Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Another storm. Where there is no Dentist. New magazines. Holding your Ground.

We had two good days of weather.  Then this rolling through.  Heavy rain and very strong wind. I was sitting in the living room when the wind hit.  One second things were pretty quiet, the next it was back to hearing objects thump against the log walls of the house.  Now (0316 Wednesday morning), it's just rain.  Looking at the intellicast hourly predictions, the worst of it will be passing through about ten this morning.

I broke a tooth last night.  Wasnt' doing anything in particular, it just broke.  So today I had to try to find a dentist that accepts our insurance.  None of the local dentists do, but I found one in a town 45 miles away that does.  No that dental insurance in America helps much.  The insurance company sets an arbitrary amount for any service. It is always much less than reality. Then they pay a flat percentage of that, never more then 50% unless it's just a check up.  Then the dentist charges whatever he wants, he's not bound by the insurance company ruling like an in network provider is for health issues.  You pay the rest.  So, lets say a filling costs $200 at the dentists. The insurance company will say that a filling should not cost more than $100.  So they pay $50.00 and you pay the other $150.00.
Not very helpful.

Out of curiosity, I tried to see what the book Where there is no Dentist said.  Unless I missed something, it says for a broken tooth you have to find a dentist.

Although this was not terribly helpful in this instance, it's not a bad book.  If you had it, and an emergency dental kit you'd be better off than with nothing. The dental kits have all the things you'd need to get you through the weekend until you could get to dentist, and they don't cost much. You can augment them with things from the pharmacy .

This book is free online as a 245 page pdf. I bought the book in hard copy because the pdf 's are from 2010 and 2012 as far as I can tell.

As it is, I couldn't get an appointment until Feb 11. Tell me the U.S. hasn't become third world in this respect, at least.  Even ten years ago I could have called and they would have taken me right in. Not now.  I know why, too. There are ten gazillion illegal immigrants up here, all of whom go to the dentist frequently because it doesn't cost them anything. The government pays for their treatment, in full.  Not mine though, because I'm just a U.S. citizen, not a poor, pitiable immigrant.

This months American Survival Guide is really good.  I was surprised, because every article was interesting and useful. There are always a few articles in each issue that just don't catch my interest, because the survivalist/prepper community is pretty diverse . But this time around, I enjoyed the entire magazine.

There was an outstanding piece on Ham Radio.  I read the short article on how to deal with isolation twice, because this winter I'm getting plenty of practice. After thirty some odd years up here, I'm not a stranger to the phenomenon but the writer knew what he was talking about. The best article I have ever seen on sources of supply for long term food storage was in here, and several very useful sections on cold weather survival that weren't boring and just old rehashed thoughts.

There was a nice write up of a new Glock compatible carbine, which I know Captain Crunch would enjoy. If they don't have the magazine down there , CC, let me know and I will help you get the article.

All in all , even if you don't regularly read American Survival Guide you might want to splurge on this issue.  I subscribed because it saves you a lot of money off the cover price.

As always, Off Grid has some very useful information in it.  Do you remember, years ago, when  Doomsday Preppers set off a whole chain of shows on Survivalism and Prepping?  One of the first shows included a family who lived in suburb somewhere out west. They had a completely self contained home, where they did hydroponic gardening and raised their own Tapia fish. This months Off Grid has a simple to understand , step by step article on doing your own hydroponic garden. Even I, the last person on earth to have much enthusiasm for gardening of any kind, was interested.

Theres' a good section on pandemics and bioterrorism.   The Spot Three satellite emergency interface device gets a "thumbs up" and the review says the new one is even better than the earlier additions which were very good indeed.  I have a brother who carries a Spot Two with him when he goes hunting in Wyoming, and he has field tested the thing to nth degree.  He has nothing but good to say about it.

Another big plus, and something we've been talking about intermittently for a month or so now on the blog, is batteries. Off Grid has a spectacular article on all the different kinds of batteries out there to meet the needs of survivalists and preppers, and I learned some things I didn't know. That means either I wasn't as well read on the subject as I have been trying to be, or this particular writer was really an expert, or both.

In the category of "Gee, I wish I had one of those" there's a great bit on outfitting the Toyoto Tacoma as a bug out vehicle. I don't really get into the vehicle thing as a hobby, but I can admire the ingenuity and versatility the people who rework these off the shelf trucks and SUV's demonstrate.

Finally, as the rain thunders down and I wait for the power to go out, there's a book I thought might interest people.  It's pretty old, and kind of a strange one, but it does make you think.

This is one of those books that came out about five years ago, published by a hole in the wall LLC.
The author is "Joe Nobody" which is kind of a shame. You can't find out anything about his background really, and there's no foreword detailing his experiences or qualifications for writing a book on this subject.

When I read it, it's more like somebody sat down at the kitchen table and used a bunch of military manuals to write the book.  Not that anything he says is ill founded, it's just it doesn't seem to me it's written by someone with real "dust up" experience.

Even so, it's well set up and there are useful things to be learned. The section on how to make early warning devices was interesting, and there are some good sources of supply for things like flares, distress rockets, etc listed in here.

The book is written for groups. I get the impression that the writer thinks anyone on their own should just go ahead and and curl up and die.  Still,  he may be right. We won't know til we know, once the Great Collapse Festivities kick off.

If you can still find it, the book didn't cost a lot back in 2012, and since it's set up in sections to accommodate the reader in terms of his own location and circumstances, it would probably be money well spent.

I go along with his first chapter, whatever else I might think.

" I believe the least likely method to be used against my location is a frontal assault. My logic for this is that our attacker does not have a political or military motivation.  They, most likely, want my food, water, supplies and  women. A frontal assault can be brutal on an attacker from the aspect of causalities."

I think he's right about the motivation of people who come after you at your retreat or fort up place.
Once people realize there are no legal consequences for bad behavior, it's Mardi Gras on a national level. Overall, this is a book worth taking a look at on a quiet evening.


  1. Depending on the condition of the broken tooth there is a product called Dentemp that you can get at places like Walgreens. It's a temporary fix usually for caps and crowns but might work for a broken tooth or get Dental Wax to cover it.

    1. I have some of that temporary fill stuff in the kit, but I'm a little worried about stuffing it in the tooth, then having it set up and him having to clean it out with a pick or drill or something right out of the Spanish Inquisition. I read the label but it didn't really spell out what happens when you get to the dentist. I'm trying not to use that side of my mouth for chewing right now. I would have thought the dentists office would have given me some guidance on what to do till Feb 11, but not one word.

      What is dental wax, Kathy. I don't have any of that and haven't heard of it, do you get it at a drug store too? That might work.

  2. Sorry to hear of your tooth breakage. I did the same about two years ago and the funny thing was, I was eating a sandwich at the time. Nothing hard inside at all. About a 1/4 of the tooth broke off, leaving the filling inside it exposed. The lucky thing - it hasn't bothered me at all. No pain (not yet anyway) so I never did anything about it. Someone years back told me not to extract a tooth that wasn't bothering - neighboring teeth would migrate to fill in the blank and then the problems begin.

    Hope you get yours fixed soon with little complications. Messing with doctors is an onerous chore.

    1. I'm afraid of winding up with a root canal if I don't get this fixed quickly. There's not much of the tooth left. I hope they don't even think about pulling it, I've got some fillings but up to now I haven't been concerned about actually losing a too. We'll see how it goes. I dread getting involved with doctors or dentists. I don't trust them overly much.

    2. anonymous is right about not getting teeth extracted if they aren't bothering you.

    3. I sure don't want to. I have all my own teeth now. But this thing is split straight down the middle from top to below the gum line. I don't know what will happen. At the very best , I'll have to get a crown or a cap. A crown runs $1,200.00 right now and a cap is about half that. The whole thing is just one more pain to deal with.

  3. Hey Harry,


    Sorry about your tooth.

    I broke a crown off some years ago and the dentist here will got me in when I showed up. I don't have a problem with dental emergencies in the area I live in.
    I am not saying I never will, but for now its not bad.

    On the subject of wetbacks er' illegal aliens er' migrant workers that don't want to leave when they get welfare and are filling up Georgia (and other places) They pass right through South Texas and keep right on going to other destinations.

    Sorry, theres nothing I can do to stop them. That goal of the welfare check (EBT card) is just to great.

    On the Joe Nobody books. Those books are intended for the new prepper audience. Cheap, inexpensive books for newbies that actually may help a few people.

    My favorite writer that came out of the doomsday prepper world is Matt Bracken. He is a former Navy Seal so he has some 'dust up' experience and his earlier books writing styles were a bit amateurish but has improved greatly. What he lacks in writing skill he makes up with story line, plot and current political situations such as the recent terrorist attacks in France.

    On that note; He wrote a lengthy essay on what he calls a 'modern day Tet Offensive' by Moslims that will happen in France in other parts of Europe sometime this year. I guess you could say its a 'European Infantada'

    That essay has been translated into French and posted on the 'Gates a Vienna' blog (a strong anti-muslim immigrant blog) recently.

    Matt Brackens last book was 'Castago Key' which was much better written than his first one. It deals with a Marine veteran who spent several tours in Afghanistan, comes home and restores an old sixty foot steel hulled sailboat and flees into the carribean in search of making a living and trying to stay free.

    1. Does Matt Brackens write fiction? Sounds like it but I never heart of him I don't think. This isn't a fictional book, it's more of a handbook. How to set your place up to protect it against looters or whatever. He must have a pretty big group to fill all the slots in his plans.

    2. Hi,
      Yes, Bracken writes fiction books, that as the Captain said, have gotten better over time. He also has a blog and writes essays. As far as I can tell, he is a good guy. He usually gives away the electronic versions of his books once per year.

      My favorite book of the Joe Nobody variety is A Failure of Civility by Garand and Lawson. It has a different tone and the authors' convinced me that they had significant relevant experience. I am not sure if it is still in print.

      Max Alexander (aka Max Velocity) writes both fiction and non-fiction. In my opinion, his books and blog are excellent (as is his training).

    3. Hey Harry,


      Matt Bracken books are fiction but his uses all the current problems going on as a back drop to the story line with the charactors trying to get by as best as possible.

      In the book 'Castigo Cay' there's a scene describing a protest to help the 'Black Lives Matter' crew and they are stopping cars on a city street and (intimidating) drivers into 'Donating' money to their cause.
      The Police are either too afraid to confront the 'Black lives Matter' crew or they are being 'payed off' too look the other way.
      The main character, if I remember 'skillfully' talks his way into only donating a very, very small amount of cash or talks his way out of it. I cant remember which.
      (the premise is the economy has already gone 'belly up' and this takes place in Miami if I recall and Miami looks like 'Mogadishu"

    4. All the comments on this writer have been very positive and the books sound good. I meant to order one today, but wound up working on an insurance issue and then having to research something with the social security people. Hold time to talk to a social security rep instead of a computer, 47 minutes.

  4. harry,
    you must have sent us this lovely rain, brisk wind, and warmth.
    it is in the 50's out there.
    so surprised when i went out this morning.
    no longjohns today.

    1. It's warm, but the wind blew water all up on the sides of the house, not a good thing with log buildings even if they are treated. The outside grounds look like hell with junk like tree branches all over the place. I haven't even gone down the trail to see how many trees and big limbs are down across it. I'm sick of doing repair work and cleaning up the mess after every one of these storms.

  5. i read joe's book a while back. i am a 29 year army vet. some of his stuff is unconventional, but i found it worked. i was especially impressed by the idea of moving your crew served weapon to a different spot for night or day. his idea made sense and experience since has proven it out. i do think however there will be frontal attacks at first at least due to inexperience and the vehicle born nature of the gang bangers. they will likely learn after the first few engagements though. it will be a difficult time. good luck.

    1. Well, I know this kind of thing shows up in all the best post apocalyptic fiction. Usually there's a retired non-commissioned officer from the Army or Marines who tells the "good guys" how to do all this. I know that's the case in "One Second After", "Lights Out" and the "going home" series. But those all deal with whole neighborhoods banding together, or even towns, so they have some manpower.

      I am not sure I can really utilize things like building fighting positions. Who would man them? If I am lucky I might have 12 people up here besides myself and only 5 of them will be males.

      I doubt anybody could ever find this place coming through the forest, even in winter. But at the same time, every once in awhile I remember the British in the Malay peninsula before WW2, who said the Japanese could never come down the Malay Peninsula. That turned out to be a real toe stumper.

      The only practical way to get up here is over a long, winding trail with a cliff face on one side and big ravine on the other. That's probably where I'd do most of my precautionary work but it would be more in the way of early warning instead of fighting positions.

      I think it's a good book for looking at the overall picture and then figuring out what suits your personal situation or doesn't.

  6. Harry - sorry that you broke your tooth! if you find it painful - use this natural method instead of orajel or whatever - put 2 tblspns of cold-pressed EVOO in a small container and soak about 20 whole cloves in it. leave the cloves in for up to 6 months before removing them. anytime you have a sore tooth or a canker, just dip your finger into the oil and rub it on the tooth or canker. also, a black teabag that has steeped in boiling water and is then cooled off will work for pain from a broken tooth. just stick the teabag on your sore tooth and hold it in place with your other teeth until the pain goes away.

    as for wind - we have finally gotten used to the wind here! our first winter the howling wind shaking this crappy little cottage had us up all night and day! we are supposed to be getting a heck of a wind/rainstorm tomorrow. so we have everything in place for loss of power.

    as for dentists - back in the city you would expect to wait a month before seeing your dentist! but jam went to bed one night and woke up with an abscess tooth. he had to go to work onsite - so he did - and they told him to go see the dentist in st. peter's (our nearest town). he walked in the door and was taken care of right away. the receptionist asked the other people if they would mind if he got taken care of first and they all agreed. jam still talks about that!

    as for hydroponic fish gardening - my internet friend who i called Uncle Gerald (a link to his blog is on ours) was all over that and i can't think of the name of the guy - but there was a guy in the 60's who did hydroponic fish and Uncle Gerald went to visit his set-up and was quite impressed. we have no need for that here, with our rivers, lakes and ocean. but Uncle Gerald said he couldn't believe how easy a set-up it is - definitely something for people who don't live near rivers or whatnot to think about.

    great post Harry! i like it when you do these kinds of posts!

    sending much love, as always! your friend,

    1. Kymber, what is evoo? I never heard of that. I don't have any black tea but I will get some.

      Kymber, we didn't used to have to wait for doctors or dentists either. But that was before 140,000 Hispanics moved into a county 45 miles away, and a bunch of them moved into our county. They are all on government aid, from housing to cash to medical and dental care. The doctors and dentists all take them in first, because the Hispanics have learned how to game the system and if they don't get exactly what they want, when they want, they call the state. The state then sends someone out and goes through the office records to see if there is an anti-immigrant bias or any signs of "racism." Since these inspectors come from Atlanta government jobs, inspector is synonymous with "black." Not many white doctors and dentists can have a visit from one of these people and not get written up. Being written up means a costly and time consuming compilation of records to refute the "charges." And then your defense goes to an office full of black people with an attitude about "rich white people." I know this sounds ridiculous but since I have relatives in the medical field here and a shooting buddy in dentistry I guarantee the truth of it.

      So when Juan Guadalajara Jesus Marino Lopez de Gasco Vama shows up at the dentists office, it's "yes, sir, Mr. Juan Guadalajara Jesus Marino Lopez de Gasco Vama! Too bad if backs up all the people waiting for their appointments. Too bad if it means the waiting list is 9 days long for a guy with a broken tooth, if he's white. There's not a damn thing anybody can do about it because the state is loaded with minority workers under the affirmative action program . It was supposed to be scrapped years ago but they just rewrote the wording to get around that.

      The thing on Doomsday Preppers looked doable if you had the money for the initial set up. The whole process recycled everything, nothing was wasted. Looked kind of time intensive to me, and I don't like to eat fish, but it was still impressive.

    2. EVOO is extra virgin olive oil...and based on some of the things you say, and some of the things other bloggers say - jeesh. it sounds like that legal/illegal migrant thing is just horrible for you guys in america and for the brits and the europeans.

      Harry, it's getting really. crazy. like really, really crazy.

      i honestly don't know what else to say???

    3. I used to buy big gallon tins of olive oil when it was $12.00 a tin. But now the same tins are $27.00. So I buy the little plastic bottles of olive oil when they are on sale, and I mostly cook with vegetable oil. It's not nearly as good for you but it's lot's cheaper. Even so, I always have some olive oil on hand, though I never paid any attention to all that "virgin" or "extra virgin" I thought that was just hype .I will get some of the extra virgin for medical purposes.

      Things go on today that no one would have believed 20 years ago. But the country brought it on itself, with all this huggy kissy nonsense about "the poor black people" and "the poor immigrants" etc. Now they are paying the price, and the sad thing is that people who didn't go along with that nonsense but were not powerful enough to stop it are the one's paying for it, literally.

      You are next, up in Canada though. They just unloaded several thousand in Vancouver. Somebody greeted them with tear gas but it didn't stop the unloading. I think your new head of government said he would take 24,000 this year, but I am working off my memory which is not always 100%.

  7. We had the wind yesterday afternoon. It made placing 4x8 sheets of OSB interesting. Matt Brackens books are fun light reads I have many on kindle.

    1. I would imagine it did. I didn't even go out in it other than to feed the animals.

      I plan on reading one and seeing if I like them. I am pretty sure somebody recommended him to me a week or so ago.

    2. I really enjoyed The Bracken Anthologies. --Troy

    3. A lot of people have, so I am going to try to order them from Barnes and Nobles. I don't do business with Amazon anymore.

  8. Harry,

    Always when you least expect it a tooth breaks, or causes pain. Years back, I had an old dentist who told me to use a piece of gum to fill in the hole on the tooth until I could get to a dentist. I've seen a wax you can melt to fill in a broken tooth. And if you ever have tooth pain, clover oil (natural) kills a the pain. I use this and it makes a world of difference. I pour a little in a cup and dilute it with a little water, stick a q-tip in it and apply it directly to the gum and tooth to stop the pain.

    We have dental insurance as well, Delta Dental.....and you end up paying most of the bill. Sometimes I wonder if were in the wrong business??

    1. Where do you find clover oil, Sandy? I called the drug store in town and they told me they don't carry it. They said maybe you meant "Oil of Cloves" but I told them I didn't think so.

      Insurance is pretty worthless since Obama care. But if you don't buy it, to prop up the tottering system, you get fined on your taxes. God help us if Clinton gets elected, she'll start seizing our homes to pay for the illegal immigrants free health care.

  9. Dentistry is odd...I had a run in with a dreadful toothache. Ralph took me to a dentist who was too busy and even though I had blinding pain he couldn't fit me in. The nest dentist took one look at me and said come in here now! Ralph has military dental I have no coverage so we have our emergency fund.

    The Dentist pulled two teeth and an third root that had caused the initial was from a previous extraction badly done. It cost $185.00.
    Ralph is having huge issues with all his military dental work beginning to fail so we went to the Same Dentist, Two teeth pulled with insurance coverage....$225.00...go figure!

    1. Military dental work tends to be pretty bad. The dentists are just doing their payback tours. The service sends them through dental school and gives them a commission when they get out of college. As soon as they have done their payback tour they get out, because they can make a lot of money. My brother in law was an Army surgeon. As soon as he had done his pay back time he got out and went to work for a hospital. Now he is richer than Croesus. That's the way it works.

  10. EVOO means extra virgin olive
    anonymous aka:spiritherd

    1. Thanks. Sometimes I don't know the acronyms as well as I should.

  11. I have read that Joe Nobody book as well as another one he wrote. They had them at our library and it definitely made me think in some different ways. There is a driveway alarm he recommended that I want to get at some point.
    I keep a few dental things around but not a whole lot. My dentist is really great about working you right in if you have an issue. I did switch the boys from the kids dentist we initially used because they were charging so much more than our adult dentist. Seemed stupid seeing as how we have dental insurance so they now go to my dentist and it saves us about $500 a year.

    1. We used to take our kids to a town on the other side of the mountains when they were little. There was no dentist in this county then . The children's dentist there wasn't a bad guy. My kids have always had dental issues because we let them sleep with a bottle of fruit juice. Nobody told us about bottle syndrome when we were new parents.

  12. Lisa, I got some useful ideas from the book. I use a lot of electronics for early warning, but his ideas with mouse traps and shotgun shells made me rethink that issue . I have some of the commercially made trip wire rigs moldering in a chest in my barn. They required a short, stubby blank. My source of supply went out of business and I haven't been able to find a new supplier.

    The other draw back is that with audible devices the villagers,looters and encyclopedia salesmen know you are aware of them! :-)

    You are one of the best read women in the prepper community I know.