Monday, November 7, 2016

Gun Sales surge as people face the hideous prospect of the Clintons back in power.

There are several news segments tonight discussing the spike in gun sales. All but Fox are taking the tact that this shows how dangerous Donald Trump's supporters are,  as one narrator said "what does this tell you about the kind of people who vote for Donald Trump?"

I think this particular segment is more rational and more reflective. As the woman says, people are looking at the world around them and saying "I'm  going to take responsibility for the safety of my family."


  1. Well, we are some of 'those' people that voted for trump and we are ready for the Red Witch if she should rig the election to win. I am also interested in the Oregon election; hopefully the Democrat witch governor will be ousted, too. This is our last chance.

  2. It's Wednesday night now, and though things turned out well, you see right when you say that half the country hates Trump and his supporters. The Hive has been weakened though.