Friday, July 22, 2016

Ave Caesar ! Morituri te Salutant!

I want to believe!

I stayed up last night and watched the speeches at the Republican convention. There was a black preacher who gave a really good speech. I think his name was Burns. The rest of the speeches leading up  the main event were fairly good. Trumps daughter ,  Ivanka, gave a good speech and introduction for her father.

Trumps speech was excellent. He hit on a lot of things, but these stuck in my mind:

  • Rebuild the military, which has withered away to nearly 1940 numbers. Right now the Marine Corps is scavenging parts for the F-18 fleet from the boneyard in Arizona, and 75 percent of the F-18 aircraft in the Marine Corps air wings are down for maintenance. Obama and his crowd did this.
  • Restore Law and Order. Trump isn't going to tolerate or encourage riots in the streets and he isn't going to pay lip service to law enforcement and do nothing else, as Obama does.
  • Secure the borders. No one can stop illegal immigration completely, but he will try. Obama has aided and abetted illegal immigration as part of his social engineering project.
  • Destroy ISIS.  Obama largely created the conditions that gave rise to this world wide terror network. His efforts to combat it, such as they are, are pathetic. Trump will take a more proactive stance.
  • Make NATO pay it's fair share. We have a 14 trillion dollar deficit and we are still paying Germany for basing and transit rights? What the hell? That kind of thing has to stop.
  • Trump thanked the NRA for it's endorsement and promised to support the Second Amendment. Unlike Obama, who promised the same thing and lied, Trump will keep his promise.
  • Safety for the American citizen in this country.  Obama blows smoke and wants to keep importing potential Moslem terrorists. Trump says "no more" until they can be adequate vetted. He mentioned Hillary's stated goal of increasing immigrants from Syria by 500% on top of the quotas Obama has been sneaking  through on the sly.
  • Jobs. Trump says he will put people back to work. I believe him. At least he can come at the problem from a real world standpoint, and not the Cloud Coo Coo land perspective of the Democrats, most of whom have never held a working class job.

He said we no longer have time for political correctness. You can tell he's not a career politician, and that is one of the things I really like best about the man.

There was a lot more, and I'm sure I've forgotten things, but the speech ran an hour and fifteen minutes.

I still think it is a very uphill battle. This morning the MSM is ranting and raving against Trump. They are really shaken by the way the convention went off. The liberal talking heads  are also almost deranged over the suggestion that independents (which I guess I am now) and some middle of the road Democrats will vote for Trump.

But I feel better. I liked the speech. I liked the reaction of the thousands in the arena, because it made me realize that my concerns are shared by more people than I thought.  Maybe there is hope after all.
Can one man change all those things, fix all those problems? No.  But Trump is willing to try. Clinton wants to keep doing more of what Obama has done, on a vastly larger scale.

As for the Republican Big Wigs who stayed home and pouted because the common people chose a candidate that wasn't one of the club, well, you know what they say about people who can't take a joke.

On the home front, too hot to walk at the lake yesterday.  Worked out on the elliptical but I hate the thing. I don't think I will use it anymore as one of the kittens got behind the piston and almost got squashed. 

Spike and I went out at dawn to walk.  He walked towards the edge of the meadow, stopping here and there to roll, or stretch in the grass. I just trundled along behind him. When we got near the treeline, I tried to pick him up. He looked at me. I looked at him. I knew instantly what was about to happen. He took off like a bat out of hell, trying to get into the forest. If he ever gets in those woods I'll never catch him. Just before he got out of the grass I managed to get him, but he tried to escape and accidentally gave me a good scratch on the arm. Time to clip his claws again. Can't say I blame him, the woods would be heaven for a ferret. Until he got eaten by a bobcat, or a red wolf, or a hawk, or a coyote, or an owl, or just starved to death. My wife never  takes him out without his harness. It's like a T-10 parachute rig attached to a leash.  M doesn't want to be running through the meadow after a fleeing Spike.

There's some good news on the ferret front.

With any luck, another ferret will be coming to join us up here on the mountain this weekend. We are trying to coordinate the logistics of picking him up in Chattanooga.  Ferrets really need other ferrets. A friend from South Carolina recently planned to pick up a ferret while he was on a business trip , and then we were going to meet half way between his place and mine, and I was going to bring the ferret home. But the lady who said she needed a home for Panda, in reality wanted money for him and wasn't willing to accept that I would send her a check.. But it's ok, since she was taking care of him and wasn't going to dump him off. She just wanted cash. I'd have paid, but she wouldn't give the ferret to my friend without cash up front. Some people are hard to understand.

Once I had seven ferrets, but as the years passed, one by one they went to "The Rainbow Bridge."

I remember and miss them all.  They were great friends.  They have a place to rest up in the corner of the meadow, with a nice view and a pine tree over them. They have cairns made of quartz stones. Everybody gets some coins, some of their favorite toys, some sparklies, and some food in little pots, as well as a soft cloth to sleep on. The dirt can't get to them. 

What's the point of being an eccentric recluse if you can't take care of your pals? And nobody knows what happens after you die.

* all the artwork on this page is done by my friend Stef. She lets me use her paintings and drawing, for which I am grateful.

Ferret Art by Stef

Link to her page.


  1. Like I said in my comment on you previous post, but seems to have gone missing; I watched the convention last night and also came away with a lot more hope than before. I am pleased to see someone with a bit more spine than Romney the last time around. Hope Trump can keep the momentum and tear Hitlery to pieces. The one line Trump needs to use on her is: My attorney general will be seeing you in court.

    1. Michael, I went back and checked for your comment on the dashboard, and I don't have any record of it. If you have a copy in your sent box and can retransmit it, I'd sure post it. Sorry it went astray.

      Romney was a clown at best and absolutely the worst candidate the Republicans could have fielded. I had not one iota of respect for that guy.The Republicans could have just conceded the election to Obama and saved a lot of time and trouble for everybody.

      I had reservations about Trump, despite his record of achievement in business. But he has grown into the role, and I don't doubt his good intentions. I think he means everything he says, where as his opponent is just playing a role and doesn't mean a damn thing except when she says she'll carry on with the devastation Obama started.

      Sorry about the comment. I hate it when that happens.

    2. Don't worry about it. I am sure it was Google that ate it up. It was the same thing I said above. As I comment directly on your blog not via email there is no other copy of it saved anyhow.

    3. I guess I was thinking of when I comment on my own blog. It always records a copy of my comments and those of others that have posted. But I have to go to the dashboard to find the comments. However, when somebody comments, even before I post the comment, there's an email copy that comes to the Harry Flashman account. But I checked that and couldn't find your comment.

      You aren't the only one I lose comments from, but it's sure aggravating to me. I don't want to lose the comments and I'm always paranoid that someone is causing the loss to mess up my blog. You are probably right, it's just Google Blogger. God knows that it has kinks enough.

  2. Harry-I did not watch the Trump speech, since we don't have a cable connection. I have read parts of his speech. While I do have my reservations about him, I will fully support him as President. However, I have great fears that the dems will steal this election. Just heard on the radio of another attack in Munich. How many more attacks must there be before people see what is really happening?
    On a happier note, I am glad to hear that you are getting another ferret. Spike will be very happy. Jana

    1. Jana, I know Hillary would be a disaster. Trump might get some of the things he wants done actually accomplished. Seem pretty straight forward to me, and I am really bemused by the pouting Republicans who would rather see Hillary get in, and all the misery that would cause, rather than man up and support Trump. As for people who don't vote, that's their right but they don't have a right to bitch afterwards.

      I just caught the first news about the Munich attack when I sat down to eat my lunch. They are going to become more frequent and more deadly, both here and in Europe. There's no way to stop it with our current regime.

      Maybe if Trump wins we will have a chance to improve our situation.

      I hope it works out with Percy. It would sure be nice to have a younger ferret, because they like to play and they're a lot of fun. Older ferrets are like older people, they like to go for their walk, but don't do much else.

  3. Hey Harry,


    I am impressed with Trump. Now if he can get anywhere that will be great. If he keeps his promises and they are all fulfilled. Then that will be a miracle. I heard many promises in my time.

    I sent a reply in the previous post on the great al franken. Did it go through?

    1. I look at it this way. If Trump identifies a problem, and says he will try to address it, he may not be successful in the end. But still, that's better than the idiots from the Democratic Party, who just say there is no problem.

      I went to the dashboard and checked all the incoming comments for the last few days, and didn't see the one you mentioned. It apparently never reached me. I lost one from Michael here recently as well. Go ahead and retransmit it or redo it if you will.

  4. My little dachshund wants to be a squirrel dog, so I don't dare go outside with her unless she's got her leash on.

    1. Ferrets can't survive in the wild (domestic ferrets, anyway) so I am constantly concerned about one of mine escaping into the forest. Ragnar got away once, by pushing open the front porch door which hadn't closed all the way. I spent hours walking around the house in the dark with a floodlight until I saw him digging out a burrow under a fallen tree. I'm really careful about that. Spike just caught me by surprise yesterday. He usually isn't so energetic.

  5. Spike sounds like he has quite the personality. I bet you have to keep a close eye on him!
    I will skip reading The Road after what you wrote in your comment.

    1. Lisa, I know something of the kind of literature you enjoy, and I don't think The Road is something you would like. My wife wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole.

      Ferrets are tremendous little guys and girls, and each has their own distinct personality. That may be why I love them so much. Spike surprised me yesterday with that burst of speed in his break for the tree line. I didn't think he had it in him anymore.

  6. I love the art of the ferret with the harness, thats what my ferret "Choc" would do...he hated the harness and acted like it was choking him to death, a great actor....and the look of mortification when I expected him to wear it!

    A friend of ours thought Evanka is the Trump we need for this country. I think Trump could be the leader we need...he will do the hard things as it needs doing and not worry about re-election.
    Its going to be ugly if Hillary wins.

    1. Fiona, my ferrets have never liked the harness. I don't make Spike wear one usually, because he is getting on and can't fun so fast, but yesterday he was feeling rejuvenated I guess.

      I like Trumps kids. If he is such a hateful ogre, how has he got such a fine wife, and such good children?

      It will be terrible if Hillary wins. But if she does, the people who voted for her can watch their quality of life go down the drain, and when they start losing loved ones to terrorists or to street riots, they will have no one to blame but themselves.

  7. Harry here is an article on wild pets you may like.

    1. Thanks, Gary. I will take a look at it. My daughter has a pet squirrel and really enjoys having her around the house, even if she did chew up a $200 cell phone.

  8. I don't normally watch the conventions, but I followed this one.

    Trump speaks the truth!

    All the things he spoke about are what us "Forgotten Americans" believe in.

    I pray he wins. As you say, he might not be able to do it all, but I think he'll sure try!

    Good news on getting another little furry buddy!

    1. I don't watch them either, as a rule of thumb. But this year the stakes are so high, and the conflict so desperate, I stayed up late and watched. I liked his speech, and I did think he spoke the truth. This morning, Fox was "analyzing" the speech, and the talking head said that although all the newspapers and news casters had "panned" the speech, interviews with people in the streets who listened to it approved wholeheartedly if they were conservatives. Of course, the liberals are rending their garments and throwing ashes on their heads, as usual.

      I sure hope that I do get the new ferret. Right now I still don't have a pickup time or place but the people I am getting him from are juggling a lot right now, so I am just waiting to hear.