Americans, they have rulers who are completely out of touch with reality and only interested in their "legacy", not their countries or their people.

      I think your last sentence just about summed it up for me. I have never, ever seen things going to hell so fast, and with such devastating consequences. I am not religious but if I were I would be dead certain Obama was the Anti-Christ.It seems almost impossible that a mortal man could do so much damage to America,so quickly and with such ease. The end results will be about the same as if he were.

    2. Seeing as this was the late 1970's, and I was still pretty "wet behind the ears", I'll defer to your more recent experience!

      One group I have recent experience with are the Russians, having worked for a Russian company just before I retired.

      Don't EVER trust the Russians!

      They will lie to your face, and steal your wallet while they have you distracted!

    3. I know there are some good Moslem people. The village in Afghanistan that fought the Taliban to protect one of our special operations guys because he was their guest was full of stand up people. Maybe the fellows you worked with were too. My problem is that once you get bitten by a poisonous snake you tend to distrust all snakes.

      I never had much contact with the Russians because the whole time I was in the service they were the A number one enemy. But I can forgive much to a people who have women as beautiful as theirs!

    4. Boy you got that right!

      Some of the women they brought in for technical positions were drop-dead GORGEOUS!

  4. I went back and removed the offending "s." I was raised Southern Baptist, and in the Grange Hall where we went to church, the preacher frequently ranted and raved and threatened everybody with the horrors in the "book of revelations." But I went and checked on the net, and you are quite right, it's properly called "revelation."

    I'm pretty sure that was not the only "bum gouge" that I got at the grange hall before I was able to leave home and didn't have to go anymore.

    I like my animals and take good care of them because they are my friends. In general, as you well know, I don't mix much with people. I do have some friends like you and J and others I've met on the net, but that's about it. I like living up here on my own.

    Did I tell you the story about being a notary public. The last few years I worked, my boss decided he wanted me to be a notary public. I went to the court house and got the papers (I'd been here about 27 years then) and I had to find two people who would sign them attesting that I had lived in the county for 5 years. I didn't know anybody who knew me well enough to do that. So I had to get a notary license in his county where he and the secretary could sign the paper! If I told you that before, it's just that I'm getting senile and don't remember.

  5. Hey Harry,


    I left a comment yesterday and it was not posted. it probably did not make it through. That's ok, I just wanted to let you know I am not ignoring this blog.

    I have been busy with some other projects since the weather has been getting better. Everything is ok.

    I agree one hundred percent with you on what you wrote Harry. I have seen what islam is capable of also.

    I just hope that your kids find a way out of that city to somewhere else, preferably closer to home.

    Im tired, cant write much. I will have more time next week.

    1. CC, do you remember which post you commented on? I hate it when somebody goes to the trouble to make a comment and it doesn't post. With the set up I use now, Troll comments get automatically audited out but I still have to check and delete each one, so it's not likely that happened to your comment, as I'd have caught the error when I cleaned out that folder. But I know that sometimes I do lose comments. Sorry about that. I'm running low on energy as well, I know exactly what you mean.

    2. Hey Harry,


      That comment I left was not the previous post by you, but the one before it.
      No big deal 'Harry. I wanted to mention that I was still following your blog, just too tired to leave a comment late in the evening.
      I check this blog at least once a day, sometimes two or three times, maybe more if theres a lot of activity and interesting things being talked about.
      'Harry, you need your own TV news show. The network presidents would hate you, but you would have 100 million viewers. Even the trolls would watch you just so they can having something that pisses them off, and their days are exciting.

    3. CC, I went back and looked through all the comments and I didn't find the one you mentioned. I don't know what happened to it. It's not in the spam folder.

      I think I probably say too much as it is. I don't want to wind up the next Bundy.

  6. Harry - you are nowhere near senile and won't be for at least another 30 years...and then you'll be telling us about how the guys you had to hire to clear the moss off of your roof shingles didn't do a very good job...and you'll be cranky as oh heck! you'll be here and for a good many years with your brain functioning very well. the minute i think that you are losing it, jam and i will come down there and drag you back to the dark ages...otherwise known as our island! we love you Harry, and i think you know that! we love you very much because you call it like it is, have been to places and have actual experiences that the rest of us can only learn from, and treat your animals with true and proper grace. and were loyal to your wife and raised your children into proper citizens that any country would be proud to have.

    and yes you told me about the notary. but that was a few years ago and we all forget what we tell/told our internet friends over the years. and you know that if it were possible - we'd sign for you. we've known you that long. but i don't think they trust canadians down there, ya know? bahahahah!

    and you have been a very good friend to us and taught us so much over the years. we love you buddy. your friends,
    kymber and jambaloney

    1. Kymber.... Kymber.... I knew a woman named Kymber once, I just can't remember where..... :-) (just kidding!)

      I'm not the sharpest tack in the pack anymore. I have to have a special place to put my wallet, my glasses, my keys, etc. If I don't always put them there, I lose them. I am the only person alive who can pick something up, walk two feet to another table or counter, and lose what I just picked up.

      You should have told me I never told you that story before, because now I really am sure senility is creeping up on me!

      My daughter gave me a little nut cracker man for Christmas. He has a huge white beard, is all clothed in flannel shirt and cargo pants, and has a rifle. She said it reminded her of me. I am not sure how to take that.....

    2. Harry - it sounds like the little nut cracker man is a perfect gift for you! your daughter is pretty clever!

      and you losing things reminds me of one of my most favourite bosses - i was his executive assistant and he was always losing things. he was getting late for a really important meeting and came screaming into my office "kid! kid! i can't find my glasses! (he called me kid - it was cute). anyway, we tore his office upside down and then he bent his head over and the glasses fell off his head! he had tucked them on his head to look out the window and then didn't remember that they were on his head! i near killed him because he made us both late for the meeting - bahahhaha!

    3. I can sympathize with the man. My wife always takes the grocery list when we go to the store because I will have it when I get in the Jeep at the house but it's lost when I get out of the Jeep in town.

  7. How much ammo did 200 bucks buy you from Sportsman Guide?

    Don't much like people, either,...animals are loyal and won't stab you in the back. They love you until their last breath.


    1. Order Details:
      Qty Product Size Color Unit Price Unit Tax Total Price Status
      1 WX2-293376
      300rd .380 Acp 90gr Fmj W/pack
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      1 WX2-71522
      50rds .45 Colt 250gr Lfn
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      1 WX2-222424
      50rds 25 Auto Fmj 50gr
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      1 WX2-223092
      20rds 7.5x55 Swiss Sp 174gr
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      Merchandise Total: $174.57
      Sales Tax: $0.00
      Shipping and Handling: $17.99 (Ship Method: Ground)
      Sub-Total: $192.56
      Less Merchandise Coupon: $-10.00
      ----------------------- --------------
      Grand Total: $182.56

      Tewshooz, I got a box of .45 colt for a Ruger Vaquero my son has. 300 rounds of .380 for their two Walther PPK pistols.
      1 Box of 7.5 Swiss for the K31 they have. They already have 200 rounds for that rifle but 20 more can't hurt when dad is feeling anxious. Also a box of .25 ACP for a little Taurus my daughter has.

      Shipping was high at $17.00, but I looked around on the net til I found a Sportsmans Guide coupon for $10.00 off and that helped.

      Animals make good friends, for just the reasons you mentioned. Besides, nobody else wants to live up here in the woods with cranky old me.

    2. Check out for sales, plus free shipping.

    3. I will. I am always on the scout for cheaper sources of ammo. I use some really off the wall chamberings and I have a lot of trouble finding affordable or in stock ammo for those in particular. That's why I have to reload so much.

      I also like catalogs a lot, and if you don't buy from companies like Cheaper than Dirt or Sportsman's Guide they drop you off the list.

      That doesn't mean I can't buy from whoever I want to though, if they have a better deal.

  8. I hate to be a pessimist, but things do not look good for the US. God help the next President with all the mess he (hoping not she) inherits.

    1. Things don't look good for any of us. I heard on Fox today that the Republicans establishment has now endorsed Rubio, as he is " a good party member who toes the RNC line." If Trump isn't the nominie, a lot of staunch Republicans are going to realize they are being played, and that Clinton will win anyway now, so they aren't going to vote. What would be the point? Clinton will get in and that will finish us. Coming on the heels of 8 years of the "P***y in Chief" it will finish us.

  9. Harry-I am never bored by any of your stories about your military career. Thank you for sharing your experiences. I agree that we all need to be concerned about what is happening to this country and the alarming speed of its' decline. As I get older, I do not worry about myself so much, but I do worry about my children and grandchildren.
    I so appreciate the way that you take care of your animals. We have a number of outside dogs and cats. I go to extra measures to take care of them, even though, many of my friends and family think I am silly to do those things. You have a good heart. Jana

    1. Jana, I have an suppressed fear of being like the old guy in a quote I read once. The speaker was talking about a veteran being too garrulous, and he said " he is a good man, and suffers only from the fault that too often attends old veterans." I don't want to be that way.

      Since I was born in the early 1950's, I can remember how things used to be and they were so much better. I know old people always say that. The Greeks were fond of lampooning "oldsters" lamenting the folly of the youth and the degeneracy of the times. But I think it's true in our situation.

      I don't think you are silly at all. I'm more comfortable with my animals than I am with people. My daughter takes after me in that respect. She has a pet squirrel she raised from a hairless infant. She had to bottle feed it every two hours day and night until it could eat solid food. Some guys were cutting down trees, and cut down the tree with the squirrel nest, killing the whole little family except the one baby. They brought it to her in a bucket, as she's known for rescuing any animal in need (even a horse, to the detriment of my cash reserves!) When she was telling me about her squirrel she said "those guys didn't check the tree to see if it was anyone's home."

      Just like her old man.

      By the way, Conkors the Squirrel recently found her smart phone on her bed and chewed it to pieces. I had to buy her a new one. Et Tu, Conkors!

  10. Hey Harry,


    In regards to the post below about the muslims that were assaulting those women in Cologne. I saw the video that showed them (the muslims) shooting fireworks into crowds into Cologne.

    I don't mean to sound like a Redeck but kinda wish the krauts would 'grow a pair' and return fire with a few MG-42's.
    'Hell, 'I love you' in German sounds like 'Lets get the tanks and go to Poland'
    The Germany I miss went from 1945 to 1991 (when the wall fell and all the people that were spoiled by communism like Agela Merkel were let loose on the world)

    (I was finally able to get some sleep and come up with a few wisecracks)

    1. A lot of Europeans are resisting, some are doing more than talking. Germany and Finland seem to have the most active resistance. I know this is true from reading European english language papers, and from the shrill attacks I get in my email or in comments. Usually in broken or barely understandable English. Things like "Moslem people welcome here, you so stupid you know nothing..... not woman being attacked by Moslems, not even one!

      Yeah, Right Hammad. My hand sweats for my ax handle when I get that kind of thing. But instead I just hit the delete button. I tried reasoning with these bastards once, a year or so ago I guess it was, against the sound advice of my wiser friends, but I soon learned to regret it.

  11. My dad watches The History Channel all the time. I have a feeling we would to, but we don't have cable. Just old TV boxes with a converter box, and an antenna.

    Pets are pretty expensive. I'd love to have a dog to help protect us. I have big time allergies. Nothing furry for me. It's pretty sad. I know my boys would love a dog.

    1. The History Channel isn't as good as it was years ago. They used to have some excellent documentaries. But the budget got cut and they only rarely come out now with something like this new show. However, when they do it's a good one.

      I have satellite tv as there is no cable here at all. I started with the old G band systems, hard to maintain and mostly you watched feeds. But with the newer systems today it's more reliable and less prone to damage. Living up here, I am careful to keep a lot of different communications devices because no matter what happens, I want to know what's going on in the outside world.

      You should get a ferret, Alissa. They will drain your bank account like nobody's business. When Ragnar was still alive, he had two operations for cancer, and he had an operation for adrenal disease and a medical chip implanted to let medicine into his system. I expect over his lifetime I spent enough on him alone to have bought a small used car. But I never begrudged a cent of it, and I would have spent more if I could have helped him. But in the end, the cancer got to where he would have had to have his lower jaw removed and just lived down at Emory for chemotherapy. I couldn't do that to him, because I have decided for myself if that happens to me I am not going to go through all that. So the vet helped him on his way, painlessly. My only regret is that I wasn't strong enough to stay in the room and wasn't there with him at that point. But he was so drugged up I am sure he didn't know I was gone. Ragnar was a really good friend and companion, and I miss him to this day. I think that's the real cost of having animal friends, especially ferrets who are prone to so many illnesses and early death.

      Maybe some day you can have an outside dog and the allergies won't bother you if he stays out.

  12. As Lewis Grizzard would say "foot-washin' Baptist".
    I miss his humor.

    1. He had a knack for telling the funny things about Southern culture without being deprecating. We actually have "foot-washin' Baptists" up here. We go the gamut from the high and mighty First Baptist Church types in town, to the "Takin' up Serpents" worshipers in the little hollows way up in the mountains.

  13. Hey Harry,


    I was on the beach last night near dark and I saw three deer and after dark I saw a lone Coyote near the beach last night.

    I really like Coyote's. Extremely adaptable and will eat anything. I admire their cunning and self resilance.

    1. I never think of their being wild animals at the beach. My wife and I lived on Emerald Island in the Outer Banks for more than a year when I was waiting to be released from active duty, and I never say any animals except cats. Maybe because the inter-coastal waterway was between the island and the ocean, and you could only get there over a bridge. I wish I lived near the beach, because I used to love to go out there at sunset and at dawn every day.

  14. "The curse of Americans is that they think everybody out there in the wide world is like them. They aren't." That's exactly right and is why most Americans are so blind to what's going on.

    1. Leigh, that's true. Most Americans, if they go out of the country at all, go to Paris, or London, or Cancun, etc. They never see the real Third World. However, that deficiency will soon be remedied courtesy of our erstwhile President, who is doing everything in his power (and some things not legally in his power) to bring the Third World, scabs and all, right to us here.

  15. I often feel like I spoil my dog and treat him better than I treat myself LOL I love that cats eat dog food, it makes it so much easier to give them treats sometimes!

    1. Becca, my cats are outside working cats. They mainly live in the barn. I wish I could pamper them more but I do make sure they have plenty of good food and a warm place to get in out of the weather. If they are sick or injured I doctor them and if it beyond my skills I get them to a vet. All of us up here work for the common good. My daughter has two indoor cats up in the city but they are principally companions. The feline equivalent of my ferrets.

  16. I can't use the ammo info, but I am interested in the
    expensive burritos you bought. Sometimes, I'm just too
    tired to cook anything, and would like something in the freezer that would be a quick treat. I totally agree with
    you that people have no idea on what is coming. JB

    1. JB, the burritos are made by a company called El Monterey. They have very good burritos, every flavor combination your heart could desire. My personal favourite is the package of "hot picante." They come eight to a package for just under four dollars. I microwave them then fry them in a frying pan for just a couple of minutes to make them crisp. You could eat them right out of the microwave and they would be fine.

      But the best are the big packages of individually wrapped burritos by the same outfit. Lots of good flavors again, but bigger burritos and more cheese and meat. I especially like the Southwestern Chipotles and the shredded steak and red chilies. They cost$12.00 a bag though. I don't buy them as often as I do the cheaper one's. Like the Russians say "the best is the enemy of good enough."

      Proverbs 27:12 applies. I wish it didn't.

  17. Harry, we are the sum total of our experiences are we not? You saw the real world while in the middle east. You learned from it and have adapted. It is also true that most Americans don't have a clue about other cultures. When they do go out to see the world, they generally vacation in trendy, upscale places in Europe. They don't see the ugly side in the rest of the world.

    Like you, I saw plenty of ugliness while in Colombia. I saw murders for hire, bloodshed from the civil war, and a total disregard for human life (the dead plastered on the front pages of the newspaper I might add). I saw corruption on a scale you can't imagine. I took it all to heart, and it has become my personal sum total lesson learned.

    I am grateful that I witnessed all that. And because of it, it has saved my life more than once. My children are better off too. Stay resilient my friend. --Troy

    1. It's frustrating to know what you are talking about, and be told you are a bigot and a racist by someone who has no clue about reality. I wish I could put an idiot filter on the blog then I wouldn't have to delete so many comments. But as you say, better to know the truth, because a stiff dose of reality is the best cure for naivety.

  18. I've worked in the middle east since the early 90s. While there are some decent folks there, most of them that I dealt with managed to be primitive, conniving, stubborn, lazy, and arrogant, all at the same time.

    Every house, restaurant, office lobby, etc. has some version of the same picture hanging there. It's always a man, riding a horse, and swinging a sword. That picture is everywhere, and that has to tell you something about their worldview.

    "Enlightened people", and we have pleeenty of those here in Seattle, roll their eyes and think you're just being bigoted when you say things like that, but those people haven't been there to see for themselves.

    I think ol' Mike Tyson said it best, something like "Everybody has a plan, until they get punched in the face".
    Most people's plan to welcome our downtrodden Islamic brothers with candy and flowers will be quickly recalibrated after that first punch.

    1. And that type of people we can spare with small loss. I would think the horrific experience with the Somalis in Minnesota would at least make the sheeple think but maybe they are too far gone for independent thought. They just wait for Obama to enlighten them.

  19. I haven't prepared anything for the cats if our situation gets bad although they could eat what we do, we have a pretty good stock, not to last six months or a year but to get by for several months. The recent floods confirmed my thoughts that people don't have much food in their houses these days. I heard they rushed to Dollar General and cleared out the shelves at the last minute. I've told my brother and sister in law to stock up, they know what's coming and I don't have enough to feed everyone (they live next door). I hope they do, just beans and rice, noodles or dried potatoes- anything that will get them by. And then there are the rest of our neighbors, what if they don't have supplies. You can't turn them down but you can't endanger your family either. Glad you are prepared.

  20. Kathy, that issue is one everybody thinks a lot about. It boils down to this for me. Everyone makes their own choices. If I drive an older truck and spend the income saved on supplies, while someone else takes cruises and snickers at me, I'm not going to feel very kindly toward them if they show up on my doorstep at a bad time. But in your case, if these are friends and neighbors it would be a judgement call.

    I tested my cats out on rice (which I'm unlikely to run out of) and bullion cubes. I just boiled the cubes down, then boiled the rice in the broth. The cats and dogs both liked it.

  21. My old Dad, god rest his soul, gave me some good advice when I was growing up. He told me to learn from my mistakes, but then he pointed out that I did not have to make ALL the mistakes myself, I could also learn from others mistakes. I have applied that to a lot of life. I don't need to go to the third world to know what is coming, I will simply take your word for it. Reality is I read voraciously, and have put together a pretty good POV on the world out there. I talk to people that have experienced it first hand...I plan for what is coming the best I can, most people I know think I am off the rails, nothing bad can happen here...Why, the TV told me so. I know people that have made a decision to not read ANYTHING. They are so screwed. I have spent years trying to get my siblings to wake up, with little success. I am done wasting my breath. I hope the collapse hold off long enough for me to relocate, but if not, I will do as well as I am able. Somedays it seems a little overwhelming, but I reckon I am as tough as I need to be, and figure I will get by. I am tired and I am rambling. I am glad and grateful for this place, I can come here and feel I am with kindred spirits, and I am always cheered.

    1. J, I know the same feeling of frustration. Most people just don't pay any attention at all to what's going on out in the world. How can you prepare for it, if you don't have any idea of the way things are developing. I know people get tired of the news, because it's all bad. And I know that people have little time to worry about "strategic" things like Obama, when they are completely obsessed with "tactical" issues like paying the power bill. But then something creeps up and bites them in the ass, and they wonder why?

      Years ago, when I worked at the gun store, this old guy can in and wanted to buy a pistol. I ran the NIC's check, and he got turned down. 15 years in the past, he and his wife had an argument and she called the Sheriff's department and said he pushed her. He pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor, paid a small fine, and that was it.

      Then Clinton and Feinstein got a law through congress that said anyone who had ever been involved in domestic violence event could not own a firearm.

      When I told this old guy he couldn't buy the gun, and why, he unloaded on me. Shouting and cussing. I asked him why it came as a big surprise to him, it had been on the news a lot when it was passed. He acted like I was an idiot and said he didn't pay any attention to the news. I told him that was too bad because the news was sure paying attention to him right then. I had no sympathy for the guy.

      I run into that "it can't happen here" all the time, and yet "it" has been happening here for a very long time indeed. 2007/2008 couldn't happen here, but it did and ruined a lot of people and devastated many lives. It changed the whole face of employment in this country.

      Islamic terrorism couldn't happen here, but then came Sept 11th, and it hasn't stopped since.

      People who make a conscious effort not to be upset by the news and not to be informed are entitled to that decision but in the end it will bear bitter fruit for them and their families. Life is not going to just go on indefinitely with no change or challenge. That's not how it works.

      It IS overwhelming. I have been at it full steam since 1986. I never reach the 100 percent mark, and in fact, as I have gotten older, I feel like I am struggling to just maintain, let alone improve, my position here. If it weren't for my kids I think I would have just thrown in the sponge by now out of sheer exhaustion.

      But we all keep doing what we can. Bad times are at hand. I used to say "are coming" but now I feel like we are actually there, at the edge of the drain and swirling around in circles.

      It does help to know there are others out there working at making sure they can take care of the family when the house of cards actually collapses. I'm really surprised and encouraged at the number of women involved in preparedness now. In the 1980's and 1990's it wasn't like that.

      So there's some light out there. We just have to keep plugging on as best we can.

  22. The new style immigrant is not here to make a new and better life for themselves and to become PART of the new nation, they are here for the perks. Well not all new immigrants are taking advantage. But a disturbing amount just don't respect the culture of America that makes life here (even for poor Americans) so much better than anywhere else. I so enjoy the quotes you find!

    1. Fiona, my biggest concern is that all these immigrants, with nothing at all to offer, will just consume. They are all take and no give. We are already teetering on the edge of the abyss, and they may be the straw that broke the camels back. I've seen the third world, and I've seen how third world hell holes spring up when immigrants cluster and don't assimilate. We are about to experience that on an even more massive scale than we have with the Hispanics. Who would have thought it possible.

      I'm glad you like the quotes. I have several good books of quotes I use I like to look through and find relevant inserts for my posts.