Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Summer is here.

I thought I would get up and go for a walk while it was still cool.  Didn't happen because as soon as I went out the door, it was already hot and muggy. Early for that this year, so the summer will probably be a tough one.

The dogs and I like to walk in the creek on days like this. It's cool and refreshing. It's also very close to the house and doesn't wear you out getting there or back.

When it gets hot, you can go out in the early morning or the evening. Any other time, the heat and the humidity just crush you.

Even so, when I drive into town, I often see very old people working in their gardens by the road. They work out there in the afternoon, at the worst possible time, but it doesn't seem to phase them. I guess they are tougher than I am.  More power to them.

One thing I don't have to worry about up here is water. It's everywhere.  The nice thing is, the water on the national forest isn't polluted. It's pure.

In the big drought of 1987, when almost everything dried up here, this particular creek stayed full and you can drink the water from the pool there. No parasites, no nasty chemicals or farm run off. I suppose the desert offers things I don't have here, but on the other hand......

Thought for the day

Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day. 2016

Go tell the Spartans, thou who passest by,
That here, obedient to their laws, we lie.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Sunday. Memorial Day weekend.

Up in the high nineties with 87% humidity.  Pretty miserable outside but we worked on the garden some more today.  Now we have squash, lots of tomatoes, one watermelon plant, some peppers.  Not a big garden but the best we have done in many years. There is a certain sense of satisfaction in watching the plants grow, although our little raised boxed garden is minuscule compared to anyone else's.

For whatever reason, the woods are thicker this year than I can remember seeing before. We have the meadow and some cleared area around the buildings. But you can't see more than a few feet at best into the treeline.

This was taken down by the waterfall. It's more open  there, but still pretty dense.

This picture is a few years old, but it hasn't changed much.  Because the waterfall is in the national forest nobody can buy it and put up signs telling people that no one else can enjoy it.

There's an old forest service road that goes from the other side of the mountain to the falls, but it's in terrible shape. Since the forest service started issuing warnings about going off the beaten path in the national forest, due to drug activity,  I hardly ever see anyone else there. Takes the dogs and me about 25 minutes to walk there from the house.

 There's some open land in the county, but not much.  What there is , is usually either pasture or planting field.

The woods so surround our house, that from the air in summer you can only see the solar panels, because they are on the edge of the meadow.

Sometimes I wish I lived out in the desert, or in Colorado with it's mountains and big views. But this is what I chose in 1986, and I am satisfied with it. The laws here, by and large , are good. I like the people. I have my privacy.  

Thought for the day.

This is happening a lot more now than it used to.  Home Invasion is a cottage industry with gangs in Georgia these days.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend. Saturday

Spike and Jet are spending the day in the wife's trash can, next to the couch. They like the popcorn bags,  It's cool in there, as well.  I took Spike out for play time this morning, before it got too hot. He ran out of steam early though, chasing chickens. I wonder what would happen if he ever caught one?

 I strongly suspect he would wind up on the short end  of that stick.

My chickens are all a lot bigger than he is, and I think even a hen could run him off. The ferrets are not vicious, they just want to play.

Right now I have two hens with chicks trailing around them. Since mother hens can run off cats and dogs that get too
close, Spike might get a good stomping before he ever knew what hit him.

I keep him away from the roosters and mother hens. I let him chase the others if he feels like it.
Jet doesn't come outside anymore, he has little energy, mostly sleeps.

 I went through and pulled all the bolt guns that are overdue for a good cleaning.

I have them divided into three batches, so I can try to remember to put them back where they came from. If I don't, then my little book that lets me find an individual weapon when I want to, which I just went to infinite pains to update, will be useless.

 This is in what used to be the family room, down on the third level. Now it's just a place where I sit to listen to the radio, watch a dvd, or work on guns.

The "eliptical" is down here but my wife uses it a lot more than I do. I'd rather just go to the park and walk. It's not as boring.

However, it's good to have the thing to use when I just don't feel like taking down all the security devices on the jeep trail and then bringing them back up.

 Part of my "I love me" wall is in the background. Also some of M's things, like her promotion to Lieutenant in the Navy and her diploma from her college are up there on the wall.

That door in the wall you see, goes back underground to the pump room. The main pump is outside in the woods, but the pressure  tank, filter, and gauges are all in this "bunker" that you access through that wooden door.

Lots of guns to clean, eh?

My wife and I went to Home Depot today.  My plan was to stay home, but Home Depot was having a sale on garden vegetables, 4 for ten bucks.  So we went .  The parking lot was full.  We got what we wanted and headed out to the Jeep.

There was an old lady out in the parking lot, trying to load bags of  potting soil into the back of her truck.

She had probably 50 bags on a pallet.  My wife had to stop and ask her if she (the old lady) wanted me (her husband) to help. I am not supposed to be lifting heavy stuff but I would have. Even though she had a Bernie sticker on her truck.

The old hag told M that she didn't need any man to help her.

I told her she was not going to be able to load all that stuff, and I'd go inside and get her some help.

She told me to mind my own business, that she was perfectly capable of loading her truck, and that if she let a man help he would "tear the bags" and "dirt would get on her truck bed."

So I asked her if she didn't have a broom at home.  I had it in mind that she probably had at least one to fly around on after dark, but I didn't say that.  I told her that was fine with me, but that I hoped when we came back tomorrow we wouldn't find her old dead body out in the parking lot, all dried up and mummified by the sun.  Then I pushed our buggy on out toward the Jeep. When I looked back, M was still arguing with the feminazi.  Eventually M showed up, and said the woman wouldn't take any kind of help at all. Too bad for her.  I'll say this, there's no way she could have loaded all that stuff. It would have taken two men and a boy to get that great pile of heavy bags in that truck.  Lifting potting soil is like lifting cement or a dead body, it is just dead weight. Maybe she will croak out there, and that will be one less vote for Shrillery come November.

Yesterday I grilled hamburgers out on the porch. Tonight I am doing ribs. Better go get the charcoal going.  It's 82 in the shade, so I just go out there, turn the meat on the grill, and go back in the house. Getting to be like summer here, sure enough.

Thought for the day.


Is this better than Donald Trump?  I think not.


Thursday, May 26, 2016

I have to go into town and I don't want to.

 We have to go to town.  On the Thursday before Memorial Day weekend.  Half the population of Florida is already here and the rest of them are on the way.  The stores will be crowded, our pathetic little roads overrun with traffic.

But we ran out of ferret food. The ferrets eat kitten chow. It's all they will eat.

I had plenty stored away, but my wife has been feeding the two new cats the kids brought with the ferret food. So now we have to go buy more.

If you keep X amount of any commodity in storage, and you use it, you have to adjust your records to reflect current stock levels.  There are clip boards in the storage rooms to use for this purpose. Alas, sometimes I get in a hurry and don't update them, and sometimes the wife forgets to do so.

This isn't a major emergency, but the aggravating thing is that events are controlling me, rather than me controlling events.

I'm not ever comfortable with that. But at least both of us have had a painless reminder that procedures exist for a reason. If you don't follow procedures, bad things tend to happen.

Remember the female CIA chief who told her security men to "skip" their normal procedures at Bagram AFB in Afghanistan because "this one is too important."  We all know how that ended.

  Got a new American Survival Guide this week. It has an interesting article by a retired soldier on "get home" kits.  Everybody probably keeps a "vehicle bag" or "truck bag" in case something nasty happens unexpectedly while you are out on the highway.

This particular fellow designed a bag specifically to deal with an event where you need to get home and things are out of kilter.

There's a good article on tactical smoke, and it tells you where you can buy pyrotechnics including military grade smoke grenades.

I have some top flight maritime distress flares, but I can't shoot them off. If they come down in the woods, I could burn half the county out. They were sent to me by a friend, with the idea that I would test them out, but I still haven't figured out how to get away with doing that. I thought about taking them up to the lake, but I am sure if I go out in a boat and shoot them in the middle of the night, it would make a big splash in the newspaper and end unhappily for me if the Sheriff found out who did it. I have found that I do better if I limit my interactions with the Sheriff and his stalwart band.  My wife says it would be like pulling the fire alarm in a shopping mall to see if it worked.  I wish I lived out in the desert like Joel , because then I could do anything I wanted, when I wanted.

But smoke, that has a lot of uses. I have some smoke grenades but they are not as good as these in the article. Years ago, at the intersection of U.S. 64 and Interstate 75, there used to be two big fireworks stores. They didn't just sell fourth of July junk, they sold lots of useful things. I stocked up and still have a goodly stash of pyrotechnic items. But I am always open to improvement.

This is the outfit the article was about.

Enola Gaye Pyrotechnics

Just a word of warning. This is a British company, with American distributors. If you go to the web site, it's a good, well designed place. However, it has some pictures that rotate through on the upper right, and suddenly you are looking at a beautiful English girl attired in a helmet and  not much else. I'm just mentioning it in case you have young boys in the family. The Enola Gaye page might start getting a lot of hits when mom and dad aren't around the computer.

Got an email about this offering from Midway.  I haven't checked the shipping costs yet but on the face of it , seems a pretty good deal.

Well, I have to get ready to go to town. I trimmed my beard last week, and we are only going to the grocery store, so I'm not shaving.  I thought about it, but I've decided "hell,no."

My wife, on the other hand, has fixed her hair and put on nice clothes. Why do women go to so much  trouble to look good for such a mundane activity. Honestly, so much that women do makes no sense to me. I pretty much just go along with the program after all these years.

Thought for the day.

Sure, a tank is great fun til the damned thing breaks down on you!

News link

A typical "whiny little b**ch" article from a left wing source addressing the militia movement.

Everything we learned from embedding with an American Milita.

Anytime an article or news story references the "Southern Poverty Law Center" you know they are spouting the worst sort of Left Wing propaganda.  Their "facts" would make Joseph Goebbels blanch.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016


I spent the morning outside, either working with M in the garden, or sitting under the arbor listening to the radio.  Glenn Beck was on , then Rush Limbaugh. I don't listen to Hannity anymore.  He's too big a jerk . He likes to treat his staff really ugly right on the air. He's a little too narcissistic for me as well.  O'Reilly is another one I can't stand. But by and large, the hosts on conservative talk radio suit me fine.

Of course, a lot of people hate conservative talk radio.  I learn things from it, though.  When I hear something interesting, I start looking for newspaper articles on line that amplify or confirm what I heard. Rarely do I find I've been mislead.  So Rolling Stone (which created the pastiche above) and people like that can listen to Moon Bat radio. If they can find any.

Sirius XM Patriot Channel has pretty good programming.  And as long as there is no thunderstorm booming outside, it comes in crystal clear.

I almost never watch television anymore, although I hear that the Discovery Channel has a pretty good series about living in Alaska. Just heard of it today and will have to tune in. Personally, I haven't seen any really good survival shows since the last Les Stroud programs were on. Something decent to watch would be welcome.

The last time we were in town, I picked this magazine up on the cheap. I think it only cost six dollars.  It's got some good recipes in it, and would make a great basic primer for someone just getting into cast iron cooking.  


Got a couple of new catalogs.  Budk, the go to source for reliable and inexpensive knives, swords, and whatever else they happen to have dredged up lately came in.

The catalog is free, and ever so often I buy something.  I got my Roman swords from them, nice walls hangers and perfectly functional.  I also bought some small steel and wood hatchets specifically made for throwing, and I have fun sticking them in trees when I feel motivated.  You never know what they will come up with.

I  got this catalog for the first time. It's BukK related, but less about edged weapons and more about surplus camping gear. Again, it's free and there were some interesting things in it.  I put the back cover on this post so that if anyone wants a catalog they know where to get it.

Just as an aside, I noticed Readers Digest was devoting this months cover to a survival oriented article.  I'm not sure if this was a joke, because the article itself is bizarre beyond words. It's not very useful, with wisdom like "if you get lost you need water so try to find some."  Lots of the article is devoted to how to handle things like how to survive election season.......

If it was a serious article, it was pathetic.  If it was tongue in cheek, I missed the humor in it.

Remember about a month ago some crook got my credit card number and was trying to buy gas out in Arizona.  Today I got a call from USAA and they wanted to know if I had made a $500 purchase at Victoria's Secret. I told the woman calling that was for younger people  than us, and we were more likely to be making purchases at the Geriatric store. 

 Now I have to go through the business of getting a new credit card again. I asked them what good their "chips" were if someone could steal my information twice in three months. She said as long as I buy things over the internet it will happen.

Thought for the day.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Minutiae of a weekend in the mountains.

  1. the small, precise, or trivial details of something.

Nor did anything in 2016.   This has been a great weekend. The weather turned nice, with a strong wind, low humidity, and temps in the low 70's.

Other than routine chores, I accomplished nothing particularly positive, nor had any run in's with anyone , or anything.

We went into town, and poked around the stores.  In one of them, Oscar Mayer "Smokies" were on sale for $1.50 a package, normal price here is $2.50.  I love these things. Yes, they are nasty, made out of chicken and pork. But I surely do like them with rice, or potatoes.  I bought 16 packs. I've got two big freezers, and I can keep them cold with the generator for a long, long time if I have to.

I got out a Swedish Mauser Model 1938 and shot it.  While the Swedes made some of these guns through new production, most were cut down Model 1896 rifles, converted as part of a rebuild program before WW2.

Mine was originally built as a model 1896 in 1915.  When that rifle left the factory, World War I was in it's second year.  My grandmother was 10 years old.  Manfred von Richthofen was not yet a fighter pilot.  You can't own these guns. You can just take care of them for a time, then someone else will get them and it will be their responsibility to see they march on into the future safely.

My wife and I went out to the park and we ran into an Australian couple.  They are rare birds here.  There's an Australian lady who works at our Home Depot, and another who works at the Lowes in the next county.  As far as I know, that's the resident population of Australians. These folks were making the grand tour of the U.S. and had a nice truck and camper rig.  I never made it to Australia, because I was stupid and went to the Philippines every time I got a weeks leave while I was stationed in Asia. But I have some Australian friends and I worked with the Australian military occasionally. I like Australians. All the ones I have met were always pretty stout hearts, and no pretense about them. This guy and his wife were shoving off for the Northeast , to see Maine and the area up there. Hope they make it home ok after their tour.  I warned him not to stray off the freeway into the wrong part of town when passing through our cities. 

Nothing earthshaking, but like Kymber I try to record what we've been doing, as a sort of journal. It's fun to write and gives me a record if I need to check on when something occurred. 

Better order soon. I hear they are selling out fast! ;-)