Friday, July 8, 2016

If Obama not happy, ain't nobody happy!

By two this afternoon, CNN was reporting that a "reliable source high in the FBI" had informed them that the FBI was certain this was a single shooter incident.

The FBI certainly has a reputation for unbiased actions.  Why, just this week we had the example of the Director of the FBI and his determination on the Clinton case. That reinforced the nation in the belief that the FBI is not a tool of Barrack Hussein, no doubt. I'm sure Obama will make sure this incident just "go away." He has all the help he needs to do that, between the MSM and his lackeys in government.

So I find it hard to believe they got all the forensics done at the crime scene and have confirmed all the rounds came from a single shooter. When you consider the amount of work involved, I think it's more likely that Barrack Hussein doesn't want have a narrative start about his poor, downtrodden Black Lives Matter people being responsible for this.

  I mean, after all, he just had a bunch of them at the White House last February for a big joint hug session.

So for everyone who believes that the FBI has already done all the forensics and other work necessary to make that determination, and that all the people who reported multiple shooters were "mistaken" here's a little song. The refrain is dedicated to the CNN report and the FBI.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  Rod Wheeler is a frequent commentator on Fox. He always comes across as measured and thoughtful.  It seemed to me he summed things up pretty well in a current interview on Fox.  He says there are "thousands of black men" who sympathize with the shooter.

If there are, indeed, thousands of blacks out there who feel like the terrorists did, and I see no reason to doubt that there are, it could be a long, hot summer. Like South Carolina Extremist and myself, you might want a long gun in the car if you commute to and from the city, or worse, live in one. Don't forget extra ammo.


  1. And Obama and Cameron were laughing it up today while Americans were grieving the death of Dallas police officers. Jana

    1. Barrack Obama does not care one iota about those officers who were killed. It's a dead certainty that if Obama had a son, he would not be wearing a uniform of any kind.

  2. Perhaps a long, hot, bloody summer is what it will take to put Mr. Trump into office. Didn't that work for Nixon?

    Personally, I think the FBI letting Shillery off has now played into the hands of the victimization mob. It's open season on whitey, since it's perfectly legitimate to now claim "I didn't intend to harm the white _____". Hillary skates, so why not her constituency as well? It's easy to see who Black Lives Matter takes their marching orders from.

    5 cops dead and the clowns in Washington want to talk about how we need to have more understanding...more compassion.

    Pass the ammo please...

    1. It really is getting so bizarre that I feel bewildered. Ordinary common sense seems to be completely lacking in large segments of our society.

      No matter how bad things get in terms of Islamic terrorism and now black extremist terrorism, the mantra from D.C. is the same. First, it's the fault of white christians that all this is happening. Next, all we need to do is have a big hug fest, and all sing Kumbaya together. Then we can all get on the Love Train and all will be well. ISIS and Al Qaeda will go away, racial tensions will disappear. It's so simple.

      At least, if you are part of the Gated Community, Limousine Liberal crowd.

  3. If this is what it is like now imagine the mess it will be in 20 or 30 years. The more I see, the more I am convinced that Japanese hermit got it right.

    1. Back in the 80's I moved way the hell up here in the woods for a lot of reasons. One of them was the belief that things in the country were going to get worse. They sure have. I would not have believed they would be this bad though.

      I wish I had an island to live on, but I'd have to take my kids too. It's hard for me to sit up here and look out over the mountains, and think "well, it doesn't matter, none of it will effect me up here." It might not, but I've got kids in a place that is already dangerous, and the times are making it far more so.

  4. Hey Harry,

    Fuck it, I'm coming out of the closet.

    I am (captaincrunch)

    I am back and I am pissed.

    I think black lives matter and all their associates like the black pathers, etc all need to be offered cash and airfare to leave the country permanently if they are not happy. Just renounce their citizenship and go somewhere were they can be happy.

    This is America. Make the best out of your situation or get out of my damn country if your not happy. Go to France, Kenya, Germany (Germany takes anybody) Deal the hand your delt or fold your deck and get the fu*k out of my game.

    I went to school, got in the military, spent more time cleaning toilets and waxing decks than most sailors, got an honorable discharge, got a college degree, got shitty jobs, got a mortgage, got trucks, got stuff in my house.

    white privelige...My Ass!

    Its called working in the system and forging out an existence. Anyone can do it. Some have a harder time than others but anyone can pull it off.

    As per all the shitbags in those groups.

    Go ahead, burn down your cities, loot, riot, rob and rape. kill whitey cops, pray to your Islamic sun god for 52 virgin camels. I don't care what you do, just let the rest of us carve out a living and future.

    The more violence, the more reverse hate and racism towards blacks will arise. After all those brave and honorable police officers were killed now what will happen it will give police officers more leverage to abuse minorities and black people. More non racist white people will avoid black people out of fear, not racism, but base, primal fear for their lives.

    This will not end well. We are reverting back to the 1950's as per race goes.

    The KKK I fear will take in more recruits and the Nazi's will increase in numbers.

    This is not what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. wanted. Paraprashing a famous phrase by Dr. King in the opposite, your violence will make others judge you by the color of your skin and the content of your hatred.

    This I fear will be one hell of a bloody summer.

    Harry, sorry for all the cusswords. I used them to emphasize my passion and frustration in my writing. I am watching the greatest country since Greece or Rome destroy itself. Modern civilization is teetering on the brink of anarchy and barbarism not seen since the fall of Rome.
    We could loose 2,000 years worth of advancements and knowledge overnight over petty differnces.

    I am truly disgusted.......

    1. I realize you're angry. There are a lot of ladies that come here so go easy on the language, ok? Can't be too critical in this instance as I feel pretty much the same way.

      I don't see a happy ending. I can't foresee any turn around. It will just go on getting worse and worse. Each new negative trend feeds off those that came before, and spawns even more decay.

      I don't really worry about the KKK or the Nazi's. I think both of those outfits are moribund. What I do wonder about is when the average guy is going to start acting out because he just can't take anymore.

      After the riots in Baltimore, there was a video making the rounds on YouTube. This black man, late twenties, was discussing the stupidity of people who burn down their own neighborhoods and beat up white people when most of their problems in "de hood" come from other black people.

      One of the things he said, and I think he was prescient here, was this:

      " You dumb niggahs think you all bad because you be whoop'n up on white people. These pu**ies ain't the real white people. They a lot of white people out dere got guns, and one day they gonna have enough of yo' s**t an you be sorry den."

      I posted that video on the blog somewhere.

      I'm about to the point where I've had enough. I also feel like the danger from the Black Lives Matter crowd is growing exponentially. The next time a bunch of black thugs act aggressively towards me, I am not going to be nearly so apt to wait and see if they "cross the line" as I was last time. It's too dangerous. I still believe in restraint, and I don't want to over react, but given the situation now a person can't help but be more cautious. Like I said earlier, I'm not going to be the guy on the news laying by his open car door with his head blown open.

  5. As a student of history, I think I need to make the following observations and see if anyone else agrees with me.

    1. A charismatic but unknown politician and the inner circle that elected the politician stage a coup within the party, effectively taking it over and rebranding it.

    2. Said leader and inner circle choose a segment of the society to label as enemies of the society.

    3. Said leader and inner circle use resources available to them to instill fear and submission into the enemy class.

    4. Said leader and inner circle use manipulated events to destroy the resources they used to instill fear in the enemy class, making those resources into part of the enemy class.

    5. Said leader and inner circle replace the resources labeled as enemy class with their own hand picked and trained resources.

    6. Said leader and inner circle nationalize the society.

    [{(The Chair is Against the Wall, Repeat, The Chair is Against the Wall.)}]

    Does this sound familiar?

    It sure looks like we going through "The Night of the Long Knives" and "KrystalNacht" all at the same time, doesn't it?

    When will the government dissolve local police and sheriff departments and replace them with the 200k armed Federal non-troops and pseudo-military?

    1. Andrew, there's a lot of anxiety in the country right now and much of it is associated with similarities between the past and the present.

      There may have been a time back when Clinton was President that the level of trust in the US government was lower, but I doubt it.

      Obama hasn't instigated any Ruby Ridge or Waco episodes, because he's smarter than William the Bastard was. But the net effect has been even worse.

      No one knows where we are going to wind up, but the prognosis for where we are heading is not looking good.

    2. Short of the BLM people either getting some sense and control over themselves or killing themselves off even more aggressively than they are doing now, and leaving the rest of us alone, I think the nation as we knew it is completely dead in maybe as early as 4 months (if Shrillery wins). 6 months if she doesn't (expect to see the real stuff start to hit the fan in the last two months of Obama's reign.)

      Trump has a chance of pulling it out, slowing or stopping the decay at some point.

      Turning back from the fall will be difficult, but could be done if the vandals in the country are brought under control.

      I think there is some hope, but the turning point is going to be very bloody, no matter if we turn towards the darkness or the light. And we can be assured that what we knew will be in the past, like a southerner looking at his country after the civil war, or a soldier after WWII.

    3. We may go Third World through the death of a thousand cuts, instead of with a bang. It's just impossible to predict what will happen in the future with any certainty, but I do think you are absolutely right, in that a win by Hillary is the end, be it slowly or in a flash. We're already a good ways down the rabbit hole as it is.