Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Ice and Snow, Reprise.

It started snowing last night, and is still at it.  Not big heavy, wet flakes like we usually get, lighter and more like little grains of sand than feathery flakes.  The temperature in the house is 66 ' F.  The pump house is 62, the apartment is 64,  shop is right at 59, enclosed part of the barn is 54.  Outside temperature right now, at just after 3 a.m. is about 12.

There's about half a foot  of snow where it hasn't piled up, which is not a lot until you realize it's frozen into a solid sheet.  I'm not shoveling it so it's there until it melts. The wind is blowing tonight, sporadically.  I went out at midnight to check on all the buildings. All was well so I am not planning on going out again until dawn.

If you are going to move out into the mountains, and put yourself up on top of one of them, be sure you like the location. Because you are going to have a lot of time in winter to enjoy it.

The Popular Mechanics "Survival" issue is out.  Popular Mechanics is a good magazine. It's cheap, and sometimes you find really useful articles on how to do things you want to do but didn't know how to go about.

These always follow the same format. A couple of stories about people who got themselves into some deep kimchi , largely through ill luck, poor head work, the stupidity of others, lack of forethought, or a combination thereof. It's always the kind of thing that could happen to just about anybody.

Um! Smell number one stinku.

Then a couple of articles on things like preparedness planning (at the lowest level) and then some little quick articles. For instance, this one has a bit written by a "celebrity chef" who designed his own food storage so that he wouldn't run out of things like canned pumpkin and truffles when the apocalypse arrives.

 I got the impression the guy had never been further away from home than trips by air to Paris and New York, but it was funny if nothing else.

Besides , there are articles in the magazine that are not survival related, like how to restore furniture. Who knows when that will come in handy? I look at as an extra . ;-)


  1. Develop a taste for Kimchi while you were in Korea did you. I have a hard time getting it past my nose. I'll stick to sour kraut and bratwurst with a brotchen, ..

    Your cold will be my cold by Friday. Damn it been a strange winter.

  2. I like to eat it, but I don't like to smell it. Have to be careful when you indulge since it sweats out of you and makes you smell like a billy goat in rut.

    I know somebody who makes it though. She makes some pretty good dishes with Kimchi and things she and her husband grow in their garden.

    Yeah, I first learned of the delights of Kimchi at Yechon, where I turned a whole gallon jug of the local production over on my sleeping bag in our GP tent. It was ugly.

    This winter has been worse than the last one, and I didn't expect that. Single digits at night, frozen snow all over the place, and a lot more work to keep everything running properly. Tomorrow Intellicast has us all set up for 8 degree weather during the night. I have huge icicles hanging off the eaves.

  3. Hey Harry,


    Its 2:56 am and I cant sleep. Maybe later, but not now.

    One of the pranks that is used down here on the Gulf Coast is placing old shrimp inside car hubcaps, air conditioning ducts, under car hoods, etc. All designed to create a giant stink.

    I saw the bottle to Kimchi and that put a thought into my head.

    One true story I have is about a friend who had a Jeep CJ. Someone (not myself) placed an old bag of shrimp (in the summer no less) under the drivers seat. It commenced a smelling and the owner of the CJ could not figure out where the smell was coming from.
    My friend figured that driving through the a river in his CJ may get the smell out so he drove through a river (a deep river) and all the shrimp floated up out from under the drivers seat and it was a disgusting sight and even more disgusting to clean out from the floorboards of the CJ.
    Now, I knew of the prank but I was not involved in it.

    Everyone had a good laugh over it, even the owner of the CJ.

    Moral of the story is. Make better friends and get a hard top for a Jeep CJ.

    1. With friends like that.....

      Kymber makes kimchi.

      I'm going to be off the air for awhile. Take care of yourself down there and let me know what's going on via email.

  4. You are having a harder winter than we are here in MN. The blizzard we were supposed to get here over the weekend dipped south and missed us. Very odd winter indeed.

    1. It has been. Don't remember one like it.