Sunday, July 24, 2016

What a day for news. Seriously , you couldn't make this stuff up.

The Democrats are still hammering away at Trumps warnings, saying that all is light and rainbows, and there is no call for people to be anxious. I think they should adopt this song as their convention theme music.


In the meantime,  the Iranian shooter in Munich, Ali Sonboly, has everyone perplexed. Why would a Moslem just go off and kill Germans. Only white Germans, as far as I can tell.  The press was attributing the shootings to "Nazi's" but that didn't pan out too well for them. Turns out the guy used a Glock 17.  It's virtually impossible for a German to buy a Glock 17 legally, and it's totally impossible for a 19 year old to do so.  But this character got one.  Kind of goes along with the thought that banning guns disarms law abiding people, but doesn't inconvenience bad guys who want one, overly much.

Today in Reutlingen, Germany, a Syrian refugee attacked people on the street with a machete. He carved up three people, one of whom, a young pregnant woman, died. The German police are not calling this a terror attack either.  Of course, if they did call either of these Islamic Terror, it would not go down well with Merkel. Got to cover your rear if you work for the government, so you do what you're told.

Here in the U.S., it's "guns" not Islamic Terrorism.  In Germany, it's "the Nazi's."  The French are about the only people willing to call a spade a spade.

What about those evil Russians! Can you believe they hacked into the Democratic National Party headquarters and then planted a bunch of emails making it look like the DNC was doing all it could to stab Sanders in the back, and get the nomination for Hillary!   Then they leaked the fake messages so Hillary would look bad!  My God, the insidious devils!

Well, at least that is what the Democratics Big Wheels are saying. ABC , one of the most left wing of the MSM and a big fan of Hillary's, is apparently not buying it. When they did the story, both the host and the special reporter started laughing right there on the screen. The special reporter said that there was not one shred of evidence to back up "their story" which I found an interesting choice of words.

It's clearly B.S.   Everybody knew that was going on, but it was fun hearing some of the particulars. Like the plan to plant a correspondent in a news conference who would ask Sanders if he was an atheist. The DNC official writing that one "sensed" that Sanders was not a "real Jew" and should be outed as an atheist.

But lets blame the Russians anyway. That's what our government has been doing every time it needs to distract people in this country from some new screw up or faux pau.

In the category of problems that "just happened" this heat wave is rough.

Couldn't take Spike out at all today. Ferrets can be killed by excessive heat , they have no tolerance for it. To tell the truth, I didn't go out much either. But watching the news, across the country things are really tough.  Thousands of people are out of power in New York, while the city is roasting them with the urban heat plume. In the west horrific fires are burning in several states , People are losing their homes, and the news says some of them didn't bail out soon enough and got burnt alive. The fire people already found one vehicle that didn't make it and expect more.

After much travail, I got my can of 5.56 I ordered this week delivered, it came yesterday. I met the FED EX guy down by the mailboxes. Since we have no one to maintain the "county road" it has gone to hell. The old guy who used to do it with his tractor is no more.  I doubt the FED EX truck could have gotten up even the first climb, let alone to my gate. I don't want those guys to start gaffing off my deliveries because it's such a problem getting to my place., It has already happened once. So I am meeting them down on the hard surface road now.

I took 44 rounds and was going to put them through my two AR-15's today. But it was just too hot, even under the trees. Another time. All this ammo is reloadable so it's not so bad to fire some of it, just to make sure everything is "Ichiban". 一番

So that's it. Nothing else to report from the mountains.

Thought for  the Day:


  1. I see the heat has traveled out East. I don't mind the heat unless I'm trying to sleep. I sleep very little and when it's hot I might as well just stay up instead of being miserable.
    We had 2k rounds of 5.56 and 1k of 9mm show up last week. Had to replenish what we shot in the last few months plus a little extra for the next few shoots.

    Stay cool.

    1. Max, I am dragging.I can stay cool if I stay in one of the buildings, but I have so much to do outside I can't do that. Especially with these storms passing through. So I go out and work til I can't stand it, then go in and take a cold shower and lay down. This has been really hard on my poor outside animals like the dogs, outdoor cats and the chickens. The heat even in the shade is ghastly, and those poor animals are all wearing fur coats or feathers. I keep cold water in their troughs, and have put out lots of extra food though they seem to have no appetite.

      I hope you reload that brass. The most expensive part of a cartridge is the brass and you get a lot of reuse out of the brass, depending on how you resize and what loads you are shooting, and how your rifle treats ejected brass.

      Don't you have AC in that cabin up there? Surely you do. I can run ac off the generator because you can't live here without in summer. So even if the grid goes, when it's hot I don't fiddle around and wait to see if it will come back on soon like I do in winter. I fire that generator up.

      I haven't run any ammo through my two AR-15's in a long while. I set some of the new arrivals aside but it has to cool off some before I do any shooting.

      I checked to make sure I didn't call you "Matt." ;-)

  2. And we have a suicide bomber blowing up a wine bar after being denied access to a music festival in Ansbach, Germany.

    And now Trump is saying that emigrants from France and Germany will have to face heavier vetting due to coming from compromised nations.

    And the DNC is collapsing, with personnel changes occurring almost hourly.

    And the protests in Philadelphia have already started, so far peacefully, but already larger, louder and nastier than anything at the RNC except for the piss-tossing.

    Crazy times, crazy times.

    1. Andrew, when I got home from Chattanooga today, I watched the news in the evening. It was so bizarre.

      The Germans are saying the suicide bomber in Ansbach was not a terrorist, he was "depressed." The fact that he was a Syrian "refugee" doesn't matter. I wonder how the guy got th training and the materials to make a suicide vest?

      Deutschland Erwach! Before it's too late. Political correctness and covering Merkel's ass is going to get a lot of people killed. If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and swims like a duck, it's probably a duck!

      How about the whacko who killed 14 or so people with a knife in Japan today? Better ban those knives, double quick.

    2. A refugee who was denied asylum but allowed to stay with benefits. Isn't that kinda the definition of asylum?

      The word from the underground is the German people are just a little tired of this issue and of Merkel and her people, and getting more tired exponentially. The problem is that if Germans post or say something negative about the situation or the government, they can, and have, be arrested.

      The Bavarian Interior Minister actually linked this and the other three recent attacks as part of muslim violence. Finally. That makes him light-years ahead of Merkel or of our anointed Lame-Duke.

      Japan has a loooong history of knife violence, go figure. The fact that the attack took place at a facility for disabled people is heinous. 15 direct kills, 4 cardiac kills, 24 variously wounded. And then he calmly goes to a police station and turned himself in. Japan is certainly a different place than the US.

      I don't expect Japan to try banning knives. They (usually) aren't that stupid.

  3. My family's in the brown part of SW MO. Yeah, it's hot. It's hot enough that Walmart was near-deserted at five on a Sunday evening. That *never* happens.

    1. Hey, good to know you are still alive. I need to come by and visit.

      It's pretty rough here. I had to go out on the porch and put out animal food awhile ago. I was only out there a few minutes and got completely "bleached out" by the heat.

  4. You can't make this crap up. They keep denying that these attacks are muslim terrorists, repeating over and over again that they don't know the motivation, when it is right there in front of their eyes. And so keep begging for more of the same. Things do seem to be falling to pieces with the Dems well. At least that one we can laugh about. I think the Bernsters need to start raising bloody hell at the DNC. Everyone knows the fix was in at the DNC. By all standards that should disqualify Hitlery all together and they should haul her away in a straight jacket. But as we know she can get away with murder and the moronic press would still heap praise upon her.

    1. I have watched all this with the leaks , completely boggled.

      Three days ago, when this surfaced, various party hacks intimated darkly that these emails were all fake, that they had been "leaked" by the "Reds" to help Donald Trump win the election.

      Yesterday they said, "well, ok, the emails were real but this is still a plot by the evil Russians to help the dictator Trump take over"

      Tonight, all three networks did stories citing "unnamed experts" and "unnamed government officials" saying yes, it was definitely the Russian government.

      But "unnamed" doesn't mean a damn thing. Unnamed could mean the janitor at MSNBC. Here's a headline from a web news page , CNBC as I recall.

      WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange: 'No proof' Russian intelligence responsible for DNC hack

      I saw the interview with Assange, and he was livid. He said it was nothing more than an attempt to divert attention from what was in the emails , and distract people with the "Red Menace." I tend to concur.

      It did my heart too to see that bitch that has been running the DNC boo'd off the floor. I am going to watch Sanders tonight when he gives his speech. He is trying to "calm the faithful" but it looks like he may have lost control. Hillary said sneeringly yesterday that the Democratic convention would be nothing like "the one last week." Boy, sure looks like she was right about that. I hope they drag her off the stage and tar and feather her.

    2. Just because the Russians leaked the emails doesn't make the emails false.

      I am personally laughing my butt off as I watch my liberal friends try to hide from all the hits that their precious heroes are taking right now. Can't wait for the ones dealing with the Anointed One to surface.

      I love seeing the booing, the infighting, the nastiness of the DNC come out in the open. Like roaches exposed to sunlight. Yesterday, the DNC rules committee locked out the Sanders supporters from the rules votes for the convention. Just goes to show you that in a democracy, 51% rule over the rest. (I much prefer living in a Republic, myself)

  5. I'm sure if "those dirty Russians" DID hack the DNC, we'd never know a thing about it.

    1. I could believe the same guys who hacked into Target and got my card info did it. There doesn't seem to be any way anybody can stop those boys. But the allegation that the Russian intelligence services did it to help Trump is nonsense. But it does make good press for the gullible out there, and there are a lot of them. Anything to get their attention off the emails themselves, and the utter corruption the emails detail over and over again.

  6. Hey Harry,


    I really had to laugh when I heard that the Democratic party got hacked!

    Just wonderful. The big mess is getting out and hillariy will look like a buffoon along with her pet man 'Kaine'

    Payback is wonderful watching 'Debbie Washerman Shultz' squirm like a snake.

    One word of wisdom no one seems to understand.

    If anyone has information that cannont be realeased to the public that absoulutly has to stay 'secure' Do Not put that information on any electronic device. Do Not attempt to transmite that information by any means electronic.

    Nothing is secure.

    It all can be hacked. No military grade encryption is foolproof. 'Brute force attacks and cobbled together home made 'Beowolf' super computers, given enough time can hack encryption. Socail Engineering hacks are the easiest because some moron cant keep their mouths shut or give up information to leed to a successful hack.

    No' I am not a hacker, but I have been studying this phonomenogh for awhile now and I know to never underestimate human intuition and intelligence.

    Harry. I would like you to watch and listen over the coming months and see how much more rhetoric we will hear about 'sanctions' on Russia and watch as the saber rattling begins again.
    I think the 'powers that be' are re-awakening Dr. Strangelove. Start a conflict to destract our society from the ill's that have befallen us.

    1. I think Clinton and her mob got caught rigging the game, and now they need some way to get the low intellectual capability crowd off the emails and onto something else.

      Kind of like the Germans dressing up criminals in Polish uniforms, then gunning them down at a German radio station on the border. Then they announced the Polish army had attacked Germans on German soil! Worked pretty well. This Evil Empire thing will probably work as well, especially since the MSN is pimping it full time, using "unnamed sources."

      Meanwhile, the FBI is going to investigate. What a joke. Why don't they just have Hillary write the findings now and the FBI director can just go on television and read them. Save everybody a lot of trouble and get the same result.

  7. With all this going on, notice how nobody is talking about Hillary's email scandal anymore. She got away with selling our country's secrets to just about everybody and nobody seems to care. We are on fire watch as our humidity is down to 5%. I scan the skies every day and watch for smoke....keeping fingers crossed there are no stupid people in the forest. No rain in sight. Debbie left the DNC in disgrace but I see where Hillary's campaign scooped her up to work for them. Mind boggling.

    1. Things are happening so fast it's hard to keep track. Somebody has been watching "Wags the Dog" sure enough.

      The fires out in the West are pretty awful. I am nervous about our forests, but so far we are getting sporadic rain every day so that helps. The humidity is astronomical and that helps with the fire situation but makes living here een tougher.

      I'm sure they had to cut her a deal to get her out of there so someone could try to settle down the Bernie Revolution crowd. I watched the news this evening, and I wish them luck with that. The Bernie Boys and Girls didn't look like they were very ready to settle down.

  8. So it turns out the DNC has been running a rigged game. Pretty much what everyone's been saying all along. Sure, the chairman resigns, but the damage has been done.

    Supposed to get hot here today, around 90, which is hot for here in the northern mountains. People still have power out from the Saturday storms.

    1. Both parties tried to rig the game, but only the Democrats succeeded. The Republicans failed but not for lack of trying. They both reek.

      I went to Chattanooga today and it was over one hundred on the freeway. My arm got up against the drivers window and you could feel the heat out there right through the window.

  9. The DNC fiasco is so typical of the blindness of the masses who vote matter how many times they get caught red handed they still slip away clean and claim to be the victims of another scheme to make them look bad so the voters still vote their way...What will it take?
    Take care of yourself and your mountain top and keep cool!

    1. There's almost nothing about a human being that can't be changed now, except their minds. That's especially true about the Dems and their ilk.

      Went to Chattanooga today and it was brutally hot, especially on the six lane freeway. Made it back alive, though!

  10. Hot here and a few forest fires not too far distant. Getting a smoky haze here too. I ran into a few "smoke jumpers" at our local diner today and i'm glad they are here. Tough job they have. BTW, if you want a great woodland firefighting read, I suggest "The Big Burn" by Timothy Egan. Fantastic story.

    The Russians aren't stupid. I think their paws are all over the Wikileaks fiasco. I'm sure they are sitting back in their rocking chairs laughing it up that they can manipulate our elections. Well, i'm laughing it up too. The DNC clown show is proving to be exactly as I had anticipated.

    So, ...sit back, grab a cold drink, and enjoy the fiasco.--Troy

    1. Paul Simon singing "Bridge over troubled waters" at the DNC. It really doesn't get any funnier than this...and it's free!

    2. I would believe Russian Hackers, but I doubt they were government hackers. I can't see that "helping Trump", as the Democrats are squalling to the high heavens, would be worth the trouble, expense, resources or risk. But the news agencies were all over Hillary's cover story, helping divert the masses from the emails and the election rigging.

      I am watching Bernie tonight when he gives his speech. I want to see what happens.