Thursday, July 14, 2016

France is hit again.

I was watching the evening news when they broke into broadcasting to announce there had been another attack in France.  This time, in Nice.  People were watching the Bastille Day fireworks, and an as yet unidentified man drove a large commercial truck through the security cordon, and into the crowd.  First reports indicate the driver opened fire on the people in the street and was then shot to death by security forces.

The first announcement said several dozen people killed and over 100 wounded. Now, at about twenty minutes after the first report, the numbers are 73 killed and 147 wounded.

I am putting a video on the bottom of  the screen. It is not the sanitized, B.S. videos they will put on television. But if you don't have a strong stomach, don't watch it. It's not for the faint hearted. I am just sick unto death of mealy mouthing these events.

The French were the best of allies in Lebanon.  They were tough, reliable, and took no s**t from anybody. After the bombing, they were the first to unload on the terrorists in the Bekka valley while Reagan was still scratching his behind and worrying about his image. When my wife and I used to travel in France, the people were always nice to us, and treated us well.  I hate this is happening to them.

This guy hit women and children.  It's sickening.



  1. I am sickened and hurting for the people of France. I can not watch the video. It will only get worse here in the U.S. This is how our near future looks. Jana

    1. It will happen here. I watched CNN. They had some British reporter on there saying this is all the fault of Nationalist Europeans, fascists really, because they have not been welcoming and receptive to Islamic culture. After watching the video I wondered how even a sick moonbat like Anderson Cooper could put that anal orifice on the air while people still lay in the streets. Cooper said they would only show blurred still frames with the color edited out, of the victims so as not to shock the viewers.

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    1. Dani, there wasn't any text with your comment, just your name. I don't know what happened but I went ahead and posted this comment so you would know.

  3. Hey Harry,


    I really hope the 'La Pen' wins in a landslide victory in France and deportations of muslim illegal and legal immigrants commences with due haste.

    'Next would be a 'major land offensive' from the Foreign Legion and other spec ops. groups in Islamic State lands with no rules of engagement and no prisoners taken. The Islamic Jihadists want war. Give them war!

    Meanwhile, nothing will happen. Our cowardly muslim and chief will work on his image and golf game. The Frence will most likely lement about how the muslims can not integrate into their wonderful culture of freedom and openness. The apologist will cry afoul at any anti immigrant setiment and wave rainbow flags of happiness.

    What we have been seeing with France, Germany and other European countries will not end until the populace of those countries is enraged and is willing to change their government with right wing, nationalists. The next step will be to deport extreamist and declare war on countries that support extreamism as well as a campaign of extermination of all members of the Isis in Syria, Iraq and any terrirory controlled by Isis.

    The only way to win is to be more 'ruthless and bloody' than they are in their lands. That is the only thing they respect is extreme strength.

    1. I was thinking tonight that this will never end until the no go moslem enclaves are liquidated. The moslems will have to be deported.And not just in Europe, but here as well. That Brit reporter on CNN tonight was whining about the rise of European nationalism, which he called fascism. I call it survival.

  4. More and more, I think we're reaching the tipping point of old men with nothing to lose going ape-shit crazy upon the enemies of civilization. Kind of like Clint Eastwood in "Gran Torino" but worse. When I am in town, I hear the old ones muttering dark things, shaking their heads.

    I know I hear the siren song somedays.

    Thank you for posting the graphic video. It needs to be seen. People need to face this horror that is smothering this earth. When the Berg video came out, many of my friends wouldn't watch it. I did, twice, to know the measure of my enemy.

    Deus Vult.

    1. I have always made an effort to keep the intensity level down on the blog. Lots of the people who come here just aren't from backgrounds that let them deal with extreme violence and it's not my desire to upset people needlessly. I will still try to refrain from any photos that might be too much for some folks. I would not , for instance, want my mother seeing that video. It's just not part of her world.

      But I am going to start using more license with videos, since a reader can choose to watch it or not, depending on their personality. One reason I am doing this is that it's counter productive to do what the news channels do. They don't want to get into trouble because somebody sues them for "emotional damage" or some kid sees something they weren't old enough to see. So they do this business with grainy, blurry video that has anything objectionable blurred out. The trouble is, it gives people a distorted sense of what is going on. Saying what happened, and seeing the reality of what happened, are two completely different things. Veterans of the wars overseas have seen this kind of thing, but the average American has never been exposed to reality, and just can't grasp it. Which makes many people take the problem far less seriously than they should.

    2. Thank you for acknowledging brutality. I was raised in a military family. As a kid I think I think I saw and experienced more than most of our snowflakes will ever experience.

      Kind of hard to not understand that 'Shit be real' when you live on an island that was forcibly removed from the Japanese empire, swim in bomb-craters in the reef, dig up bullets and other things, and play on the remains of a bunker that gasoline was poured into by the hundreds of gallons in order to remove it. (Kwajalein, Marshal Islands, an US Army base serviced by the US Navy to catch things fired by the US Air Force (and my Air Force dad had an ex-marine AF sergeant as his secretary, so that meets all service needs)

      I remember, as a 9 year old, standing on the USS Arizona memorial and having a Pearl Harbor survivor describe what happened, while trying to read the names. First time I remember crying in true sadness.

      Other base I lived on was a test center for missiles (Vandenberg AFB, CA). Hard to deny evil in the world exists when you are around Minutemen firing off (Minutemen aren't evil. The reason they are needed is.)

      Went to an airshow at NAS Point Mugu, CA, where we watched 2 Blue Angels die in a crash.

      And then there was the fireworks barge that blew up 500 yards away from me (Kwaj again).

      Oh, God, rambling.

      Point being, I would not know much of what I know now about the reality of this world if I had been protected from life like so many who are alive now. (There is absolutely nothing like feeling the scars of a Bishop who was beat by the Japs during WWII and listening to how he survived. Chilling.)

      I remember in High School, some kid was nannering about how the Holocaust didn't occur. The math teacher, an old quiet guy, got this strange look in his face, a pained and dark look. Next day we were treated to a slide show. Turns out teacher was a US Army photographer during WWII and photographed the capture of a Concentration camp (just a little one, more a work camp than a super-death camp). Teacher took a month sabbatical after that. Nothing like that would ever be allowed today (the teacher showing, not the camps themselves).

      People have to be shown this. They have to have it in their face to in order to have the wool over their eyes removed.

      Thanks for the space. Stay safe.

      Deus Vult!

    3. We have the same problems that caused the Roman collapse. To many people with no practical experience of conditions outside the Empire. A ruling class concerned only with their own hedonistic lives. We have the same burgeouing class of people living in the country who have no connection at all with our history or culture. But given the way things are going I expect the average citizen is in for a crash course in reality.

  5. Yeah,,,Quick, sanitize the videos so the sheeple don't get the wrong idea. My local gun forum (MD shooters) is always far ahead of the (sn)Nooze on things like this. I have seen the videos... I am ANGRY. I am not terrorized. I am angry. Sadly the Muslim infested white hut and our Muslim infested Government won't do a damn thing to prevent it from happening here. Arm Up folks, buy more ammo. Remember the words to the second amendment..."A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed" Guess what folks, in the absence of Government action, it is up to you, and you and you over there...I live in DC, and I am sure it is only a matter of time.

    1. J. I have just about come to the conclusion that we are going to be living in the same world the Israelis have since before their state was declared and they fought the 1948 War of Independence.

      Even before Israel was recognized as a state, Israelis living in the British mandate of Palestine were constantly subjected to Islamic terrorism. They fought back but it's impossible to stop it so long as Islam exists. The Israelis, even today, never know when they get on a bus to go to work if they will get to the office. They are subjected to a constant drum beat of Moslem terror. They accept it as the price of living, and while they defend themselves they also know that some of the Islamists will get through.

      We are there now. The only way to protect America is to do what Newt Gingrich said last night. Anyone who espouses Sharia should be deported, without exception. We need to crack down hard on the Mosques. But it won't happen. So Americans will just have to live with the constant threat of violent death in the background of their lives.

  6. So long as we keep on tolerating muslim apologists this crap will continue. Mr Watson says it so much better than I ever could.

    1. Newt had it right. You follow Sharia, you get deported.

    2. Problem with that is, Islam tells the muslims that it is okay, even required, to lie to further the religion.

      So no matter how they answer, you can't trust them.

      To a muslim, swearing on a copy of the quran means the same thing as if they were swearing on a copy of the Bible or a Torah. Nothing. It means absolutely nothing.

      Same goes for conversion. It allows them to smoke, drink, eat bacon, go to a catholic church and take communion as long as, in their heart, they consider themselves muslim. They don't even have to do penance for these actions, because bringing war to the infidels wipes out all sins. Look at the 9-11 hijackers. Went to strip clubs, drank lots of alcohol, etc. Or the ISIS computers that have lots and lots of perverted porn. It's all good if you kill in the name of jihad.

      Sad, isn't it.

    3. I think in that respect Islam is like every other religion. People pay lip service to the rules of conduct but do what they feel like. Moslems are notorious for getting out of their closed society and really blowing it out as soon as they escape, liquor, drugs, women, the whole lot.

      Everybody lies. The best rule is just not to trust anyone you don't know. I know that tricking an enemy by deceit is considered to be very admirable. Arabs in particular like to think of themselves as cunning.

      My basic rule on trust is "don't." Not until you have a good basis to do so.

  7. Again the waste, people's lives torn apart for nothing. I said to James, in the UK more police need guns, if that had happened here we'd have had no one to stop him, so sad.

  8. Kristy, it's horrible. We are going to get it here, it's almost impossible to keep the Islamists from successful attacking soft targets like this one. We deploy armies of heavily armed police but though they can react to an attack once one starts a massacre is going to happen. These people are barbarians.