Friday, July 8, 2016

Welcome to the U.S.A. Today. Or should I say, "Beirut, 1982"

It's not enough we have to deal with Islamic terrorism. Now we have a home grown race war going on. I've been watching the news from Dallas.

Loretta Lynch says the government will not tolerate militias. But outright terrorist organizations like "Black Lives Matter", that's ok.

 I've mentioned these people before. What I didn't do is include details like the black woman who runs the "kill whitey" internet radio program.

I didn't post pictures of her wiping her rear with the American flag.

I didn't post pictures of black men doing the same thing.

When I write posts, I try to say what I think, but there are limits to what I will do to illustrate and strengthen the point.

I don't post pictures of ISIS cutting off women's heads, or other atrocities although there are plenty of videos and images of that on the net.

Most Americans haven't seen that kind of thing in real life, and I don't think most of them should.

Perhaps not being completely honest about the things we discuss here, because it's indelicate to raise some issues, is not the right way to go.  Maybe that's why we are losing on so many fronts, and in so many ways, in this country today. We don't want to be "indelicate."

The terrorist who had a shouting exchange with the police said " I want to kill White People." That's a sentiment you hear a lot from Black Lives Matter, but you have to go to their videos on line to hear it. Any such statements from them are censored out of the news. You just won't hear it on ABC, but you can sure tune it in on the internet.

As the commentator said on Fox News this morning, until we get a government that isn't made up of black apologists, from the President on down, this is just going to get more violent, and more common. Revolutions start this way.  If the Ferguson Effect has been having a negative impact on policing , what is going to happen now.  There were sixty shooting in Chicago over the weekend of the fourth. They weren't just the usual black on black weekend bash, either.  There were plenty of pictures of white people dead in the streets. One in particular was of a young woman crying by her car while her male companion was laying dead by the open car door.  But who can blame the police for sitting it out. I wouldn't be a policeman for diamonds or gold. If you get involved in a shooting, the politicians will throw you under the bus as a conciliatory gesture to the hordes of .......... What shall I call them? "Negro" is officially banned from use by government officials now, so that probably isn't appropriate. "Niggah" can be used by black comedians when addressing the President to his face, but it's not appropriate for whites. I guess I better stick to " blacks", until I get the word on what the politically correct form of address  for this special group is for the current day.

Remember my run in with those four black hoods, in broad daylight, on a main street in the commercial district of Chattanooga. I let those guys get right in my face, and then I let them walk away. But given conditions as they clearly are now, I don't think that I would do things the same way if it happened again. I don't want to be the guy laying in the street by his open car door with his brains blown out. I'm not going to be inclined to give the benefit of the doubt to these people anymore.

What a hell of a thing , to turn on your tv in the morning , with your cup of coffee in your hand, and see this on the news. Enough is enough.


  1. I took a break from all this BS and went fishing. When I got home, I see this idiocy has taken place.

    And now I am hearing Nancy Pelosi this morning quoting MLK and St. Francis, and I think I am going to throw up. I think I will go back to the fishing hole again today.

    It is absolutely certain that the blame for this anarchy lies at the feet of our benevolent dictator, BHO. It is he that has raised and encouraged the angry voices over the last 7 years. The radical sympathizer in-chief. Absolutely this is what he wanted all along. A third-world country that looks and feels more like Venezuela, with all of the corruption that comes with it. --Troy

    1. If Obama had a son, he would look like the guy the bomb blew up in Dallas today, I have no doubt. That worthless man has caused more misery, more unrest, more division in this country than even Bill Clinton ever thought of doing.

      The Dems have to come up with the St.Francis stuff because this is an evil deed on the part of their most cherished "special protected group." They don't care a damn about the impact this will have on the country, or the dead police officers, or their families. Not a Tinkers Damn.

      America crossed the line to Third World Status sometime in Obama's first term. Now it's just rising to the surface so it becomes obvious to everybody. I don't know that there is even an "America" left. There's half the country that detest Obama and his like, and all they stand for. Then there's the other half, the Sheeple, who bleat happily in unison every time Obama does something stupid or says something stupid.

      The country is so balkanized that seriously, the best thing to do would be to break it up and let the Blues have their country and the normal, decent people have their country. They could practice their stupidities and the rest of us could go about trying to fix what's left of our culture.

      Honestly, Troy. I'm about done in with all this. I've had all I can stand.

    2. I'm done with this as well. If we can only be at peace by breaking with the blues then let's get on with it! Our constitution has already been torn up so what does the 3% folks have to lose? --Troy

    3. Just listened to Lynch give her press conference. Started out with the obligatory "our thoughts and prayers" drivel. Then an attack on guns and the Second Amendment. Then an afterthought type mention of the murdered police. After that a paen of praise for the protesters, for Black Lives Matter. This was followed up by the admonition that we all need to love one another, then she jiggled her fat posterior out of there without taking questions. All that was missing was "come on people now, smile on your brothers, everybody get together, got to love one another right now!"playing in the background.

      We're on our own. It's just a matter of how much the individual will take.

  2. We are entering a very dangerous time. Right and wrong will not matter much when the bullets are flying.

    I don't see anything being done that's going to stop the situation.

    Like you they could not pay me enough to be a cop right now. The Dallas shooting will make police much faster on the draw than they were before. Can you blame them?

    1. Everything I see going on is going to exacerbate this issue. The government won't do anything to crack down on this. Platitudes from Obama and Pelosi won't even begin to undo the harm they've done to race relations by encouraging lawlessness and denigrating the police.

      Why would anyone be a policeman now? My brother got out of the Marines after a four year stint, then spent the rest of his working life in law enforcement, some of it in the very dirtiest and most dangerous assignments like anti-gang work. Eventually he got injured in the line of duty and retired. He still has to deal with the physical and psychological results of that career choice. And for what?

      It won't only be the police who are quicker to shoot now.

  3. Harry another great post. I have grown tired of the news both local and National. I watched about 5 min about the shooting here in MN and moved on. why? Because I know things are blown way out of wack from the truth.

    1. Rob, the news doesn't bother me much, I know it's just a mouthpiece for the Democratic party. What does bother me, a lot, is the facts on the ground. I said a few days ago I didn't see how things could get much worse for this country, and then I turned on the television this morning and saw the films from Dallas. I swear to God, it reminds me of Beirut, Lebanon.

  4. I remember when Bill Clinton was coming up on his last few months in office all the theories that he wouldn't leave office starting with all sorts of anarchism.
    That seems so kindergarten compared to what I see and fear now.
    The mooslim in chief has this whole country splitting at the seams. Granted, the blacks have always been ready to kill people and burn cities but they've never had someone holding a Molotov cocktail with a match in the White House.
    For the last 3-4 years I added extra ammo and a rifle to my get home bag in my truck in case I'm at work when a racial incident/riot breaks out between me and home, 30 miles.
    Between BHO wanting to ban me and my guns and him wanting a racial uprising like the Mau Mau, Mugabe or some of the other African commie junk, I think we're in for a rough end to 2016.

    1. I am calling my kids tonight and making another plea for them to get the hell out of that city while they can. They can't make the money here they can there, not even close, but it's a place with a really bad reputation for racial problems, and some serious bad actors who are rabble rousing to the best of their ability.

      Obama is a disease. He bears a lot of the responsibility for things being this bad. When it does blow up, it will be people in cities who pay the biggest price. I remember the 1960's era and the riots then. People today don't generally know how bad it can get. They think Baltimore was a bad time. I believe everyone is in for an education in that regard. You're wise to keep armed up. Anyone who disparages you for that needs to look at some of the old videos from the L.A. riots.

  5. So many of the white race are so busy trying to appease the thugs that we lose sight of the fact that those people do not want to live peacefully. They have been told for nearly eight years that the situation they find themselves in is not their fault. It is the fault of "white privilege." If indeed the current administration set out to cause hate and discontent between the races, he seems to have accomplished his goal.

    Out governor was quick to throw the officer involved in the Minneapolis shooting under the bus, before the facts had been discovered, before the officer's name had even been released. I wonder if he will be as quick to condemn the now deceased shooter in Dallas who, as it turns out, was black and whose goal was to kill as many white officers as possible.

    1. I saw the Governor making his little speech and trying to take cover under the mantle of the Justice Department. Not much of a man.

      The White Guilt crowd is going to get it's just deserts. When this blows up, being white will be what matters to the mob, not whether you were on their side or not. Nat Turner doesn't ask questions, he just wants to see the color of your skin.

      Part of the problem is that a lot of white people are just afraid of blacks, pure and simple. They're afraid and they don't have a clue what to do, other than cower and cringe and hope they get left alone.

  6. I noticed that woman didn't promise a hate crime investigation even though we have the Dallas PD claiming the black terrorist said he hated white people and white police. But you show a white cop holding a gun on a lack person like what has happened this week and she rushes her bunch down there to take over the investigation.

    If I was a white cop, I'd leave the job right now. The black terrorists will kill you and the black federal government will put you in prison if they can. Or the white governor did in MN..... just came out and toss that white cop under the bus before the investigation has finished. I have questions about that particular shooting but the cop has a right to let the process work itself out without being tossed under the bus. That idiot governor was sending signals as to what he expects his police to do.

    1. Well, Lynch is handicapped by the fact that Lord Barrack is in Poland, and she dare not speak without getting her script from him first. So she just came out and gave everybody the typical "our hearts and prayers" speech and then hauled ass without taking questions.

      Anybody who remains with the police under this regime, or the one almost certain to follow, is going to find life very hard. I don't understand why they do it.

  7. And the United States dies, bit by bit, a death of a thousand cuts, slowly bleeding while bystanders are too scared to help.

    I fear we will not make it to the elections. I believe that the political conventions will become bloodbaths (yes, both conventions, because once you let the djinn out of the bottle there is no going back). I believe within a month after the conventions the states will be under martial law, the elections suspended, and our current president will now be defacto president-for-life.

    I wish I had money to stock up and buy. I don't. So many people I know are on the edge after 7 years of this crap and have no safety net. So many have had to sell or use essential supplies to make it to the next payday due to loss of jobs, increases in mandated taxes (like healthcare) and other things that there is nothing left over.

    We're done. DOA.

    The only questions are what will replace what once was great, how big the death toll, and will any of us survive?

    1. Andrew, I am not sure what will happen in the immediate future. Things are moving so fast now there's no time to just pause and catch your breath. It doesn't look good. One of the black guests on CNN today basically predicted the U.S. is going the way of Syria. And he appeared to be a conservative.

      That's why I am really trying to get my kids to bail out of the city and come home. We will be safe enough here no matter what happens, but they are at real risk up there. They have some equipment and supplies, but only enough to get here. They can't stay there if it blows up.

    2. Hopefully they will chose the "Alive but poor" way and show up on your doorstep soonest. It is nice to have family around in troubled times.

      I would not be surprised if chatrooms are full of "The Chair is Against the Wall" comments, comments that make no sense in amongst conversations on woodworking or gardening. One of my more suspicious neighbors just spent all day quietly fortifying his yard, clearing free fire lanes in bushes, moving stuff so he could get his car into his garage.

    3. Proverbs 22:3
      The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and pay the penalty.

      Sounds like your neighbor reads his bible. Common sense dictates that if you live in an area that might be impacted by civil disorder (the polite phrase for mob rampage) you best get your ducks in a row.

      I think it would be wise for the kids to at least come down here for a week or so and let me load the Commander up with more things they might need. But I do remember how important work was to me when I was still doing it, and how hard it was to try to do things without negative impacts. It worries me that they are where they are though.

  8. I'm so scared for my children's future. It's one messed up world we live in.

    1. Me too, and mine are grown up. I'm trying to get them out of the city they live in ASAP. I know it's hard to leave your job, and I know it's hard to move, but it's getting very dangerous and they are in a particularly bad place to be living if the mob goes on an LA or Detroit style rampage.