Saturday, May 28, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend. Saturday

Spike and Jet are spending the day in the wife's trash can, next to the couch. They like the popcorn bags,  It's cool in there, as well.  I took Spike out for play time this morning, before it got too hot. He ran out of steam early though, chasing chickens. I wonder what would happen if he ever caught one?

 I strongly suspect he would wind up on the short end  of that stick.

My chickens are all a lot bigger than he is, and I think even a hen could run him off. The ferrets are not vicious, they just want to play.

Right now I have two hens with chicks trailing around them. Since mother hens can run off cats and dogs that get too
close, Spike might get a good stomping before he ever knew what hit him.

I keep him away from the roosters and mother hens. I let him chase the others if he feels like it.
Jet doesn't come outside anymore, he has little energy, mostly sleeps.

 I went through and pulled all the bolt guns that are overdue for a good cleaning.

I have them divided into three batches, so I can try to remember to put them back where they came from. If I don't, then my little book that lets me find an individual weapon when I want to, which I just went to infinite pains to update, will be useless.

 This is in what used to be the family room, down on the third level. Now it's just a place where I sit to listen to the radio, watch a dvd, or work on guns.

The "eliptical" is down here but my wife uses it a lot more than I do. I'd rather just go to the park and walk. It's not as boring.

However, it's good to have the thing to use when I just don't feel like taking down all the security devices on the jeep trail and then bringing them back up.

 Part of my "I love me" wall is in the background. Also some of M's things, like her promotion to Lieutenant in the Navy and her diploma from her college are up there on the wall.

That door in the wall you see, goes back underground to the pump room. The main pump is outside in the woods, but the pressure  tank, filter, and gauges are all in this "bunker" that you access through that wooden door.

Lots of guns to clean, eh?

My wife and I went to Home Depot today.  My plan was to stay home, but Home Depot was having a sale on garden vegetables, 4 for ten bucks.  So we went .  The parking lot was full.  We got what we wanted and headed out to the Jeep.

There was an old lady out in the parking lot, trying to load bags of  potting soil into the back of her truck.

She had probably 50 bags on a pallet.  My wife had to stop and ask her if she (the old lady) wanted me (her husband) to help. I am not supposed to be lifting heavy stuff but I would have. Even though she had a Bernie sticker on her truck.

The old hag told M that she didn't need any man to help her.

I told her she was not going to be able to load all that stuff, and I'd go inside and get her some help.

She told me to mind my own business, that she was perfectly capable of loading her truck, and that if she let a man help he would "tear the bags" and "dirt would get on her truck bed."

So I asked her if she didn't have a broom at home.  I had it in mind that she probably had at least one to fly around on after dark, but I didn't say that.  I told her that was fine with me, but that I hoped when we came back tomorrow we wouldn't find her old dead body out in the parking lot, all dried up and mummified by the sun.  Then I pushed our buggy on out toward the Jeep. When I looked back, M was still arguing with the feminazi.  Eventually M showed up, and said the woman wouldn't take any kind of help at all. Too bad for her.  I'll say this, there's no way she could have loaded all that stuff. It would have taken two men and a boy to get that great pile of heavy bags in that truck.  Lifting potting soil is like lifting cement or a dead body, it is just dead weight. Maybe she will croak out there, and that will be one less vote for Shrillery come November.

Yesterday I grilled hamburgers out on the porch. Tonight I am doing ribs. Better go get the charcoal going.  It's 82 in the shade, so I just go out there, turn the meat on the grill, and go back in the house. Getting to be like summer here, sure enough.

Thought for the day.


Is this better than Donald Trump?  I think not.



  1. I am sitting here working on some SMLEs...thinking about the many hands that have wielded them in combat over the past century. I would say Happy Memorial Day, but that is not really the right sentiment. But glad you are here to share thoughts with just the same.

    1. That's a good thing to do on a day when you are better off not leaving the house. There's something relaxing and satisfying about caring for old guns. Today they just crank them out, with a predetermined life span and cut them up at the end of it. But when these old weapons were made, craftsmanship went into them and they were the absolute best that people could make. Today, warriors have to remember that their weapons were made by the lowest bidder.

      I know what you mean about memorial day. I'm glad there are still some good folks out there who remember what it's about.

  2. oh Harry - to all of those feminazis - i say - good on ya. just wait until you can't lift your tiny bag of vegan tofu into your little eco-friendly cart and manage to get it home without passing out and dying. yep - i'm full of empathy and sympathy. i just don't have any for idiots.

    sending love as always. your friend,

    1. Kymber, I couldn't have loaded all those sacks, but I would have gone into the store and gotten a couple of guys to help me and I would have gotten her loaded, Bernie sticker or no. She was really hateful and rude. M felt sorry for her but I didn't. Anyone that mean deserves whatever happens to them.

      If I had been loading that stuff and someone offered to help, I'd have been glad for the help if they were drag queens or whatever. ;-)

    2. Hey you two.... never forget:

      No good deed goes unpunished.

    3. Well, that's often true. On the other hand, since I offered to help I don't have to feel any guilt over looking the other way, which I surely would have done.

    4. Matty, bro - where you bin hidin' lately???? bin missin' ya! xoxox

  3. I would have asked her if she was planning to use that soil to bury her man Bernie with. Oh well. People just don't have manners anymore. Love the endless line of guns you have!

    Had a close call today on the lake while out fishing with a friend. The boat engine started smoking real good and I thought there would be a fire at any moment. We were a mile from shore. I kept thinking if I have to jump overboard then hypothermia will get me. Tried to rehearse in my mind what I have learned over the years about staying calm. Not easy to do. Happy to report it ended well. After two hours we managed to wave down another boat and he pulled us in. At least there are still a few good people left out there. Can you imagine the feminist in my situation?--Troy

    1. Man, that would not have been good. I'm not all that good a swimmer, but I do remember how to make a life jacket out of a pair of trousers. Of course, if you were wearing walking shorts or a swim suit you'd soon have been catfish food. Get cold, cramp up, glub glub down to the bottom you go. Good thing a Samaritan came along.

      Yeah, it's a lot of metal and wood to care for. I try to do a little cleaning every week but these had been sitting a long time.

  4. God made most men stronger than most women for reasons of protecting the family and lifting bags of potting soil!

    1. Deb, I think that lifting murderously heavy, impossible to get a firm grip on bags of potting soil is surely a prime reason for male existence. Like taking out the trash and killing spiders.

    2. Amen on heavy lifting and killing spiders and bugs, but I take the trash out!

    3. I handle the trash and garbage. If I let M burn the trash she'd walk off to look at birds and let the woods catch fire. ;-)

  5. Hey Harry,

    I'm over being polite. I tried that and have gotten too many rude responses from liberals and what not. In your case I would have recorded on audio or video that 'old witch' saying 'don't need help from a man' etc, etc. Then I would have set back a distance sitting in the shade and start to take video on the phone of the 'the witch' having a heart attack after loading half a pallet of that soil. That video would be on YouTube, so fast after the meat wagon would have hauled her carcass off to the morgue.

    I help those who want to help themselves or try to be part of the solution and not the problem.

    Another new story for you.

    I was going down a local freeway doing 60 MPH in a 70 MPH zone because the cars in front of me were going slow too. I was in no rush and was going to a Walmart about a half a mile ahead. I notice movement in my rearview mirror of a red Corvette racing and turning around other cars in front of it that are going to slow. This guy almost rear ends my truck and cuts off my front end to go around the car in front of me.
    Well I was coming up on my exit when this guy disappeared way out in front.
    I exited and a short time later pulled into the Walmart parking lot only to see the red Corvette about 50 yards in front of me pull into a parking spot. I rolled up just after the driver (a white man in his mid-forties with a beard) was out of his vehicle and on foot walking (target of opportunity)

    I rolled up at about 3 MPH, rolled down my window and said (while still moving) Yeah' you almost rear ended me back there! (in non-threating manner)
    The driver looked surprised, and almost fearful and replied as I was rolling up my window and started to speed up 'You were driving too slow" and he had an agitated look on his face as I was driving off at a higher rate of speed with the window rolling up.

    I think I surprised the hell out him and scared the hell out of him becouse he thought he was being followed (it was just shear luck that I was pulling into the Walmart also) and he was one of those guys that's used to getting his way also, power trip, ego, etc, and he got called on his bad behavior. I know I won that battle on the psychological level because I drove off and rolled up my window without listening too and validating his response in a shear sign of disrespect.

    I have to admit I prefer to defeat rude people by messing with them somehow on a psychological level. Most adults are just grown up children and you have to know 'push their buttons' in such a way it makes them think that they were acting badly. That's the best way to defeat a rude person, besides I know it pisses them off and throwing an enemy off balance is fun:)

    I am very careful about doing stuff like this. I had the advantage of 'driving off' and disarming the situation anyway if it would have escalated.

    I "profiled' this guy as I was first rolling up on him. 'A white, upper middle class, well dressed mid forties, professional, class A personality that been divorced and going through a second childhood. Possible business owner or upper level manager. He had a beard which suggested he listened to 'classic rock music' and he was not a 'predator' type. Alpha male' yes, but not a strong alpha.

    The males you have to worry about are the one's that drive old trucks or normal low key cars and don't try to project power or influence. The quiet low key ones are the alpha's that are the real danger, like a quiet alligator in a swamp.

    1. The world is full of jerks. I only pay them any attention when I am forced to interact with them for one reason or other. Your speed demon and my little old lady are sterling examples of the type.

      I generally try to avoid any kind of hassle with other people, for fear of getting into a situation where I lose either way. Sometimes, you can't even avoid those problems.

    2. Yeah' your right, but sometimes an opportunity arises and depending on the jerk I am dealing with. I gotta say something. Maybe turning it into 'a teachable moment'

    3. Most people like that are beyond help. Then too, you always run the risk of interacting with the wrong guy, at the wrong moment and winding up on the morning news. Can't say I blame you for telling the guy you didn't appreciate his behavior though.

  6. THAT woman... Hillary... is dangerous.

    1. If she's elected, it's the end. She's utterly corrupt, arrogant, dishonest, and not very intelligent.