"A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within."

Ariel Durant

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Just taking it all in.

The Media says 52% of the people in this country are just like the ones in this clip.

Warning: Bad Language Content

Just for my own edification, because so much happened yesterday it's hard to keep it straight.

First, Wiki Leaks basically confirmed that Seth Rich, the DNC staffer murdered on the street in D.C. was the source of the DNC emails they published. Rich was a disgruntled Bernie supporter who wanted people to know the nomination was being stolen by DNC  top level executives.  First, the D.C. police called it a robbery. Then the man's father pointed out his wallet, with cash and credit cards, was untouched. His expensive watch was not taken. Now the D.C. police are calling it "uncategorized."

But remember when those emails came out, Hillary and the MSM criticized Donald Trump, saying the Russians were responsible. They deflected the content of the emails to a large extent, and damaged Trumps standing. But it was just more lies.

You notice there have been no retractions on anyone's part, and there has been only minimal coverage of this story on MSM.

It was one of the last brief segments on CBS news last night.

ABC gave it a passing glance. They spent more time on the Trump Tower Climber than they did on this.

Now this morning a new report from government investigators shows that the top civilian intelligence officer in CENTCOM rewrote intelligence reports about ISIS to make it look like Obama's War was working, when in fact it was failing abysmally. Fox covered it on the morning news. I did not see it on CNN or any of the other news programs.

But they can blame this on the Russians too, I suppose, instead of Obama's inner coterie which wanted Americans to believe we were winning against ISIS when we are not.

I notice the Secretary of the Air Force came out yesterday and said that the greatest threat facing the American public is the Russians.

That's such palpable BS, the only reason I can think of for saying it is that he saw how well it worked when the DNC got caught rigging the primary, so he figured he'd give it a shot. Maybe he can distract people from worrying about the abysmal state of readiness in the Air Force right now.

Maybe it was the Russians who shot that DNC whistle blower in the back twice at close range. But I doubt it. They'd have had sense enough to take the wallet, watch, etc. to make the robbery explanation easier for the police.

 Then there was "The Situation Room" yesterday at Five, with the Lavrentiy Beria wanna be, Wolf Blitzer.

The first 15 minutes was supposed to be Blitzer discussing Trumps Second Amendment Statement with a former Navy Seal supporter of Trump.

It didn't go well for Wolf. The Seal cut him off at the knees at every turn.  Here are some of the descriptions of gun owners Blitzer used.

"These Second Amendments Types."   "The lunatic fringe of the Republican Party".  "Mentally ill".

The gest being that Trumps statement would incite gun owners to wholesale slaughter. There are a lot of sick, crazy people out there warned Wolf in stentorian tones. But the Seal just pointed out that all this was blown up by the media , to score points for Hillary, that it was nonsense and would be old news tomorrow.

Suddenly, Wolf announced that they were going to breaking news!  It turned out to be some twit climbing the Trump Tower.  The guy had been on the the tower for a couple of hours already, so it was pretty apparent this was a CNN escape from a situation where they were being made to look foolish. So much for the Seal.

The female reporter on the scene gushed about how this climber was undoubtedly so upset and alienated by Trumps comments on the Second Amendment that he was making this daring climb to highlight how outraged he was. She said that even though it was illegal, she had to find a spot in her heart to admire him for his moral courage and his desire to be counted in standing up against those who advocate violence!  Too bad for her it turned out the guy was a Trump Supporter.

 One other thing that was said on NBC nightly news last night worth mentioning.

The talking head said that Trump was trying to motivate gun owners to support him by saying that Hillary wanted to take away people's guns. He said "there is no evidence at all to support this." That's a direct quote.

On the same day, three small news "spots" on three different channels mentioned that the Democratic Party has adopted "Australian style gun control" as a "plank in their platform."

If that is true, it's an ominous development for us.  I would guess it's more in the line of a red herring, to placate the gun grabbers in the party, a bone for the dog. But it shows how these news people have tunnel vision when they "parley their spiels" on the television.

I spent most of the day reading or watching the news because it rained almost all day, and then into the night. I'm going over some old books.

Once upon a time, post apocalyptic books were written both to entertain and to educate. Two authors who did a good job of that were Rawles and Sherry.

Rawles is a prolific author, a guru of Survivalism, and pretty well known in the community. Sherry is different. He used to haunt the survival blogs, never said much and didn't attract much attention. Then he wrote his first book, Deep Winter, and it was spectacular. The second in the series, Shatter, was just as good. The third in the Trilogy, Remnant, dealt more with political reconstitution of a government after a collapse, but was still a good read.

They are all available as ebooks on Kindle for a modest price.  The paperback versions are expensive, but you'd have them available if the power went out.  I like the Kindle versions because I can highlight passages that have value in relation to my personal planning up here. I do a lot of highlighting.

Two other books that would be good to have on the shelf at home in times like these. Both by Rawles.

I gave out many, many copies of this book to my extended family. Primarily to nephews and nieces, and my brothers and sister.  Some of them took it to heart, others less so. It's a valuable book, relatively cheap, and not a difficult read.

This is the companion volume.  There is probably something in this book you need, and just haven't thought of. I've read it several times, and each time I come up with some additional action I need to take. Better now, when I have the ability to address shortfalls, then later when things have gone to hell and there isn't much I can do about it.

Thought for the Day:


  1. Harry - the world is crazy. the news is made-up. your country's current political situation is so ridiculous that not even the best writer in the world could make this stuff up?!?!?!?

    however, there's a mermaid over on our blog that might cheer you up. go over and have a look. i want to know what you think of my new teefs.

    sending much love as always! your friend,

    1. I already saw that beautiful mermaid! I was amazed she could really swim. That mermaid looked very graceful and at home in the sea. I left a word of advice for J, I thought maybe fishing in the buff in the ocean might be dangerous, as there are all kinds of bad fishies and turtles and crabs who might come up and bite off some part of one's anatomy! I only go in the water to the tops of my ankles....

      Things here are really stressful. It's no fun being called horrible names on a daily basis on the news. Nor is it fun hearing all the plans the DeadHeads have to make me live their way instead of mine. I get stressed but I don't want to do an ostrich, that doesn't help either.

      I thought your teeth looked really good. Do you know , I think that may be the only picture of you I have ever seen from the front, except the bunny suit picture! Now the Feds know what you look like, and if they come to get you after Hillary gets elected it will be easier for them! :-(

      I wish I had a beach like that. I'd be there all the time.

    2. Harry - i left a comment back to you saying that the kids and M get vacations but you never do! why not take a week, or at least a weekend and come up here and be spoiled a little bit - with good food, naps in the sun, swimming in the beach, fishing in the canoe (catching fiah and earning your way huh?) - bahhahahah! we'd love to have you visit. i love you buddy! and you know it! xoxoox

    3. Kymber, my kids are always wanting me to come up there, but how can I? I would have to leave my animals, and I don't trust anyone that I know locally to be up here taking care of them. There's also this, I notice that while I am calm and comfortable here, I get more anxious the further from the place I go. Within the three counties I travel a lot in, I am perfectly at ease. But if I have to go outside that, particularly near a city, I get pretty uneasy.

      I wish I could come up there and see your beach, and your place and all. I tell you what, if I am successful in getting my kids to come back here to live, so I would know the place was in safe hands while I was gone, I promise I will try to set up a visit with you folks, say a day or two. I would like to do that, and I think I can manage it if I am not tied down by things here. It's good of you to invite me. I have known you and J now for years and years and it does seem strange not to have met in person.

    4. Harry - tie them kids to a tree and make them stay for at least a weekend. then get yer butt up here. i promise that we'll treat you good!

      Harry - i used to travel all over the world for my various jobs. now, when i have to leave the Manor to go to our only "city" (36,000 population) - i break out in a rash, hives, strange bruising and am sick for 4 days. i know what you mean buddy.

      there is nothing in the world that could get me onto a plane right now....nothing. and i never want to drive in our truck for more than an hour.

      sending love to you buddy -all of the time! your friend,

    5. I think if you get a comfortable routine, in a comfortable place, then going outside that routine can be stressful. I don't get out as much a I used to.

      Once you leave "civilization" you really can't fit back in.

  2. Hey Harry,


    I watch a some fox news in the evening. Not much. When three people get in the three way argument I change the channel.

    I get most of my news from Drudgereport and his sources. I take it all with a grain of salt.

    I have no respect for CNN or any of the others.

    Now on the 'Crazy Climber' on Trump Tower. I could have saved the NYPD lots of trouble if I was there with an old style 'Crossman Pellet Rifle' Ten pumps really hurt. How shots would it take to get spider man to change his mind and start going back down:)

    hillery's body count is up to 50 so far.

    This kind of rackiterring would make 'Al Capone' envious.

    As per all the pentagon flunkies and butt kissers. I'm not surprised. Most of them are after a bird, a star and healthy retirement.

    In all seriousness. The Russians are the least of our worries. Iran and North Korean in an unholy alliance would render us rather impotent for awhile till we got our bearings and struck back with fire from hell.

    I will give you another one of my theries. Iran goes full bore, attacks Israel with nukes, etc. North Korea invades the south and does the same and a few other antagnonistic countries follow suit. Lets say an impotent, liberal, pacifist's gay loving president orders a retreat from South Korea and lets Israel die. You can damn well bet some elements in the Pentagon would be thinking of coup of some sort and reinstuting 'Americanism' and ordering nuke strikes and counter attacks on the aggressor forces.

    As I understand it JFK in '62 damn near lost control of the pentagon because they wanted war over the Soviets. Fourtunetly the Soviets backed down and that made us look like the victors. Then I think the 'Joint Chief's of Staff' grudgingly respected Kennedy.

    If a leader loses respect and control of the military its time for that leader to pack their bags and go home.

    'Harry, I copied an interesting article recently written by James Rawles that I can send to you via e-mail if you wish to get permission to post this article. I am assuming that its good protocol to get permission to use someone elses work on a blog?

    1. Rawles usually doesn't permit republishing of his copyrighted work, and frankly I don't know how to contact him since he turned over his Survivalblog , to someone else. You can send the article and I'd like to read it. Maybe we could link to it, you don't usually need permission to do that.

      No telling what will happen in the immediate future, but whatever it is, there's no sign it will be pleasant. I think for the most part, the people who live in cities or suburbs are most at risk, whatever comes.

      I watch the news trying to get some gleams of truth, or at least subjects I need to research. The smaller the newspaper, the more accurate the news there in tends to be in my experience.

    2. Hey Harry,


      I read the last part of the article I sent you from 'Rawles. It said its okay to repost it, if reposted in entirety if I got it right at the end of the article.
      I admit I have not read survivalblog I quite some time, but if something comes up that's really good on survivalblog. I usually find it on western rifle shooters association blog. I am just inundated with stuff to read on the internet so I cut down to a few sources one of which is yours.

      If hillery gets in and all the really, really bad stuff happens with takeing over the internet etc. I will just cancel all my accounts with online retailers and everything else. Bid my farewells to my online friends, cancel my internet service. Then I will proceed to 'throw my computer off the end of a pier into the Gulf of Mexico and walk away.

      Maybe I will buy a good shortwave radio, ham radio (and just listen in) until they start jamming those frequencies. Radio's free anyway.

    3. I still think somewhere along that long Texas coast, there has to be some beach not near anywhere. A place where you could pull a good RV in and be secure and peaceful. I'm going to start checking it out, as a sort of fall back position.

      I'll see about that article.

  3. Is there any for a Trump victory so should we all just give it up?

    1. Things look very grim. But I think there is always hope. Some new revelations from a new batch of emails, so damning that even Clinton can't blow them off. Hillary could have a health issue, or even croak. Something could still save us.

    2. It ain't so bad. You can tell, because the newsies and the lefties are working so hard right now in shucking and jiving around anything coming their way, and working overtime to find anything to pin negative attention on Trump.

      Hillary's people are doing the same thing an antmound does when you pour gas on it. Run around run around, run around. Except they are the ones striking the match.

    3. Remember I was an accountant in my "second life", and I am addicted as a result to statistical analysis. Numbers will always tell the truth, if you use good numbers.

      When I look at the electoral situation, it's grim for Republicans now in the best of years. With eight years worth of unbridled immigration in support of the Democrats, and with voter id laws that would make a Ugandan slack jawed with amazement, I just don't see a Trump win in the cards. It's not so much all the B.S. from the media, although the low information voters will suck it all right up. It's the preponderance of factors that favor Hillary. The fact that the Republican Machine has abandoned Trump and his supporters, and are now actively campaigning for Hillary, makes the situation even more dismal.

      My only real hope for this election is that some really shocking revelations are contained in the promised Wiki Leaks "October Surprise", something that will prove conclusively that Clinton is a crook, and which can't be covered up by the Obama regime or the Media. Or, that her health issues are as bad as rumor has it, and the rigors of the campaign are more than she can handle. Barring that or a Black Swan, I hold out little hope for people like us. The Randy Marshes of the country will have another big party in November.....

  4. Hillary is an absolute evil bitch. No doubt about that.

    Trump is a really good reality show host. We have no flipping idea if he can run the country.

    I wonder if my aunt in Montreal has a spare room?

    1. Trump could hardly do worse than Obama has in the last eight years, even if he wanted to.

      Canadians don't like Americans very much. They make it almost impossible for an American to relocate there. I tried to move my kids up there, paid a Canadian lawyer $6000 to get them "green cards" but when their student visas ran out the Canadians kicked them out of the country. The lawyer kept my $6000, told me he was sorry he hadn't gotten around to doing the job I paid him for but that he would keep working on it for another $6000. I told him to pack sand.

  5. hy you - don't be lumping all canadians together. that'd be like us all lumping americans under the same roof! we love our american brothers and sisters....but only the ones we like. xoxox

    1. You are the only Canadians I can ever remember talking to that didn't feel about Americans like Oregonians feel about Californians. I can't say I blame the one's who say "come visit, and have a good time but don't stay." Most of the Americans who want to come up there would still have to work, and Canada already lets in thousands upon thousands of Koreans, Japanese, etc. Mainly, I think, because they obey the law, work hard , and contribute to society. But here, we let in hundreds of thousands of Hispanics. Some of them work, but they still vote and they vote Democrat for the most part. I read an article today (I put it on the practical news column) that said so many Hispanics have moved into Georgia in the last eight years that they have changed the state from staunchly Republican overall to about 50 / 50.

      The same thing is happening in Florida, where NBC assures me that so many Puerto Ricans have moved in along the I4 Corridor (whatever the hell that is) that it is going to be almost impossible for a Republican to win in Florida anymore.

      So I can see why Canadians don't want Americans living up there. When I tried to move my whole family to Australia in the late 90's they wouldn't let us come live there. But now they are up to their asses in Afghanistan and Lebanese garbage. At least they made an attempt to hold the line. More than we did here.

      So I'm not dumping on Canadians for making it so hard for Americans to come live there. I totally understand.

    2. i was jst teasin' witchya...i know several wonderful americans, yourself and family included, that we would love to have but who have to jump through so many hoops to get here. think of sweet Jane of Virginia - her family has actually owned land up here and paid taxes for years and her and her family still can't get resident visas.

      one thing though that i must state is that our immigrants assimilate very well up here. there's a canadian show on netflix called "under arrest", it's similar to the american show "cops" - me and jamie have been killing ourselves laughing at it. it is just too funny. the cops are very nice and so far - 6 shows in - not a single black person! just some white and native aboriginals driving a little drunk. the cops don't even take them to the station. and they talk very politely to the people they pull over. the show is a hoot. we're gonna go watch some more now.

      love you Harry! even though you already know that - i like to say it in every conversation! your friend,

    3. Kymber, Canada has a reputation for being easy going and welcoming. I hope it doesn't change as more and more "Syrians" flood into your country. I know there has already been some unrest in Vancouver.

      Whatever happens you two should be safe where you are. I should be ok up here. But God help people in or near cities when the balloon goes up.

  6. We're pretty much screwed in the political department. Even my ultra conservative co-worker doesn't like Trump. Hillary lies. Every day I think, Seriously they couldn't do better than those 2?

    1. The Republican Party is finished. People like me, who have voted Republican FOREVER, are going to wash their hands of the people who helped elect Hillary Clinton when they were supposed to be helping Donald Trump. My plans are to vote independent after this election. A vote for a Republican from the machine is exactly what Matt Drudge said it was a long time ago, just like a vote for a Democrat from that machine.

  7. Harry,

    If you find that Gibtown along the Texas coast for folks like us please let me know. I'll park my RV down the beach a piece from yours.


    1. Moe, I look at the map, and there's hundreds of miles of Texas coastline that look largely uninhabited. I don't know anything about that area, but I'm trying to learn.

    2. Maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to have a "come as you are" rally point down there somewhere.

    3. Hey Harry,


      Oh' great I can see it now. An Army of Ten Thousand Rv's on my beach. That's be a hoot!

  8. I like the books that Rawles writes.

    You want another good book ?
    "A State Of Disobedience" by Tom Kratman.

    - Charlie

    1. Charlie, I have not heard of it, but I'll look it up. I'm always looking for something else to read in that line.

  9. Harry i have slipped on my reading, I blame my grandson and the esrt of the family. Even my CAP reading has gone down. I used to watch the evening news daily, now not so much. why?? Tired of repeated stories and video footage.

    1. Rob,if you have done all you can do, then there is no harm in sitting it out. I'm enthralled by all these events, we're actually living in a critical period of the country's history and I'm trying to understand it as best I can.

  10. Tonight we learn that at least 50 employees at CENTCOM were told to change the narrative when it comes to ISIS. Another lie from POTUS to make us think the war is going better than it is. The entire thing is a DAMN FAT lie. And putting our military members lives at greater risk. Sickening.

    I agree with you Harry. I don't think there is any way for Trump to win now. The way I figure it, it's better for me to have a gradual letdown over the next few months rather than the shock of a shillery win all at once. In the meantime, take advantage of the plentiful ammo, precious metals, food storage, and prepare to hunker down. The clock is ticking. The cadence says march double-time.

    I need a nice beach and a mermaid. I've had enough of the unicorns --Troy

    1. The extent of the subterfuge and the number of people involved is turning out to be much greater than the initial reports on Fox. The Drive By media is doing the same thing they have done with all the Obama and Clinton scandals. Underreported, minimizing, and obfuscating.

      I heard today that the FBI went to the Justice Department and requested authorization to pursue the pay to play antics of the Clinton Foundation and the State Department revealed in the new batch of leaked emails. Obama's Attorney General told there was to be no investigation and they were not to pursue the issue in any way, shape or form.

      I simply can't believe the level of corruption openly displayed by the government. I have lived a long time and I have never seen anything like it, not even when Clinton was President.

      I agree that now is the time to do everything you can to be ready for very difficult times. If Clinton gets into office, terrorism, civil strife, and a wave of Third World barbarians is inevitable. I think a complete economic collapse could result. We've been hovering on the edge of that for years and Clinton is the perfect know nothing to push us right over the precipice.

    2. I know where there's a nice quiet beach and a mermaid, but it's a long way away and you have to get there before they close the border. ;-)

    3. p.s.-the mermaid is heavily guarded.

    4. Hey Harry,


      You gotta be talking about Kymber. We have flounder's, hardhead's and sea crabs here. No mermaids. 'Trust me. I looked:(

    5. Yeah, check out her latest blog entry. There are pictures of a mermaid actually swimming in the ocean. I am worried an Orca or a shark is going to get her though

      I hope Deb is right and J is there with a boat and a 30-06 in case predators come swimming in to gobble up the helpless Mermaid.

    6. teehee. it's deb guarding me. she's got my 6 and i got hers and Irena II's...only she will know what i am talking about. that's the best thing about inside jokes.

      Harry and Captain - the worst thing i need to worry about up here in our pristine north atlantic ocean is getting bit by a jellyfish - most of which don't have stingers and stay away from people swimming. never been bit by a jellyfish in my life.

      and thanks deb for always having my back. xoxox

    7. Even so, you never know when Captain Hook is going to swoop down and carry off the defenseless mermaids!

      Or Captain Crunch, for that matter. ;-)

  11. It's looking grim for the election. I'm about sick to think that The Bitch will win, but kinda got my hands tied for education and all (10,7 and 2). I'd like to relocate but drive time, high speed internet (wife is medical coder), and quality schools, and family have me confined to almost an impossible equation. BOL needs to be full time residence, otherwise it's a fools quest.

    1. k,
      we homeschooled ours. very simple and easy.

    2. It might be a good idea to have some place to go and plan on how to get there and what to take, even if it's just a camping spot in the hills. But you have been at this a long time, and I know you have that covered already. Just thinking out loud.

      I home schooled my kids. Bought their curriculum from Texas Tech outreach. My wife and I were both teaching in public schools and that didn't win us any friends, but the schools were just day care centers.

      Your wife works from home, and you are a medical technician, so you could get work about anywhere there's a hospital. The Fannin Regional Hospital in Blue Ridge, Ga is always hiring lab techs. It's a for profit, owned by a big corporation, so the working environment is bad but the pay is good.

  12. I though the books by Rawles were both excellent. I will look for the other author at my library.

    I run exclusively at home on trails around our property these days so the biggest worry is probably things like snakebite, bear attack, or wild dogs.
    Alright tell me more about your squash situation and I can try to help you for next year. Squash is one of my favorite things to grow (well, eat) and I've grown a lot of different types. What kind did you plant? Did it come up at all? Where did you plant it and what was it planted beside? It's usually not very picky about growing conditions but there are a lot of pests that can destroy the plants in no time. If you lived closer I would certainly bring you a bunch. My summer squashes are about done but now I've got winter squashes coming in... Butternut, delicata, blue Hubbard, and some of the rampicante that I left in the garden to become winter squash.

  13. I was just concerned because this past week there was a rash of murderous attacks on women joggers. We lost one here in the county a few years ago, she went out to jog and disappeared. Could you carry a little tube of mace in case of bears or wild dogs? They come in fairly small tubes now with a range of up to 30 feet.

    I am not sure what kind of squash we bought. We got the plants in little plastic pots. You just lifted the whole plant out of the pot and then planted it.

    We had several varieties of tomatoes, two different kinds of squash, some peppers, and some watermelon. One of the mistakes we made was just throwing away the tags. So I had some tomatoes that did wonderfully well and were delicious, and some that didn't grow worth a darn, and never got ripe, and rotted on the vine! And I don't know which were the good ones, and which were the bad ones. Same with the squash and peppers. That's a mistake we won't make next year.

    We built raised beds, filled them with soil we bought at Home Depot that said it was specially formulated for growing vegetables. It was twelve bucks for a relatively small bag so it should have been "the good stuff.' Then we put red bark mulch over the soil.

    We planted Tomatoes in all the beds, squash in two out of three, peppers in all three, and watermelon in one.

    There were yellow flowers on the squash, and they had some little buds that I thought would turn into squash, but the buds and flowers just fell off, and that was it.

    I saw some of your squash on your blog and they looked really good. I know squash will grow here as there is an old woman who lives on the road into town, and she grows them so big she just picks them and throws them in the grass. I don't know why she doesn't eat them but the animals do.

    I don' think we have access to all the different types of squash you do there, as the farmers depot only sells the same potted plants Home Depot does. I guess we could try growing plants from just the seeds.

  14. Lisa, I meant to say, the two books by Sherry are really good, both for entertainment purposes, but even more so for the ideas they give the reader. I think I have read them each at least four times and last night after midnight I was going through Deep Winter again on the Kindle and highlighting a lot of things I want to think more about. I hope the library can get them for you. Let me know if they can't.