“There is no real ending. It’s just the place where you stop the story.”

― Frank Herbert

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Taking a lesson from Cedric the Saxon (Ivanhoe, written by Sir Walter Scott in 1819)

Given the way things are looking, we may all be living in the Dark Ages by next winter. So I thought this excerpt from Ivanhoe would not go amiss. Might give everybody some ideas on designing their keep for after the anticipated collapse!  The story is appropriate to our times, since the Saxons were oppressed by the Normans, much as we will certainly be when Hillary and her adherents are running this country.

"I was born a native of these parts," answered their guide, and as he made the reply they stood before the mansion of Cedric;---a low irregular building, containing several court-yards or enclosures, extending over a considerable space of ground, and which, though its size argued the inhabitant to be a person of wealth,differed entirely from the tall, turretted, and castellated buildings in which the Norman nobility resided, and which had become the universal style of architecture throughout England.
Rotherwood was not, however, without defences; no habitation, in that disturbed period, could have been so,without the risk of being plundered and burnt before the next morning.

A deep fosse, or ditch, was drawn round the whole building, and filled with water from a neighbouring stream. A double stockade, or palisade, composed of pointed beams, which the adjacent forest supplied, defended the outer and inner bank of the trench. There was an entrance from the west through the outer stockade, which communicated by a drawbridge, with a similar opening in the interior defences. Some precautions had been taken to place those entrances under the protection of projecting angles, by which they might be flanked in case of need by archers or slingers.

If you caught the broadcast of Hillary in the town hall meeting last Friday, discussing with an adoring crowd of followers how she was going to get rid of guns, you might want a copy of these two books.

There's not much time.

This has been on the internet as long as there has been an internet.  It’s very old, but still valid.  I post it for those who are just beginning to give some thought to the subject.

There has been much debate on what is the best way for long term storage of ammo, and while I can’t say it’s wrong to place your ammo in a bucket and suck out all the air and replace it with nitrogen I can say it is a waste of valuable resources.
 O.K. if you plan being cryogenically frozen for hundreds of years then maybe. The rest of us just need to know what is the best way to properly store ammo so that it doesn’t degrade over a period of time and that it functions as designed when put into use.
Now I need to give you some background on how and for what condition ammo is built. Military cartridges are designed so that they can withstand storage temperatures from minus 65 degrees F. to 122 F. So as long as you don’t keep them in an oven you’re fine. They’re made for soldiers to use in battlefield conditions under the most horrible conditions conceivable and still function.

 The manufactures (OLIN, Winchester, Remington Etc.) know this and they also know they will lose a big fat Govt contract if they don’t pass this criteria. Here is one for you, the same folks that make 5.56mm make the exact same cartridge and call it a .223 change the label and sell it civilian. Same with .308 (7.62 NATO). So now you know that there is hardly any difference between civilian and military ammunition manufacturing. Let's get down to storage.  (NOTE: there are minor differences. If you are interested in the technical aspects there are lots of discussions on the net.)

Shelf life refers to how long an item can remain in storage and still be functional. Well , all military small arms ammunition has an indefinite shelf life. This means as long as it is properly stored it will never go bad.

Service life refers to how long a item can remain in a operating configuration and still be functional. Small arms ammunition should be good from anywhere from 6 months to 18 months before you need  to inspect it. If the ammo has some corrosion on it take some copper wool or steel wool and take it off, then it’s good to go unless it is to the stage of pitting then get rid of it.

 Now most ammo comes in a wooden outer container with metal inner packs that holds the ammo. We store it on at least two inches of dunnage to keep off the floor. It is inspected every five years and then only ten percent is checked for defects and then thrown back into storage for another 5 yrs. (if nothing is wrong).

 So now what can you do as a civilian to store your ammo? Your number one enemy is moisture; as long as you have a waterproof container you are fine. I use empty 20mm ammunition containers that you can get from any surplus store although PVC pipe will do. Try and keep the cartridges in the original packing and try and keep away from metal to metal contact. To ensure that the ammo has no moisture I throw in a couple of dehumidifier packages. This is strictly optional as we don’t even do that in the military. Whether its military ammo you got at a gun show or .22 shells from K-mart it's all the same.

 Before you store it make sure it’s clean, dry( and wiped off if you touched it) and that’s it! Wow, almost too simple. You don’t need to vacuum seal it, and you don’t need to store it at any particular temperature just keep it dry and out of the elements and leave it alone. I have been working with munitions for over 11 years, and this is what they have trained me. I hope this sheds some understanding on storage.


And if all else fails, and the minions of Hillary come for you,  there's always the last great act of defiance.


  1. From my cold, dead fingers......

    1. Alas, as the Clintons proved at Ruby Ridge and Waco, that can be arranged......

  2. With your collection you are going to need a bulldozer to hide everything.

    1. Ragnar says you should keep pigs, and bury your weapons under a pile of pig odour. Might have worked in WW 2, but if Hillary brings Janet Reno and Lon Horiuchi back I doubt they would even notice the smell.

  3. Be kinda tough to get all 100 MILLION of us...I read the other day that it is estimated that the civilian gun owners have 12 TRILLION rounds,,, That is unverified though.Disarming America will be a hell of a task, and I know that I will not live to see the end of it. Best for us all to not vote the Hag into office, no?

  4. Well, a lot of gun owners would just trundle down to the local police station and give up their guns, based on the California precedent. Then again, a lot of gun owners in Connecticut refused to comply. So there might be more passive resistance than I anticipate.
    I have been looking at the numbers for November and I don't see how Trump can win. With the establishment of the Republican party working against him more assiduously than the Democrats. Most of the conservative bloggers I read are saying they are not going to vote or they are going to write in Pop Eye or Mickey Mouse. I think the Republican party is going the way of the Whigs.

  5. I have an old early 20th century copy of Ivanhoe on my book shelf but have not gotten around to reading it yet. I will one day though.
    I haven't read that book by Rawles but I have read a couple of his others and they were very good.

    1. Ivanhoe is one of my favorite books. I'm sure you'll thoroughly enjoy it when you have time to read it. Rawles always wrote good informational books. Some of his earliest fiction was a bit unpolished but he improved with time. I have most of his books but have not read any of the new series he has just started.

  6. Law abiding people tend to abide by the law....thats how governments take rights away, by passing laws that chip away at our rights. The suddenly we are in trouble. It is insidious. Canada passed long gun registration laws (Since repealed) but the vast majority of gun owners registered all the rifles. The law was repealed yes, but the registry is still in the hands of the government.

    How Did it come to this is so appropriate.....so sad too.

    1. I am an adherent of the philosophy espoused by Heinlein. He said he obeyed laws that made sense and studiously disregarded all others.

      I'm sure the decline of America would be an appropriate subject for a multi volume work by historians like Will and Ariel Durrant. It's a sad story. Political correctness and the false religion of multiculturalism would make a good volume one.

  7. The difference between other countries and us is that we have the second amendment guaranteed by the constitution. I know, the powers that be have chipped away at it for many years, but I don't think we will quietly lay down guns like they did in Canada and Australia and Germany, etc. I live on the western edge of the Redoubt and we still have a frontier mindset. Americans have a right to bear arms....it is not a privilege like the scumbags in Washington would have us believe. Gun and ammo sales have gone thru the roof since Obama took office. I do not obey any laws that are unconstitutional.....especially giving up my firearms. What really gets me is how docile and mealy mouthed many seem to be nowadays. Stop being politically correct, darn it. OK, end of rant.

    1. Hillary doesn't plan to challenge the 2nd amendment in the supreme court. She plans to make firearms ownership, and the acquisition of firearms or ammunition, so onerous and difficult that it will, for all practical purposes, be impossible. She has learned from Obama that a President can bypass the legislative branch, and she will own the judicial branch lock stock and barrel.

      I remember what it was like during Bill Clinton's Presidency, when the FBI and ATF were tricking people into jail, killing people left and right, and nobody slept soundly if they were at all affiliated with the militia movement. I hate to see all that coming back, but it's what I think is written on the wall.

    2. I beg to differ. Trump may have a chance, albeit a slight one at that,. We will see how many mainstream republicans actually back him up in the coming months.

    3. I hope you are right. But it doesn't look good to me. I'm not going to wait to see how it turns out in November, either. I'm going to plan for the worst, and if I am pleasantly surprised then I will rejoice. But if my dire predictions turn out to be right, then I'll be in a better way in a number of different aspects. Just remember, old Lon Horiuchi got a medal from Clinton for shooting Vicki Weaver through a screen door. He might want a second one from Hillary from doing you or me. Remember the bad old days. Time for Christian Identity to fire up again if I am right.

  8. Hey Harry!


    I kepted checking your blog from when you re-started your blog and it did not update. I thought the ferret's spirited you away to kymbers lair or 'Oden' snatch you away to a Viking war camp in England.
    I missed all those wonderful post's since I have been spending ample amounts of time making turtle soup on Padre Island as enviromentalist's cry socialist's tears. You have no idea how hard it is to stuff a sea turtle in to a Campbell's Soup Can:)

    Too bad we cant stuff 'Goblin lives matter' into soup cans. Goblin Soup does not sound to appetizing. I spend most of my time now 'drunk in front of the TV' according to Vincete Foxx (former president of mexico) since I will be voting for trump. Vencete Foxs said that americans that vote for trump are 'drunks that spend all their time watching tv'

    I have seen more 'drunk Mexicans than anything else'(on both sides of the border)

    Now since I have been AWOL from this blog and nobody took the time out to inform me via email (harry and kymber:) I had to have my little rant. Its been awhile. It feels good being free to speak (or to write)

    as per multiculturalism, Taco's give me diarrhea. If I see a transvestite in the mens room hiking up his skirt to take a leak. I will take the urinal next to him and piss on his leg and pretend it was an accident:)

    for goblin defense I just got a Glock 26 (very gently used) with stainless guide rod and aftermarket springs. That pistol has very little recoil. Great for shooting car stereo's and very loud 'Boom Box' radio's. I also got a spring and guide rod set up from 'Zev Product's" for the Glock 19. I will test it out soon. There's a lot of dopers on the beach. its best to stay armed and safe.

    Oh' yeah one more thing. It was fun watching the suadi's squirm when it was found out that some members of Saudi Arabia's government and citizens were partially responsible for the 9/11 attacks.
    I will watch in glee when the Saudi's run out of oil, isis invades and Iran attacks their border and the U.S. government is too damn broke to do anything about it. Maybe allah will be merciful and all three events will happen at the same time.

    I will invoke 'Monty Pyton' as per the Saudi's. "I fart in their general direction"

    1. I tried to get in touch when I came back on line, but I wasn't sure "coffee bottle rocket" was really you when I saw that comment, or somebody who knew you. I didn't know you had switched monikers. Then I tried to email you at your old email address and the emails got returned as undeliverable. I didn't know what was going on. Thought maybe you really did buy the farm, either literally and were in West Texas, or figuratively and were fish food.

      Glad to finally get in touch. Send me an email so I can copy and paste your new address into my email address book. Want to check some things with you in the green, not in the red.

  9. Laws are getting out of hand. I saw this one this morning that floored me (maybe old hat to some of you). Did you know that having a hidden compartment in your vehicle can get you arrested, EVEN IF EMPTY !! Mind blowing to me, even having the compartment is illegal.

    California, Oregon, Illinois, Georgia and Ohio are the states that have these laws. Jeez!

    1. There's a book called "Three Felonies a Day". The author's point is that there are some many arcane, bizarre and nonsensical laws in the country today that anyone who gets out of bed in the morning will have broken the law at least three times before he goes back to bed in the evening.