Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Slimy things the main stream media tried to keep quiet.

The First Barbary War (1801–1805), also known as the Tripolitanian War and the Barbary Coast War, was the first of two Barbary Wars between the United States and the four North African states known collectively as the "Barbary States". Three of these were nominal provinces of the Ottoman Empire, but in practice autonomous: Tripoli, Algiers, and Tunis. The fourth was the independent Sultanate of Morocco.[3] The cause of the war was pirates from the Barbary States seizing American merchant ships and holding the crews for ransom, demanding the U.S. pay tribute to the Barbary rulers. United States President Thomas Jefferson refused to pay this tribute. 

Instead, the U.S. built warships and sent the Marines to settle the issue.

But this morning, I woke up to this:

The link is to a Wall Street Journal article that makes it clear the U.S. paid 400 million dollars in ransom to Iran. In a nutshell, on Jan 17, 2016 an unmarked jet carrying pallets of cash, landed in Iran. On January 17th, four Iranians holding U.S. passports were released and flown out of Iran.

This morning State Department spokesmen are vociferously denying there was any linkage. They say it was "just part of the deal' to provide Iran with billions. The flunky said "that is just a coincidence." According to the State Department, we  agreed to pay the money when Iran signed the asinine Obama treaty which trusts the Iranians not to build nuclear weapons or ballistic missiles. (They've already broken the treaty, testing two ballistic missiles since signing) So flying the $400 million in secretly in the dead of night was just a coincidence. One State Department toad got exasperated when the Fox News host said that was hard to believe. Especially since Iranian spokesmen have said flat out it was a ransom payment. The State Department slug said "who are you going to believe, us or the Iranians?" I don't know what planet he's from, but it's pretty clear from the Wall Street Journal article that this is another humiliation we have suffered at the hands of the Iranians, thanks to the incompetent fool in the White House.

Here's the link to the Wall Street Journal article. Usually you have to have a subscription to read the paper, but this article, for the moment, is available free to the public. I just left the web page.

U.S. Paid Ransom to Iran: The Wall Street Journal

If you go to the Journal web page and they have switched the article over to subscription only, here's a Fox News report:

U.S. airlifted 400 million to Iran as Americans were released.

The other issue is that of "Babu" Khan.

I saw his face on  every news channel I watched yesterday. One clip even discussed the fact that he has essentially turned his appearance at the DNC into a cottage industry, giving paid interviews to all and sundry.  Last night all three major networks had segments about him, and pounded Trump for supposedly being "insensitive" by not taking the abuse Khan dished out at the convention.

Then I got a comment from a friend, indicating that Khan runs a business selling visas to Moslems, to get them into this country. I looked for an article with more details, and sure enough....

Khan linked to visa programs accused of selling U.S. citizenship

Khan deletes website

Well, at least the guy is different from the Pakistanis we have up here. Our Pakistanis just buy gas stations, convenience stores, and cheap motels. But Khan is reaching a lot higher.  Pakistanis are great business men, you have to give them that. I imagine he has jacked up the amount of business his company does considerably. It's a little sick that he would exploit the death of his son to do it, but  then , a dollar is a dollar to Pakistanis.

Thought for the Day:


  1. 'incompetent', my left big toe!
    there is undoubtedly a very nice slice of that money in obama's secret bank account.
    i imagine that most politicians have several of these accounts here and there.
    the cartoon of the poker game should show uncle sam in his shorts with obama gloating nearby.

    1. Well, corruption among government officials is not exactly unknown in the United States. For instance:

      "JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- U.S. Rep. Corrine Brown of Florida and her chief of staff pleaded not guilty Friday to multiple fraud charges and other federal offenses in a grand jury indictment unsealed after an investigation into what prosecutors call a phony charity turned into a personal slush fund."

      That's going on right now.

      Hillary Clinton clearly auctioned off access and influence to foreign powers, channeling the money through her "foundation." If she did that as Secretary of State, what will she do if she's President?

      She and her husband rented out the White House bedrooms for cash when he was President.

      So it isn't hard for me to believe that much of the free wheeling "black money" cash that goes out the door winds up in an off shore numbered account belonging to a politician or a bureaucrat.

  2. Hey Harry,


    There's nothing I can do about it. Total corruption, paying ransom to countries that should be nuked out of existence etc.
    This idiot media whore Kahn.

    Washington D.C. will do what it wants to do. My way of thinking is there is no point in getting upset over things that are out of my control so why worry.

    My advice to everyone is go buy another 20 round or 100 round box of ammo and store it. While your at the store. Get another can of Spam and store it too with another box of aspirin, bandaides and cold medicine. 'Keep up on the gas in your vehicles (at least a half a tank) Keep bags ready full of basic, necessary supplies, food, clothes ready in case bugging out during a nuclear attack or something.

    I really believe that the world has destabilized enough and countries like Iran are now embolden that maybe Iran will try and pull a sneak attack on Isreal and of course Isreal will counter strike. Mushroom clouds will go up in many locations. A small limited war with enough global impact to destroy the western economies and create even more problems when Black Live's Matter welfare checks bounce.

    'Just worry about yourselves and your families. Where at the point of no return now. Even if Trump gets in the white house. Its an uphill battle that the civilized may lose to the uncivilized.

    1. Well, I'm more like the guy who see's the forest fire approaching his house. I can't do anything about it but I still want to know. Not saying your way doesn't make more sense in terms of wasted concern, though. It's just my nature to want to keep informed as much as I can.

      I have pretty much done the things I can do in terms of getting ready for what ever may come.

      Maybe the Black Swan event we all expect soon will go the way you think it will. I hope not, but it would take a lot less to bring down the house of cards for everybody today.

      At least the times are not boring.

    2. Hey Harry,


      What I meant was that there is nothing I can do about it so I try not to worry and go about my daily business in a some kind of a good mood. I still watch like a hawk at whats going on and I am still more aware of whats going on than most people.

      Now this evening at about Seven P.M. I checked drudge report to see if any nukes have gone off or whatever and there was a headline with something 'Clint Eastwood' said that made a lot of sense and really made me shout with joy! I will let you read the article yourself 'Harry. I think you would agree with Clint Eastwood wholeheartedly on this subject:)

    3. I agree with Clint Eastwood on everything he's ever said, as far as I can remember. Great minds think alike! ;-)

      I get it. I admire you ability to compartmentalize. I am not good at that, but I wish I were. I wouldn't care so much if it wasn't for the kids. I could probably live out the rest of my life no matter what happens, just by staying up here in these woods and being quiet. But I doubt my kids can do that so I sweat bullets about things like Hillary getting into office.

      I'll check out what Clint said.

  3. You won't ever see the Benghazi mom taking money from the media-speech circuit. There won't be a book about it. I wouldn't be surprised if she's already turned down the "Klinton cash" from the "hush" fund.

    Every few days now another white house scandal. The most corrupt, lying, secret-deal denying jackass of the 21st century. And the most complicit media in history. At this point i'll believe the Iranians, thank you.

    I'll say this, if Trump can't figure out a way to deal with our MSM soon, then the jig is up. He needs to stay on message. The left now knows that he can be goated with the slightest provocation and he's gonna take the bait, every time. So while America is fixated on some baby crying at a Trump rally, the left gets away with more corruption. Saul Alinski 101.

    Wag the dog, as they say.

    I guess we are in the business of paying ransom money now. Newsflash to the world: It's open season on American tourists, kidnap whomever you like, the US gov. crime syndicate will pay for your release. Seriously...even the Gambino family would be offended by all this. Perhaps we could get a few good Pakistanis to negotiate a release for our future hostages?

    Have a wonderful day Harry. And thanks for letting me vent. --Troy

    1. As far as these "Korean Americans" and "Iranian Americans" who go back to the great dictatorships and get thrown in the dungeon, I'm sick of hearing about them. If they are that stupid, let them enjoy the consequences but it's not our problem to bail them out. It's not like people who are taken hostage doing their jobs at an embassy. These idiots are just numbskulls and deserve what they get.

      Trump is really floundering. I know he isn't a politician, but he needs to listen to the political operatives he's hired, he's killing himself and he's going to take the rest of us down the drain with him if he doesn't get squared away, and that in short order.

      I watched a Democrat on Fox this morning telling the host that Hillary will win because Americans know we are so much better off due to the efforts of Obama over the last eight years. Where do they find these people? More importantly, where do they get the bubbles they live in?

      I share your frustration , Troy. It's like living in a Lewis Carroll novel.

  4. I dread to think how much worse this is going to get. Having said that it is great that this has been put in front of America to decide which direction we are going to choose. Hopefully.

    1. The White House is sticking with "it was all just a coincidence." Just watched that little twerp they use for a spokesman dancing between the raindrops on the issue.

      There are plenty of people stupid enough to believe the story, or who don't care about paying ransom and white house lies, but there are some who will be re-motivated by this exposure of more Obama lies.

  5. As Captain Kirk would say, "KHAAAAAANNNNN!"

    Yeah, member of the Muslim Brotherhood, purveyor of visas for muslims, solicitor for hire by Saudi Arabia, believes sharia law surpasses the Constitution, takes down website under scrutiny, but the Bengazi Mom is the one who is wrong.

    Oh, my. How strange these times be.

    And Corrinne Brown. For those who don't know who she is, she literally has a district that stretches from Jacksonville to almost Orlando, being in some places two houses wide. It literally jogs around a friend of mine's property. And she is nuttier than a box of nuts. Real fruitloop there. And she has been investigated lots of times previously, just this time she overreached, finally.

    Keep up the good work, sir.

    Deus Vult!

    1. I had an unpleasant feeling about Khan when he first materialized. Pakistanis like to come on strong as the affronted party in any disputes. In the town where my office was during my accounting career, the Pakis literally bought five of the seven gas stations. They were owned by one family. When they got caught selling Sudafed by the case to smurfs for meth labs, the patriarch of the clan stood up in court and delivered a Khan style tirade, quivering with indignation, about how they were being persecuted for their religion. Good acting, but phoney.

    2. The big bluster is part of their culture. They just don't understand quiet people. They see quiet resolve as a weakness, not an asset.

      That quiet resolve of Christianized people is what will eventually burn into a new Crusade.

      Not that I want that, but it is what they are pushing the rest of the world to.

    3. Lately, I find myself wondering if we might be going the way of the Byzantine Empire. They held off Islam for a long time, but they got weaker with every decade, and finally Constantinople became Istanbul. Islam is increasing dramatically in numbers, while the West gets more dissolute, more effeminate, more dissipated with each passing day. It's about to the point where you don't dare go into parts of Atlanta because the converts to Islam are anxious to show their dedication to the prophet by robbing or murdering some "Christian" (i.e. a white person.)

      We may lose this in the long run.

    4. The Byzantines screwed themselves. Hollered Wolf many times, Western Europe showed up to help, Western Europe got kicked in the nads for it, Western Europe goes home, repeat, repeat, repeat.
      Eventually Western Europe stopped showing up. Byzantium fell.

      120 years later Western Europe shattered the Ottoman's fleet at Lepanto, stopping Ottoman expansion into the Mediterranean.

      The current Byzantines are the politicians and big city folk that wanna play kumbaya to their little sand brothers. The country folk/volk are not falling in line and are beginning to resist.

      Europe isn't lost yet. Lots of countries are fighting back or resisting openly, some are awake and shaking in fury, some are in the process of waking up.

      Every little knife strike, bombing, shooting, reported rape is one more scratch upon the chains of 'civility' that bind the people of Europe. The chain will get broken.

      What the waking people will do, I don't know. Judging from the historical record, it won't be very nice on the muzzies' part.

      We - the USA - have the same issue. Politicos and big city folk are the chains around our wrists. These chains are also being weakened. My hope is the bindings will break and release controlled fury, focused upon the true enemy. My fear is the fury will result in our nation eating itself. Trump is the controlled fury. Any other candidate will result in our country's death.

      Whoa, feeling maudlin tonight. Need to read some good Baen book, maybe a Kratman or a Ringo, or a classic Drake. Hmm... Kratman, "Last Centurions." Hmmm...

  6. Andrew,

    I wrote a long response, hit "publish" and it just disappeared. Didn't go to the clip board, just gone.

    I hate blogger. It's wearing me down.

    I am interested in the parallels between Byzantium and America. It seems to me that both were ruled by a divided, self absorbed class of elites who , by and large, cared only about maintaining their own positions in their own lifetimes.

    Both societies faced a dire threat from outside. Byzantium had the Seljuk Turks and then Islam. We have Islam.

    Both societies squabbled with and tried to manipulate natural allies, with the result that those allies often did them more hard than their enemies.

    From Manzikert to the fall of Constantinople was about 380 years. I doubt it is going to take us that long.

    As for Americans and some sort of movement to resist what's happening, I'd be interested in your thoughts on how it might start, and how it might progress. Such movements in the past have been minuscule, and haven't been supported by the vast majority of conservatives. It's hard for me to envision a mass movement of any kind in this country. Individual acts of resistance, yes. But anything beyond that seems predestined to fail to me.

    I even considered trying to construct a plot for a novel (not that I would try to write one, just curious about the plot) and I couldn't think of a plausible scenario where there is an armed revolt against the government here. Rawles always starts his novels after a collapse without a lot of detail about it. Sherry constructed his trilogy around a series of natural disasters that collapsed society, thereby conveniently removing the government.

    But as far as one day people staging a Boston Tea Party and taking up arms, I just can't see that actually happening. Going underground and hiding their arms, yes. But a full blown revolution, which is what it would take to address our ills, I can't visualize it.

    1. Your linking Byzantium and the USA is pretty spot on.

      Both large nation-states were/are made of many smaller states.

      Both are ruled by a large central city that produces nothing but government, ruled by pretty much hereditary oligarchs, holding a huge caste of welfare pensioners that the oligarchs use to control the rest of the city and surrounding areas.

      Both have used and abused the inner states of the nation and pitted the individual states against each other.

      Both have had foreign allies that they have used and abused and pitted against each other.

      Scary. Very scary. And BLM/Green/other protests in the USA match the various Nika rebellions of the welfare class in Constantinople.

      As to what will happen in the United States in reference to uprisings, I feel it will be a combination of two distinct 'groups'.

      1. Family/Group/Organizational 'warbands'. I see familys (both natural and friend-families, local groups (churches, bowlers, bikers, small groups) and sub-parts of organizations (VFW, NRA, hell PTA) banding together for self support, starting with helping members with food and work and heading to protection. Shop owners in towns banding together type thing.

      2. The pushed-upon lone gunmen. These are the guys and girls who end up having nothing to lose. People with no family and friends to hold hostage, who have lost everything they love and hold dear, who just have reached the breaking point. Not unlike the main character in Max Bracken's short story found here:

      What is going to happen is the continued push from the exterior and the interior. Exterior pushes come from China (via currency manipulation, unfair trade, job destruction), from illegal immigration and from islam.

      Internal stress will be the continued destruction/socialization of our lives under the feds, the media, the political organizations.

      Tipping points are when 150 million are out of work, or when southern pastors get gutted in their churches, or the real news of what happens in Detroit and Chicago get out (the slavery of whites, the non-reported honor killings, the mutilation of females - eventually the point will be reached where the powers that be can't suppress the truth any more.)

      A major tipping point will be when the middle class is declassed. Under Hillary's new tax plan, that will be within 1 year of her ascending to office.

      Indicators will be regional shortages of food and services, not large scale but rotating. Not reported in MSM, but by local bloggers.

      Indicators will be the first time a local epidemic breaks out and is reported by the individuals, not by MSM. Not a big epidemic, but a regional or sectional one.

      Indicators will be the rapid local disappearance of the middle class as it hits regionally. Will happen in bits and spurts, not all at once.

      As the indicators hit faster and faster, the wheels of the country will come off. The first time government thugs move into a whole suburb to evict everyone (and it gets reported) will be the end point.

      By the way, these are pretty much the same tipping points that weakened Byzantium to the point that the Turks walked in and took over.

      Oh, yeah, last week was the first time an Islamic service was held in the Hagia Sophia in over 70 years. Fockers, Mother Fockers.

      God, I am more and more morose. Too many shrillery commercials, too much negative news lately.

    2. Well said. You put a lot of effort into that analysis and I appreciate it. I'm going to put it up as a post and make sure it gets the exposure it merits.

    3. What's that thing about Those that don't know history are doomed to repeat it. The pattern of breaking down into small local groups and disaffected old men is pretty much par for the course for western European type people.

      And that whole grab weapons thingy? During the German occupation of Switzerland in the middle ages, many Swiss were restricted from owning weapons. So they came out with the guten tag, a weapon looking like a big assed pipe cap with a large nail sticking out of it, mounted on a stick. Made by melting iron and pouring it into a sand or clay mold. Cheap, and very effective, especially when mounted on a 4 foot shaft. Great for smashing and poking.

      With guns being able to be made out of just about everything (including cast plastic or printed plastic lowers for AR type guns), there is no stopping the determined fighter. Hell, black powder or non-smoke black powder replacements and a good Minie ball will be devastating as a sniper weapon, relatively easy to make, shoot and hide with or without primer caps.

      And Constantinople might have held out much longer if they had bought german guns. Seems there were some German gun salesmen willing to sell their siege cannons to the Byzantines, but test firings of the cannons mounted on the walls showed that the walls were too weak to hold the guns. So no sale. Being typical kraut weaponmongers, the Germans went down the road to the Ottomans and sold them the guns, which the Ottomans used to great effect to batter down the walls and fortifications of Constantinople. Karma's a bitch, ain't it?

      So, you are a student of the Napolianic campaigns, aren't you? How would the Iberian campaign translate to resistance fighting in a Hillary-era America? (I think I already know, but I mostly studied medieval history.)

      Remember, Resistance is Feudal! Or something like that. The rise of clan leaders and local military leaders will parallel the feudal system remarkably quick. Feudalism isn't as bad as everyone makes it out to be, as the taxes go first to protect the local area, then the overall area (except in England, where the Magna Carta restored the rights of the nobility, not the peasants like everyone is taught. Stupid people believing teachers...)

    4. The Iberian campaign is an interesting one. Pretty brutal, and a harbinger of things to come. In relation to modern times, it typifies what happens when regular armed forces are faced with "shoot 'em in the back" resistance. The natural inclination is to become more and more repressive out of frustration and rage.

      The major effect on that particular series of wars was that it tied down large numbers of troops the Emperor could well have used elsewhere. It also forced stricter compliance with conscription in France, and that caused disaffection at home.

      But there's a limit to it's applicability to our situation. It's one thing to resist a foreign invader, but it's another to engage in what is essentially a civil war.

      Different dynamics. I don't know what would happen here. I know in the American revolution, more people favored the King than independence. But the one's who favored independence were activists, while the Tories were not as enthusiastic for actual fighting. That's why so many of them went up to Canada.