“Wyrd biõ ful ãræd.”

Saturday, August 13, 2016

A day devoted to Ammunition.

 I recently bought a lot of brand new .50 cal ammo cans. I mean, "a lot" of cans.

So today I have been  transferring ammo from the old wooden ammo crates it was in, to these new cans.

One fact of life this process has reinforced for me is that I am not young anymore. A fully loaded .50 cal can weighs a lot.

If you are on the third floor, putting the ammo into cans, and then you have to haul them down to the first floor, down two flights of stairs, it gets old really fast.

But I am reorganizing the ammo. Before, my intention was largely to preserve it. Now, I am trying to get it organized in such a manner as to keep it in good shape long term, but organize it better by type, and in smaller packets.

 In 1986, I came up here with my household goods, a few guns and not much else. I had no idea what all I would need to live here, and I just learned as I went.

But even then, I knew the Democrats would do all they could to grow the  government, and to make citizens into serfs. I got involved with some people in Lousiana, who introduced me to some people in other states.

I learned  that things were a lot worse than I thought they were. I didn't pay much attention to the outside world when I was in the Marines. It's a closed society and you just don't much care what's happening in CivDiv. Especially if you are shipboard or deployed a lot.

One of the things I learned from my new found friends was that while the government could never find all the guns, they could cut off the ammunition.

Some of the people I met back then, especially in the South, were religious based.

One of the groups was called "Christian Identity." They were all over the Carolina's and probably other places as well in those days.

The Christian Identity people had a "guru' but they were spread out in small groups throughout the mountains.

I was always a little nervous when we met with them because they were fanatical. Think " American Taliban." But they knew the value of ammo and their supplies were impressive. It really takes a group to acquire adequate quantities of ammo. I learned a lot of practical things from them and others I met during this period, when I was still trying to work with other like minded people to accomplish something. Personalities and the constant turmoil these folks were involved in eventually led me to stop interacting with "groups." But I did learn from the experience.

Money was tight for some time after we got out of the service. It wasn't until I went to work for the oil and gas industry  that we really had enough disposable income to start stocking up.  As I've mentioned before, my boss was a truly evil man, but he did some nice things for me. One of them was letting me purchase ammo wholesale through his Firearms business. He had all the right permits, so I would tell him what I wanted, he would order it, and I would buy it from him. We did all the necessary paperwork to keep it above board.  I got large quantities of surplus military ammo that way, usually in the wooden crate, in the cans.

I am not messing with that. I don't know any better way to store it than as it was issued. I keep all my cases of ammo in climate controlled spaces (as I do with all ammunition regardless of type.)  What's going into these ammo cans is loose boxes that I've been storing in old wooden ammo cases. I just filled the cases up with whatever happened to be bought at the time, and then left them alone once a case was filled.

I didn't finish today, and I probably won't finish tomorrow. I'm labeling the cans with a number, then putting the contents into a spread sheet under that number.  I have been keeping an inventory for years, but it's light on detail. This will let me find what I want, right away.

It never hurts to do a little leg work, so that when things go sour you can concentrate on the important things, and not details.

Thought for the day:


  1. I envy your stash, I had to sell most of mine to make ends meet. Love the memes!

    1. Sometimes you suffer setbacks. I don't put money in the stock market anymore, and I don't care how high it goes. I'm not giving a bunch of crooks an opportunity to shaft me again. So don't feel like the Lone Ranger. I've taken some financial hits in my time. Never had to sell anything as I was still working back in 2007/2008 but I would have if it had been necessary.

  2. I feel like leaving a smart ass answer, but I value your incite and I respect you too much to piss you off. LOL.

    1. Well, I'm not really sensitive about my age. You're about the same age as I am aren't you? I know you have been married about 8 years longer than me so I figured you were.
      The meme is pretty much spot on. My days of "boots and belt buckles" are over.So if someone puts me at risk, I don't have much of an option other than to blow them away. I sure have no ethical or emotional compunction about doing so if someone leaves me no choice.

  3. Nice way to spend the day. Back in the winter we had a pretty good blizzard, and I was snowed in here for four days. I did something similar, although I wish I had your quantity...But I am not seriously lacking except in a couple oddball calibers, like 218 Bee...But it feels good to look at the shelves and do a quick mental inventory before heading off to a gun show...(I have a big one fairly close by, and save on the shipping by buying there) I will say carrying a quantity through the show uh... su...is not good. Next, more dies...Imagine what we'd save if the dad gummed government would just leave us alone...

    1. I was just going over my reloading supplies. I have all the dies, gauges, shell holders, primers, and brass I need.But I should buy some more powder and bullets. I have to go all the way to Benton, Tennessee for the powder but I can get the bullets from Graf and Midway on line.

      We have gun shows here, throughout the tri-county area but only about twice a year. The prices lately have been outrageous.

    2. I sure miss the days of cheap surplus, guns and ammo both.The "Nations Gun Show" is in Virginia, about 40 minutes drive time. It is HUGE, and fairly well stocked with guns and ammo, along with some other BS.I seldom buy guns at a show anymore, but ammo magazines, and stuff is fair game. I have only started to reload, but I bought powder, primers and bullets there.. And the postman has no idea either. I need 303 dies and 30.06... both should be easy enough to get. I have been reading about casting bullets. I inherited 2 "furnaces" from my dad, but I never found his molds. I do have a lot of lead saved up. Planning for all eventualities.

    3. Commander Zero is big into bullet casting. The Sergeant from Australia makes his own musket balls. I have never gotten into all that but it's probably foolish of me not to. You can always find lead and so you would never run out of bullets if you could cast your own.

      Are you buying carbide dies? They cost more but eliminate the need to lub the cases. Most of my dies are the old style. I am buying carbide dies now though and keeping the older style as backup. I have Lee, Hornaday, and RCBS reloading gear for the most part.

  4. i used one of those label printers from wally world to label each box as to caliber, brand, grain and quantity. can see in a glance what i'm looking for. as quantity changes i just stick a new label over that part of it.

    1. I use reloading labels on the boxes of ammo I produce, and keep a hard bound reloading log with all the specs on each lot.

      For my ammo crates and cans, I write all the specs on a round cardboard disk, then attach it to the can or crate with a spiral wire.To see exactly what I have in the container in detail, I look at a printout of the spreadsheets.

      You're doing it in a faster and less complicated way. Alas, I am a slave to the habits acquired during 20 years of being an accountant. :-)

  5. Hey Harry,


    There is different schools of thought on if ammo would be banned, taxed, or whatever.

    I would think inexpensive ammo will disappear in the wake of dramatically increased ammo taxes. Its like a sin tax for cigarettes, alcohol etc.

    I know there are powerful people that want to see gun confiscation as a reality but I believe that a compromise will be reached making the shooting sports a luxury. If you cant ban it entirely, tax the hell out of it.

    That's what I see on the horizon. Imagine .22 ammo at $1.00 a round.

    The same thing is has happened for beer, cigarettes and will happen for the complete national legalization of marijuana. 'Just tax the hell out of it for their socialist programs.

    It would be wise to purchase ammo especially if they have kids that are into the shooting sports to buy as much ammo as possible as a hedge against taxation long term.

    Harry, I like that 'don't mess with old people' thing up there.

    I think more old people should just come out and start 'swinging, kicking and shooting' bad guys in bad situations.
    Then maybe the morlocks of the world will start getting the idea that they messed with the wrong age group.

    1. "Hope for the best but prepare for the worst" is my philosophy. If I were one of the Moon Bats, and wanted to do away with gun ownership, I would ban ammo.There's no constitutional amendment that prevents doing that. Or, they could do as you say, and simply tax and regulate ammunition to the extent that it becomes unobtainable for the working class. If that happens, I am not going to be running around with a little revolver and one bullet.

      Florida is a bad place for churls to aggravate older citizens. I read some of the papers down that, and it's fairly common for the Goblins to try to Rob some older individual and get perforated for their trouble.

    2. One cannot bear arms without ammo, so banning it would be unconstitutional, IMHO. However, the moon bats in California are now requiring ammo buyers to be registered and put in a data base every time they buy ammo. This will probably be challenged in court. Now Californians are just going to Nevada or Oregon to buy....the Tru Value store here is happy about that. Never keep your precious metals in the bank. That will be the first place to shut down if the SHIF. Bury it if you have to or in your gun safe. Banks are not to be trusted especially since they passed their rule that your deposits are really their money now.

    3. The problem is that Clinton, if she is elected, will replace up to four judges on the supreme court over her presumed two terms. Since her picks would also be her lackeys, there's little likelihood that a court case on that issue would be anything but a show trial.

      California shooters will probably challenge the new laws but it will end up in the ninth circuit court of appeals so it's an exercise in futility. Even if it went all the way to the supreme court I can't remember a case in my lifetime when the supreme court overturned a gun related ruling by the ninth circuit court.

      The bank is the best place for gold if you are confident that you have enough financial acumen to decide in time when to get it out. When you keep precious metals at home, you run the risk of the word getting out somehow and then you will have home invaders. You know how difficult it is in a small town to keep anything secret. Even with someone like me, who doesn't mix much, there are a lot of people who know you have it. The people who work at the firm you bought it from.The people at the firm which validates that what you got is what you ordered, etc. If we get anywhere near bank seizures, then people who hold will know long before hand it's time to go pick up the safety deposit box stash.
      And if they don't, they lose. Everything is a risk. I guess everyone has to pay their dime and take their chances on this one.

    4. Nope, sorry can't agree about banks. One day they are open and the next closed....ask the Greeks or Germans. Think it can't happen here? Home invasions? Small towns also know who is armed to the teeth. (most of us). You break into my house you will not live to tell about it.

    5. Well, I never met anybody yet who agreed with everything I thought, and perspectives differ.

      I'm not actually talking about the reliability of banks in general. I'm specifically looking at how you get X amount of physical metal into your hands without the people who sold it to you knowing your address. It's actually two different things.

      email me at harryflashman23@gmail.com and I can be more specific than I can "in the clear."

      As for home invasions, it's not locals that do that, it's gangs that specialize in it. Most people are not equipped to know when intruders are approaching until they are in the house, and then it's too late.

      Every morning on the Atlanta affiliates they go through a list of murders, car jackings, robberies and home invasions that happened over night down there.

      Rural people are not so susceptible to that kind of thing, but we're not immune.

      So it's wise to take measures to prevent your name and address being associated with the transfer of physical wealth, and it can be done but you have to use a bank unless you want to get on the shady side, which I don't. There's a book called "Emergency" which tells how the author did it, but if I can do something I want to do and stay legal I'd rather do that.

      Give me a buzz on that email address , Tewshooz, and I can be more specific.

  6. Harry some folks invest in gold and silver. Some invest in lead. Its said you can't eat gold or silver which is true. But you can make some EAT LEAD ! ;)

    1. I think it's wise to do both. In fact, I'd say it would be foolish to invest in precious metals without having the intent and means to protect your investment.

      It's true that most people who buy gold and silver are wise enough to keep it in a safety deposit box in a bank vault. But when things start to deteriorate to the extent you need to get it out of the bank, then it's Katie Bar the Door.

  7. I bet they are heavy! I had a student that did an art piece with bullets on it. The piece alone weighed a ton. Be careful with your back.

    1. Alissa, ammo really is heavy. Today I am carrying small cloth sacks of it down and repacking it in the cans down stairs. I have to make more trips but it is so much easier than trying to tote a full can.

      Sounds like your student was very imaginative. I can appreciate art like that!

  8. Heh. Your .50 cal boxes remind me of the 5-foot-tall seabag I once bought. One bigass bag, and you pile everything in it. Perfect, right? Thing is, by the time you fill it up, it's so heavy the airlines won't take it.
    For some of your smaller ammo quantities, you might use the new 1-gallon paint cans from Ace Hardware. About 5 bucks, water and air tight, stackable, and sort of innocent-looking.

    Two more good books.
    "Looking Toward Eden" and "Eden's Dawn". By Terry Pellman. The story of just before and just after Texas and 10 or 15 other red states decide the Feds are spending us into bankruptcy and say they've had enough. They want a separate country, friendly to the USA but separate. Very well laid-out and believable, in my opinion.



    A third good book.
    "The Secession Of Texas" by Darrell Maloney.
    Texas secedes, and succeeds beyond anyone's wildest dreams.


    - Charlie

    1. Charlie, there is an Ace Hardware in Clarksville, Ga. I get over that way ever so often but it's out of my normal stomping grounds. I want some of those cans, I can use them for a lot of things.

      Thanks for the recommendations on books.I usually read for at least a couple of hours each night and I am always happy to find a good read.

  9. “A man can never have too much red wine, too many books, or too much ammunition”
    ― Rudyard Kipling

    1. Tim, Kipling is one of my favorite authors. He is not politically correct these days so he isn't read as much as he once was. But it's the PC crowds loss.

    2. Tim, Kipling is one of my favorite authors. He is not politically correct these days so he isn't read as much as he once was. But it's the PC crowds loss.

  10. I found 2 cases of Federal 22lr yesterday, 3250/case. I'll keep 1 case and 2 friends split the other.
    At the same store 4 weeks ago I bought some AR lowers for $60, yesterday they were up to 80.
    I also saw, at another store, a clear plastic AR lower. It had brass inserts for the recoil buffer and pistol grip. It was $50. If I had 50 to spare I would get it to torture, just to see.
    Some people don't "get" the ammo thing. For years I wouldn't buy a Mosin Nagant because I didn't want the rifle bad enough to justify the ammo. Then one day I bought a Romanian PSL. Then came lots of 54r and a couple of MNs.


  11. Curly wolf

    Harry if you are going to Benton for for reloading supplies I hope you are not going to Bentons shooters supply. Back during the first Obama gun scare the gouged customers so bad. Fugates firearms down the road a little further has been more fair in my experience. It is a nice area though can't beat the rivers there.

    I got most of my ammo logged on paper but more always piles up as I buy it when I see a good deal. It is easy to fall behind on the book keeping or to grab a box on the way out the door and not mark it off the inventory.

    First time leaving a comment but I have read yoi blog for a long time. I use this as a starting place to get alot of my news as I don't like watching the TV or reading the paper it can get depressing sometimes. As a thirty year old I am not pleased with what my generation is doing with the country. Just give them a cell phone and a nice car and the plant there head in the sand. All I can do is be prepared to look after myself cause we know the government will not be doing that.

    Hope you had a good weekend.

    1. CW, glad to see you commenting. The more people who do, the greater the overall value to me and to other readers. It's the Benton Shooters Supply, sure enough. It's not that I am a big fan.I keep a pretty good eye on prices, and their markups on guns,ammo and accessories are scandalous. My problem is that it's the nearest place on my side of the mountains that carries all or most of the powder I need. Because I load for so many old and unusual rifles, I can't get by with ten or so cans. I try to use the same powder for as many chamberings as I can but that doesn't work out so well a lot of the time. I never heard of Fugates and I hate to learn I have been driving an hour and a half one way to get to Benton, and not been going to another gun store that was just down the road. Next time I go over that way I will check on Fugates. Thanks for passing the word.

      Some folks like the posts on news and some write and chastise me for them. The thing is this. My grandma on my mother's side wrote and published her memoirs. My mother, now 87, did the same. I want to leave something for my descendants but I am not sure a bulky volume would get read. So the blog is my record of life, and I think it's a lot more readable the way it is. So I can't leave out current events. We are living through times that will change the world my kids and their kids will live in.

      Your generation is not doing so badly. Most of what is happening is being inflicted on them by people from my generation.

  12. Do you ever go by Nails and Sawdust? That's Michael's blog. He's big into the AR and different configurations. I only have two and they're pretty standard.
    That's a good buy on the ammo. I plan on getting a case of High Velocity Aquila the next time AIM has some. I hate paying shipping but there is no 22LR to be had here.

    1. I'll take a look at that blog. As far as ARs, I'm not one of "Those" guys. I probably wouldn't have what I do (AR wise) if it weren't for so doggone many being out there and them being GI.
      The ones I'm buying now, regretfully, are an investment against that witch winning in November.

    2. If I didn't have so many AK 47's I am sure I would buy some more AR 15 rifles. Not really to collect but for protection. I like the AK better than the AR. I say this and now I'll get a bunch of emails and comments about all the reasons I am wrong, if the past is any guide. But I live in a dense, heavy forest. It's rare to be able to see a hundred yards here. If I am shooting my AK for real it will be up close and personal, not 500 yards out. The AK isn't sensitive about ammo, doesn't jam if you keep it clean. Ammo is cheap and available. And I just like the weapon.

      I'm not running down the AR at all. I just never had the urge to own more.The SP 1 came into the gun shop where I worked.I got it dirt cheap. The Olympic Arms gun I bought purely and simply because I was livid at the Limp Members of congress for passing Diane Feinstein's gun ban.

      But you are right to stock up. Short of an October surprise, she is going to win. Fox news did a pole that showed Trump with one percent of the black vote, and losing heavily among women, even Republican women. So many Mexicans have moved into Georgia that Trump may lose this state, and Florida is overrun with Puerto Ricans as they flee the Venezuela style collapse in Puerto Rico. About the only people Trump can count on are rural White families, and there just aren't enough of us now. As Obama made Damn sure there would not be.

  13. Hey Harry,


    I saw the latest headline on 'Drudgereport' about the morlocks targeting crackers in Wisconsin. Why don't the morlocks eat cheese curds and learn to like crackers? Wisconsin is well known for the 'Cheese Curds' that make your teeth squeak when you eat them.
    I guess the morlocks are not happy with the Wisconsin cheeses like chees curds and don't want to integrate. They have too many people from the 'Sharpton Cracker Hater' corporation and 'Black Cheese Matters' telling them what to eat.

    That's too bad.

    On another thought. Food fights like this never happen in Texas. Everyone seems to like Barbecue in Texas. The Crackers in Texas too are like 'Hard Tack' Real old' Hard Tack that you need a sledge hammer to break up.

    Now we have some Saltine Crackers in Austin that are 'weak and crumble easily' They also get soggy and wet when mixed in with Chicken Soup and have no integrity. We call those 'wet and soggy' Crackers in Chicken Soup 'Socail Justice Warrior Crackers'

    1. I don't feel too sorry for Wisconsin. Their electoral votes appear to be going to Clinton. I know some good people live there and I am sorry for them but the ones that support Clinton are going to get just what they deserve, and bad cess to them.

      Fox says Cruz is going around on the sly telling people to write him in so they won't vote for Trump. If there are enough idiots who do that, Texas may go for Hillary because Texas is full of Mexicans and the ones who favored Trump seem to be disappearing fast.

      If Trump would just act like a grown up , he might win. But it doesn't look like he can.

    2. Hey Harry,


      Texas is a solid republican state. Trump will take Texas. Texas has no other alternative.

      Trump needs to cool it down. I agree with that.

      As per Mexicans go. Texas was able to uphold the Voter I.D. law in the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. That will help keep illegal aliens from voting. Even many of the Mexicans in Texas are fed up with the democrats and maybe a large part of them my not even vote this election.
      The Gay marriage thing, gays in the military and the transvestites in school bathrooms and locker rooms thing, government paid for abortion is really starting to piss off the Mexican Catholic's in Texas.

      The dems are going to lose lots of votes on those issues alone.

      Many wont vote. They see the corruption and big money with hillery and that chaff's at them too. Lets not forget what the democratic party did to Bernie Sanders.

      Those points I wrote about above are what gives me hope that a great many democrats may not show up to the polls. Its just one controversy after another, all corruption and big money running the democratic party. Its just outright and in your face. A great many citizens of this country have a moral compass and that compass is spinning around like it got stuck in the Bermuda Triangle.

      If hillery wins. I will laugh when the chaos begins. I can stand around a say, I told you so, I told you so.
      Maybe we will get lucky and Putin will get backed into a corner by hillery and launch a first strike. All economies collapse, etc, etc, you know the story. Then most of the western world goes down the toilet, thousand year new dark age starts in Europe and so on.

      You reap what you sow.

    3. We'll see. Nobody can really predict what's going to happen, and everything you hear on the news is either tainted, or an outright lie, so it's hard to get real facts.

      I hope Putin doesn't do that, as I live downwind of Atlanta. Better check the batteries in my radiation meter.

  14. The best reason for having extra ammo on hand...


  15. Those bastards.And if you shoot one to save your life, he becomes a sainted martyr of "de hood" and you go to jail.

    The Obama clowns have sown the winds with cosseting these trashy people, but we'll be the ones to reap the whirl wind.

    1. Hey Harry,


      What the "Black Cheese Matter's morlocks don't realize is that we pay their welfare.

      If we are killed off en masse. Who's gonna work and pay the welfare?

      One day American will resemble Rhodesia or what that the name of that country now that's a third world dump? Its not worth remembering the name of that country where the black communists took over. 'Just another African hellhole.

      I think the future may lie elsewhere than the united states (see that, google did not automatically capitalize 'united states)

      Based on historical data, culture, politics, economics, race and ethnic as well as tribal identity. There is no other conclusion that America has to 'balkenize' and fragment into several separate countries.

      I am not a proponent of this, I just follow the points above to to lead me to this conclusion.

    2. I would not be surprised to see that happen. When the people making all the rules have nothing in common with the people who have to live under them, that situation does arise.

      I doubt the inner city brudda's worry too much about economics questions. De know de check be coming, yaknowdatrit!

  16. Once in a while, I come into some 'bulk' ammo...a .50 can full of loose .223, that sort of thing. I've found that the cardboard boxes from these guys ( http://www.repackbox.com/items/buy-ammo-boxes/list.htm ). They sell the cardboard boxes of correct size for repacking loose ammo. Highly recommend.

    Not to give you more crap to have to deal with, but in addition to ammo it might not be a bad idea to go long on magazines if you haven't already.

    1. I never leave bulk packed loose rounds just jiggling around in the box. There are a number of outfits who sell cardboard ammo boxes for reloaders, (the one you gave the link for is excellent) really cheap. So I take my loose packed ammo and put it in those. I once got a good deal on plastic hinged ammo boxes that held 100 rounds of rifle caliber ammunition, and I bought a hell of a lot of those. Most of them are full of British .303, each cartridge in it's own little slot and no metal to metal contact.

      All that ammo I have been buying from Sportsman's Guide comes in the can, on strippers, in the cardboard sleeves you mentioned.

      I bought beau coup magazines before the Clinton Gun Ban in 1994, although I had been assured by the news that it would not pass. After the ban expired, I bought a lot of magazines because they were suddenly so cheap, and because it was nice to be able to do so.

      The only thing I really need to pick up now is some more Sig P226 mags, a couple more Browning HP in .40 S&W, and maybe some more Walther P38 magazines. Sometimes you see the Walther mags , originals, for a decent price at CDNN.

      I could use a few more GI M-14 mags, now that you have me thinking about it.

  17. It's funny, I actually have said pretty much what your thought for the day picture stated. I'm too old and out of shape to fight someone and roll around the ground. Now I'm forced to kill them quickly.

    Ya know, I think I'm Okay on ammo until I see your piles. :)

    1. Well, it's like my unpleasant experience with the four bruddas in Chatanooga. Even if I had been 31 again I couldn't have duked it out with them. And at 63, I can't risk getting all busted up. Old guys don't heal up very well. So if somebody pushes me past the tolerance level, I'm going to shoot them.

      I'm trying to store enough for my son and daughter's life times, and for a situation where there is either no law enforcement, or it's sporadic. Not for "The Road", but for "Deep Winter."

      I've seen places where there was no real government and no law enforcement except by the local war lord or terrorist group. I'm not so sure as I used to be that it won't happen here in my lifetime.

  18. I don't know why I ponder that it seems that brass and lead are more valuable than gold and silver in our current national situation. Am I crazy to think that?

    1. No, not at all. If you have gold and silver, but no brass and lead, you won't get to keep the gold and silver very long.