Friday, September 30, 2016


As far as I know, I am caught up on emails.  If I owe you one , let me know.  Some of the emails I sent out last week using Philip Nolan did not get to the intended recipients. I don't know why, because one of those that didn't make it was to my mother, and I certainly have her email address correct.

The best email address to use for me is

Sportsmans Guide is having another free shipping promotion.

I ordered 5 boxes of 7.5X54 French for my MAS 36.  This ammo isn't hot enough to cycle my 49/56.

I also ordered two boxes of Remington .357 hollow points.   Most of the revolvers I have stashed around the house are .357, like this big Taurus.

Taurus is a good manufacturer. I know a lot of people talk them down as cheap guns, but I certainly haven't found that to be the case.

I finished the order up with 5 boxes of 16 gauge buckshot for the Browning. I don't have a lot of ammunition for that shotgun so I am picking it up here and there.

Awhile back, I mentioned using bear spray as a non-lethal deterrent for Goblins. Several people spoke of using wasp and hornet spray as a cheaper substitute.  I know a great many people do that here in North Georgia, as bear spray costs $36.00 or so and the Hornet spray is about $3.00.  It has the same range and I imagine it would do the same job.

In the newest edition of Guns and Ammo, somebody wrote a letter to the editor, and said there was some print on hornet spray cans that says "it is a violation of federal law to use this product in other than the prescribed manner, blah , blah."  Apparently I missed a letter to the editor in a previous magazine that discussed the subject.  To be honest, I am not going to worry overly much about that. I keep bear spray, but if I had hornet spray, and the occasion called for it, I'd use it.  

the newest edition has a Ruger 22LR pistol on the cover.

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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Last Call

I live in a log house up in the mountains, as everyone knows.  I live up here because it's secluded, and peaceful.  Although I always have a firearm, I don't hunt. I would if I needed to, but I don't have much taste for it otherwise. 

Deer Camp, Sept 2016

Red Stag, New Zealand
My middle brother, who is a year younger than me, is an avid hunter.  He retired at age 50, and since then he has spent a lot of his time hunting, as far away as New Zealand but usually in Montana or Wyoming.  In the picture at the top of the post, he's the middle man in the top row. The fourth from the right in the front row is one of my nephews, also a hunter.  This picture is the occasion of The Last Deer Camp up in the Sierra Nevada's.

He built his compound using mine as a model, so it has a lot of the same lay out though he spent a lot more money on his, and it's very lavish. For instance,  I have a diesel generator that powers essentials, he has one of those propane generators with an inverter that kicks  on as soon as the grid weakens, and runs the whole house without so much as a flicker.  My buildings are comfortable but  rustic, his are something out of Cabin Living magazine.  He's very much into the self sufficient mentality and his property is very well equipped for come what may. 

The garage with apartment overhead.

The main house

For more than twenty years, my brother has hosted a big deer camp for his old cronies and family. Used to be, as many as 35 people would come up there to his place and spend a week hunting. The sick, lame and lazy stayed in the apartment over his garage, or in the main house. The rest pulled up trailers or campers with them. But over the years, people got married, or they died off, or they moved away.  Now my brother has decided to sell his home in the Sierra's and move to Oregon , to be near his grand kids.  So this year is the last deer camp.

previous deer camps 

Like Bear Claw Chris Lapp, my brother surely liked the "wimmins" when he was younger.

When he sold his business to a British company, he had a big farewell party for his employees. The picture speaks for itself. He made sure they all kept their jobs, didn't cut anybody loose . 

The " Old Gringo" bought himself a condo in Mazatlan.  Used to spend part of the winter down there.

But all good things must come to an end.  We were never really close, and over the last few years we haven't seen each other or communicated much.  My brother is generous to a fault, considerate, and honorable. He is also overbearing, arrogant, cynical, and can be even more obnoxious than I am.  It's one of those things between brothers.  I regret  being back here in Georgia while my extended family is in Oregon.  But maybe we will take a trip out there to visit. We're all getting older, so it's probably a good idea.  His closing down the house in the Sierra's has kind of shocked me. It's like me moving away from here.  It's an indication that my brothers and I are all getting older, not that I needed any help recognizing that fact.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Random attacks on Malls, creating new citizens for the dems, the debate.

This past week, though you may not have heard about it, there were random attacks on malls in Washington State, and Minnesota.  The MSM suppressed the news, since terrorism in the U.S. is a big concern of the average American, and the Obama / Hillary camp has done nothing at all to stem the tide. Instead, they've done all they could do import more Islamists as quickly as possible.  A series of emails between government immigration officials  exhorted one another to make maximum efforts to increase the flow of immigrants prior to the election, and to create as many new voting citizens as possible.

Immigration officials work overtime to create new citizens before election.    

To keep these new attacks from worrying people or influencing the debate, MSM initially reported that the individuals who made the attacks were "hispanics" or just skipped over the issue of ethnicity at all.

They also simply avoided reporting the story. Even Fox gave it a brief ten seconds on "Happening Now" and as far as I could tell, CBS, ABC, and NBC reported the stories once, briefly, then dropped them.

Taking a page from the British Press, the brief reports didn't address Islamic Terror.  Rather, they insinuated that the shooters or stabbers were "unbalanced." The fact that they had web pages extolling ISIS, or had Islamic backgrounds, etc was minimized.  Remember the "Norwegian" who stabbed the old lady to death in London. The press said he was "mentally ill." But he was a Somali and had terrorist literature in his apartment and terrorist material on his computer.  Anybody who would do the things these people do is clearly mentally ill, but that does not automatically exclude terrorism as a motivation. The Press seems to think it does.

Looking over the events of the last few weeks, it strikes me that most of the fatalities have been women. The guy in Washington went to the cosmetics counter in a store there at the mall and shot four women dead.  I notice he was able to walk all the way through the mall, from one end to the other, carrying a rifle in full view and nobody did anything about it.  I wonder why not?

The Great Debate:

I thought Trump did well last night. I also wondered if the moderator was receiving a large donation from the Clinton Foundation. He seemed to be bought and paid for, a tactic that would be right out of Hillary's play book. Lestor Holt is an NBC Talking Head, so there's no surprise there. I wonder why the Trump campaign agreed to have him moderate.  It's like having Mussolini moderate a debate between Hitler and Churchill.

I don't actually think the debate scenario is going to make a big difference, unless someone makes a highly unlikely gaff. It's too carefully choreographed by both camps, and neither candidate is going to be lured into some unexpected demarche.  My guess would be if you are a Hillary clone you think she did well last night , and if you are in the Trump camp you were pleased overall. If you are one of those people who don't care either way, then you probably didn't watch anyway so it doesn't matter. I would expect at this point the vast majority of Americans are in the last category.  Still, all the networks except Fox are putting out the "Snow Job" maximum effort. They've edited the debates in their reports on television to make Shrillery look good and Trump look bad. All of their web pages are lauding Shrillery as the next Messiah, and CNN has a big leading article entitled "Hillary Wins Debate."

And on the Home Front:

This is a quiet day.  I'm not going to try to do anything in particular.  It's cooler outside, and less humid than normal.  I doubt we'll go off the mountain. My wife has a show she wants to watch on QVC at four. I have some more good books to get through. 

Fall is great up here. Cool, crisp air.  A fire in the fireplace at night. Woodsmoke in the breeze.
Life is Good!

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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Do it yourself.

I try to be as self sufficient as I can manage.  If I can't make something, I keep large quantities of it on hand. Matches comes to mind. I can't make them but I keep plastic tubs of them , the large wooden kitchen matches. For now, I'll have to keep doing that.

I used to only buy the "Strike Anywhere" matches, but now they are hard to find, and when you do they cost up to four times as much as the same number of "Strike on the Box" kitchen matches. If anybody knows of a good, reasonable source of the "Strike Anywhere" matches I'd sure appreciate hearing about it.

I do make my own candles, but wicks are a problem.  I buy wicks on line, usually from the big discount houses or hobby shop web pages.  I've never really found any good, thick, prewaxed wicks. If there are candle makers out there, and you know a good place to get the good wicks, please give me a lead on it.

I've been reading about other people making their own soap. I keep a lot of soap stored, the kind where you get six or twelve bars for a few bucks .  But I'm going to try to make my own now. Why not? I have time for things I couldn't work on before, and some of these basic skills may well be important in the days to come.  That's why we did the experimental garden this summer. Next summer, we are going to plant a much larger space, and not with set up's, but with seeds. If that works, we can use the county canning plant and can our own vegetables.

On a more mundane level, we never left the place today.  I actually slept most of the day, since for some reason I was keyed up and never really slept last night.  It rained here, on and off, most of the afternoon which was very welcome. Outside now it's pitch black and so foggy you can't see 20 feet. Must be low clouds in the mountains.

It's Sunday so  I need to go call my mother and have a chat with her. She gets down on Sundays, misses my dad. I guess it is because they used to always do a little day trip or go out to dinner on Sunday evenings. At any rate, I  try to call on Sunday night. It's about six thirty there now, which is a good time.

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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Premium but no regular.

My wife and I went out "kaboodling" today.  No particular place. I put 10 gallons in the Jeep from my Jerry cans. Enough to go out and just meander around.  We went into town, and two stations had premium for almost $3.00 a gallon, but that was it. Didn't seem like the gas problem kept anybody home. There was a Harley Davidson event in Union County this weekend, and a "Hog" event at the fair grounds in Hiawassee. As a result there were literally hundreds of motorcycles cruising around the mountains. We saw groups of up to 50 ,  and they were everywhere. Not the "Hells Angels " wannabe's on choppers, but decent looking people on big Golden Eagles and the like.

Lake Chatuge

It got pretty hot.  If Georgia has 5 more days of temperatures over 90 before the end of October, it will break the record.  At least the humidity is down.

We had lunch at a nice place up on Lake Chatuge. It was full of the motorcycle people, so it wasn't very quiet but they were interesting.  From the looks of the motorcycles, it's a hobby for the well off.

I'm not a motorcycle fan. They get killed a lot up here in the mountains. The road between Blairsville, Ga and Dahlonega Ga goes over a high mountain and through a pass. Both sides of it are sprinkled with crosses that mark where people got killed. I got drafted into helping the Lumpkin County Sheriff's Department haul a dead guy back up a cliff strapped to a board once, when he went over the cliff on his bike and nobody who came along had a winch on their vehicle.  It took 8 men to pull the body back up all the way. My son loves motorcycles and we spent a lot of time hauling him to off road tracks when he was younger.  When I think of motorcycles, I always think of this scene from the first Terminator movie.

How about that Winchester Model 1887?  Nice touch.

I have eight of them at last count.  Two double barreled coach guns, one in 12 and one in 20. One semi -auto browning, and five pump 12 gauges.  I keep one of these Mossberg 590's on the wall next to my easy chair.

The great thing about the 590 is that it doesn't have a plug in the tube.  I have removed the plugs from my other weapons that have them, and I've put tube extensions on some of them from time to time. But the 590 is a home defense weapon, not a hunting weapon. The heat shield makes it heavy, but I'm not planning on carrying it anywhere.

I don't talk about shotguns much because I like my old collectible weapons better, but the shotgun will take care of business, flat out. Some people say racking the slide back to scare the Goblins is a good idea. I figure anybody who has come all the way up here in the dark isn't going to be scared by a noise, so I am loading one in the chamber before I go out if it looks like I might have a problem here on the mountain top.

I have intentionally not looked at the news this evening. I don't know what's going on in Atlanta or Charlotte tonight.  I thought I would just take a break.  Tomorrow morning the network weekly news reviews will be on and I'll see what I can pick up from those.

Not a bad day at all.

Thought for the Day:

They have a good point.

Another day in the life down in Atlanta.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Anyone who believes this poll is not very bright. The natives are restless (again.)

First, it was one of those where you have to want to take it. It was not random. So everybody who hates guns got on there and said "I own one gazillion guns."  Anyone who would participate in such a survey and actually disclose how many guns they own is probably not making a positive contributution to the gene pool of the species.

This is an abbreviated version of the actual news segment. In the full length version, it is "revealed" that the vast majority of gun owners are "rural white males."  The implication being that there are hordes of dangerous hillbillies gearing up for the revolution out in the country side.

In this next clip, a whiny old man wants to know why the U.S. government can't just forceably collect all the guns. What Hillary has to say shows she doesn't know Jack about what happened in Australia, and still can't make the determination that "automatic" and "semi-automatic" are not synonymous.

Meanwhile, in Charlotte, N.C. the 13% segment of the population is again showing what an asset they are to the country.

This is getting to be routine now.  Doesn't even interest the news people overly much. I don't think the BLM will get away with acting out too long.  North Carolina is not Maryland.

13 Videos of the Violence in Charlotte

The above link goes to "The Wire". There are 13 short videos, raw footage, of what's going on in Charlotte. The one of the white guy being beaten, dragged and stripped in the parking garage by a black mob is particularly noteworthy.  I bet that guy doesn't go out in the city again without a gun and couple of spare magazines.

On the home front:

Went to town , still no gas.  This is strange since the Atlanta television stations are now saying that there is plenty of gas everywhere and the problems are over. This state of affairs has not reached my county yet.  My wife and I were in the camp store at a local state park, and some guy had his monstrous $200,000 RV rig out front, headed out of the campground. He was asking the person at the counter where he could get gas. Since none of the people working there had been able to find any locally, she wasn't able to tell him. He was not very pleasant about it. I suppose he figured this was all the fault of the 45 year old lady working for minimum wage behind the counter.

This week we have been going to different parks to have a picnic.  There are a lot of them within an hours drive, so it isn't a big logistical problem.  We get out, have some nice quiet time at a waterfall, or an overview, or at a lake or river, then we head home.  It helps break up the routine.

We still go out for breakfast or lunch once in awhile, but not so much as we used to. Some of the places I liked best have gone out of business and been replaced by "Zaxby's" or "Fatz" , chain restaurants with no atmosphere and no good food.  When we do eat out now, we usually go to one old cafe where the waitresses know us. We don't even have to order, they bring us our "usual" meal and drinks. They ask about the kids, and how we are enjoying both of us being retired.  I feel comfortable there.

It's getting on to Fall and I will be starting my reloading cycle once it gets cold. I have everything I need out there, and I am going to run up several hundred rounds each of 7.5 Swiss, 7.54 MAS, 7.7 Japanese, and 8X56R Hungarian this time around. It's good to sit out in the shop, work on the press, and listen to some fine old music.

The first pumpkins are out at the road side stalls. We usually buy a few and set them out on the porch this time of year. Nobody sees them but us,  still the wife likes to do that and they don't cost much.

At the higher elevations, the leaves are starting to change.  It's very fall like here on our mountain. The nights are cooler, and the humidity is much reduced.  It's a huge relief after this hot, humid summer.

I've been doing a lot of reading lately.  I read 13 Hours in Benghazi, the book about Benghazi that the movie was based on.  It wasn't a very good book, to tell the truth, too much background on all the participants and not enough about the actual events. But it did show that the movie was accurate.  Did you notice, when you saw it, that there were 26 CIA people in the compound, most of them military age men, and they all hid with the women in the "safe building."  I wondered why.  It turns out that it was just what it looked like, they were hiding. No cojones.  But there were two of them who came out and fought. One was a former Army infantryman who had done tours in the Sand Wars, and he was an asset and a stout heart. The other is barely mentioned in the book but he pulled his weight.  I gather they are not in the movie because they were both still working for the CIA when the book was written and the movie was made. But it did make me feel better  that at least two of them behaved like men.

I also learned from the book that there had been a similar incident in Benghazi during the Arab Israeli was of 1967.  When the Israeli Air Force annihilated the Syrian, Egyptian and Jordanian Air Forces on the ground, the Arabs couldn't face up to it. So Nasser and King Hussein cooked up a B.S. story about American navy aircraft doing all the dirty work from carriers. Unfortunately, the CIA got a tape of them planning it, but at first the Arabs all over the world believed the story. They probably still do, being what they are.

So the Libyans attacked the U.S. consular office in Benghazi. Mobs were about to overrun the place, and the people there had already written goodbye letters on the back of a painting, as they thought they were dead.

Fortunately for them, there was a small British Army force outside Benghazi, about 50 soldiers with some ferret armored cars. This time, our State Department did not sit around with it's thumb up it's collective rectum. The Secretary of State contacted the British Foreign Office, which quickly authorized the British troops to intervene. They fought their way into the city through the mob, and rescued the Americans.  Nothing like that happened in our time , though. Hillary and Obama did nothing at all. Nothing.

I started reading the Horatio Hornblower books when I was about 12. My dad had some of  those "Readers Digest Condensed Books" and one of them had three Hornblower books in it.

I always took the series in my footlocker when I went aboard ship for a float. You spend months aboard ship, and embarked troops don't have a lot to do.  I can't even begin to guess how many times I've read these. I'm interested in the Napoleonic Wars, and in the old sailing ships. I don't think any better books have ever been written. C.S. Forester knew his subject matter.

My second favorite series is written by Patrick  O'Brian.  If you saw "Master and Commander" that was one of his books, made into a movie with a great cast. 

They take place in the same time period, and follow a British naval officer through his career, as did the Hornblower series. There's a lot more humor in these books, and they are really good "escapism" reading. Both Forester and O'Brian are long dead now, but their books are as fresh and interesting as if they'd been written yesterday.

.22 LR has returned to our store shelves in the county, but the price is absurd. A box of 50 rounds that used to be $4.00 is now $10.00.  I'm not in any particular need, I have plenty on hand. I'm not going to buy anymore until the prices come down. It's nice to see it back in stock after so long a period of absence, even so.

Thought for the day:

Clint Eastwood can be somewhat course, but he hits the nail on the head.