Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Another in a long list of people who woke up dead after crossing the Clintons.

This DNC staffer Assange is discussing  was apparently leaking emails to Wiki Leaks. Someone "hit" him.

This story has been suppressed in the U.S. press but Fox is reporting it  today.

Wiki Leaks is now offering a twenty thousand dollar reward for information leading to the arrest of the killer.  But I thought the Russians were responsible for the leaks. That's what all the nameless experts and officials said, wasn't it?

Donald Trump's comments on the Supreme Court, Hillary, and the 2nd Amendment.

He is not advocating "offing " Hillary. The drive by media is showing one five second segment and saying Trump is advocating "assassinating" Hillary.  Taken out of context, I am sure that there are some people who secretly wish that would happen. But it's not what Trump was talking about at all. It's clear from the whole segment he meant the political power of the NRA, which is significant.

 Only Spike and Percy have had any time in the last few days for amusement.

I've been getting some big chores out of the way.  I did the summer fill up of the propane tanks yesterday.

Because the propane company I do business with is not staffed with intellectual giants, it's a lot harder than it should be. The fact that I own multiple tanks throws them for a loop every year.

This time, they tried to convince me I didn't have some of the tanks I do.
I had to ask them to get my paper file out of the filing cabinent to sort it out, because their computer didn't show all my tanks.

This is hard enough without having to do their accounting for them.  The last time I ordered just a standard delivery, 150 gallons, they came out and filled a big tank. Almost 400 gallons. Not in the budget. I paid them for it but it really made me angry. This time I stayed right with the driver and made sure that what was done, was what I wanted done.

Propane prices are fixed here. That's illegal, but if you call the four different propane companies, you will get exactly the same price from all of them.  It's artificially high, and they keep it that way by not competing against one another.  This summer the gas price is $1.59 a gallon. Plus delivery fee. Plus hazardous material fee. Plus sales tax @ 7 %.

However,propane appliances will keep working without electricity.  You can heat  the house with no electricity, you can cook without electricity.  I do need the generator to run the  well pump in a grid down situation, but by using propane for almost everything I can survive quite nicely without the grid for extended periods.

I am always astounded when I run into people who are moving up here and all their appliances are electric.  There's a fellow building a huge new house down by the river on the way into town. Everything in his house is the most up to date and modern. It's all electric. When the power goes out, he can't run any of that stuff.  If it happens in winter, all his pipes will break.  He clearly has not heard the saying "prior planning prevents poor performance."

But on the other hand:

 here's a guy who built himself a little two story cabin, about 600 square feet of living space. The downstairs is a shop and storeroom, the upstairs is air conditioned living quarters , uses a wall unit.

Located off on an old back road, not fancy. He has a wood burning stove and a propane range and heater. The guy has a beat up old pickup truck and a  tractor he leaves on site, but the Mercedes in the shed is what he drives to and from Atlanta when he comes up here.

He has planted fruit trees, and has a very large and well cared for garden. He clearly knows what he is doing when it comes to gardening and I see him out there sometimes, working like a dog in the heat.
He's motivated.

I don't know if you can see it in the picture, but he has bee hives back by the tree line and is raising honey bees. He's covering the bases.  You can use honey yourself, but more important in hard times, you can trade it for things you need.

He's got a good water source.  This is a year round stream that flows out of the national forest. No people or farms above him.  This stream is stocked with trout every year, but not much fished so that's another resource for him.

Some people think about what they are doing.  Some people don't.  If you live up here, or in some other challenging environment, your deficiencies in planning will soon be made clear to you by nature.

I'm interested in this vehicle. It's tracked, and has a bed that raises up like a dump truck. It's not very large, but it would be great for driving around the old forest service trails in the national forest.

I went all over it twice, but I can't find a name plate or manufacturer's data plate. Maybe it is inside the engine compartment.  There's this fellow on a back road going into town who sells farm equipment. He got it from somewhere. I have stopped at the little shack there three times now, but every time there is a note on the window that says something like "gone to town for lunch, back tomorrow , maybe."

I don't know what he wants for it. I don't know if it can be insured, but I am pretty certain it can't be road certified unless as farm equipment.

I can think of all kinds of fun things to do with this.  How about enclosing the cab and putting a Berret in it? 

I'd either have to put up a shed for it, or enclose the cab. Right now it's just open to the weather and that won't work up here. It's a simple vehicle to drive, you have a stick instead of a steering wheel.

I'll keep going by there and see if I can talk to the man. If it's foreign built, or the manufacturer is out of business, then I won't pursue it. You can't keep any kind of tracked vehicles going for long without parts. But you never know until you ask!

Thought for the day.


  1. That tracked vehicle is sweet! Would be a great work horse and a fun toy. That guy with the Mercedes seems like he has a sweet setup. One day, in the distant future, I'd like to have something similar. If this country makes it that long....

    -Blind Ambition

  2. I think it looks pretty useful. I checked it as carefully as I could without having a mechanic come out and look at it, seems to be in good shape. If I could ever just catch the guy at his place of business.....

    That fellow probably didn't spend a lot of money. I would bet he got the land pretty cheap because it's hard to get to, and he did the work on the place himself. Nice get a way if Atlanta goes up in flames.

  3. couple of things, I bought a propane adaptor from US Carburation, and it was an easy install. Allows gas or propane fuel. Other thing, why not leave a note on the guys door to call you with the info on the track?

    1. Dennis,that would be handy to have. I went with diesel fuel way back when because at the time it was cheaper than gasoline and because it stores well with the proper additives. I have two five hundred gallon above ground tanks.

      I don't ever give anyone my name, phone number, or address unless I trust them and I know nothing at all about this guy. So I just plan on stopping by when I am in town.

  4. Hey Harry,


    Don't take this the wrong way, but I would not get near a tracked vehicle to save my life. In my experience in the diesel world and oilfield equipment world. I have discovered that the clutches that run both drives (left and right) are a nightmare to repair and cost a small fortune. A D-8 Caterpiller for example is a super nightmare that requires some heavy equipment mechanics and heavy labor just to get a track off or to replace a pin that came loose.

    I would get an old Jeep Cherokee Chief or Old CJ-7 hard top with an air conditioner. Find one that's been restored and classic. Take care of it and it may increase in value and thereby leaving another asset to your kids. Its easy to fix, find parts for and maintain.

    I know I sound like a 'Japanese favoring heretic' but look at 1998 through 2002 Toyota Four Runners or Trucks. They just keep going, and going and going. They major maintenece cost maybe $1600 every 90,000 miles but run forever if maintained.

    There's a reason all those knuckleheads in 'Hadjiland' drive Toyota trucks 'I heard the gunners on the Apache helicopters have a hard time tracking the damn things. Maybe they should have a 'Toyota switch' for the 30 mm canon and the Hellfire missles that speeds up the computer tracking.

    As per 'hillery and her graveyard' People are starting to figure out whats really going on.

    I'm glad that more people are starting to get with the program on self sufficiently even if its a damn winter storm, natural disaster or whatever.

    The Katrina victims on the roofs with 'help' painted on the roof in white paint or white sheets being used kinda did it for me.
    If your gonna stick around for the chaos. Be prepared to take care of yourself.

    Trump needs to have a colony of ferrets to take care of. That may make him mellow out a little. As per all the stuff he said the other day in North Carolina. I thought it was funny as hell.

    One way of thinking about it is remember that Obamo said 'We are 30 days away from fundamentally changing the United States'

    Trumps allowed to say some crazy stuff too.

    Bernie Sanders just bought a house next to a lake for $600.000

    I think Bernie was paid off to support hillery.

    So much for Bernies integrity. He's a crooked bolsevik bastard like all the rest.

    1. I just like it because it would be fun. I've got a jeep and a good F250, but that tracked rig would be fun to tool around with in the national forest. Everyone is entitled to a toy now and then. It wouldn't be as expensive as a house boat or a big rv, my other two considerations for toys.

      I saw where the champion of the downtrodden, who likes to brag about his modest circumstances and lambast the evil rich guys, suddenly came up with six hundred thousand in cash for a vacation lake home. Hell of a coincidence,I agree.

      I guess Hillary made him an offer he couldn't refuse. "Plata , O Pulga."

  5. I like that flat bed track truck! A lot of options. The fellow with the cabin and a Mercedes is on the right track I bet he has a high stress job and that place is his end of the world and so I don't go postal hideaway.

    1. I think it looks like fun. I need something fun to do up here and tooling around in my own tracked vehicle fits the bill. I'm not getting my hopes up yet though because I don't know anything about it just now.

      Seems like a nice guy. I drive by there if I feel like avoiding the paved road to town. He seems really comfortable in overalls and a t shirt behind his tiller.He may be doing what I did. Putting in his time. Wearing a coat and tie at some really miserable job, making the green and living for the day he can retire.

  6. That's the sort of vehicle I need to visit my "back 40!"

    1. The prestige vehicle for the country gentleman.

  7. That's a perfect vehicle for Hillary and her stooges. Stack all the dead bodies in the back, drive it into the forest as far as you can go and dump it. Nobody would even know. --Troy

    1. I get the feeling these days that Hillary can have people whacked right on the street and it just goes away.

      Might be useful for driving over protesters, but based on the amount of gunfire the crowd put out last night in Ferguson when someone ran one of those slugs down, I would have to have the vehicle uparmored first.

  8. I showed that tracked vehicle to my DH and he immediately said that it was originally developed for the Marine Corps.
    I'm just passing on the info because I have no idea.

    1. Tewshooz, can he remember the designation? I'd really like to look it up and find out more about it, but I have no idea how to do so since I couldn't find any specs on the machine itself.

    2. My DH says he remembers this type vehicle in his uncle's Popular Mechanics magazines when he was a kid as he was fascinated by it at the time. Also something like this during the Korean war. I'm sorry, but that's all he remembers.

    3. I went by there again today when I went to the bank, and the guy had a "closed" sign on his shack. Apparently he doesn't work Fridays. I would bet a dollar to a donut this is some retired fellow just doing this to keep busy. Thanks for checking with the husband.

  9. I agree with your thoughts on Trump's 2nd Amendment comments. Bill Clinton learned that 1st hand, after signing the Brady Bill and Assault Weapons Ban legislation in early 90's. The next election cycle, Dems were handed some major defeats, losing popular Democrat Governors Ann Richards (Texas) and Andrew Cuomo (New York). Hillary should think about that - NRA was not only motivated to vote Republican, they campaigned vigoursly for others to do the same.

    Assasination - silly. She appears frail many times to me, her health in fact should be brought into question. Reporters don't seem anxious to discuss that.

    1. I think that most 2nd amendment voters are behind Trump. Those that aren't , are being extraordinarily short sighted.

      The news last night was all about Trumps "incitement" of the "lunatic fringe" and "Second Amendment types" to violence. In point of fact, the whole thing is another Wags the Dog episode, in a campaign season that has made real life more mind boggling than the movie.

      If she keeled over from a stroke, or a heart attack, or syphilis, or choking on piece of popcorn I'd take up religion again and never miss a Sunday morning in church.

    2. i hope you become a dedicated church goer!

    3. All I need is a miracle to convince me!

  10. Memory is short for many people. I'm from Arkansas and I remember "suicide" and natural cause epidemics around the clintons.

    I can't imagine HOW anyone can blindly vote for her.

    I may go down but I will vote Trump hoping it's not rigged and the machines can count. An unknown is far better than one you know is totally crazy.

    1. The Clintons are the Ferdinand and Emilia Marcos of American politics. But the left wing either doesn't care, so long as their agenda is implemented, or is too stupid to see the truth.

      I just hope they can get our voting machines to work here in Georgia, There is always a lot of trouble with them on voting day.

    2. crazy, my left big toe!
      she and bill are evil down to and including the bone marrow.
      they need their millions to pay their high dollar assassin's corps.

    3. They are evil people, and I would not put murder beyond them at all. Especially Hillary. It would be a remarkable coincidence is so many people who crossed the Clintons wound up dead and they had no hand in it.