Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Shredding of the U.S. Constitution. It matters on an individual basis.

The U.S. Constitution is the blue print for how our government is supposed to be run. It was written by people who had just fought a revolution to get out from under the thumb of a government that they found onerous.  Basically, without the constitution to limit it's powers, the federal government can do anything , to anybody.

The Constitution makes it plain that the founders intended the states to run most of  the affairs of government, and the federal government was only intended to handle issues like national defense, those that required  joint coordination between the states.

But over the years, judges have "interpreted" the Constitution to suit themselves or the regime that appointed them. The result has been a vast burgeoning of the power of Washington, something that the founders intentionally wrote the Constitution to prevent.

 That's why it matters so much who the President is when a vacancy appears on the Supreme Court.

The SCOTUS can literally change the protections of the Constitution by "interpreting" what the founding fathers meant when they wrote the  document.  Look at the furor over what the original writers meant by "militia", and how that was the lever the Leftists hoped to used to destroy the Second Amendment to the Constitution. You can see what would have happened if we had a court packed with Hillary's lackeys.

It looks like we may be faced with exactly that situation after the November elections. With the court in their hands, Hillary and company can simply destroy the Constitution, exactly as Obama has been trying to do for eight years. For instance, they can pass legislation that will essentially say that if you go on the No Fly list, you lose your Second Amendment rights, just as if you were a convicted felon.

If you look at the last twenty years or so, the federal courts have become a rubber stamp for Federal power grabbing. They are the favorite tool of the Bureau of Land Management, which speaks volumes if you know BLM.  The 9th Circuit Court is famous for leaning so far to the left that any case heard by them is automatically decided in favor of the Left and  the Feds. 

The Constitution is supposed to protect our rights, which are "inalienable" , but the courts, top to bottom, are eroding that protection as fast as they can.

Here's an example of how the courts can take away your rights guaranteed to you by the Constitution.

 The Democrats want legislation passed that will say "if you are on the no fly list, you can't own a firearm."

Sounds reasonable, until you realize the No Fly List  has hundreds of people on it for no reason at all. Ted Kennedy was on the no fly list, and even with his power it took weeks to get him off. The normal mortal who gets on there through a mistake, takes three years or so to get the situation rectified.

It's easy to get on that list. Some faceless bureaucrat  can do it at a whim. So, with this new legislation the Dems are pushing, they can strip an American citizen of one of their rights, clearly defined under the Bill of Rights, with a few computer key board clicks and no oversight.

Eight Ways to Get on the No Fly List.

There are people who read this blog who are on, or were on, the No Fly list. We had this discussion a year or so ago, but with this new plan of the Dems, it becomes more critical.

I don't want to end up like Farley Mowatt, the famous Canadian writer who was placed on the list and still can't come into the U.S. as far as I know.  The man is a naturalist, a veteran of the fighting in Italy in WW2, where he was an infantry officer. But he got on the list, nobody knows why, and as far as I know there he remains.

 I don't like the idea of some bureaucrat taking away a person's rights without a  trial, without charges, without any proof of evil intent. If a person is found to be dangerous, then the government needs to deal with that person on the basis of current law.

However, the Republicans have indicated they will support such a law. So what may happen is this:

They pass a law saying a person on the No Fly list can't own firearms.

It is then challenged in court. All the way up to the Supreme Court. But by the time it gets to SCOTUS, Hillary will have been elected. She will have appointed at least one and possibly two new judges , hand picked by her for their political reliability. The Court will become a rubber stamp for Hillary Clinton. Relying on the Republicans to block the nominations of radical judges depends on their retaining the power to do so, and having the will to do so. I have seen no sign of any strength of will in the House or Senate on the part of the Republicans in many years.

And that will let this law stand. An article in the Washington Post recently advocated using this process as a "secret" method of gun control.  I can't see what will stop them. The Republicans are a broken reed, and Trump doesn't stand much chance. His big mouth and his impulsiveness are enough to ruin his chances, even without backstabbing from his own party.


  1. When our boys were younger my mom had them memorize the lord's prayer. My husband said, "Well if they can do that, they can memorize the Preamble." Mica could rattle that thing off at the age of 3. The Preamble was in a book about the Constitution. There's lots of cool pictures in that book!

    1. In my day, everyone had to memorize the Gettysburg address. Seems strange considering I am Southern. When I was teaching, I usually had between 35 and 45 kids in my class. In three years, I never had single one who came into the class initially with any idea of what the constitution was, nor the bill of rights. They had no idea what the three branches of the federal government were, or how they inter related. And these were kids about to go to middle school

  2. Got the word from a foreign reader that Farley Mowat has died. I am sorry to hear it. He was best known for his books on nature. His excellent book "Never Cry Wolf" was made into a very good movie. But personally, I liked"And no birds sang." That was his memoir about fighting in the Italian campaign as a member of the Canadian army.

  3. I can't help but wonder what it will take for the general population to open their eyes, take a good look around them and discover that we are now at the point of circling the drain. It isn't just the right to bear arms that is in jeopardy. So many in power are doing their level best to shred the entire Constitution. Never in my worst nightmares could I have imagined the world we now live in. I really do try to remain positive and hopeful, but quite frankly, I can see no real way out of this mess. All I can see to do at this stage is to get my ducks in as straight a row as possible and ramp up the preps.

    1. It seems like things really started rolling down hill with the rise to power of Bill Clinton. It's been going downhill dramatically since then. Bush was well meaning but bumbling. Then Obama got into office and started acting like he was President Field Marshal For Life Dr. Idi Amin Dada Obama instead of President of a country with laws.

      Your last sentence sums up the state of affairs pretty succinctly.

  4. I hate being a pessimist, but I really don't see any way that this country can reverse this downward slide. Even if Trump is elected, the results may only be a slow-down of this country's downfall. We have gone too far, crossed too many lines, and accepted too much depravity. Just when I think we have gone as far as possible, something else happens that takes us even further down. I used to believe,that at some point, the people of this country would wake up to see what is happening and would come together to take our country back. I no longer believe that. Common sense and knowing/doing the right thing is a thing of the past. I grieve the loss of this once wonderful awesome nation. Jana

    1. Jana,
      Years ago, in a magazine called The New Scientist, there was an article called "Is the collapse of Civilization Inevitable?"

      The basic theme of the article is that civilizations rise up out of brutish barbarism, grow strong, flourish, and then there is an inevitable degeneracy, and the civilization slides down to collapse. I think that's what we are seeing here. When there were standards in the country, we had a stable environment and most people live decent lives. But for the last 50 years the U.S. has been losing that. Importing people by the millions who have no contact or connection with America has hurt us. Bringing a Syrian Islamist here does not do anything but bring another person to a country that's already overcrowded. It makes the problems we have that much worse. There are limits to everything and the ability of any society to absorb people who don't have any common connections, even language, is limited.

      Then the belief system of the left, where everyone can have everything , without workinf for it, has been eating away at us for years. The feeling that some people are "special" and "entitled" has saddled us with a huge population of "eaters" who basically do nothing but sit on their asses, dabble in drugs and crime, rotate in and out of prison, and say "where my check?" has been catastrophic.

      It's the story of the grasshopper and the ants, although in our case the ants are diminishing in number daily and the grasshoppers have become a horde of locusts.

  5. Well, first of all, we outnumber them by millions. I am getting to the point where I just do not care what words they put on paper anymore. I can read the Constitution just fine, all by my self. (I did not go to law school to learn how to mis interpret it though) I am a free man. They can come kill me I suppose, but I will die as a free man. I have had it.
    On the better news front, I have been having a pretty good discussion about gun rights with my leftard sisters. One will come shooting with me in August when we all gather here for a family thing. I am hoping the other two will as well by then.

    1. Having lived under the heel of Bill Clinton and Janet Reno, I long ago gave up worrying too much about the government and what they might do to me. I have some good friends who don't blog because they don't want to get on the FBI s**t list, but I've been writing to politicians and associating with independent minded people for years. I figure it's too late to go sheeple and hide now.

      My family is pretty solidly conservative. I get forwarded news articles from my 87 year old mother that are political in nature pretty frequently. I am lucky in that respect. I'm glad your sisters are giving some thought to your position. It's a true statement that a liberal is one mugging away from becoming a conservative.

      I won't ever forget the night of the Paris attacks. Geraldo Rivera, the duty liberal on Fox News, was on the desk that night and his daughter was in the stadium in Paris that was attacked. Rivera couldn't get in touch with her and he was freaking out on the set. He said "we've got to kill these people (Islamic Terrorists), we've got to just bomb them and kill them. Shepard Smith, Fox News designated liberal apologist, got all over Rivera, the same old "but most Moslems are good people) B.S. but Rivera wasn't having it.

      I tried for several days after to find the clip to post on the blog, but it had disappeared from the internet.

  6. Harry - i really can't say much about American politics and it's system because from where i sit it looks absolutely crazy to me!

    but as Farley Mowat, he is a beloved canadian icon. jamie's favourite book of his is "owl's in the family". for myself - i couldn't pick a favourite - i loved them all. and yes, mowat died in 2014. but he lived a long and very fruitful life - he died when he was 93!!!

    but you are dead correct about getting on the no fly list which they still add to daily. my friend with the most innocuous and normal sounding name ended up on it. and she worked at cse (our version of your nsa)!!!! it took years to get her name off of the list.

    sending love as always! your friend,
    (thank you for your kind comment on my post about being disappointed with my denturist visit. i really appreciated it! xoxox)

    1. Kymber, I've been worried about you. I know you have been going through a very difficult time with the dental work, and I have been impressed with your upbeat attitude. Having just been through some similar issues on the medical side, I know how easy it is to get tired out, pissed off, and run down. You're a trooper.

      I really liked Mowat, and agreed with much of his view of life. I was sad to find out he died, hadn't heard anything about it which was strange because I keep a google account that scans news. I have a folder entitled "authors" and it should have captured some articles for me back when he died.

      There's a fellow who doesn't make comments here, but he has been reading my blog since the old one. He and I usually talk via email. He got on the no fly list, never was able to determine why, and had a hellish time getting off it. He is an upright a person as you can imagine, there was absolutely no reason to put him on the list.

      The idea of using such a flawed instrument to deprive people of a constitutional right is obscene.

  7. Hey Harry,

    The party has to end sometime. The Constitution cant go on forever. All countries rise and fall. Are we any different. What I can saw with certainty is that 'the more laws they make, the more anarchy they will create. People will still carry guns, make guns, commit murder. It has been this way since the first hominid smashed his neighbor's head in over a banana a million years ago or so.

    I'm really not to worried about it. There is nothing I can really do anyhow except sit back and laugh this folly.

    Americans now are like rats packed in a cage. A whole bunch of white rats that are pecking away at each other and every now and then one white forgets to 'check his six' and the rest cannibalize that white rat.
    Now lets introduce multicolored rats. Now its more crowded in the cage and all the rats get together in groups based on color and all the colors attack each other for food and supremacy (that's us right now and the stage we are in) Its a game based on overcrowding, lack of resources, color, class and culture.

    No matter what the social engineers do and what social projects they try. We will still kill each other.

    It will never change.

    If corruption becomes the rule of law then more corruption will be introduced to all social levels and no one will be immune to bribes, blackmail, deceit and so on. I call it the 'Clinton effect'

    If no one cares anymore and there are no social boundries and no moral codes anarchy will reign supreme.

    One aftereffect will become apparent. More people will feel lost and be attracted to mindless cults like Islam. Islam will provide moral codes in sea of social chaos and poison people into mindless automaton's

    There is no hope.....

    'Just sit back, drink beer and eat popcorn and watch watch everything fall apart.

    its not that I don't care its that I cant do a damn thing about it. I try to be a good citizen and so on but I am watching 'in your face corruption everyday' and its a futile attempt at finding reason in chaos.

    1. That's a grim view. I read your comment several times, and couldn't really find anything to disagree with. Things really are that bad, and I believe Hillary Clinton is going to be the final nail in our coffin.

      It's probably true, at this point, that the rot is too far advanced to stop. How it will all play out is about the only question I have now, I think the hand writing is on the wall in that respect. Falling standards of living, falling life expectancy, increasing violent crime, and a failure of government to provide the services they should, or to protect the people. Europe is going the same way, it's not just us.

  8. One great thing about the US Constitution is that it's pretty straight forward. Courts and Presidents twist it all out of shape, but the further away they get from the real meaning the more obvious the deception becomes.

    The no-fly list drives me nuts as it's so random. There is almost no way to get off it. Actually, being on it could be a badge of honor at this point. It means the government fears you.

    One thing that's happened now is that so many people are "under FBI observation" that they can't separate the sheep from the goats. Their net is so inclusion they can't sort out who's pissed off (just about everybody) and who's going to shoot up a club.

    1. I watched Fox this morning and they had a former FBI agent on. He said the FBI is so tied up in "rules of engagement" which forbid them to do anything that might offend Islamists, that they are virtually helpless. He said that Obama and his staff have specifically forbidden many of the surveillance techniques the FBI needs to use if the case in question touches on Islam. This guy said that Obama and his Moslem friendly restrictions on the intelligence community are directly responsible for the deaths we have suffered in the U.S. at the hands of terrorists .

      The No Fly list is just a joke. Anyone who googles it will find pages and pages of examples that illustrate the absurdity of the list as it is now. 3 year old kids on the list. 90 year old grannies told they can't get on a plane to visit their grandkids. Ted Kennedy, for God's sake. I detested the man and I'm glad he croaked, but you'd think he'd have enough name recognition not to have been put on the list.

  9. Corruption?? Our entire Government has become a cesspool of corruption, and meanwhile they are raising the iron fist by which they mean to rule us. Ha ha ha... The harder they squeeze, the more slippery we become. If I had to guess, I would say Hillary will not be going to jail. She has clearly committed crimes that would land a mere mundane in the slam, yet continues to run for President... So why is it they think I should obey their laws?
    I have lived around DC for most of my life. I am 58... I have watched the counties surrounding the cesspool turn flaming Democratic, as the thousands of un Constitutional drones have moved in to feed at the trough at our expense. These are the people that really need to be purged. The Senators and Congress swine are only 535 un American "rulers" It is the un accountable "agencies" that are really destroying the country. Bought a gas can lately? Tried to build on your property?
    Now we have "Jeh, I can't spell my name Johnson" of the unconstitutional DHS telling us that Gun Control is part of his "duties" Care to show me the statutes that grant that authority?
    Part of my reading of the Constitution says that we the people cannot be deprived of our rights except by due process of law. That means a trial, where their side presents evidence, and you can present evidence, and a judge or jury makes a finding. Some pea brain bureaucrat who gets offended that you wrote a mean letter to his boss and slaps you on a list is not exactly that.Frankly, I will not submit to such treatment. I am far from wealthy, but if I am affected, I will sue sure as hell
    We only have the rights we are willing to fight for, so by golly, fight for all of them. Read your Constitution, and understand what the constraints on government are supposed to be. They demand compliance from us on everything, we can and should demand compliance from them. Enough is enough. It is OUR country, let us take back the control of it.

    1. I think a lot of people agree with your point of view. I hear more and more dissatisfaction with how things are going, and even outright fear about what will happen if Hillary gets elected, which seems a certainty.

      The government and the two big parties have pretty much been exposed as grafters organizations, just putting on snake oil shows to keep the great unwashed happy. Those individuals who follow this chicanery and realize what is going on used to be rare indeed, but now the numbers of citizens with their eyes open is growing. I wonder where it will all lead.

      If someone with charisma and leadership lit the spark, I expect the powder trail would explode.